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Atlantean Etymology

It’s interesting that King “Atlas” is said to have ruled “Atlantis” - an ancient sunken city in the “Atlantic” Ocean. There is also a Mount Atlas in Morocco and the etymology of Atlas/Atlantic is indeed from Atlantis. Strangely enough, however, as the Atlantean scholar Comyns Beaumont wrote, “The word (Atlantis) possesses no derivation from any known language of the old world either ancient or modern. Yet, among the so-called ‘native races’ of America, it is a living word.” (“The Key to World History,” 19)

The Toltecs, Nahuatlacas, and Aztecs of South America and all the races that settled Mexico traced their ancestors back to a starting point called “Aztlan” or “Atlan,” in the Atlantic. It was a land they described as “too fair and beautiful to be left willingly” which was lost under the sea after a great flood. Aztec temples are called “Teocalli” which interestingly compares with the Greek “theos” (God) and “kalias” (house/dwelling of). Europeans first settling in Delaware and Maryland found a river named by the natives “Potomac,” which is just like the Greek word “Potomos” meaning “river.” The native Basques of Western Europe also claim to be descendants from a continent called “Atlaintika” which sank beneath the waves. The Basque language itself shares no lingual affinities with any other European language but is very similar to native American languages. The natives of Mindanao in the Philippines are the “Atas” who have the same flood myth and claim descent from light-skinned invaders who intermarried with the aboriginals.

“Look at it! An ‘Atlas’ mountain on the shore of Africa; an ‘Atlan’ town on the shore of America; the ‘Atlantes’ living along the north and west coast of Africa; an Aztec people from Aztlan, in Central America; an ocean rolling between the two worlds called the ‘Atlantic;’ a mythological deity called ‘Atlas’ holding the world on his shoulders; and an immemorial tradition of an island of Atlantis. Can all these things be the result of accident?” -Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World”

With the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco we see the theme of water and hills/mountains being equated with Atlas – this is repeated world wide. In Japan, Atago is a hill in the center of Tokyo where gods brought civilization to Japan. Atagi are the Japanese priests protecting wisdom from prehistory. In Tongo, Ata mountain and memorial are devoted to red-haired, fair-skinned gods who came long ago and blessed the natives. Italy, comes from Italia, which comes from Atalya, a word meaning “land of Atlas” Atalya is also the name of an ancient ceremonial mound in Biarritz. Across the Atlantic, the Aztecs also venerated a holy mountain by that name. Atalaia is the name of a small Quechua Indian town and Atalya was a Pre-Incan city found by archaeologists and confirmed by local history. In Guatemala where the Mayan civilization thrived, near Lake Atitlan is a stone tower called Atalaya. The mountains of Indonesian Sumatra are called Atjeh. The Guanche natives on the Canary Islands call mountains “Ataras” and their Atlas figure was named “Ater.” Tenerite (Guanch) natives call themselves Atinach, which means “people of the sky god.” Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus and other classical writers describe the “Atarantes” people who lived on the Atlantic shores of Morocco. “Atcha” is ancient Egyptian for an advanced, but sunken city. Egyptian gods or heroes were Atum, Atfih, At-hothes, and many other “At” names. Atchafalaya means “Long River” to the Choctaw Indians whose flood myth syncs. Atea is the Marquesans ancestral progenitor, like Egypt’s Atum. Atiamuri is the site of huge megalithic ruins in New Zealand, which contains At and Mu. Atiu is an extinct volcano in the Cook Islands. The Pawnee Indian’s, adept at astrology with the usual flood myth had the sky god “Atius.” Nahuatl is the Aztec’s language and almost all their gods names end in “atl.” Their Atlas character is Atlanteotl and Atlantika means “we live by the sea.” The Taureg natives of Morocco’s name for water is also Atl. The Tuaregs claim decent from the “Atlantes” ancient Moroccans written about by Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus and others. Atla was a giantess Norse god. Atlakvith (meaning Punishment of Atla) is the name of their written record of their Atlantean oral history. Atlamal is another of these myths which means “The story of Atla.” Atla is also an Otomi Indian town in Mexico. The Otomi have a ritual dance called the “Acatlaxqui” with 10 dancers to represent the 10 kings of Atlantis from the ancient ancestry. The Aztec sea-god was “Atlahua” and their great flood was “Atemoztli. Today’s Alca on the Gulf of Uraba was called Atlan before the Spanish conquest. Atlan is the name of a Venezuelan village of Paria Indians who say their home country was a prosperous island in the Atlantic inhabited by wealthy seafarers from which they escaped the flood. Autlan was home of the advanced Tarascans of Michoacan who say they were inheritors of a drowned island civilization. Atland is the Northern European name given to Atlantis as shown in the medieval Frisian manuscript, Oera Linda Bok. Atlanersa was the 5th century BC King of Nubia, whose name meant “Royal descendant of Atlan.” Atao was a Minoan god thought to be Atlas. And later in Crete, Atana was the name of a their language/dialect. Aton was the oldest sun deity in Egypt and Atonatiuh was the ancient Aztec sun god. Another name for Egypt’s Sun God was Ra like Rama of the Hindus, Rana of the Toltecs, Rayam of the Yemen, and the Raymi Peruvian Sun festival. (Frank Joseph, “The Atlantis Encyclopedia” 29-43) Is anyone prepared to accept all this etymology as coincidence? Could there really have been an advanced ancient Atlantean civilization? Could the myth of a sunken island continent be more than a myth?

Upon that part of the African continent nearest to the site of Atlantis we find a chain of mountains, known from the most ancient times as the Atlas Mountains. Whence this name Atlas, if it be not from the name of the great king of Atlantis? And if this be not its origin, how comes it that we find it in the most north-western corner of Africa? And how does it happen that in the time of Herodotus there dwelt near this mountain-chain a people called the 'Atlantes', probably a remnant of a colony from Solon's island? How comes it that the people of the Barbary States were known to the Greeks, Romans, and Carthaginians as the ‘Atlantes,’ this name being especially applied to the inhabitants of Fezzan and Bilma? Where did they get the name from? There is no etymology for it east of the Atlantic Ocean.” -Francios Lenormant "Ancient History of the East," (253)

Scholar and renowned linguist Charles Berlitz of Berlitz language schools spoke 32 languages and wrote many books on Atlantis. He came to believe in Atlantis after his research traced all world languages back to what he thought must be a single ancient dialect. Many famous people have believed in the authenticity of Atlantis. Francis Bacon wrote, “The New Atlantis,” H.G. Wells wrote “Men Like Gods” about Atlantis, and William Blake the poet was a believer. Two of the best-known prophets in history - Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce - both spoke of Atlantis. Ignatius Donnelly was a Minnesota Governor, Congressman and Senator who wrote extensively about Atlantis. The most revered and well-known philosopher in history, Plato, wrote about Atlantis specifically saying it was both a literal story and a myth.

Iamblichos (was) an important fourth-century neo-Platonist philosopher who insisted upon the historical validity of Plato’s Atlantis account, but stressed, as did Plato, its allegorical significance.” -Frank Joseph, “The Atlantis Encyclopedia (143)

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean the Tongo in Sierra Leone?

Eric Dubay said...

It think so, is the Sierra Leone Tongo the same as the Ghana Tongo? My source is Frank Joseph's "The Atlantis Encyclopedia." I personally know very little about it

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if it was a typo and meant to be Tonga, as you mentioned a race of fair-skinned red-haired people who blessed the natives (I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they shared some technological/astrological secrets too).

If it had been Tonga the Pacific island that would have been particularly interesting, as it is located near New Zealand, site of the Atiamuri stones you also mentioned. "Native" Maori legends speak of a race of fair-haired people with magical powers who inhabited the lands before Maori.
Unfortunately in the eyes of most local academics the subject is closed.... you can read details of other ancient monoliths and trigonometry/surveying points at (highly recommended).

I posit that perhaps these fair-skinned, red-haired people travelled the whole world long before official history records, and educated the peoples they found about astronomy, surveying, and who knows what else?

Eric Dubay said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I've always been leaning towards the "red-haired" and "white-skinned" god-like beings as a metaphor for the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. But due to a recent episode of South Park, I'm thinking maybe it's Gingers! :) No, just kidding. I think it's the red-topped, light stemmed mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

re: ancient new zealanders:
"te kahui potama, which are the ancient people and they were known as the maeroa," says Ngati Wai spokesperson Haumoana White.

(thanks to

potama? sounds like potomas. in maori, 'te kahui' means something like "the tribe"

Anonymous said...

Atlantis sounds a lot like the Western shores of the North and South America's. Think about this: The United States is an empire at home and abroad, it has its cultural artifacts and influence almost everywhere throughout the planet, and the USA has mountains and valleys, and half of it is under sea-level - the area surrounding California to the 100 W line known as the Final Frontier (beyond the Rocky Mountains).

In other words, the big land in the Atlantic Ocean is the two Americas - the north and south pillars of Atlantis (Atlas - Strait of Gibraltar), surrounded by the double-twin pillars of the Atlantic and the Pacific on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Blue Genes 8:D

Anonymous said...


Druv said...

Mount Kalias -- the home of God Shiva.

It is the same mountain considered the most important to Buddhist.

It is the same mountain the River "Indus" originates from.

There are actually 4 rivers originating from this mountain.

Druv said...

"Atlantis" is a new word created by the - creators of confusion - which would help them warp history to such a degree so they can take away all the knowledge of the past and all spiritual knowledge.

They warped original history so you can never "triangulate" its true original source.

How does this dissonance model of manipulation of knowledge help them in any way?

It helps them created a centralized system through which they can feed off your life force.

If you follow the same dissonance model they created for you, you will never be free from it.

Druv said...

Comyns Beaumont --

Beaumont was an eccentric with several unusual beliefs, many of which were linked to British Israelism

The creators of Confusion will be beaten, their fraud will end.

Druv said...

Ignatius L. Donnelly -- if you read about him, all you will find is that he was of "Irish" decent.

Its hard to find if he was roman catholic or any such information.

Its very hard to triangulate his other information, well within 5 minutes anyway.



Published Caesar's Column, a utopian anti-Semitic novel showing the Jews (Israelites) as the international bankers and rulers of Europe.

Now, from a Jewish website -- we can clearly see that they have tagged him and his work as "Anti - Semetic" to empower their anti-semetic barrier.


Much of Donnelly's scholarship, especially with regard to Atlantis as an explanation for supposed similarities between ancient civilizations of the Old and New Worlds, was inspired by the publications of Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg and the eccentric fieldwork of Augustus Le Plongeon in the Yucatan.

Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg -- was "Roman Catholic"

If you read about "Crypto - Judaism" -- you can easily find out that many Jewish people convert to other religions but maintain their Jewish practices in secret.

This is the method they have used to invade and warp all other cultures so they can destroy them from within.

Specially Roman Catholic Jesuits, the perfect example.

the name "Bourbourg" also reflects the commonality with the names like "Goldburg" which reflects their true origins.

Ego is a beautiful thing, it always leaves a trace.


The warp of the universe is very powerful, but i will get you for sure.


Am i Anti-semetic?

Anti- semetism only came into existence in 1900's when India was completely under the demonic rule of British East India company which was owned by German Jew Rothschild.

I am perfectly immune to Anti-semetism, and i will make the people who corrupted my world, pay for all of their actions.

Its time to pay for those atrocities.

Druv said...

Francis Joseph "Frank" Collin - Collin's downfall began with the revelation that his father, Max Simon Collin, was a Jew whose original surname had been "Cohen"


The guy talking about Blue genes is the same type of trash that is removing all spiritual knowledge and associating it with the Physical.

Liers, cheats and deceivers only have one end.

You will pay sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Would it help to balance it out with some Olmec punch, druv?

Anonymous said...

p.s. I'm not a guy

Anonymous said...

Let's see, scientests are working to put in place a microchip where the Barathary Gland used to be...

Anonymous said...

Maybe in 2012 our long lost purposes of bodily functions will "activate" ~ our functions of the Appendix, Barathary Gland, Junk DNA...

Anonymous said...

And the Egyptian Pyramids were built by...

Anonymous said...

When the fat lady sings,