Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DZK - Black Flags & Torcher II

These are a couple of my favorite DZK raps. His messages often question government with in your face lyrics. Above is "Black Flags," below is "Torcher II: The Holocaust"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Webster Tarpley & Alex Jones - What Obama and the Globalists Will Do Next

AJ's interview on today's show is excellent. Part 1 is above and parts 2-6 are below.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aimee Allen's Ron Paul Revolution Song

Play it loud and pass it along to your friends. Here's the unofficial anthem of the Ron Paul revolution!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Obama Deception Full Movie

Here it is! Man your battle-stations info-warriors!

Alex Jones introduces The Obama Deception

This film when it comes out on March 15th is really going to be effective in waking people out of their mainstream media trances. I hope everybody reading this sends The Obama Deception to their entire email address books when it comes out. I'll post a link to it on here as soon as I find one uploaded.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Criminalizing Organic Farming

Thanks Monsanto.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Can One Person Do? (Part 2)

-To begin with, research all this information and educate yourself so that you can be the solution without “doing” anything. After all, we're human-beings, not human-doings. There's nothing specific we have to "do." As Ghandi said, "BE the change you want to see in the world"

-Start talking with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers

-Burn DVDs of informative documentaries (i.e. Endgame, Loose Change, Terrorstorm, Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda, Wake-Up Call, One Nation Under Siege) and give them to people you know, or hit the streets with DVDs, pamphlets, and flyers and pass them out to folks in your community

-Make/buy and wear T-shirts for yourself and friends with important messages like "9/11 Was an Inside Job"

-Make stickers with key phrases/websites and stick them everywhere

-Use chalk and make artistic street displays exposing the NWO/911 etc.

-Write on bathrooms walls

-Write Infowars.com and other links/info on all your dollar bills

-Sign up for "Second Life" then teleport around to places with big concentrations of people and shout about these things

-Go to regular chatrooms and do the same

-Go to www.big-boards.com and start posting threads about this information on all the most active message boards on the internet

-Start your own website or blog

-Write articles for different magazines, local papers, and news sites then link them to digg, reddit and others

-Use social networking sites like myspace and facebook, invite people to come see your info, send out bulletins, and collect an email address book for mass mailings

-Buy books or download ebooks and give them to people

-Call in to radio shows, especially mainstream shows with unawakened listeners, and talk about Bilderberg, CFR, Federal Reserve, and other issues

-Start your own internet radio show

-Write to your Senators and Congressmen

-Run for local political office yourself

-Join/start a wearechange.org or similar group in your area

-Start a YouTube or other video sharing account and upload clips

-Make your own documentaries or original music like Sick Since, Immortal Technique, and Diabolic

-Boycott corporations and buy from local family businesses

If anyone has any other good suggestions post them in the comments section. There's so much we can do to affect change! The first step is over-coming the self-doubting, disempowered, apathetic mindset! You are powerful and together we are going to overthrow these scumbags and create a beautiful world for ourselves and future generations!

CNN - Lou Dobbs: Obama Setting Up New World Order

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Can One Person Do?

Of all the questions people email me, by far the most common and frankly, most annoying is "what can we do? what can one person do to counter-act all this NWO stuff?"

I understand the feeling of powerlessness and futility in affecting change, but really that's all it is is a feeling, not the actuality. Let me give you my own example as one in an infinite number of possibilities. After waking up and researching this information I felt the same way, but decided to see for myself what effect one person can have. The first step is exposing this conspiracy and awakening others. Not until there is a global awareness of these matters will group actions begin to dismantle the system, so, as Alex Jones has deemed, this is an infowar (www.infowars.com)

I started by going to www.big-boards.com and posting threads to 100 different message boards about the New World Order, 911, Federal Reserve etc. and for months was keeping up with posts from nearly 100,000 people on those boards. Then I created a Myspace page (which has now been deleted thrice - www.myspace.com/sheeplerevolt) and I used to spend hours inviting people to read my articles and watch the documentaries. At times I had many thousands of myspace friends from this. So then I decided I'd write a book about it all, The Atlantean Conspiracy, which now has over 200,000 downloads and 50+ hard copies sold. Then I created the www.atlanteanconspiracy.com blog which has collectively had over 100,000 hits (my first counter died), and a Renaissance Radio show which has thousands of listens.

First just add those numbers up to see what kind of affect one person can have in just a couple years. Then think about the ripple effects from all these things I'm mentioning... can you picture it? My whole extended family understands this information and they give my book to all their friends. They pass around documentaries and talk with everyone who will listen. It's all about setting those ripple-effects into motion. We are as powerful as the so-called "elite" and moreso because we have truth and compassion on our side. There is truly no limit to the different ways we can affect positive change against this "conspiracy." The first step is just getting in there, ante-ing up and doing something. Anything!!! The better question is will you!!?? Will you do something or just sit around trying to justify your inaction?