Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asbestos Head on American Politics

America's like a heavy-weight freedom fighter that's forgotten he can't win without peace. The Department of Defense has been on the offensive since We changed the name. During the last sixty years of supposed peacetime, America has bombed over eight million people to their deaths. Our foreign policy supersedes diplomacy and force feeds compliance, capitalism, and pseudo-democratic policy, under America’s own super pseudo-mother democracy. Then alongside the government, the military makes way for bases, corporations clear the path for capitalism, and ultimate profits always trace back to mother.

America's an aristocracy of plutocrats promoting autocracy via democracy. But voting's a joke and everyone knows it, the nepotism and corruption is out of control, the bill of rights has been bullet-holed with strategic legalities, the president is the commander-in-chief of the military, though some call this fascist dictatorship. Less than one percent of the population owns over twenty percent of the wealth. The government maintains eminent domain over all property. There are natural plants that if grown will land you behind bars for decades. They’ve created situations in which inaction is illegal. As the balance of wealth and power continues its logical progression into oligarchy, We can see ever more clearly that the current state of capitalism is destroying democracy, because beneath their undeniable benefits, one promotes equality and the other class exploitation. If there exists a wealthy elite, there exists a class with the means to control both the political and economic functions of society.

The problem isn't necessarily that this class exists, but that through the current system, members of this class must engage in immoral selfishness to achieve and maintain such power. The problem with politics are the politicians - they’re not a varied selection of the population, they’re not the voice of the people; republicans, democrats, they’re a very small selection of like-minded individuals back to back staring at similar futures. All important political decisions should be decided by panels of poor people, farmers, philosophers, environmentalists, sociologists, poets, businessmen, white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, historians, anthropologists, priests, and everyone else who wants to participate. In this world wide web of instant information, politics should be a hobby for conscientious citizens, not an occupation for power hungry money grubbers.

In it’s current state, Our Democratic Capitalism empowers liars, cheaters, and stealers alike - selfish, business-minded, bottom-dollar, bizzaro-Robin Hoods, bent on squeezing out a little more benefit from others, at less cost to them. Millions of poor struggle to stay alive and provide, while the rich have plenty of free time to find ways of taking even more money through advertising, institutionalizing, forcing insurance, reasons for registering or renewing this or that possession, regulating, licensing, fining, taxing, etc. etc. I say once they can create symbolic currency based on love or selflessness, only then will Capitalism have achieved the nobility its so quick to claim and enforce around the world.

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Anonymous said...

The NWO based society is sick at the core. It started with Alienation leading to Anxiety and to extreme Narcissism. (A total lack of concern for those you can't see. It's all about me me me)