Saturday, December 26, 2009

Military Soldiers are Waking Up

This is a wise and heart-felt speech given by a young Iraq war vet named Mike Prysner

"Our real enemy is not the ones living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the insurance companies who deny us health care when it's profitable, the banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several thousand miles away. They are right here in front of us." -Mike Prysner


Ta-Wan said...

Great quote, all the more so as this guy surely had his share of chemicals, brain washing and indoctrination.

Moha. said...

Oh yeah ?
And you just have seen it dump ?
Too late ,
the american soldiers that have just awaken have already killed and made homeless of millions of my brothers in Iraq and Afganistan .

Too late , you already made them your enemies , and you must pay for that , whether you knew or you were deceived , everyone has a mind to judge , lack of info. Is not an excuse for blood shed , killing the innocents , raping girls and children and burning houses and bombing them up .

Eric Dubay said...

Moha, aren't you religious? And doesn't it say in your Holy book to forgive your enemies? Won't God judge them regardless of your judgment?

I'm not excusing or making light of the atrocities of your enemies, but trying to appeal to your higher nature.

Helping to awaken others and keeping love in your heart will make a positive change in the world; holding a grudge and seeking revenge will allow the negativity to continue.

Moha. said...

Greeting Eric ,
first ,I have to tell that i hold you in a great esteem , you were the person who opened my eyes to things that i have known before .

However - you already know that we have differnent views especially when it comes to religious philosophy .

Well , No , my islamic religion Does not tell me to forgive my enemies and- whith all due respect to Christians - there is no turning of left checks .
I am ordered to fight who fights me , But , if he repents to peace , we are ordered to accept it .

Back to the point , i know that your aim was to spread news about awakening movement - which i still believe it is too late- but still very good thing though .

Eventhough , i had to express my belief that ignorance of the real reasons of war doesnt justify for soldiers to kill innocent children , raping young girls and then burning them to hide the evidence , and i ask you , Do you see in these pure evil actions a relation with knowing - or not- the real reason for war ?

With all due respect to your peaceful beliefs Eric , but forgiving the sinfull serves none but the bad Guys .
Ignorance is not an excuse for war crimes .

Eric Dubay said...

Moha, I understand where you're coming from completely and I don't blame you seeking revenge. My request is that you make sure to seek revenge only on individuals, not on groups. If an individual is guilty of this or that crime, then by all means seek revenge on that individual. That is a closed curcuit in the cycle of karma. We start creating ever-increasing open-ended circuits when we seek revenge against groups instead i.e. seeking revenge against any Christian for the wrongs of one particular Christian, seeking revenge against any American for the wrongs of one particular American, seeking revenge against any soldier for the wrongs of one particular soldier. If you're going to be vengeful, make sure you're targeting a truly guilty individual and not some loosely associated grouping. Or better yet... Peace

Moha. said...

God forbids , I did not mean to take all for one or anything like that ,
i guess , the blame on me for being not clear enough on my words .

Look Eric ,
peace is the ultimate goal of all nations , Christians , muslims , Buddhists , atheists etc etc , - and even Jews ;) -
howevers , some people seem to accept the idea of constructing their own peace on the beheaded corps of the others , such savagery ! .

Again and again , please Eric , i did not mean by my comments that I seek revenge of all Americans nor from all christians , my message was that it is really frustrating to see or hear a sodier spent years killing innocents and disarmed civilians and bombing them day and night , afterwards , he comes to you saying " Oops , seems we were wrong about that " . . How frustration ! .

I / we dont seek revenge of the innocents , if so , you would have seen Americans and christians in the middle east slayed -Allah forbids - but our revenge is from those who kill us .

Anyway , thanks alot Eric , for your interest and understanding .

Eric Dubay said...

I understand completely then. I guess we don't really disagree then :) Thanks for clarifying. Peace