Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Videos From The Love Police

Here's a selection of some of the great new videos being put out by "the Love Police" Charlie, Danny, Harvey and others. There is also a great new series of videos from the love police special assignment up in Newcastle, The Battle for Newcastle, check them out, share with your friends, and spread the love, around the world ... like America does, the (love) policemen of the world, dropping hand-knit carpet-bombs, peace grenades, and homey missiles, in a pre-emptive attempt to terrorize terrorists into not terrorizing us in the future. I personally think this is a perfectly logical foreign policy which serves just us - I mean justice - around the world. Thank you American Military-Industrial-Complex for funding politicians, lobbying congress, propping up foreign dictators and starting undeclared wars with them, then together looting economies, assimilating infrastructure, and setting up permanent military bases in every country we've ever gone in. Be careful though America, do you know what happened to every other Empire in the history of the world? No? Well, before you call me a sarcastic conspiracy theorist, go read some history and tell me a place/time period where the ruling 1% (rich, powerful aristocracy) didn't conspire against the other 99% common-folk.


Ta-Wan said...

I really do support these guys and they have made one of the most positive movements I've seen, but Charlie still concerns me every so often.

In the end though they are great, and I do think things are going the right way.

It is sometimes easy to forget how a vast lump of humanity still need to enter this inquiry and their method is wonderful for this. The issue is though that if they do uncover information that makes them scared, then I'd rather they were encouraged to beat that mindset and not to be encouraged towards violent revolution.

Maybe it is a minor point, but I can't help being drawn to make it.


PS this reminds me of another point. That we have to be careful of labeling people as asleep and jeering at them.

As they do not know they are asleep it is a harsh and invisible point. Also if you attack the way someone thinks and you label them, they can then pull back into their shell more and hide from you. Perhaps missing the important point for good.

Instead there the method (as is more often than not the case here) is to provide masses of information, over and over, until they do the wake up themselves and the need to label them is done without.

Eric Dubay said...

Well said, just what we need: Information inundation to awaken the population!

Ta-Wan said...

Bloody funny movies though, just watching :D