Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transition From Globalization to World Government

Researcher, Economist, Author and Speaker, host of the Buenos Aires talk-show "El Traductor Radial" and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement, Adrian Salbuchi, emailed me this week with this excellent analysis. In the videos, Salbuchi tells us of twelve planned attacks leading from our current globalization to the ultimate Cartel end game – a one world government.

1. Planned financial melt-down – needing a world currency and financial system.

2. Economic collapse – requiring increased taxes and world economic authority.

3. Social unrest – requiring international military to police.

4. Virus pandemics – created in labs, requiring deadly vaccines, that secretly carry RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chips.

5. Environmental scares – needing immense austerity programs, resulting in greatly reduced standards of living.

6. Mega-terror attack – false flag operation by black opts units from US/UK/Israeli intelligence.

7. Major Middle East atomic war – demanded by Zionists.

8. Nuclear “accident” – requiring nuclear facilities and weapons to be turned over to world government.

9. Assassination of world leader – resulting with a world government of faceless, unelected leaders.

10. Total destruction of “rogue” nations – those “terrorist” states that resist one-world government.

The last two attacks, claimed by Salbuchi, are outside the box. Watch his videos and be surprised. Also check out Adrian Salbuchi's interview with Alex Jones from last year, and his personal Youtube channel Arsalbuchi which is loaded with excellent videos.


tawan said...

will do

moha. said...

Nothing new .
He only rephrased the blue beam and Albert pike's letter .

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, Bluebeam and Rik Clay's research. Mr. Salbachi emailed me regarding Rik's work into the possible 2012 olympics fake alien invasion scenario. Nothing new for you Moha, but new for some folks. Peace.

moha. said...

sorry Eric , I was blunt with that , but you know ? my eagerness to know more was behind my little disappointment , otherwise you really doing a great job . thanks lay for your efforts , as i said it before , I owe you my awakening .
peace 2 u too :)