Thursday, December 2, 2010

Technology with Meaning

We can make a bomb that steers it's way, guided by things floating in space and transmitting data we can't sense, down a street and can mutilate everyone in the area.

Aren't we fucking geniuses?

How about a large factory that is fully self-automated and it's job is to provide all the food and medicine the average person needs to live?

Think we can't do that? Then look at what we can do.

Think we can't afford that? Then look at all we do afford.

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muzuzuzus said...

I was thinking along these terms this morning when walking in the crisp white snow in a park with the sky blue and sun shining. I first was looking round at all the beauty and started thining of the UGLINESS of the 'world' the one of Monsanto, and all the warmongers, and those who will love the weapon you describe cause it makes them money.
This evil is unfathomable to many people, and YET--look at *people* (video I just saw before the walk)
Black Friday Madness!! ..!!
Do these people care about the unfathomable evil steering their lives at the top?
Do they fuck--they too into trampling over damaged bodies to get to the technological gadgets.

So wheres the hope.....? Even if it is just me and you seeing this that IS something!