Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Illuminati Congo

I've recently been enjoying the rasta rap of Illuminati Congo. Above are some of my favorite tracks covering subjects ranging from Bohemian Grove to physical immortality, they're definitely worth a listen. With a name like "Illuminati Congo," verses like "if you see me on the street, give me the lion's paw" (masonic handsign), and dancing around in triplicate affront a masonic temple, I'm confused as to whether this guy is "exposing" masonry or a mason himself. Regardless though, I like his voice, music, and message. What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

These guys are dope,
never heard of 'em before...
As far as their 'true allegiance' is concerned,
we'll never know,
so keep chukkin'...!

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

looking at their site, (
their explanation sounds well and good...

but it still makes one wonder though...

Anonymous said...

Check out this write up:

Anonymous said...

Roots raggae = amazing also.
I have been checking out a lot of stuff recently about Rasta and Haile Selassie, it is very interesting... in a nutshell: the tribe of Judah has been calling out the tribe of dan for being dicks for quite awile now.... hah

p.s. - on the roots reggae... All about the youths - Macka B

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

Like Beast1333, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Jedi Mind tricks, Wu Tang Clan, and immortal technique they are our heroes presented to us by albert pike and his brothers. Type this in on youtube "hip hop & freemasonry culture creation & the shape of things to come" I think putting your trust in musicians is a complete waste of time. And you'll be taking a huge risk if you join their militias or rebbelions, they'll lose because they'll be formed for that reason. Take the confederate army for an example....maybe they're not all this way but i would rather doubt it than be influenced or convinced by them.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks for the comments. I really like the music of these guys like Diabolic, Immortal Technique, Atma, Beast 1333, Illuminati Congo etc. but I have a feeling they are as seekjusticenotrevenge says and as usual, being placed in the semi-spotlight from above and not actually truly independent artists. Many of them have been on Russia Today and other news channels, they have studio albums and high-quality MVs usually filled with masonic symbolism. I love listening to Immortal Tech. and Diabolic but check out the video "Frontlines" to see how they seem to be culturally-creating angst and brewing the meme of violent revolution. Well, regardless of affiliation I enjoy the music, so that's reason enough to listen, but I'll remain suspicious and keep my eyes open. Peace

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

nicely said Eric. I usedto look at people like tupac and even immortal technique as people who were truely apposed to the kings of the earth but lucifer was an angel of music before he was casted from heaven and i think that is his greatest tool of seduction. Many people think even Michael Jackson was killed by the secret elite for exposing them but if you look at his albums you'll see countless masonic images and even aleister crowley's face. Marlyn Manson is also seen as a rebel but I think people, especially young people look up to these personalities portrayed by these individuals because they feel as though they need someone who they can relate to and somone who can justify the way they feel. Many songs about the illuminati inspire an empty and almost dead emotion of desperation. Only when people seek justice and not revenge will there be peace. Fighting fire ith fire makes the whole world burn. Do not attack, instead protect, because you are a king, you are the rightouse one who sits beside the creator. Defend The creator and the law of the creator. Many people want to be a rebel against the government as if the human government is the highest authority that ever existed, but we must understand that the only rebel is the devil. Revenge is almost like a reaction, when someone hits you, you hit them. But Justice is like a response, when someone hits you, you learn and let them know why they hit you, and when they learn that they only did it because someone else forced them to, the enforcer will have two more adversaries. You can go to any country durring a civil war and ask any gorilla fighter there why he is fighting against the government and he will tell you "because the military (or police) killed someone i knew", ask a military soldier why he is in the military and he'll tell you "The gorillas killed someone i knew". The war will stop when the killing stops, the killing will stop when both soliders learn they are killing and dying to keep the same people who created both militaries in power. It took me a lifetime to feel this way but now i know to love everything because it is all the art of the creator and such beautiful art it is. Feeling hate is such a waste of time, learn to heal before you learn to hurt. I heard someone say scripture is the poetry of god. it is hard to not feel the need to escape for a seccond and listen to music and it's even harder to say i've read anything that is the uncorrupted word of the creator but i know enough not to be influenced by people like a child with no teacher. I know we are all at a high level of awareness, and are not easily fooled but i just wanted to remind you not to become your enemy. As Eric pointed out look at the video "Frontliners"- by immortal technique and diabolical. A revolution is always needed for a change, but not the change you want, instead the change obama wants. (something i think is interesting delta means change in physics, the symbol for delta is a triangle, pyramids are the shapes of triangles, delta airlines symbol is a triangle that looks more like a pyramid.)

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

I didn't realise i wrote that much, i guess i had alot to say.. :) It's nothing you don't already know though.

Anonymous said...

I dont think illuminati congo thinks in terms of us against them, light against dark and so on. They seem to be questioning superstition and dogmas.
From what i know of Illuminati Congo, he does yoga daily, raises his children with patience, praises God in nature and each other, and loves no matter what unconditionally. But that is just my perscpective of him. I know him personally and he is a yogi and lover of all entities. Thanks for the stimulating blog and vids.

Eric Dubay said...

That's good to know Anonymous. We've been listening to him everyday and really enjoying the vibe. Our new favorite song is:

I'm Chill - Illuminati Congo

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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