Sunday, March 27, 2011

Observations on Society

Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix show this week was another particularly great one that resonated with me deeply. Have a listen for yourself and check out Max's other great work at his website The Crowhouse.


muzuzuzus said...

Real powerful video series. Thanks for linking me to it :)

Eric Dubay said...

You bet Muz. Thanks for your great article, now on The Myth of Mental Illness and The War on Entheogens

muzuzuzus said...

Thanls so much man, thats cool layout. Only thang forgot to bring the shrooms?? ;) the pic of the magic mushrooms is missin

I had a start before. I published my present post I am workin in by mistake and was in a panic because i hadn't done that before, and was trying to find out how to delete it. I have found out, but BECAUSE i often confuse 'blog' and 'post' i NEARLY deleted my entire blog by mistake! lol

muzuzuzus said...

ooops, just checked again---youve also forgot the Goddess!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this!
Soothing and encouraging, in these times so fully charged.

And for the link here to "the myth of.."