Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Masons are Trying to Co-opt Me

Let me begin by saying that I have been threatened by Masons on multiple occasions and have written about it in the past. I even wrote a "just in case" letter to my father years ago when the threats first started coming in. I'd actually like to take this opportunity to re-post that letter here so that it is in the public domain and you guys can all run with it should the worst ever happen to me:

Hey Dad, you don't need to show this to Mom or think much of it yourself, but I wanted to send you this email and have you keep it. I was just threatened again by another Freemason who warned me "if I live by the sword, I better be prepared to die by the sword, soon all my crumbs will be gone" whatever that means. It's just like the "we'll hear one of our brothers blew up your toilet" thing. They do indirect threats and mess with people's lives in ways that don't trace back to Masonry.

So, this email is just that terrible "what if" situation in which I turn up missing, killed, or "suicided." I want it in writing that I will never kill myself and if I am killed/poisoned/suicided, unequivocally, the group behind these actions was the FREEMASONS. Hopefully you'd be able to get on the News or whatever and give links to my book if something ever did happen

So now you can stash this email somewhere and pretend like I never sent it or talked this way, okay? :) It's just good to be prepared so that I don't end up a statistic - if they ever did anything it would be very much to their own detriment. Love you, ~Eric

Fast-forward to yesterday, I got an email from one Arran Edmonstone who said he came across my website while searching for the "Love Police" and "Atlantis" then told me a story about his mother going to a psychic who said she was part of a group called "the Happiness Police" back in the Atlantean days. He concluded by saying he felt that "we are meant to know each other." I wrote him back a quick email saying:

Hey Aaran, thanks for the message. That's certainly an interesting past-life story. I'd like to know what the Happiness Police did in Atlantis, sounds delightfully paradoxical. Speaking of which, I just wrote an article on the latest "developments" with Charlie Veitch. Let me know if I can be of any service. Peace

Today Mr. Edmonstone wrote back a very long email in which he says some very suspicious, threatening, and coercive things. Here it is in it's entirety (I added "bold" to key statements):

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Great article - at least on the surface and for the "infotainment" value. I also listened to your radio show and you hit on it quite well as far as "changing the truth movement", "being true to our word", "having integrity", "saying what we think and having the ability to say when we're wrong, as well as having the ability to discern but keep an open mind". As far as "service" goes a good start and a helpful hint would be learning how to spell my name correctly. It's A-R-R-A-N like the island. No offense, but it's a good idea especially if you are an English major and tout yourself publicly to be as such ; ).

At this point I feel it would be helpful for me to clue you in as to what the meaning of "shill" is. To some degree anyone who isn't completely living off the grid is a "shill", so - unless you are living completely off the grid - to accuse Veitch of being a "shill" is somewhat (though likely unintentionally) hypocritical.

Now that I have that all cleared up, I can tell you that Mr. Veitch might actually believe some (if not, all) of the same things he did before only he isn't being public about it. Sometimes people get death threats by the Mossad (or connected individuals) and it can be slightly unnerving to say the least. Now that he has the BBC as an outlet he is (a) probably more clued in as to the processes playing out in the world game (b) and a little more clued in as to the specific boundaries of the roles he is allowed to play without his life being ruined in the process. Similar things probably happened with Julian Assange.

That's where both your and my line of work both come into play, as well as how you can be of any service. I mentioned the "processes" playing out in the world game. I can personally tell you a lot about what many of those processes are (assuming, of course, we have the chance to meet in person). Similarly, in this regard you seem to have some pieces of that puzzle at your disposal which I don't necessarily have. The same goes for other people I've been in contact with (one which happened to interview Mr. Veitch recently) and I'm guessing you can probably say the same for your connection with others. In a way it's part of our genetic code. The internet only enhances certain "signals" transmitted by our DNA. Surely you've seen images of the Sephirot. There are some Rabbis who have compared this model to that of human DNA and referred to our DNA as the "container of the soul". Now think about that in scientific and technological terms. Look at the Earth around you. Think about that in context of the way its mapped out technologically and then get back to me.

As far as the "delightfully paradoxical" nature of the Happiness Police or for that matter Mr. Veitch and the Love Police, as well as people like me (and you?) think about it in terms of the following questions:

* If world peace were to occur as a result of a set of sensory experiences shared by a majority of the human race what would that entail?

* How would (does) technology play a role?

* Furthermore (and I think you'll be able to relate to this), how would the natural world and its resources be taken into account in the process?

It's not coincidental that both Veitch AND Assange are part of this same "prison" which everyone who relies on digital technology to any degree is being conditioned to accept as normalcy (a.k.a. total surveillance society). It's also only "bad" or "evil" if we let be.

So have fun "exposing the New World Order" all you want. You will be successful and live life to the fullest, but be careful not to become too successful. Aside from your job teaching English, you might either be killed or succeed at getting your own radio or television show with a major corporate television network. Since you have your own radio show already remember to "be careful what you say". Everything else is a "lie", as it were...


So now that I have all this out of the way, please DO NOT reprint, publish or expose any of the information I've shared with you in this message without my explicit consent and permission - not even in some veiled manner. If you do I will expose you to a great number of people in the internet community for being a dishonest, lying, thief (and we both know how we feel about dishonest, lying, thieves). The people who you would be stealing from would not take kindly to the action either. As a matter of fact, if you want to have me on your show to help tactfully nudge this shift along, then we might make some wonderful headway. Financial gain could very well be a secondary result.

One of the reasons why I sense this is that I am becoming part of a small, but growing network of internet users and healers who are working to ease society through a paradigm shift. I'm helping to start an independent radio station, as well as helping to create a movement known as RePeace. If we are going to work together and be "one" with ourselves, each other and the world, then we need to cut the crap as far as accusing one another of being enemies, "evil" or "shills". WE are becoming the monopoly, as well as the "New World Order". It's part of a natural process which we are all a inescapable part of, up until and possibly even AFTER the day we die. It can be a blessing or a curse depending on what WE make of it.

I do think the RePeace movement and the independent network I am becoming involved with would apply to your ideas about the truth movement. Things are coming together in some major ways and I'd be happy to work with you in the process. I will have the ability to let you in and we can really start to "be the change" together in some profound ways. It just so happens that people on all ends of the political spectrum are coming to some similar conclusions and feeling a much stronger need to work together to create the world we want. You spoke of forming a "co-op" on your radio show. You also spoke of not "railing our heads off about this or that conspiracy" and "healing the One consciousness". What I'm talking about here is a internet / multi-media version of those ideas which also connects to the real world in some what we intend to be profoundly mutually beneficial and healing ways. The time is here and now. Please consider whether or not you would like to become involved. If you do then think about the role(s) you want to play. You may also consider this message one that is helping you to realize your role in this process. When that becomes clear to a person it can be potentially healing and nourishing or destructive depending on how it's used. It's good you realize your part of a Renaissance. This is especially the case for a person in your situation considering your age...


Please get back to me regardless. I also sent you a friend request on Facebook and a follower of your's on Twitter. Most importantly, don't forget we're all in this together. That's how you can be of service.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well Arran (notice the spelling) here is my public response to you. I see on your facebook you call yourself a "propagandist" which seems true considering your zealous promotion of the Venus Project and your RePeace site which is full of Masonic signs and symbols (I've pasted them into this article for everyone to see), and Masonic concepts like the 3-tier pledge ("oath") for members. You are from Edinbugh, home of Masonry's Scottish-rite, and birth-place of fellow shill Charlie Veitch. You try to act friendly, but your true colors come out when you call my work "infotainment," take digs at my spelling, call me a hypocrite, defend Charlie, mock my work "exposing the New World Order," try to tempt me with "financial gain," warn me "not to become too successful," and threaten me not to "reprint, publish, or expose" this drivel you've approached me with.

Well, I cannot be bought, and had you not threatened me of course I wouldn't reprint this, but when some wolf in sheep's clothing like yourself comes out of the blue and tells me he "will expose me to a great number of people in the internet community for being a dishonest, lying, thief" then of course I'm going to post this, and expose you first before you try some under-handed method of discrediting or disappearing me.

Now for everyone else, notice how on one hand he's saying he can "let me in," help me with "financial gain," and success "at getting my own radio or television show with a major corporate network." While on the other hand he's telling me what "they" did to Charlie and Julian, talking about death threats from the MOSSAD, saying straight-up "you might be killed," and then threatening me not to share this with anyone. He actually puts both options together quite bluntly when he says, "be careful not to become too successful. Aside from your job teaching English, you might either be killed or succeed at getting your own radio or television show."

This is how these snakes cuddle up next to you pretending to be your friend and ideological ally, when in reality they're simply looking to bribe, co-opt, threaten, discredit, or silence you. This was his first (and now likely his last) communication with me so he didn't go into much detail about the possible consequences of accepting/rejecting his offers. Had I bitten his lure, then he'd surely "let me in" and continue to bribe me with "financial gain." Maybe I could even "get my own network TV show" if I agreed to say 9/11 wasn't an inside job (right Charlie?)

Notice Arran demonstrates quite the knowledge of Kabbalah and Astrology (studied in-depth by the Masons), gives a link regarding Saturn's return (which apparently affects people my age), and offers a subtle ultimatum saying "the time is here and now. Please consider whether or not you would like to become involved. If you do then think about the role(s) you want to play. When that becomes clear to a person it can be potentially healing and nourishing or destructive depending on how it's used." What I'm hearing here, and correct me if I'm wrong Arran, is that I'm at a crucial age where I must be co-opted by the dark side ..... or else. The link he provided says:

It is believed by astrologers that, as Saturn "returns" to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second return, maturity. And with the third and usually final return, a person enters wise old age. These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 28-29, 57-58 and 86-88. The first Saturn return is most significant because it represents the first test of character and the structures a person has built his/her life upon. According to traditions, should these structures be unsound, or if a person is living out of touch with her/his true values, the Saturn return will be a time of upheaval and limitations as Saturn forces him/her to jettison old concepts and worn out patterns of living. It is not uncommon for relationships and jobs to end during this time of life restructuring and revaluation.

I'm also very interested in this bit Arran wrote about, "if world peace were to occur as a result of a set of sensory experiences shared by a majority of the human race, what would that entail? How would technology play a role? and furthermore, how would the natural world and its resources be taken into account in the process?" It seems as if he is privy to knowledge of the possibility that "a set of sensory experiences shared by a majority of the human race" could bring about world peace. That made me think of both Project Bluebeam and the idea of a worldwide simultaneous DMT trip as described here:

In conclusion, I want to apologize to Arran for posting your name and email. I know you didn't want me to reprint, republish, or expose your work, but I never agreed not to, and you're passive-aggressive, half-threat, half-bribe ultimatum made it imperative that I make this public, in the interest of truth and my safety. If you wish to contact me again, either post it as a comment below, or email me and I will post it myself. Tell your friends at the lodge that Eric Dubay cannot and will not sell out, he doesn't cower to threats, and unlike the lot of you, he doesn't fear death. To my readers, please copy this post and save it on your computers. If anything did happen to me, I would depart this world with a smile knowing like Obi-Wan Kenobi that my legacy will become more powerful than these Masons could possibly imagine. Peace, love and blessings to all of you.


david said...

Well done Eric, bring everything into the light, then we can look at what it is.
I am curious about the timing, either Charlie was the hot button, or indeed it is time for them to co-erce everyone they can ... you wouldn't be the only one.

peace and love

Truthspoon said...

Very interesting insights there.

The tone is the typically patronising and superior tone which masons adopt when talking to inferior cowans such as we.

This tone helps them to intimidate others and also allows them to bolster their own fetid egos.

However he raises some interesting points that perhaps Mr Veitch has been explicitly threatened or that he has seen the magnitude of the machinery which he is up against and his balls have shrunk.

I've also experienced these subtle one liner 'threats'. I, like you, am an international language teacher and this was how I first got exposed to these masons.

I've got some pretty interesting stories to tell. Check out my blog.


Eric Dubay said...

Arran just sent me this on Facebook:

P.S. I'm hoping you don't take that email I sent you the wrong way. I realize it was intense, but that was intentional. I wasn't attempting to instill fear, but to present you with a very distinctly realistic line of reasoning. I am a student of someone who studied under Vinoba Bhave - a student of Gandhi's. I therefore also believe in the golden rule. So, it is not in my nature to bring harm upon anyone, but to establish relationships with people which are mutually beneficial. I also apologize if you thought the tone to be harsh relating to my request not to reprint, publish or expose any of the information I sent you in my email. My intention was not to burn any bridges. I just felt it was necessary to be cautious seeing as how I don't really know who you are as a person other than what I read and heard through your blog. I've lived long enough to know that not everyone necessarily walks their talk 100% of the time, myself included. I am also working to publish my written material as you have, including some based around the ideas I presented to you in the email I sent. I would personally honor this request if the situation was reversed. I hope you will stay in touch. If not, then I hope you will at least let me know that you are willing to honor my request. Take care.

It seems your back-peddling into friendly guy mode, which I appreciate. I didn't take your email the wrong way, I took it exactly as you intended. Your email was beyond "intense" so please tell me why it was also "intentional" as you put it.

You say you weren't attempting to instill fear (oh really?) but to present me with a distinct line of reasoning... there was no reasoning or anything distinct in what you wrote so could you please clarify that for us here?

What was your intention in writing me this email?

Why is your RePeace project littered with Masonic symbolism?

Why did you threaten, mock, and attempt to bribe me into becoming involved with your group if you're just trying to "establish mutually beneficial relationships?"

Why did you harshly tell me "DO NOT reprint, republish or expose" your letter or else you'll "expose me to a great number of people in the internet community for being a dishonest, lying, thief," and now you're acting like, no big deal!?

If you're interested in open, honest discussion, I'm right here in a public forum awaiting your response.

Jim said...

Fascinating and thanks for sharing Eric. Some very interesting comments here from a man who claims to be so concerned with peace. I found the thinly veiled threats to be particularly distasteful. Certainly makes you dubious about the true goals of this "repeace" movement, something I had never come across before.

Could be completely unconnected but I wonder if this link hints to his lineage in any way?


Anonymous said...

Well done. Keep it public and as David said the timing is very interesting. Keep in your heart which will guide you and again keep fast in knowing death is but moving along and will anyway so be stout in that knowledge. Its all you need. Maruha-

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments so far. Nice find on the Edmonstone link Jim. Just having the name EdmonSTONE and being from Edinburgh, Scotland invokes the Scottish-rite of Stone Masons. Not to mention all the other evidence (hand-signs, symbols, oath, threats, bribes, attitude etc.)

Jim said...

Yes, the most telling symbol of those you have published for me is the "re-peace" logo replacing old Isis's torch of illumination. I'm sure we'd all be very interested to see if and how this one develops. Thanks again for sharing, good to see there are a few people left who can't be bought off as so many have and will be in future.

jack said...

Eric...You are safe in Thailand, as Thai king hates Masons and Illuminati who have been trying to gain control over the kingdom through Thaksin.

Masons are really low low level insects in the evil hirarachy....It goes beyond this dimensions where actual decisions are taken...this guy is just a wannabe powerful yet a slave of his master...money works only in this dimension...once you get out....you see how small these insects are...

no worries

Anonymous said...

Hi Arran,

You can kiss your Repeace project goodbye. It's toast. You've revealed yourself to be a really fucked-up arsehole.

And my advice is that you start praying nothing happens to Eric, or you may find yourself plastered all over the conspiracy network. I don't think you'll enjoy that level of notoriety.

Finally, I suggest you learn to look before you leap, and to choose your enemies carefully. Eric has a bunch of friends with a wide range of skills, and some of them, like me, are not pacifists.

Fuck with Eric, and I'll fuck you.

Michelle York said...

Unfuckingbelievable Eric!!! You have our vote, support, protection.

Anonymous said...

Keep on the good path,
as you are,
and nothing will harm you...

love light beauty peace

Anonymous said...

That boy is going to get more than his trousers rolled at the lodge; all that work and the Repeace project will need Replacing before it even got underway. Bet the symbol designers are going to be annoyed too. All that creative work for naught. Sabotaged by a dimwit. How many T-shirt's and jumpers have been printed?

Good luck Arran, don't take any walks around Leith. The locals aren't too friendly to elite stooges.

AdamS said...

Lift too many 'stones' and you're bound to come across the occasional cockroach. Probably the best way to deal with 'it'... nice one.

muzuzuzus said...

I got bored less than half way through his diatribe. it was like some kind of Harold Pinter play experience but with more words. Menacing. Stay well clear.

I love ya Erik, your integrity, and open mindedness. One of the most openminded people I have met which I find inspiring. Dont let any one intimidate. The bottom line is that these mindsets are threatening Mother Earth and we HAVE to stand up and be counted.
I was listening to Max Egan last few days and have really warmed to him--all his activism about the fracking. He is an amazing man and is real, and talks plain. I never trust people who spout a load of verbiage!

Peace man

Tension Span said...

Haha, nice one Eric. Gee, how ridiculously Amateur did Arran go about things there, eh? Or perhaps testing the water, or maybe doing an assignment for one of his Training Segments in the Shimmy up Jacob's Ladder (or is that down the Rabbit's Arshole? - I get them confused).

I've worked, low profile-like, in Defence Areas in the past, including Surveillance Stations (doughnut, anyone?), and they are full of Part-time Amateur Freemasons and full-time Nepotistic Mental Spastici.

Game On. What they really don't get, is that despite some rather fancy gadgetry and 'cutting edge science' (ooh, so impressed, NOT!) is that their whole reach is INHERENTLY limited. They never made the leap over the Veil to Reality AS IT IS. They still attempt to dictate to reality what it should be. FAIL! Every time. So inevitable, it hurts (too much laughing). Good on ya, Mate.

Yeah, OK, Illuminati Novices... We'll play the game, just to appease your little trantrums. But don't cry when you lose, OK? It's just a feckin game. The Universe was designed to be that way. And God had nothing to do with it, thank God. Dark matter = Thought; Dark Energy - Being. It's already over, and we never left Heaven.

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful someone took the timne to write you a long email.
And placed you in the same realm as Charlie Veitch, and Julian Assange.

Eric, you are touching upon a sensitive chord and the truth is getting a little hot for them to handle.

All their "intimidations" ironically just give more credence to the words you write.

The more they try to push you down, the more truth you pull in.
That's the beauty of Ying & Yang


Anonymous said...

Wow, that repeace bullshit looks very well funded.

sundaemon said...

Looking at the Repeace website, it's so obviously weak, so clearly funded by the establishment, that you wonder. And then, why would he send you an email that you could so easily post on your blog? And Charlie being so transparent. It all doesn't make much sense. Either they're so overcome with smugness like that cunt ARRAN, that they expect us just to go along with their every dictate and false trail, or they're just distracting us from something more important.

Anonymous said...

that Pineal Gland activiation/Fluoride Calcifies Your Pineal Gland video at the end of this post is rather...foreboding. But glad to know you are prepared.

But it makes a point for everyone to start clearing up their Pineal Glands, because when our Pineal Glands are open to the reception from the cosmic rays (with Earth moving into the Photon Light Belt), we will become the powerful beings our DNA holds.

THAT is the reason the dark forces try to calcify our Pineal Glands.

LOOK at all the great importance bestowed upon the Pineal Gland--look at the Pope's staff--it is topped by a pineal gland motif.

LOOK at the Vatican decor--there are HUGE pineal gland structures around.

LOOK at buddha's head--it depicts the Pineal Gland.

There is some GREAT power waiting within EACH & EVERYONE of OUR'S Pineal Gland...

much luv, much peace to you & your loved ones

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Alex and I am 15 years old. I live for freedom and i would die for this concept to live. Although i may seem young to always be putting my life on the line, i would gladly give my life for the earth, for freedom, and for change. I will never sell my soul, just like you and your followers and i agree you were smart not to let your guard down. If he was genuine he would of calmed down and wouldnt use all of that symbology in his statement. The main reason i would see that guy off as evil is becuase he mentioned money. Money is the root of all evil and i do not hate many things except money. I would give anything to live a natural indigenous life like an example of the movie Avatar or something similar. I wish money and evil and destruction were not so involved in the way of modern humans. People like you and I have no choice but to try and expell it form this world. I really love this site and if you were to die you would not be forgotten. I respect your work as well as your resolve. I am with you 100 percent till my soul perishes from fighting and resisting evil while enduring true pain. LIVE STRONG, NEVER STOP, HAVE NO FEAR, AND DIE HARD SO YOU COME BACK TWICE AS STRONG. There is plenty of time to fight until our job is complete. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I hope when my son is 15 he's as smart as that recent Anonymous poster. Wish I had more kids in the hood like you!

Eric, keep up the excellent work. You're what I read first thing with my coffee each day. Don't let this Aaron guy robe you of your energy.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Alex - resisting the supposed evil in the world is no guarantee that after the, "resistance" has taken its toll, that the resisters will not become the new oppressors.

There is no point in resisting evil, but you don't have to join in it either. It is pathetic and futile to resist the NWO because it a fantastic illusion and fabrication of the intellectual thought process that EVERYONE is indoctrinated into swallowing.

Fighting only creates more fear, tension, anxiety, and of course - hypnosis - which means the resistors are just as complicit in continuing in the lunacy and madness as the people they are fighting against. There is no need to fight, to die, or to perish - that is a very paranoid (unstable) mindset that the thought process relies and preys upon.

I suggest more caution, less emotional and intellectual attachment to the, "evils" of this world (by fighting it, you are attached to it - albeit via fear and opposition).

All opposition is weak and fragile, and are manageable one way or another by the intellectual thought processes that govern the world, universe, and supposed, "spirit" world.

Fighting and joining the elites are about one and the same...just like white versus black. The synthesis is total lunacy and madness. Take into consideration these words, thanks.

Eric Dubay said...

You guys are the best, thanks so much for all the support and encouragement.

Edelweiss Pirate, your blog is fascinating, and very helpful, thanks so much for sharing, I've been reading it all morning.

Jack, there are at least 5 Masonic lodges that I know about here in Bangkok so I'm afraid while Thailand is a wonderful place to be, it's certainly not Mason-free.

Muz, thanks for that, love and respect right back at you. You've helped me tremendously along the way and I really appreciate your insights.

Tension Span, interesting, sounds like you've had your fair share of run-ins with the Masons. As you said, they've got their brain-washing and delphi-type techniques, but ultimately they have no power that we don't freely give away.

Alex, thank you so much for your inspiring message. You brought tears to my eyes and I got choked up reading your comment aloud to my girlfriend. It's really encouraging to hear from someone your age with such sincerity and conviction. Don't ever lose that or let them suck it out of you. Peace!

robbie said...

excellently said eric !!! admire your firm stance and your long term exposing of lies have proven your worthyness !!!
south africa

Anonymous said...

Posting this far and wide.

Eric, thanks for having the courage to expose these cunts - not many people do.

Anonymous said...

Eric, well done for refusing to sell your soul - it's priceless I tell you. Keep exposing anyone who tries to misdirect you in any way. They most probably try to portray themselves friends, but try to misguide you in the end. Always believe your own logic and feelings - they seldom give you wrong directions at the same time!

Don't forget: if you see something wrong in someone, that wrong thing is not the only wrong in him/her! That doesn't mean you have to stay away from anybody who has a fault, otherwise you wouldn't have even a girlfriend. But never forget the fault which you didn't like, and keep an open eye on the person. He/she most probably will fail your test again and again. You don't want to rely someone like this at a time when everything matters.

worldwide simultaneous DMT trip

If you remember I posted a link to this kind of experiment attempted before, thank God, unsuccessfully:


I am sure you haven't read it till the end! We don't have time and patience to read and understand this kind of complex subjects. That's the reason why we are so easy to manipulate - we never check the truthfulness of claims as long as "some" link "proving" the claim is given. We never think that that link might well have been put by someone making the claim.

There is a lot of people talking about SPIRITUAL AWAKENING these days. But I read a little bit about BLACK AWAKENING too. I really hope they are not the same thing!



I am sure there has always been attempts to keep the people away from God. They can't completely close our ability to do so.

That's why people are jailed for long periods, are given more years just before the jail terms ends and die in jails JUST BECAUSE THEY PRAY TO GOD. If you think I'm referring to dark ages think again, it's happening now in XXI century (a clue former soviet republics in Centtral Asia).

People who are jailed for religious reasons (say hello to terrrorism) almost never leave those jails LIVE! Even if they do (mainly for governments' media propaganda reasons), they don't live long anyway, maybe couple of years at most (not that they were old enough, most of them are between 20-40). If they are to die in those jails, why doesn't the government shoot them down (they have done it before - A. N. D. I. J. A. N. 2005) and save them from so much misery (you don't want to know what happens to them) and save themselves a lot of expenditure (not because expenses per head is so high, but because they have jailed too many of them!)?

The answer is: what they need from those poor people is not their money (they don't have any), is not their lives (they think they are not worth anything), but their FAITH. That's the reason why they have been jailed for!

Fully opening people's ability to connect with God in a abrupt way may well be a way "helping" the people to find God. But if you know that the attempts to shy people away from God has always been the case, you can conclude that this SPIRITUAL AWAKENING event has been planned beforehand for a long time and you can be sure they haven't planned it to help people find the REAL GOD, rather a FAKE ONE.

What do you think guys?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I see nobody has responded to my comment. Fair enough. I had forgotten to mention a lot of the "accession to 5th dimension" guys do really believe what they are saying. Because of this it is so easy to fall into this deception. Couple of months ago I stumbled upon Chris Thomas's video on Youtube:


and found him very thoughtful and believing. Even bought a couple of his books (he has got about 10). A caution: if you are not spiritually strong enough (I mean in your belief in God), I don't recommend to read his books. Thank God I could stop myself and research deeper of the subjects he was referring to before falling into this fairy tale.

Recently I found one interesting article, actually radio show transcript on this topic. The host Sherry Shriner maintains couple of websites. I read a couple of her articles and found them very informative and full of in-depth analysis. She explains very well the true notion behind the ascension to 5th higher dimension
Please take into account this is a transcript of a live radio show:


Here is her another excellent article about the events prior to the creation of man which have got to do with how we have been affected since then:


Eric, keep up the good work and don't limit yourself with videos only (for sure they attract more visitors, but are not efficient way of learning and research)

Arran Edmonstone said...
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Arran Edmonstone said...
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Eric Dubay said...

Look who's back. Why did it take you 15 days to respond this time? You wrote me an email one day, I replied, you wrote back the next day, I posted it here, a couple hours later you posted that Facebook message then disappeared for 15 days and just now came back with this very well-crafted, very well-thought out response. Why the delay?

You don't see anything Masonic about RePeace? You're pretending to be awakened and care about me and the work I do, but you don't see anything Masonic about RePeace? So you're pretending to be awake/aware but you promote controlled opposition Zeitgeist/The Venus Project and identify yourself as a "propagandist" on your Facebook. You pretend to be awake/aware but you don't see that RePeace is Masonic?

You seem to know a lot about Kaballah and Astrology, how did you manage to learn about that without learning about Freemasonry? And why did you send me a link about Saturn's Return? Why are you so concerned with me making important decisions at this crucial time in my life?

I didn't mean to come across as threatening or to bribe you when I typed out the email. The threatening tone was with respect to publishing the message I sent without my permission

You know exactly what you were doing. You say "I didn't mean to come across as threatening" then say "the threatening tone was with respect to..." You either meant to have a threatening tone or not, and you can't even keep your story straight within two sentences. The first sentence says you didn't intend to sound threatening, the second sentence says you intended to sound threatening. See how you are see-through? Like Mason plexi-glass.

Why would you be so paranoid about me publishing your email that you would have to threaten me not to in the first place? Have I ever published people's private emails to me before? No, obviously you knew your email was highly incriminating of who/what you are, so you needed to make sure I kept it private. Now that I made it public you're back-peddling like crazy putting on your dancing shoes trying to play out this persona of the nice guy, all apologies, just trying to help. Sure dude, we're all buying it. Really.

Eric Dubay said...

I said I would expose you for being a "dishonest, lying, thief" because I do think it's dishonest, lying and thief-like, especially seeing as how I also emphasized seeking my permission first.

Why would you be so scared of me publishing your email that you needed to threaten me not to? Normal people writing normal things to me would never even consider the possibility of me publishing our private correspondence. You, on the other hand, were so worried about your email getting out that you had to threaten me. Not only directly but indirectly with all your "death threats from the MOSSAD" and "you might be killed... or succeed" bullshit.

I can assure you no harm will come your way as a result of your dealings with me.

You had better hope so for your own sake. My letter still stands. If I should ever be harmed or disappeared it is undoubtedly FREEMASONS like Arran Edmonstone behind it.

I'm not trying to silence anyone. As far as I'm concerned people can (and do) think whatever they want. When I suggested to "be careful not to become too successful" and "Aside from your job teaching English, you might either be killed or succeed at getting your own radio or television show." This was to point out the absurdity in the way situations are handled with people who go out of their way to speak the truth (it was also meant to be kind of humorous in a dark sort of way).

Yeah, real funny. Directly and indirectly threatening me, attempting to bribe and coerce me into your group, telling me to decide what "role(s) I want to play," and that I'm at a crucial time in my life, saying "DO NOT reprint, publish or expose" your email, but after I do saying it was just dark humor. Who do you think you're fooling with this fake nice guy persona Arran? Answer my questions and let's see if you can take the heat.

Arran Edmonstone said...
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Eric Dubay said...

You've got some explaining to do:

Who is Arran Edmonstone?

Anonymous said...

Arran, your attempts to re-invent the meaning of everything you have written is very stupid. If you are trying to use your brilliant propaganda tactics against Eric here, then you are in it for nothing, because dear Eric Dubay is not going to follow your charade to co-opt him.

Good luck selling your, "nice" self to others, but you are a fool who has lost before he even begun. I suggest you NOT try to communicate with Eric again for your own good - not becuase I or anyone else hates - just because it is fruitless to try for your own sake. Try to co-opt Alex Jones or some others who are more corruptible. Eric here - is uncorruptible - just like Batman.

Arran Edmonstone said...
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Ellen said...

I think you are so right in your last comment. If they "took you out," you'd be much, much more famous than Rik Clay. I'm sure you must have strong guardian angels.

Kelsey said...

I'm just wondering Eric what are these videos of you using Masonic signs and symbols etc and also being accused of having a Freemason bloodline. Not sure if this is muddying waters or if you could she'd some light