Friday, November 25, 2011

The Great Graham Hancock

One of the first authors who originally got me interested in ancient civilizations, Atlantis, and psychedelics is the great Graham Hancock. If I could design an Atlantean Conspiracy course curriculum, Graham's books "Supernatural" and "Fingerprints of the Gods" would top the essential reading list. A true pioneer in this research he has been all over the world, investigating the mysteries of Egypt, diving down to Yonaguni and other ancient cities, and participating in several psychedelic shamanic visitations to the spirit world.


Christopher Myers said...

Watch the whole video and I bet you might change your opinion of this shill...

'Mercury's Messenger vs. Authors Graham Hancock & Daniel Pinchbeck'

Eric Dubay said...

I watched your video and I have no idea how or why you concluded that Graham is a shill.

robbieYAHU said...

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Eric Dubay said...

Hey Robbie, I posted your comment so others can also check out your website. It's shaping up really well. Keep up the great work spreading the good word! Peace