Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thrive 11:11:11 Propaganda

On 11/11/11 Fortune 500 Proctor and Gamble heir Foster Gamble released "Thrive," the latest and greatest Zeitgeist-like big-budget controlled-opposition co-option of the conspiracy community.

First of all Proctor and Gamble is one of the largest corporate manufacturers of chemical-ridden cancer-causing personal products in the world. All the soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, cosmetics and junk foods they produce have safe, healthy, effective, natural alternatives but for decades have been systematically low-balled and bought-out by chemical giants like P&G. So instead of using natural herbs, flowers, oils and other non-toxic ingredients as humans have for millennia, now we buy the dangerous combinations of carcinogenic chemicals in their poisonous brand-name brews. Not only that, but these chemicals are all "safety tested" first on defenseless animals to make sure they don't kill you too fast. P&G is one of the world's worst animal-rights offenders perpetually torturing and murdering thousands of innocent animals for their unnecessary experiments.

P&G makes an average of $68 billion per year and does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the Pentagon and Department of Defense. They lobby to block bans on animal testing, distribute GMO products like olestra, produced the first implantable microchips and financed Hitler's Third Reich. Just look at their company logo and notice the symbology / numerology: 13 stars, a subliminal 666, and devil horns, then Foster Gamble's movie has 11:11:11 numerology, Masonic one-eyed poster, rising-sun and "V" symbolism.

So what about the message of Thrive? The second half of the film is quite good, features David Icke, G. Edward Griffin, and Catherine Austin-Fitts; it's packed with well-researched conspiracy info about the banking system, false-flags, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the New World Order. The first part of the film however reeks of disinfo with people like Steven Greer, Clifford Stone and others going on about aliens, UFOs, ancient astronauts, and crop circles.

It's very clear that this movie is trying to convince people that aliens are real, and that they are responsible for crop circles and UFOs. They show government, military and NASA spokespeople all agreeing that crop circles and UFOs must be alien phenomena. They say that since crop circles are so large and intricate, found in over 30 countries, and appear so quickly that they cannot possibly be the work of humans using ropes and boards. That's fine, I'd agree with that, but then they jump off the deep-end and say since it's not humans using ropes and boards, it must be aliens! Back up the misinfo train a second. If it's not humans using ropes and boards, it must be aliens? What about as I've always said, it's not humans using ropes and boards or aliens, but rather humans using classified technology such as microwave beams? Look at the various crop circle patterns: sacred geometry, checkerboard floors, one-eyed pyramids, kaballah tree of life, pentagons, pentagrams, Hollywood-looking alien depictions - looks like the work of Masons to me.

They use the Hegelian dialectic to sucker people by saying the government, military, and NASA "officially" deny the existence of aliens. Then they show a broad selection of government, military, and NASA employees "unofficially" confirming the existence of aliens. This thesis and antithesis makes the unsuspecting viewers assume that "officially" there is a cover-up, but "unofficially" all these employees are blowing the whistle and exposing the cover-up. Thus the synthesis conclusion is that aliens exist and the establishment is covering it up. But as I've explained before regarding Roswell / Area 51, the "official denial" and "unofficial whistle-blowers" are two parts of the same propaganda. You come out the first day in the newspapers saying "UFO crash landed, alien bodies recovered!" Then the next day and for the next sixty years "officially" claim that it was actually just a weather balloon and no aliens. Next they build a huge top-secret millitary facility on that very spot and have "unofficial whistle-blowers" come out periodically claiming that there is indeed an alien phenomenon being covered up. This creates the "insatiable mystery" as Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt called it, and the synthesis conclusion you intended, all the while no one suspecting that the entire thing is just one big propaganda scheme to get you to believe in aliens.

Crop circles and UFO sightings are becoming more frequent and getting increasing attention from both the mainstream and alternative medias. The History channel just did a big series on Ancient Aliens, Southpark did an Ancient Aliens spoof, and Masons like Zechariah Sitchin have been propagating the idea for decades. The Disclosure Project and so-called "exopolitics" are being pushed into the mainstream. The UN already has an "alien ambassador" for when first contact is made. Various governments are opening up "UFO files" which always hint at aliens. The Vatican officially believes in aliens now. Combine all that with what Rik Clay, myself, and many others have been saying all along and it appears we are in the final preparatory stages of a huge "alien" deception due to arrive soon.


Eric Dubay said...

Everyone also be sure to check out this great article:

Thrive Movie: Don't Fall For It!

Did anyone notice half-way through the movie, after showing the 7 Jewish families at the top of the banking system, they make sure to say, "but it's NOT a Jewish conspiracy." Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up with no evidence because it seemed like quite the coincidence. Jack Bernstein, Benjamin Friedman, and Henry Ford wouldn't agree on that point:

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

The International Jew

A Jewish Defector Warns America

Also at the end, their main "solution" was simply to visit their website which is complete with an affiliate program so you can make money duping people into this controlled-opposition co-option of the conspiracy community.

K said...


Thank you very much for posting this, I was hoping you would soon.
I'v been reading your posts for over a year now, always cross referencing material to shift the endless amount of b/s which is propagated on the web, in which thankfully your website contains virtually none in my personal opinion; everything is backed rather well.

My friend that's not as knowledgable in regards to the topics discussed on this website out of the blue showed me "Thrive" and from initially looking at the cover I immediatly noticed the 1 eye symbolism; a pretext to disinfo so I assumed: I was right.

It has been the knowledge contained on this site and a select few others that have brought together a whole new, more educated, inquisitive view on things in general (I noticed a trend where a lot of the true info I have got are from sites that propagate christianity, interesting, thier definatly on to most of the stuff discussed here)

All in all, keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

I watched the movie a week ago, it had a great message, but I thought it was a bit too slick.

I was planning on re-watching it again to see if I can analyze it, but good catch on those points Eric!

I always hesitate to join things--especially now. Good thing I was never into deFacebook, Twithead, and My?Space. Never ever ordered cable TV either. Now, with the changeover to DIGITAL TV signals, I have been thinking why the heck would they go thru all the trouble to do so--even offering people rebates to get a new digital TV while tossing out their old--which seemed so wasteful to me, not to mention adding to the landfills taking up more space and spreading the toxic parts.

Well, here's my take on the future with all these gadgets, and I've also kept in mind the one episode from the 80s show "Superman, The New Adventures of Lois & Clark" where the evil doers broadcast a mind-control signal thru the telephone lines, and ONLY the homeless were unaffected because they didnt have phones.
My future take is that cameras will be added to your TV set, and with digital signals, they can send packets of sound, light thru your TV to control the viewers minds, and spy on them at the same time. (We already have cameras on laptops & cellphones). The powers that be want to make sure your TV is covered as well.

First, get everyone on cellphones, so you get addicted (and conditioned) talking to your associates (with GPS added for tracking purposes).

Then, get everyone on Twitter, so you get addicted (and conditioned) talking about your every move.

Then, get everyone on Facebook, so you get addicted (and conditioned) exposing everything about yourself.

Then, get Googled so every angle of your home can be displayed.

Get on credit cards & PayPal so every financial transaction can be tracked.

The govt offers cash rebates to ditch your old car and get a new one--and of course outfitted with GPS (for tracking purposes).

The govt offers free frig & washer--AND CHANGING OUT ALL LIGHT SOCKETS TO THE NEW ONES TO TAKE THE NEW CFL BULBS--to ditch your old ones (I'm still pondering what is the ulterior purpose behind this one--does the new appliances emit anything???).

The govt changes everyone's electrical meter into Smart Meters so they can be controlled at the central office.

and the worst one, IMO, the govt MANDATES that everyone uses the new "Energy-Saving" Fluorescent bulbs--which emits dangerous MERCURY GAS. And if cracked, YOUR HOME BECOMES A HAZMAT AREA! You cannot just throw these bulbs into the trash!!!!!!!

All the while taking your time doing these nonsense "social(ist)" things, and away from the things that really improve your personal growth (and health).

Anonymous said...

SOLUTIONS against these Institutions:

I stopped using commercial brands a few years ago, with these simple (and safe) substitutions:

TOOTHPASTE--baking soda straight, or mix a few drops of peppermint oil (I use Now Foods Peppermint Oil). If you want to use specifically Aluminum-free baking sode, Red Mill brand is one. Your mouth actually feels a lot fresher than using toothpaste (but if you do, use the non-fluoride toothpaste--Trader Joes makes one :))

LAUNDRY DETERGENT--use borax powder (I use Twenty-Mule)

HOUSEHOLD CLEANER--good ole mix 1/3-1/2 spray bottle with vinegar, and add water. Cleans super great!
For stubborn stains, sprinkle on baking powder, then spray with the vinegar solution.
I also scrub with leftoever lemon halves to clean kitchen counters, sinks. In a pinch, I donned reused plastic bags and scrubbed the toilet with a eaten grapefruit half.

DISH DETERGENT--I use the Trader Joes dish detergent which uses a coconut oil base, but in a pinch, Borax & Water also works, but not as good as getting out grease.

SHAMPOO/BODY WASH--i like the Trader Joes Peppermint Shampoo (vegetable oil base), but have used borax & water mixture in a pinch. I also like the Nubian Heritage soaps.

DRAIN UNCLOGGER--pour vinegar down the drain and let sit overnight. Can also add baking soda for extra action.

COSMETICS--I like Lip Ink, Afterglow.

PERFUMES--I've always preferred the smell of essential oils.

LOTIONS--Use a natural oil--I like the Trader Joes Jojoba Oil. Even olive oil is nice!

Basically, the things I use to clean and wash--are all edible things too :)

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Baron Enjoys this post. Reflects on how amusing people saying elite are blocking ufo technology is.

Maybe he will make free energy machine. For himself. Why not share? Then individuals would be dependent on Baron for machine. Individuals must learn to make their own, to be individuals, rather then part of bee hive. The baron does not wish to create a system of dependency, as the result is always the same power system, however nobly intended.

Baron finds it interesting the social group logical people use to talk about humanity, and "our" progress, laments this discounts the growth of the individual.

The baron continues opposition to free energy for earth creatures who would use it to create more advanced and aweful power structures. If humans got off the planet in this form, a hive, and not individuals, they would be highly dangerous to others.

The baron laments his own participation in such hive structures.

Frankie in Chiang-Rai said...

- Anyone can watch a Thrive/Zeitgeist like Documentary movie or even participate in an Occupy like protest and not agree with all the premises.

I think many of you are looking far too into these things and just thinking 'conspiracy'. Which I don't blame you, however, I think a better approach would be to just look at these thing as 'consciousness raising'.

From there, what really matters is your own personal lifestyle and how it relates locally and globally. Seriously...I stay away from corporate Health and Beauty products like the plague and even lecture others about its use. It's the same with Open-Source software and using fossil fuel, etc.

I mean there's no use being an Activist if you wash your hair with Head and Shoulders and drive a SUV. And there's no use being an Activist if you blame all the Jews and Chinese for the mess the World is in...

The World is in its current morass because of the collective consciousness of all people; from the top down to the bottom up.

Lastly, I think it is not sensible to discredit the UFO/ET phenomena because there's far too much evidence that proves otherwise. Besides, ETs are probably the only hope we have on this planet since if you do your research, they all espouse 'Unconditional Love'.

And 'Unconditional Love' is the only hope to counter all the deeply embedded negativity reverberating on this planet which prevents us from collectively evolving as a species.

Friendship and Love is the answer

Eric Dubay said...

Really great comments everyone, thanks for the insights. Eric wonders why Baron talks in the 3rd person. For Eric, this manner of speaking feels hokey and detracts from what Eric is trying to say. Would the Baron agree with that? Just an observation. Peace

Anonymous said...

I'm confused is everyone saying their against free energy....so you guys think its a bad thing to get off the grid and supply your own free power to your house, vehicle etc. ? Moving away from dependence on private and crown energy suppliers is bad? Someone made the comment that free energy will be used for negitive purposes such as higher powered weapons...but is this a good reason to be against it....many technologies have been used in both positive and negitive ways but I'm sure glad they have been invented/available such as motor vehicles/tanks(good/bad), air planes/fighter jets, .....etc.
Again anything can be used in a positive or negitive way....l can use my fork to eat with or to stab you in the eye :P ok kind of a silly example but l think you get the point before you discount free energy as a way for the PTB to come up with newer more powerful weapons try to see the ways free energy can benefit the world as a whole :))

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

The Baron believes in IDIC. The Baron agrees, but enjoys a sense of freedom from orthodoxy at every level apparent to him. If and when at his pleasure.

He muses on the element of human behavior, which seeks uniformity, rather then diversity. He suggests eric look at this in his query to the Baron. The Baron is trapped in such a construct, but hopes to inspire the same critical thinking Eric does, for greater understanding amongst those who listen.

The Baron would wear a red hat on world green hat day. For the sake of IDIC. He proposes Eric consider this.

He will cease the undesirable behavior, if it is further requested.

He further suggests the Gamble human is well intended, and is on the cusp of understanding that humans behave in a territorial manner regarding traditions, which would hinder the world the Gamble human believes in.

The Baron believes the elite, seek to create an enemy to wake the people up, he does not believe the elite are bad. He believes that ritualistic humans need to be prodded into doing things for their own good, as ritualistic humans lack "gnosis", and respond to territorial fight or flight patterns, much better then reason.

He reasons global warming was first attempt, but did not impact fight or flight in enough humans to make a difference. He believes this part of the next attempt.

Eric Dubay said...

I'm definitely not against free energy. The government classified all Tesla's AC work, killed him, then went with Edison's profitable DC wire technology... and that was almost 100 years ago. I'd say the government already has so-called "free energy," they just don't release it to the slaves. In fact, every time someone comes up with a water-powered car, effecient battery generators, or taps into zero-point, they're mysteriously poisoned, go missing, or commit "suicide."

With all these controlled opposition groups/movements and the steadily ramping up alien propaganda, I think they're going to have UFO flyovers in 2012 and claim first contact with some genetic hybrid superhuman race that gives us free energy and promises world peace if we do what they say. Sounds absolutely ridiculous and far-fetched, I know, but the elite are always 30 moves ahead of us with their plans. The "alien savior" is the ultimate false flag that I believe is being set up for humanity.

For Baron I liked your explanation, sorry to put you on the spot, I'm all for wearing red on green hat day, so keep doing your thing. Peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response Eric!! Telsa was amazing at the things he came up with and its such a tragity that he was killed. I think some of these inventors on the video are like him....in the sense that they also have really great ideas/inventions that can help mankind tremendously. So I guess my question is I fail to see where the disinfo is in the first half of the film? Do you say that regarding the alien/free energy connection? Or just purely regarding aliens in general....Do you not believe in other life forms? Do you not believe we have ever been visited by other life forms? If you do believe in other life forms is it so far fetched as to say that there would be a connection between energy sources on our planet that we are just learning about or being re-introduced to and an advanced species that has these "new" technologies as the norm?

And on another topic l know you have been on a raw food diet for a while now...like what 1.5-2 years now how's that going? Do you take any suppilments like B12? I've heard that some of these things are necessary when only eating fruits and veggies :))

oh this is Shawn by the way I hope things are still going well for you in the land of smiles :D

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Shawn, it's been a while, are you back here yet or still working back home? The main disinfo I see in this film and many other places is the UFO, alien, ancient astronaut, crop circle connection.

I think UFOs are classified government technology, crop circles are made by classified government technology, and ancient astronauts are not physical beings from other planets but rather spiritual beings from other dimensions seen during Ayahuasca, Peyote, Ibogaine, and other psychedelic states.

I've personally seen zero evidence that aliens exist. I have however been watching a huge, long-term propaganda scheme trying to convince people that they do. They have already convinced people that the Earth is moving, it revolves around the sun, that we've landed men on the moon and a rover on mars. My research on these claims has shown that the Earth is not moving, everything in the cosmos revolves around us, and we've never landed a man on the moon or a rover on mars:

The Earth is Not Moving

NASA has convinced people that stars are all distant suns and each of them have Earth-like planets orbiting them. This coupled with "Hubble" CGI photos and the fake moon/mars landing gives rise to the idea that there MUST be other life somewhere in the universe. It's the ultimate false-flag savior. Everybody deep down hopes that aliens exist and that they come here, save us, give us cool technology and bring world peace. Reagan and many others have talked about it:

Reagan UN Speech

I'm saying if that does happen, and it feels to me we are being prepped for it to happen, it's not going to be "aliens" doing it. It will be genetically modified humans/hybrids born and raised in military D.U.M.B.s, using government anti-gravity craft and pretending to be from outerspace. Their arrival will mark the true beginning of the New World Order and world religion.

As for the raw vegan diet, it's going great. We're not 100% raw but we are 100% vegan, eat high-carb, high-raw, feel and look better than ever. B12 deficiency is rampant in vegans and non-vegans alike. It's a myth that B12 deficiency has anything to do with flesh consumption:


B12 Deficiency Case History

Hope that helps and that you and Cat (?) are well. Peace

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Baron suggests line of thinking on free energy technology. How far is the line between free and unlimited, some of the claims made about this technology are flat out scary.

When you give scary non gnosis humans things that can "crack the earth". The genie is out of the bottle.

The baron thinks territorial humans would use it for evil, even if 99.9999% use for good, the .0001 is all the matters, if there is a earth the rest share. It only cracks once.

The Baron would rather not have everyone have a potential earth cracker. Territorial humans already have trouble controlling nuclear energy.

Look at what territorial humans do to each other, animals and their own environment.

It is easy to see benevolence in this. Maybe much easier to say, oh humans do it for crazy paper with faces on it. Advanced humans do not let territorial humans know certain things.

Advanced humans want territorial humans to be come advanced humans. Territorial humans would kill advanced humans if they could, out of fear.


If you say to primative man, here is this metal tool to make your harvest work easier, he will take it, and kill the man next to him, or his son will. But that was never what the tool was for, it's how it was perverted.

But do you think Eric, this does not apply today?

Eric Dubay said...

Unlimited free energy is definitely a double-edged sword, but as it is, it's already in the hands of the worst 0.0001% (government) so I'd prefer to see what kind of world the other 99.999% could create with it.

Anonymous said...

I had seen that ad for a couple weeks now--the one-eyed girl, and I thought it looked sinister actually--like a Nancy Drew mystery book cover, lol.
I did take note of the one-eye as signalling the Illuminaughti, and that's probably why I didnt click on the link.

I didnt realize it was the ad for the Thrive "thriller".

Anonymous said...

Aliens are not technically the same as ETs--Aliens are those strange (often destructive-BAD) creatures portrayed in movies. ETs look like us (or rather, we look like them).

I do believe in beings from other planets because, first of all, WE are HERE, so why shouldnt there be others over thar? Especially in light that DNA can form from wavelengths inside isolated flasks into actual bacteria forms! There are lightwaves throughout the galaxy, yes?

Second, those pyramids again. No technology TODAY can recreate those big busting stones wedged so tight not even a razor blade can fit in between.........and get this, the apex center is directly centered straight down to the center of the base--which is some 13 acres big. Watch Nassim Haramein's explanation of WHY we cannot build those great pyramids today. And whether you believe him to be zionist or not, the concrete physical evidence-or artefact is there for you to see and physically explore. Nassim being or not being zionist, really doesnt change the pyramids architecture.

Lastly, don't you think the powers-that-be-trying haven't pulled a "reverse pyschology" on the public??? Let's say ETs do exist, if they so wanted to destroy the world, that had eons throughout the ages to do so. Instead, who do we find, time and time again, trying and actually doing the destroying (humans, yes, and with fervor, the pysochopaths running the world)? And so, there is something out there that these powers fear, so what to do, what to do? Let's make the public also FEAR these ETs, but no, we'll create movie agendas that show "aliens" ripping apart humans, destroying earth, yeah, that's the ticket...

Then, let's say ETs do not exist. Why, those powers-that-be-trying have such wild imagination, but why this "alien" hype NOW? It tells me they know something is going to happen, why all their efforts with our money to put on this "show"?

Also, why all those ancient "astronaut" rock drawings, canvas paintings, from all around the world--from all across the ages? Every artist has wild imagination, I know, but to be drawing identical objects--flying saucers/vehicles, beings in astronaut helmet & suit, the same as someone around the world, at a different era?

Methinks the dork forces are trying to pull the veil back over your eyes on the ET existence.

As for all things occult, I dont think they are necessarity evil or good, but who is the mind and hand behind it. Which leads to the idea that occult mystery knowledge IS real--can manipulate the energy forces, if you hold the key.

I thought Ley Lines were hokey pokey when I first read about it, but now, there just might be physical workings of it.

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Interesting point, Baron doubts goon squads sent to clean up labs actually understand technology. Baron doubts any member of congress, senate or executive branch knows either. Government very broad term.

What is the nature of group who actually knows?

Group probably keeps technology away from most government hands too for same reasons, term "Government" to broad.

Look at world collective humanity already created, already have unlimited options, today people get trampled in stores, for trinkets.

Tesla right in essays on "problem of creating human energy".


Tesla talks about killing simulators, like kids play today, in Medal of Honer. Tesla knew the problems even then, and hinted at them.

Best if the toys come slow, and people allowed to evolve, can't just hand the privative bow and arrow man a machine gun, have to give him the pistol first, so he can learn to respect its power.

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

"To break this fierce spirit, a radical departure must be made, an entirely new principle must be introduced, something that never existed before in warfare—a principle which will forcibly, unavoidably, turn the battle into a mere spectacle, a play, a contest without loss of blood. To bring on this result men must be dispensed with: machine must fight machine. But how accomplish that which seems impossible? "



Maybe this will make sense to Eric?

Anonymous said...

found lots of symbolism and SPONSORS!! (w/screenshot, U Look).


ok, just finished watching:
(im just a guy, no shill,
no agenda, no nothing).

- lots of good points,
- LOOOOTS of obvious points,
- lots of recycled/regurgitated
net & documentary stuff from
the last decade
- LOTS of very clever editing
(purposely cheesey)
- script and narration very 60s-70's disney-documentary-like.
- lots of "occult" sybolism
found troughout the film.
- lots of triggers and
social programing
- lots of totaly unfundamented
"scientific" "facts"
- lots of wtf/silly
"historical" "facts"
- no REAL solutions offered,
at all. Simply unrealistic.

my issue here basically is that:

- NATURAL LAW is never mentioned
("non-violation principal"
"inner-life", "torx" they call it?
this is, by far, not clear
enough!) i.e. force vs. violence.

- also this feels somehow, to me,
like a trojan horse desgised as
FALSE HOPE, full of predictive
progamming inside.

- one last fatal flaw here is that
the greed and potential evil
nature of (many) humans in the
general population is not
mentioned here either at all,
an utopic society is literally


MY(and no one else's) veredict:

* new age-wonderful-world-of-
pushing the alien agenda and
reverse psychology for the dumb
masses who "think" they are
"awake". Just pathetic/very sad.


AND here is a VERY interesting
screenshot of a "video effect"
I found on minute 39:50 secs
that clearly shows one of the
many phantom "sponsors" behind
this film and this would actually explain WHY this sudenly popped-up
everywhere on the net at the same
time on 11.11.11, like a perfectly
coordinated attack. (and I don't mean exxon, I mean MS).

...but YOU be the judge of this.



BTW, this film has now been
removed from all free video hosts
and can now be "rented" for 48h/$5, crazy; just go p2p
and be skeptical.


MoftheHill said...

So when is our government going to attack us and say it was Aliens so we conform (with whatever amount of people are left)to the NWO? I am curious though about the reasons for putting in the video about "reduction of population" if anything I got from the video that our government could "very well" be working with Aliens to eradicate the "large population" and then implement a new world power/order. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

2012 may show us an alien invasion or it may be a zombie apocalypse since hollywood is ramping up the worldwide virus that will kill billions in the movies!

Catherine Bryan Ibarra said...

From our perspective the value of the Thrive Documentary - is in teaching us to resist oppression.

12 YEAR OLD SEVERN SUZUKI GET’S IT! (open link below)

GEORGE CARLIN GETS IT! (open link below )



"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society," Bernays argued. "Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . . In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind."

We are at a critical junction in history, a 'decision-window' where, in the next five years, we face the danger of global economic collapse unless we take active steps to ensure middle class financial stability and economic renewal.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

Participate in
Why Support Care…..
Public support of refusal to submit to oppression can be induced through active dissemination of PLAYS, FILMS AND EDUCATIONAL ART. For example Miguel de Cervantes authored the still world famous; Don Quixote del la Mancha- while held in prison at Argamasilla de Alba in La Mancha - during the Spanish Inquisition. Resistance of Oppression and the Aesthetics of Resistance (German: Die Ästhetik des Widerstands) is explored in a three-volume novel by the German-born playwright, novelist, filmmaker, and painter Peter Weiss. Weiss suggests that the only way to overcome oppression lies in the refusal to renounce resistance, no matter how intense the oppression.

Weiss makes a valid point! Our best and only hope to resist fascist corporate oppression is to participate and share all related information including the above videos with as many of our friends and associates as possible. By taking this action you increase massive support of resistance to oppression.

A quiet revolution of public awareness can be disseminated through free videos like the U-Tube links included above . Your participation with C.A.R.E. in dissemination of these type of films will help activate new models of political action and a renewed social understanding and transformation may be facilitated .

If you care about these issues and would like to receive our CARE Newletters or receive a free copy of my book; The Loan Vampires- when it goes into print.- just send us an email at showyou_care@yahoo.com
Thank You for supporting C.A.R.E.
Catherine Bryan Ibarra

Anonymous said...

Eric :: one word::: BRILLIANT


Thanks for this blog. I do hope it quells the WOW effect of "Thrive" viewers. All through the movie I just kept asking myself: "WHY is P&G doing this? There must be something in it for them. And, sure enough, there is: GREED AND MORE GREED.

Anonymous said...

So its 2015 now....where is all this doom and gloom?

Anonymous said...

Zeitgeist, Thrive, and other movies like them offer many truths. But it is simple common sense if one can see behind the curtain, just more trash made by the "elite." Everything has been exposed long ago, so "they" jump on the bandwagon. It seems that when these movies first came out, the big "hide" if you will was Project Blue Beam type garbage. I think that there was gonna be some type of major false flag in 2012, possibly at the Olympics. But they were ousted once again. Obama's martial law plan has also been ousted. So we will probably see another puppet in office come election time once again. Hopefully this Olympics (Summer 2016) will go off without a hitch. The problem in Rio is, it is already a disaster! I read that many of the athletes are going to require extra vaccinations due to horrible conditions there. These jocks are not very smart if they agree to take these poison shots!

The end of September and into October 2016 will be interesting as many believe this is when the next major false flag will happen. Please don't be around any nuclear power plants people! That is what I have read from others, they might blame it on North Korea or Iran. Just by "we" writing stuff like this could oust "them" once again! Making them back their plans up gives us more time to awaken those who are asleep! It makes them have to spend more money as well. Please stop buying "their" products people! Eric and friends, please put a page up of products for people NOT to buy! Sadly, many organic farms and labels are currently being bought up by "them", RATS!

"They" are desperately trying to hide flat earth and whatever is down in "Antarctica." That is what we need the people to wake up to! I'm wondering if the masses do wake up in full force, will they go into their underground bunkers and initiate WW3? Only we can stop them. Keep spreading the word! NO MORE LIES!

To anyone reading this, please do some serious research into CERN and HAARP.

I do believe in God. My question for you hardcore Christians is this, "Do you really think that if WW3 happens, that God will send his magical son down to save us all?" I do not. We are all his sons. It is up to us. Again, NO MORE LIES!

Truth or Love said...

The Roswell crash occurred 2 years (1947) after the end of WWII (1945). The Nazis at the end of the war had been developing saucer shaped air planes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_UFOs

Top Secret classification was a fairly new suspension of liberty in a supposedly transparent governmental system. A crash with experimental technology would likely be scrutinized by the public, to confuse them a disinformation campaign was started.
The most effective agent of disinformation is former member of the U.S. Air Force, Art Bell. He provided years of cliff hanger story telling to thoroughly confuse the general public as well as mixing in already discredited fabrications like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. His show still promotes Bigfoot and Loch Ness even though the originators have admitted lying.