Sunday, January 29, 2012

Max Igan - Total Criminalization

Back from a 6 week hiatus, Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix covers the total criminalization of society by our unlawful legal system, and recommends refusal to pay taxes, global civil disobedience and non-compliance as the solution.


Anonymous said...

Max gets me annoyed. He's obviously intelligent, thoughtful and empathic, but there's a lack of rigor in his thinking, Pat, meaningless catch phrases are offered as sagacious solutions. This is sweet sounding cockamamie cow dung. And yet another "truther" dishing out the theosophist "vibrations are a changing" frequency voodoo.

Non-cooperation is a basic first step—duh. We need to go further. Where's our energy? If the elite secret societies are busy destroying those things that allow humans to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy so that they can build their depopulated control salve planet, I think it's about time we started popping their party big time.

Let's whip all the harmful shit from the face of the earth: vaccinations, chemtrails, nuclear power and cluster bombs, porn and Lady Gaga. Let's flush it down the pan and use our knowledge and wisdom to build a new culture. One thing these illuminati fuckers know is that you have to whip out the old culture to bring in the new. 2012 is arse kicking time, or you sit there waiting for your vibrations to change mother fucker.


Eric Dubay said...

Let's whip all the harmful shit from the face of the earth: vaccinations, chemtrails, nuclear power and cluster bombs, porn and Lady Gaga. Let's flush it down the pan and use our knowledge and wisdom to build a new culture.

Not that I disagree, but what you've written here sounds like meaningless catch phrases offered as sagacious solutions. How is your recommendation of whipping harmful shit from the face of the earth any less sweet sounding cockamamie cow dung than what Max presents?

I agree with you that we need to go further and many people are. Max has done a lot of on location activism concerning the fracking issue and started large community meetings. Do you have a website and radio show exposing these things? What are you doing to use your knowledge and wisdom to build a new culture?

Anonymous said...

"Do you have a website and radio show exposing these things? What are you doing to use your knowledge and wisdom to build a new culture?"

Is this some materialist trip for you Eric? "Hey, I got a website. Ain't I the man?" "Cool dude. Check out my latest radio show. Does ma bum sound too big?" "I thought that was your mouth you were talking out of."

I'll leave the bragging rights to you talented folks. I'm tired of the baby food, Papa Don. We're being crucified and old Max is singing Truth Vibrations and Love Changes Everything. We're marching to Zion and it ain't no beautiful City of God. We've got to fight for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Non-cooperation my butt. Fuck up the system, little acts, every opportunity. That's my hymn sheet. And it's jazz man. Love ain't waiting for the universe's harmonics to tune up. The band's late. Fuck'em. The show's now and this choir's gotta start rocking. Love, little vegan buddy, is slaying the dragon and char grilling the slices. You can "Amen" with Saint Max, but I'm for mayhem to the max.

The truth movement ain't gonna win the intellectual argument because the people who are still sleeping ain't got no intellect. Soft center candy is all well and good, but sometimes old buddy, you gotta start chewing on the toffee.

Eric Dubay said...

I'm afraid I'm just hearing more "meaningless catch phrases offered as sagacious solutions," which I know annoy you, so I'd recommend, once again, you be careful about calling the kettle black, and ask you, once again, using your own words: how are you using your knowledge and wisdom to build a new culture?

Anonymous said...

"Meaningless catch phrases offered as sagacious solutions" You'd be a fine writer if it weren't for the fact that you is breaking my copyright man. I should litigate, but you'll pull that Freeman, "I no understand, sue my birth certificate" untouchable voodoo.

Serious now, I an I can't be telling you what I an I is doing. But I can say this waiting for the cosmic vibrations to change, sit on the arse, non-cooperate passive chicken pooh, is wishing for the fairies. Is this what "we're" going with against these ultra-psycho WWIII have some fluoride in your tap water, tazer tossers, sticking needles into babies and spraying the sky with toxins? What mushrooms are you raw eating Rudolph?

I an I is not happy brother No Cook. We gotta go guerilla and old Max is promoting Thanks Giving turkey. They got Gitmo and we got No, but thank you for the offer. I'm for saying this is it. This is the resistance, it's not going to grow anymore. The deaf and dumb is trying really hard not to see. Let's take the fight to the enemy. Get off your Chicken Wing Chung cushion and start farting your way to victory. Seriously man, I think the only black holes that will releasing vibrations are ours, and if don't do the farting who will?

nvra75 said...

Hey Eric,

i think the message that "anon" above is trying to communicate is this: ( and no disrespect is intended)

many of us are fully aware that this matrix is virtually EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. there is nothing left to prove to us that we live in a matrix.

many of us have been "sounding the alarm" for years or in my case, decades about these issues, long before regular folks had access to create our own websites, radio shows, blogs, etc.

many of us are utterly disgusted by the lack of awareness/ willful degeneration within the general population of our brethren and have become somewhat anit-social.(talking about me here, hehe)

i think what "anon" is trying to state is : we already know the enemy, their methods, their evil plans. it has not changed in millennium. we are still discussing while the agenda rolls along, and has been. why are we (society) not taking action instead of waiting for "hope and change" feel good placebo ideals that obviously keep us against each other and secures our mental bondage further?

Eric, you do great work. keep it up.

Eric Dubay said...

Less talk, more action, right? I hear you guys, I'm with you. But what exactly are you saying we should be doing? Everybody in this movement is trying to think of good new ideas and put them into action, myself included. Anonymous here keeps spouting plenty of hot-air but I hear no concrete ideas or plan of action, just a bunch of fluff, the same thing he accuses Max of.

Anonymous said...

Based on the dilemma that is being confronted here between Eric and the first Anon, I would say that that there is NOTHING that we can do. The moment we try to do something is the moment some other group is going to use it to co-opt you into doing patronage favours for them.

Being aware is enough in and of itself.

I don't see how a "new culture" can mean the end of the insane amount of suffering, desperation, and madness that is already inherent in the world. The phrase, "new culture" is too vague and could mean a million things to every single individual.

But - that is just me.

Anonymous said...

This "vibrations are a changing" Alice Bailey in Wonderland mumbo is what went down in the sixties. Grow your hair long, flare your trousers, and create good vibes bro. Meanwhile The Man is dropping bombs and sprinkling rat poison on your breakfast cereal. Yummy.

I don't wanna bamboozle you with the science but human being is body, mind, emotions and puff. Now we is under the attack, so no one can be healthy in none of that ways.

So we is shaking our collective index finger and sayin' to The Man, "we ain't gonna cooperate with you spraying our air, toxin our water, and throwin' us in the Gulag." And here's the thing — he don't need our cooperation. I'm saying we gotta get more bitching. These illuminati fucks ain't playing Queensbury rules.

Now I knows Eric, you want me to take the lead, but I is anarchist thank god. Some guy is the guy who's not responsible, and that is I. But I'm telling ya waiting for the vibrations to change will get your ass toasted. If we the resistance we got do some resisting.

nvra75 said...

"Less talk, more action, right? I hear you guys, I'm with you. But what exactly are you saying we should be doing? Everybody in this movement is trying to think of good new ideas and put them into action, myself included."

there is no real truth movement. most of it is a part of the matrix meant to keep tabs on any "semi-awake" humans.

through-out history; much smarter people with much greater resources than most of us here, have been discussing these topics and how to free humanity.
no one else in history has been able to come up with a workable plan to combat this agenda that is quite ancient.

i dont have any solutions.

i dont think small scale violence will work.
i dont thnk there will be a shift in human consciousness.
i dont think there will be a collective human consciousness.

i do think that this "war for a free humanity" was fought and lost a long, long time ago.

we(all) are the property/slaves/goyim of "they".

most of us have been conditioned to not question the matrix.

for those of us who do question, a "movement" program is created to placate us.

it gives us a way to vent so that we dont get a bit more upset at our situation caused by "they".

im just giving my opinion Eric, not sure why "anon" is being a d-bag to you, but i sure do feel his frustration.

Anonymous said...

May be...just may be...the solution is that there is no solution.

Anonymous said...

nvra75 is generally right in his assessment of our current condition.

The very resistance movement that is fabricated to allegedly, "free" the prisoners may be another prison of even tighter control.

All political and social movements have been corrupted by, "they" in some manner or another. There is nothing that can be ever done because every action will result in reaction that is in the opposite direction.

Positive change or not, the game is rigged, and a movement is just like a movie...inside your mind.

Anonymous said...

Now what is you all sayin'. We already lost, nothin' we able to do, we more impotent than the sheeple. Heavens above. I bellowing revolution and you don't even believe Max singing Kumbyah is worth the effort. We a sorry bunch or what?

We're not thinking of ideas. There's no group genius here fellas. We looking at videos about the FED and all that jack, and we breathing in the chemtrails, and going wuh, and old Max is singing lullabies, and we, well thats all that can be done, after all they gonna tazer our ass and drown us with a wet wipe.

We got to face it, this movement is impotent cause we afraid. We don't want our lives to be ruined by no baton round from a psycho cop, or a decade in prison for writing some huff on our twitter account.

But our lives are already gone. So what we got to lose. We got to stop being impotent. Max is sound, but is sound enough?

nvra75 said...

"Now what is you all sayin'. We already lost, nothin' we able to do, ....... We a sorry bunch or what?"

yes "anon from yard"

we (humanity) already lost this war. a very long time ago.

we are not discussing this as free humans. we are discussing this as slaves/goyim who happen to be "aware" of the matrix. anomaly slaves who have somehow held onto some ability to see the matrix despite the genetic manipulation of our food, air , water, mental/physical/spiritual health, tainted vaccines, etc....

"We're not thinking of ideas. There's no group genius here fellas.......tazer our ass and drown us with a wet wipe. "

this isnt version 1.0, we arent the 1st group of "aware" humans to have these discussions.
much smarter people with much greater resources through out history have not been able to come up with a workable solution, because it requires a collective human consciousness/awareness mixed with small scale (global numbers ), highly directed guillotine festival.

But that will never happen (globally/simultaneously). "they" have counter measures (D.U M B.S, Rex 84, operation gardenplot, etc).

not to metion that "they" are psychopaths who want to watch the world burn. "they" dont mind if they burn with it. kinda like kamikaze style.

"We got to face it, this movement is impotent cause we afraid..... writing some huff on our twitter account."

no this "movement" is impotent because it is a "movement". Movements are created by "they".
humans arent free because we lack 2 key elements: a collective consciousness & guillotine festival.

you claim that you are a "anarchist", but you are rebelling against the results of an anarchist system.
"they" dont believe in laws/rules/order for themselves.
"they" are anarchists.

i feel your anger bro, and im there with you. but small scale disruptions in the matrix are dealt with and forgotten or martyred. either way the agenda rolls along as it has for several millennium.

Anonymous said...

Alot of depressing pessimistic comments here. This is mind manipulation at its best...exactly the mentality they want you to have....very sad.

Eric Dubay said...

Right? This defeatist mindset isn't helping anything... whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way, you're right. Because what we think/feel creates what we experience. People's use of the word "movement" is a problem too. I understand certain controlled opposition groups have funded and/or co-opted "movements" in the past, but the kind of "movement" myself and many others hope/try to inspire is completely internal. I'm not trying to get people to externally DO anything, but to internally BE something. Change what/how you ARE. Don't go out and protest, join some group, or write your politicians. Just meditate on your life, your contribution, and what you have to offer the world in this time of need. This is the shift in consciousness that starts inside the individual and eventually externally effects the collective without ever becoming a nameable, lead-able "movement."

nvra75 said...

"Alot of depressing pessimistic comments here.....very sad."

i agree with you, it is depressing.

"they" don't care what mentality we have.
"they" want our energy, then they want us dead. in that order.

"whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way, you're right."

that is weak argument bro.
so amputees can think/pray there missing limb to grow back?
if they don't think/pray well enough then no limb regeneration?

i totally get the "postive" energy concept but that doesn't work across the board.

i encourage your approach but it seems logistically impossible for enslaved humans (globally) to simultaneously become "aware" and then act quick enough to elimnate "they" before "theY" set the world on fire.

again, this is not version 1.0.

much better people have tried and failed to free humanity by waiting for messiahs, vibration realignments, consciousness shifts,acts of violence,positive energy, etc....

the agenda rolls along. "they" want our energy, then they want us dead. in that order.

Anonymous said...

Once again, nvra75 could not have said it better.

It has nothing to do with truth vibrations, harmonic frequencies of the earth grid (although it figures greatly in the Elite's plans), and infinite love or raw vegan diets - I am sorry, but these positive promoting love-bombs change nothing in the end.

The Elites could not care less about our, "vibrations" and, "consciousness" - whether we have one or not is a matter of irrelevance to them because those acts of meditation, prayer, and pleading for a messiah is a one messy situation.

If you prefer to pray, go raw, or for that matter go into the mountains and isolate yourself, go ahead and be my guest.

Just know that no mass awakening is going to take place. Our entire existence is rigged from cradle to grave.

Why does getting out of the matrix not require mass awakening? Because that suggests weight, which is a burden upon one fruitless individual in the matrix.

Anonymous said...

Things don't change because its never been approached properly. People talk, they like to think that it's been attempted already..but it's hasn't. Were all caught up in this movie like scenario where we think we have to rebel and push back in large numbers with violence. Thats not it!!!!! Like Eric said, the change has to be you. Overcome being scared. Overcome looking at the world with the defeatist mindset. Overcome hate and resentment. These things fuel the fire, and are the perfect recipe for a stagnant situation. Do the opposite. Isn't it obvious? The challenge is breaking our programmed thought habits and behavior. But you're aware now, so you work towards getting better. It's about today. Be the best today..and you'll influence others and it'll rub off on people. That's the only way. Don't look at yesterday and overwhelm yourself with tomorrow. Grab your sacks, and man up!! And before replying and giving me the same ole "oh yea ok..those are awesome words there bud, but really, let's be realistic here.." REALIZE that that's the problem, and one of the programmed thought patterns that we've been introduced to. You want change? Well change starts with you.

Eric Dubay said...

Exactly. Agreed.

Anonymous said...

It is rather hasty of the above, "Anonymous" to assume that somehow those of us who do not want to resist or for that matter do anything whatsoever to fix up the world are, "scared" in any way. At least I know I am not afraid of the events that are transpiring throughout the world.

The above Anonymous implies the same argument of, "vibrations" and a ripple-effect that should, or would somehow effect everyone eventually. The problem is that it is another feel-good solution to a world that is un-repairable and hopeless in fixing.

As far as I can agree with the above Anonymous is that, yes, we need to change ourselves. However, I must point out that I am not being, "defeatist." I am merely pointing out the reality of our irreparable situation.

I agree that we need to change ourselves, but not for the same reasons that Anonymous is suggesting.

Maybe our, "realistic" comments may or may not be programmed into us, but nevertheless, I do not believe in resistance, and the concept of a global revolution that will somehow, miraculously give us peace on earth.

Eric Dubay said...

The word that proves your pessimistic, defeatist mindset is "irreparable." We got ourselves into this mess, we can get ourselves out. Our situation is most certainly NOT irreparable. As for your defeatist attitude, I'm not sure if that's repairable or not.

nvra75 said...

"Things don't change because its never been approached properly. People talk, they like to think that it's been attempted already..but it's hasn't."

that is quite a presumptuous statement. how do you know all of the various ways that the attempt of human liberation has been approached in the past?

how is it that you have the insight to know what has/ has not been attempted through out history?

"Were all caught up in this movie like scenario......large numbers with violence. Thats not it!!!!"

we are between a rock and hard place on this one.

"they" are psychopaths

psychopaths can not be reasoned with, will not change through compassion or love or passive resistance or , etc...

psychopaths will always do what psychopaths have always done. evil!

"Like Eric said, the change has to be you.... Overcome looking at the world with the defeatist mindset. Overcome hate and resentment."

generally these are valid views in our HUMAN experience except we are dealing with "they", and "they" are psychopaths. it is impossible to
"overcome hate and resentment" of a species that has committed a voluminous amount of atrocities against humanity.

you still seem to think you are a free human being.

you are not. none of us are.
that deserves a bit of "hate and resentment".

"The challenge is breaking our programmed thought habits and behavior. But you're aware now, so you work towards getting better. It's about today. Be the best today..Grab your sacks, and man up!!"

very valid and very corny, lol. i agree with the "after school special" theme you expressed, except those type of positive ripples spreading out very far are very inconsistent. kinda like praying.



"The word that proves your pessimistic, defeatist mindset is "irreparable." We got ourselves into this mess, we can get ourselves out."

i ask again, can an amputee with an optimistic, positive energy mindset repair his/her missing limb with this energy?

if no, would this make them pessimistic and defeatist?

im not sure how you come to the conclusion: "we got ourselves into this mess"

"they" have been around for a long time.

global human bondage didn't just happen on our watch.

we were born slaves. our parents were born slaves, their parents were born slaves, etc............

do you honestly think you are a free human being?

Eric Dubay said...

I don't only think it, I know I am a free human being just like everyone else. Just because they've created a slave system doesn't mean I'm a slave. Just because they've built a prison planet, doesn't mean I'm a prisoner. An amputee can learn to use their stump, get a prosthetic, or learn to use other parts of their body more effectively. Again, hate to sound new agey, but your negative vibes are boring the shit out of me and just make me laugh and roll my eyes. I have a great life and I will fight to the death to maintain my freedom if/when that moment comes. Until then I remain free just as I was created.

nvra75 said...

lol, sorry to be boring the shit out of ya.
wow, that was a bit rude considering i have been totally polite but whatever.

discussions with differing opinions are lame anyway. lol

Eric Dubay said...

That was more directed at "Anonymous" Xinyu, than you NVRA. But still, your patronizing question of "do I honestly think I'm a free human being" irked me. Yes, I honestly know that I'm a free human being, and I will fight to the death anyone who attempts to kill or enslave me. You and Xinyu's double-team defeatist diatribe only convinced me of how much stronger I have to be to pick up your slack. And yes, the negativity radiating from you two is annoying at best.

Anonymous said...

Non-noun writes:

This is an interesting conversation you fellas are having. Important. Hear each other. There's no harm in listening and understanding.

For my part, I'm reminded that not so long ago people were able to live in largely self-suffiecient human-scale communities. They knew how to farm, and how to build a barn, and a house, and a church, and furniture, how to make clothes, and all manner of folk remedies to heal themselves and each other. Skills that are now almost lost.

How could they do those things? How did they know? The knowledge was in the community, it was their way of life, their culture.

Here we are, seemingly stuck in a increasingly psychopathic culture. We are under attack in all manner of ways. But the solutions are not mysterious, and not beyond us. Every journey is made of small steps — that's a wise old saying.

To reach a destination it helps to have a map, but without a map it helps to have principles that can guide you. A route is just a sequence, turn here, turn there. The sequence is simple and perhaps I should explain it. But right here I'll just say it's not so difficult.

And a culture, well that's just a pattern, a more complex sequence. A pattern is not so difficult to construct.

The violence, the tearing down of the present dominant system, will happen naturally, the result of establishing new healthy ways of living our lives.

And the pessimism, the idea that we are lost — that just comes from not knowing the route. Once you have a route, or at least the principles that can guide you, then each step is seen as it really is, a part of the journey, progress.

I guess I should write more, but I don't know how to explain it well. Too many threads running in my head. But there's no need to feel defeated, or frustrated. Just travel in the right direction. it will work.

nvra75 said...

ok, this is your blog bro, i don't want to step on any toes so i wont post anymore.

but, i don't know who xinyu is nor am i trying to double-team you with negativity nor am i attempting to patronize you.

there is a chart that describes the development of great nations.
it seems pretty accurate of current history and can probably be used on a global scale.

Bondage to Spiritual Faith;
Spiritual Faith to Courage;
Courage to Freedom;
Freedom to Abundance;
Abundance to Selfishness;
Selfishness to Complacency;
Complacency to Apathy;
Apathy to Fear;
Fear to Dependency;
Dependency to Bondage

my line of thinking is this:

if we (humans) aren't ALL free, then NONE of us are really free.

you stated that you have a "great life", me too. i am very fortunate, i have a great family, loving wife, a few real friends, and 2 cool dogs. my energy is not that negative despite what you read here.

but bro, half of our brethren, globally, are being "soft killed" through abject poverty and economic slavery. thats alot of negative energy.

then "they" also make the "fortunate" humans unwitting participants in their slavery based consumerist economy.

humans with money feed on the energy of humans with less money. all consumer products come from slave labor made from resources that have been stolen.

there is no equitable exchange amongst us, we are feeding off of each other. (globally)

that bothers me alot.

maybe your right, maybe i do have more negative energy than i realized, but i will hang on to it.

maybe a combination of pos/neg energy might do the trick. lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree Non-noun.

We are having an awesome exchange here. People come from different backgrounds and have a different understanding of things and it's great. Very healthy and eye opening...

I'm loving this blog!

Keep it up Eric!

Anonymous said...

Here is a challenge Eric:

When you and your girlfriend start having kids, propagate into your kids the same mentality that you have - that the world can be fixed.

Then, when you have grown into a slender old man in your 90s, come back and tell us if your kids or their kids have managed to, "fix" the world up in any shape way or form. Do not bullshit me the results.

I think you know the answer already.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the world in terms of positive/negative is one of the biggest problems in the first place. It is polarizes the world, antagonizes people, creates animosity, division, confusion, and endless suffering and pain.

Nobody is trying to belittle you, patronize you, or gang up on you Eric. Nobody has said that they are against YOU. None of us are.

What I hope you can understand from this exchange of ideas is that to fight to the death for your freedoms is not worth it, because how do you plan on making the illusory 3D matrix better if you already know it does not exist in the first place?

Eric Dubay said...

In other words, my books, websites, radio shows and various other forms of activism have had absolutely no positive effect on people. Is this what you're saying?

Illuminati Agenda said...

This topic does interest me I suppose because we're all being exposed to the growing fascist police state on a daily basis and frequently encountering the INjustice of the system.

It brings to mind a quote - "Criminality is often a natural reaction to an unnatural situation", though I'm not sure who said it!

With the exception of a tiny minority we're all (criminals included), victims of the unbalanced system, of the monetary system and the lack that is thrust upon us from the day we are born.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everyone who joined the discussion even though it's depressing.

The solution is never going to happen at one (e.g. with a revolution), because it took them so long to come to this level of deception, control, etc from their part and unawareness, fearfulness, selfishness, etc from our part.

It is not actually two groups of people opposite of each other. It's more like majority of people serving the system enslaving the humanity unknowingly (because of their unawareness, apathy, close-mindedness) or knowingly (because of their selfishness, fear, helplessness).

If there is going to be a solution it is going to be slow (slower than how long it took them to create the system (it meant to be done underground the potential slaves to slave themselves. Willing participants selfishness, unwillingness to accept the other person is better, complacency didn't/doesn't help them either).

The solution is going to be in our mind, which is strong enough to replicate it to the outside. Mind you that everything can be counted including the mind. Mind develops our Will. How we construct our mind will determine our Wills, consequently our lives.

I will leave you to make a judgement upon your mind. But the question I ask is this: are you ready to risk your money, life comforts, relationships and ultimately our life TO FOLLOW YOUR CONSCIENCE OR WILL?

If not, you (including myself) still need o develop ourselves intellectually and spritually. You may ask why do we need to come to that state of conscience. You won't understand why unless you arrive to that level either intellectually or spiritually.

Most of us are saying: "We can do nothing about the system, so why even try?". We need to see the bigger picture than our short lives just like what They did when they put the plans in. If the plan were to profit individuals, it would have never accomplished. I'm touching the subject of intergenerational beings, which you may or may not believe, so I'll stop here.

We can't judge the possibility to win the battle from our life's point of view which is too short. Every human being is born with only positive attitudes, but is given a Will to choose the good or the bad.

When we are kids our families have a big influence on us, but later on it's up to us what to do and what not to. The ones who haven't been brainwashed enough have a chance to learn the truth (if they wish to). If we are lucky, then we HAVE TO continue our journey to reach the level of consciousness which will free us both internally and externally.

We may or may not reach that level ourselves, but surely can instil the mindset into our children who in turn will have a BIGGER chance of reaching that level. When enough amount of people than have reached that level at the same time (doesn't need to be the majority), the system will crush when it can't sustain itself because there won't be enough unaware participants to sustain it.

It may happen much earlier if there is going to be a major clash - people not fearful of death in order to become free are way stronger than the one who is doing what he is doing to earn money, etc.

What I wrote above is very similar to what's happening in the world right now only if you are not aware that all of those revolutions had been planned long ago and have being executed with the help of ordinary people who really think they are the winners and will reach freedom. Most of them have no idea that they are being organised and led by the same people who have put those dictators in place and kept them there. The only result from all this will only be more and even tighter control which will eventually lead to the slaves loving their servitude.

Whatever happens should happen naturally rather than by design. And this will take longer than most people expect.

All of us has a battle to win over their own lives, minds and conscience.

Anonymous said...

What I hope you can understand from this exchange of ideas is that to fight to the death for your freedoms is not worth it

It may not be worth for you, but don't make a judgement for others - let themselves to judge it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

The above Anonymous apparently forgot the second part of my last paragraph - that the entire 3D world is an illusion anyways.

So, I ask again - why save an illusion with your life? Is it really worth it? Trying to save something that does not exist, and that is only the consequence of smoke-and-mirrors magic sounds counterproductive.

Again, I am a cynic, and a nihilist in the sense that I am, as George Carlin famously said, "divorcing humanity" whenever that happens.

The only way to get out of the dream world is not save it.

Eric Dubay said...

So you've come to the opposite conclusion of Krishna/Arjuna on the battle-field? Their logic makes far more sense to me.

Anonymous said...

According to Krishna, the role of man on this earth is to endure his lot, and to act in accordance with his place and destiny during his lifetime.

That is assuming that there is indeed a, "Krishna" being, and that while yes, life and death are both equally illusions in our rather numbing existence...why should you, or I be obliged to sacrifice our lives in a pointless endeavor that will never come to pass?

You'll only believe this Krishna-voodoo stuff if you actually consider yourself to be a, "warrior." Since I don't believe in Krishna, or god or Satan/Lucifer/Science, etc, nor the warrior-ethic, I am irresponsible for this mess, and will not engage in a fruitless non-existent battle of good-versus-evil; and therefore I am divorcing humanity, and the fate of humanity is not my responsibility as humanity is also an illusion.

Anonymous said...

Non-noun writes:

"So, I ask again - why save an illusion with your life?"

You claim that the "the entire 3D world is an illusion...." I don't agree, but, hypothetically I'll accept your argument. Thus your question can be restated, "why save an illusion with an illusion?" To which I would answer, if all is illusion, then why not?

Eric Dubay said...

"Anonymous" Xinyu, who insists the 3D world and humanity is an illusion is the same Xinyu (I have your IP address) who said a few months ago:

The world is fucked, and the people (no matter which side you pick) are fucked beyond belief. I find it personally exciting to see humans fuck up, and I hope it always gets worse. The life of this world deserves to be sucked away, because - unless you believe in it - it is a whole load of bullshit.

This perfectly encapsulates his nihilistic, atheistic, pessimistic worldview. He constantly harps on me that I should "do nothing" not even meditate because all such action keeps me locked in the illusion. Meanwhile he's spent the past 2+ years on here, my email, my facebook, non-stop pleading with me to "do nothing." When I point out that his persistent pestering me certainly isn't "doing nothing" he basks in his hypocrisy and comes back tomorrow to do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Doing nothing is shirking responsibility. It's participating in your own slavery and the slavery of your children, your own murder and the murder of countless others. It's the consent of silence. It's an excuse, a masquerade of superior what? wisdom, insight? When all that is behind it is fear. The fear of really facing reality. Guess what. This is not a movie. There's no comforting yourself that it's all fiction. This is as real as it gets.

Eric Dubay said...

Perfectly worded. This mindset comes from a fear of facing reality. Yes, the material world is ultimately an illusion, but it's as real as it gets.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" Xinyu, it's time to stop lying to yourself.

Anonymous said...

This perfectly encapsulates his nihilistic, atheistic, pessimistic worldview.

Firstly, you got some things misinterpreted and construed to your own liking (which I have to say is very dishonest and patronizing of you):

It is true that I am nihilist, but not in the sense that you are using it. I am only divorcing humanity because it is an insane asylum, and I didn't create this world, nor do I have the obligation to participate in the illusion. If you want to participate in, perpetuate it with more illusory knowledge, faith, dogma, doctrine, and false hope...go ahead.

Secondly, I am not an, "atheist." Just because I do not believe in God, it does not mean I believe in the scientific intellectual nonsense either. I am not on anyone's, "side." That is cabalism right there - the need to pick between an illusion of good and evil which are both non-existent.

Lastly, cynicism is not pessimism, hopelessness or despair. I have told you so many times already that I am a cynic, and the above - but you keep on flipping it to suit your own worldview. Don't do that - it is rude, and not only that - it is deceitful to your readers.

If you want to criticize me, don't put up random straw men, and attack a perspective that you have little appreciation or sympathy for.

Perhaps I came to accept this worldview because of my life experiences...does it make it wrong, or right? No, but it suits me, and that is all that matters.

I am merely pointing out that if you realize the world is an illusion, then you don't need to save it, because like a dream, you'll have to sooner or later wake up from it. Am I right?

I am not, "lying" to myself to the above Anonymous. Yeah, you may think I am - but have you ever met me? Or are you just swallowing in Eric's propaganda machine launched against me for months now?

Eric Dubay said...

You are a liar and have lied to me many times pretending to be different people and coming back to agree with yourself. You have registered with 4 (that I know of) different personas, some male, some female, some young, some old, all in order to come back to the same threads, pretending to be someone else who shares the same views. Of course as you and I both know, you always log in from the same IP address so I'm always able to out you, but you just continue unphased like the pathological liar that you are.

All the accusations I've made against you are true and you know it, but still you try to hide behind "Eric's propaganda machine" as if I'm maliciously targeting you. You're the one who won't leave me alone, constantly emailing, facebooking, and commenting me under various aliases. I'm not trying to target you, I want you to go away and get a life. The forum and the comments section are approval only because of you! What a pest you are. For those of you new to Xinyu, have a look at the following... unbelievable:

Read the Comments Section Here

Anonymous said...

humans became impressive speculating phylosophycal species at the same time chewing animals and discussing about wake up dream.

Anonymous said...

"there is no real truth movement. most of it is a part of the matrix meant to keep tabs on any "semi-awake" humans.
for those of us who do question, a "movement" program is created to placate us."

well said, nvra. never heard it said more clearly. thank you. and anonymous. your words are the real truth movement.

have you noticed how we evolve in this movement? decades ago i listened to audio tapes from this person or that. moved past them. spent a short while with alex jones. listened to david icke nearly a decade ago, evolved past those videos. also listened to max igan some time ago and quickly moved past his offerings. we cycle through the truthers and each time we find ourselves referred back to 'self'. i sometimes find that annoying and frustrating, but i also understand that that is as it should be. one answer to that question "well, what are you doing to help?" is 'raising my consciousness'.

to me max igan is just another presenter. a distraction, soother, placater. a new-new-ager. like david icke. that is why they are big. they are furthering the programming.

the matrix is so booby-trapped with controlled opposition that
it is a daring, bold move just to take a step. insread of being
encouraged when we start seeing things as they are, we are
criticized harshly for being critical toward those who are leaders in the 'movement'. a dead give-away. the louder these truthers yell about ingratitude the lower they are on the scale of truth. and consciousness.

i see this cycling through all these so-called leaders, as if they are from past lives, as very positive. and you can't go back. : - )

i admire you guys for having the guts to speak up. questioning a truth leader is now tantamount to questioning the 'holocaust' or climate change. your words are more enabling and inspiring than those in the videos, and demonstrate a higher and growing consciousness.

as far as what to do? we may or may not know what to do - in that maybe we already have the answers but don't always see
them as such. that is how we are programmed. it is helpful to acknowledge that and move past it. because in reality, we do know.

do what you know to do and can do in any given moment as you feel it. desire a free, abundant life and put your energy toward that in any one of a million ways.

Anonymous said...

comment part II : - O

what is the situation? the earth and all its inhabitants, all institutions, and aspects of life are being taken over by evil, powerful, blood-lusted psychopaths.

how many of them are there? i would say, because of inbreeding programs and worldwide ptsd, the percentage may be as high as 7. in reality, not very many.

where do they get their power? mostly from us.
how so? we fund them. in many ways. we even spend billions purchasing their police state surveillance toys and put them in our homes, cars, and pockets, and give them to our children. when new toys come out, which is every single day, we upgrade. we shop at corporations instead of small local
businesses. and now our small, privately-owned businesses are being done away with.

we pay taxes. it can be dangerous for us if we do not. (though we can find lots of ways to decrease the amount we are forced to give them). we man their corporate branches and support the united nations and their tens of thousands of ngos. that all requires money and man-power. we supply it.

we purchase and watch tvs and pay to watch movies. we support their cia/hollywood branch.

i do not mean to sound trite in all this, but some of it bears repeating in simple, no uncertain terms. because we all give our tacit or otherwise, consent. we can just as well put energy into withdrawing it.

i do not consent to being governed. i most certainly do not consent to being iron-fist ruled by low-consciousness inbred low-lifes. i want to live in a very different world from theirs so what i know to do in any given moment is to withdraw my consent, in as many forms as i have given it knowingly or not, as well as i can - from their world - and use my energy and resources to help create the world i want to live in. i do it in my mind using strong, clear wording and i do it out loud. i write it down and i remind others to do the same.

i gave up my tv programming box nearly a decade ago. my microwave as well. my only phone is now a corded landline - i gave up my cell phone seven years ago. i have found that i can survive quite nicely without one. my laptop is now hardwired - no more wifi. i don't use pharmaceuticals, i do not validate in any way the medical establishment including veterinarians. i handle any illness or injuries myself. there are literally countless ways to take back the energy you have been flowing to the machine that is crushing you, and use it for yourself. they cannot exist in the light of truth, or without the energy/consent from the billions of souls on this plane. elementary.

i have no doubt that every single person on this website has seen evidence of the ripple effect. it's real. and the ripples have grown into waves. i don't think that can be denied.
something is causing those waves. i am happy to report that i am a part of that cause. and so are you.

withdraw consent in as many ways as you can. be creative. we're already here anyway, we might as well do something, and it certainly couldn't hurt. and it is impossible to stop it from creating change. change begets change, freedom begets freedom, consciousness.......

the consciousness that allows you to perceive deception in the matrix truth movement also enables you to see truth and resolution in the consciousness movement.

that is my offering in this moment.

and this is totally not new-age, but -

you are of the same body as source.
please know that without reservation.

best to us all -

Eric Dubay said...

Great comment, thanks Arcadia!