Thursday, January 12, 2012

The World's #1 Killer - Eating

This excellent documentary written, narrated, and produced by Mike Anderson and aired on PBS shows how the world's most epidemic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other global killers are all plainly and simply the result of poor eating choices (cholesterol/animal protein) and can be easily cured by switching to a plant-based vegan diet. Thanks to Mom and Dad for recommending this great video and congratulations on your healthy/compassionate choice to go vegan together for over a month now. Keep it up! Love and miss you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric for all the things you have been sharing with us on Health. Watching this Movie made your Mom and I want to be Vegan. This is one GREAT movie to watch. Thanks for sharing.... ""Dad & Mom""

Illuminati Agenda said...

Thanks for posting this, I'll give it a watch later. I'm a veggy and will be trying to go vegan this year. It's so obvious that the vast majority of illness/dis-ease is primarily down to the stuff we put in our bodies yet people just refuse to see it - it's too easy a fix I suppose.

A relative of mine recently survived oesophagus cancer which in my opinion was clearly due to a lifetime of eating the wrong foods and as soon as the tumor was removed and he was back to 'good health' he was shoveling pork chops and tea with two sugars down it again :(

Unknown said...

check out page three of this link:

1 doctor
300 centenarians
0 vegetarians

go figure.

Eric Dubay said...

I can design a study with 300 centenarians and all of them are vegetarians. Your hasty generalization is a fallacy of formal logic and proves nothing but your gullibility. Check these out:

Centurian Health Advice

The World's Sexiest Seniors are Raw

The Cure for Everything - Fasting, Detox, and Raw Living Foods

I've done years of research and personal experimentation and I can say without reservation that a high carb, low fat, raw vegan diet is the healthiest and natural diet for all humans. No amount of bovine mammory excretions, avian menstrual cycles, or rotting flesh, even in moderation, is beneficial or necessary for optimum health.

Eric Dubay said...

Your link reads like a pharmaceutical advertizement:

"If you have this genetic characteristic, your chance of getting from age 70 to 100 increases by over threefold ... There are several companies that are developing a drug to act on the gene I've found and that is associated with longevity in my study ... I will probably take this drug when it is ready."

OK, Mr. brilliant scientist, so apparently health and longevity have nothing to do with diet and exercise... DNA predetermines your death date, but don't worry, big pharma is working hard on a pill to push back your genetic fate.

"The most common thing this group had is that they did not reveal any particular lifestyle secret for their own longevity. When asked specifically, none has exercised. None was a vegetarian. Not a single one ate yogurt throughout his life. In fact, 30 percent were overweight. Some smoked."

Great study. So I should stop exercizing, start smoking, eat corpses, get overweight, and buy your "genetic longevity pill" if I want to be a centenarian. Awesome. I'll get right on that.

Anonymous said...

.....except that if you're eating a full on vegan diet, don't you need to take supplements to prevent DYING? Is this a myth?

Eric Dubay said...

That's a new one. What are these miracle supplements that supposedly keep us nutrient-deficient vegans alive? There is not a single deficiency or disease that affects only vegans. And there is not a single nutrient found in only animal products that is necessary for human health.

If you're eating a high carb (3000+ cal from fruit), low fat, raw vegan diet you'll be in top shape and winning marathons like Mike Arnstein, Tim VanOrden, and Harley Johnston. Vegans do not require supplements because we are getting far more nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants and other benefits right from our high intake of raw fruits and vegetables.

You must have one of those anorexic under-carbed "vegan" friends that eats pringles, drinks pepsi all day, and looks like death warmed over. No amount of meat, eggs, cheese or milk is going to give you a health advantage over a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables - no supplements necessary.

Anonymous said...

Dr Terry Wahls cured her MS with diet. I have almost cured my Rheumatoid arthritis with diet. With veggie juices and a paleo diet which includes organic meats. It is a mistake to believe organic meets harm your body. Not organic, yes, sickens you like all other processed foods and GMO. organic meats are vital for good nutrition. It can be done on a vegan diet, but not without jumping through hoops.