Thursday, March 1, 2012

J Solli Conspiracy Raps

There have been a lot of new independent rappers like Genocide, K-Rino, Illuminati Congo, Jedi Mind Tricks, Beast 13 33, Lowkey, Werks, Diabolic, Immortal Technique, Conspirituality, Paris, Canibus, DZK, and many others who have really brought the hip-hop scene a step up intellectually. Above is Jay Bonisolli or J Solli, in my opinion the best new voice out there bringing the truth with flow and having fun with it. Check out J Solli and some of these other great artists and if anyone has some more good recommendations please link in the comments.


nvra75 said...

he is pretty nice with the lyrical skills.


conscious music is hard to find.

these are a couple of my favorite songs.


kind of a weird connection between lauren hill and the Marleys. i went to high school with the Marley son (rohan) that had children with lauren and then dumped her. he was like BM in that regard as they were both womanizers.

Lauren seemed to have some mental health issues after her leaving the industry. i guess they really screw peoples heads up in that evil industry.

sorry for the celeb gossip.

Eric Dubay said...

Great songs, especially the first, which I'm retitling "emancipation from the psychopath."

nvra75 said...

Hey Eric,

i was just introduced to this guys art.

i really like it and wanted to share .

Anonymous said...

T-Banks aka M$R

Music&Me said...

The second one "We the People" is the most intelligent anti new world order/ conspiracy or whatever you want to call song there is. . He Is featured on songs with many of the "competitors" in this music genre's industry. The fact is J solli is different and easier to relate to and/or understand. In my opinion and the many other I know that follow this music, J Solli IS the BEST and sounds the BEST and draws you to want to listen to him again. He delivers with facts and attitude, keeps it real, and is know to have torn up the Mic quite often on many other tracks not about Governmental issues.
J Solli kills every track i have heard him on. I urge listeners to follow ALL of his music.