Monday, April 8, 2013

Spiritual Science - Better Than The Bible

Upon finishing my latest book Spiritual Science, my good friend and loyal reader Matt gave me one of my favorite reviews.  He said, "In my opinion it's the best metaphysical book on the market, better than the Bible."  Now depending on who you ask, that statement is either a blasphemous impossibility or not even a compliment, but coming from a fellow gnostic yogi I knew he meant it as high praise.  Having put nearly three years of my life into compiling and writing this esoteric encyclopedia of modern spirituality, it is my greatest wish for it to be read by as many people as possible.  I truly believe the knowledge and wisdom condensed and consolidated between it's bindings can awaken anyone to their inner latent spirituality:

My first and second books Asbestos Head and Atlantean Conspiracy which I've always given away free have now been downloaded by over 500,000 people.  Spiritual Science, however, which I charge $20 for has only been downloaded by 50 people.  After factoring out many other alternatives and giving my tens of thousands of loyal weekly readers the benefit of the doubt, my team of expert analysts has concluded that the reason Spiritual Science has received so few downloads is that most people don't value my hard work and dedication  :(  I've hired a separate team of specialists to help console me but unfortunately their consolations don't help pay the rent.  If you appreciate and benefit from what you've learned on please help me out and download a copy today!  Thanks so much to everyone who follows my websites and those of you who have helped make my dreams of being a professional writer come true.

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Anonymous said...

seriously consider changing your "better then the bible" marketing pitch...

Eric Dubay said...

Why? :) Will your invisible friend Jebus get mad if I don't?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Have you considered giving people free access to the content page, introduction and first chapter. A lot of publishing houses use that strategy. It allows readers to sample your material before deciding to buy.

The first anonymous has a point. Try not to be too defensive about your baby. It's not a religious point, it's about modesty. The claim "better than the Bible" sounds egotistical, even if it's a quote. The truth movement is full of oversized egos telling us how brilliant they all are. Some of us are sick of it.

In a related point, I think it's a difficult lesson but don't expect to be appreciated. Early 21st century culture isn't appreciative, especially if by appreciative you mean people hand over their money. If people are appreciative they'll tell you; expect it and you'll be disappointed.

And one last point, if you're interested: it could be that spirituality isn't something people should really be using to make money.

I've got a few other points, but I'll stop now because I don't know if you are in a listening mood, and I don't want to upset a kung fu master.

Anyway, I wish you luck,

Anonymous said...

lol will your friend nemo get mad if i eat him?

seriously its just not a wise marketing if you dont want people to write you off before they reed it.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Nonoun, thanks for the tips. As for giving people free access, I have made almost half the Spiritual Science book available in article form already! Far more than just the TOC and first chapter :) You'll find 23 articles here:

Spiritual Science Articles

I find it funny how uptight some people get at the assertion that any book could be better than the bible. I'm keeping the title just for the drama. Fundamentalists make me laugh ^_^

Anonymous said...

keep the title better then the bible who gives a shit, the bible is a "story" book to create mass delusion Eric keep up the awesome work ill be buying it shortly

Knowledgeislightweight said...

Do you cite 'Science & Health' at all in your book?

I only ask, because that is quite the metaphysical read, regardless of your beliefs!

Anonymous said...

i'm not a "fundamentalist" but i agree with anon that it comes off immature and egotistical and will only turn people off to the book.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Matt, I agree that the Bible and it's orthodox literal interpretation has created mass madness... widespread belief in talking snakes, original sin, immaculate conception, humans walking on water, vengeful homophobic genocidal God and his invisible Son who requires your unwavering belief or else you'll rot in eternal torturous hellfire damnation. If you read the Bible as parables, metaphors for our inner psychology, then you will get a lot out of it. But if you read the Bible literally, like Jonah living inside a whale, Noah building a boat big enough for every animal on earth, then the animals just magically come aboard two by two, etc. Taking these fairy tales literally would even make Jesus facepalm:

Jesus Facepalm

I haven't read "Science & Health" but thanks for the recommendation KiLW! :) Peace

Andriulli said...

Hey Eric it's You probably don't remember we talked last year, but you and Masonic author Manly P Hall Introduced me to Gnosticism. I know you believe the Masons to be more of an active arm of political Zionism and Globalization of the Establishment, but I stand firmly in them being A modernized Mystery School that was co-opted along the way- "hijacked" like everything else that posed a threat to the church/state/financial entities.

But that's neither here nor there, I am just letting you know I will be purchasing a copy this weekend or next- for sure. Stumble Upon brought me to you (ala Atlantean Conspiracy ebook @biblioteca or whatever that Hispanic/American conspiracy archive is called), and a second time to your blog. And they were game changers for me. You, Ron Paul, the Gnostics, etc were fundamental in so much, and if I could Eric- I would buy a copy of Atlan Consp/SpiritSci for all of the planet so you would never have to worry about money again. Oh Christ I forgot you also have just recently taught me pranayama. Like I wish I had more to give you back man, your a savior...haha

Eric Dubay said...

Thank you so much Andriulli, your comment means a lot to me and made my girlfriend say "awwww." ^_^ You may very well be right about Masonry's co-option, that does seem to fit the evidence. Thanks for helping me out with a book purchase, and glad to hear you're practicing pranayama! Peace

Andriulli said...

Of course man. Just don't rush to judgement when I join the Masons later this year!

Baphomet through the Qabbala Atbash Cypher comes out to be "Sophia".

I think quite frankly you have a whole reservoir of untapped original topics with "when and where did masons go from gnostic revolutionaries rebelling against the church and England, to BEING the church?" it makes no sense. Our mason founders fought like hell---just so 100-200 years later John Kerry could be CFR? doesn't add up.

Lol anyways I swear I'm not disinformation or trolling if this raises any alarms, this is just the culmination of my Masonic research which picked up where you had brought me too.

Anonymous said...

I dont like the "better than the bible" its your opinion but try to respect.Bible is important to us Christians.

Unknown said...

The Bible, like any other intellectual-trance inducing "work" is just a collection of fancy stories about an invisible man in the sky, who seem to enjoy contradicting himself, engage in mass murder, genocide, and brainwashing everyone.

So, tell me, Anonymous - why do I have to respect your invisible man that you worship?

Anonymous said...

if i had money to spare id definitely buy a copy from you. as it is now, im in the "abandon wage slavery" camp.