Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quit Your Slave Job! (And Live Your Dream Life)

If every day you go to someone else’s establishment, work on their schedule, do everything they say, and make money for them, then I’m sorry to bear bad news, but you might be a slave.  If you often awake to an alarm clock smothering your dreams to death with a pillow then you very well might be a slave.  If you went into debt so you could spend the best years of your life qualifying for a piece of paper to qualify for a salary-wage job, then you’re likely a slave.  Even if you work in a fancy high-rise building, a compartmentalized neck-tie drone in some sociopathic hierarchy, you might still just be an office slave, an expendable rung on the corporate ladder.

No matter how attractive the position, whenever you work for someone else, your financial means of subsistence, your ability to provide food, water, and shelter for your family, is completely in the hands of another person.  Regardless of pension promises or signed contracts, the real fact of the matter is there is no “job security” in working for someone else.  If at any time for any reason the boss has a problem with you, the market goes south, your contract’s over, the clientele fades, the account goes red, or the business goes belly-up, then you’re high and dry on your way to becoming an unemployment statistic.  Tenures get overturned, pensions get sucked away, and promises of rich retirements are rarely worth the wait.  Real job security and financial freedom means owning your own business (and refusing to pay any taxes, fees or fines from the mafia government that wants to keep you their slave).

The only true success that exists is when we find a way to make a living doing exactly what we want.  When you wake up every morning and create your day exactly how you dream it to be, that is success.  When your passion and your work are aligned, when you would do your job for free because you like it so much, that is success.  The root of “work” and “worship” are the same, and if you’re living your dreams aligned with your passions, doing what you were placed here on Earth to do, then your work really is like your worship, your service to the world.

Slave jobs are great for when you need quick reliable short-term income to get back on your feet or gather start-up capital for your next venture, but remaining someone’s slave for too long, even high-paid lap-dogs will eventually wish to leave their master. No matter how attractive the position, whenever you work for someone else, you will always be selling your time wholesale to someone who is profiting from you retail.  No boss can afford to pay any employee the amount of money which that employee brings to the company, as that would cause the business to bankrupt.  The only way to run a profitable business is to pay employees less than they're worth, usually far less.  So if you are working for someone else, your financial stability is completely in their hands, and it is guaranteed that they are paying you less than you are worth.

You can’t just up and quit your slave job without some serious planning and hard work though.  There are several steps that all wage slaves must take before riding the entrepreneurial underground railroad to financial freedom. 

The first step to quitting your slave job and manifesting your dream lifestyle is getting a clear picture of your life’s purpose.  What were you born to do?  What makes you happy?  What is your true passion?  What would you like to spend your days doing?  If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your life?  Once the answers to those questions form a clear image in your head, step two is imagining and creating a product or service aligned with your purpose.  For instance, if your absolute favorite thing in life is skateboarding, always has been and always will be, it makes you happy and it’s your favorite way to spend your time, then your step one is simple and complete.  Your step two would be deciding what marketable aspect of your passion appeals most to you.  Would you like to open a skate shop?  Would you like to manufacture skateboards?  Would you like to design them?  Would you like to teach skating?  Would you like to make skating videos or start a skating magazine?  How would you most like to express your passion and how can you use it to enrich, inspire, empower and add value to others?

Once your vision is clear, step three is to get free of all debt.  If you quit your slave job but still owe debts to the bank or anyone else, then you are no less of a slave.  So it is crucial that you pay off all your debts (and don’t take on any more!)  To pay off your debts, you must make sure your monthly expenditures always remain lower than your monthly slave income.  If your expenditures are too high you must find ways to thriftily cut corners so that you can always stay in the black.  Calculate your slave salary minus your monthly expenses equals the amount you can put away each month towards your debt.  Also note that if you are able to pay ahead on the principle (and not just the monthly minimum) you can exponentially cut down the total interest due. 

Once you are debt free, step four is to take the difference between your slave salary and your monthly expenditures and start saving it!  You will need to save up enough money to cover two important costs:  the start-up expenses for your entrepreneurial venture, and a savings safety net to fall back on.  To calculate your start-up costs add up all the expenses you will need to create and get your product or service on the market.  This includes things like materials, advertizing, transportation, consultations, shipping, rentals, any and all potential expenses necessary to start your venture.  Beyond this you will also need a savings safety net, enough money to cover your living expenses for several months kept away as an emergency fund in case any unexpected problems arise (which they will).  Calculate your average monthly living expenses and save at least 3-12 times that for use if you’re ever having trouble living off your business’ income alone.

While in the saving phase, now is the time to start your business.  If you quit your job first then try to start your venture, it will likely fail to bring in enough reliable income to sustain you, since building a reliable, sustainable income usually takes time.  So you will essentially have to work two jobs for a while; your slave job from 9-5, and your dream job from 5-9 (and make sure to get enough sleep in there somewhere).  If your business sells a product then you will need to start manufacturing, advertizing, and making sales whenever possible in your down-time.  If your business sells a service you will need to refine, advertize and start providing your service on nights and weekends (or whenever you are free).  This process of promotion and building a loyal customer base could feasibly take anywhere from a couple months to a couple years. 

Advertizing and self-promotion is usually the most difficult, most time and money-consuming part of growing a successful business, but it is also the most important, because without finding some reliable and effective advertizing methods, you will never secure a stable customer base.  Once word spreads and repeat sales start coming in, the final step to financial freedom is growing the monthly income from your business until it exceeds your monthly living expenses.  When you’re making all the money you need to sustain yourself from your own business then you’re ready!  It’s time to quit your slave job and live your dream life! 

Life is too beautiful to waste living for someone else.  Work and play are too important to be separated.  If you love your job so much that you would do it for free then you are certainly on the right path, but anything less than that is selling yourself short.  When people say “there just aren’t enough good jobs,” or when governments and corporations act like they’re economic saviors by “creating jobs” for us, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that there are, have always been, and always will be just as many “jobs” as there are people on the planet!  If you have two functioning arms and half a brain then there will always be work that you can do.  What the governments and corporations won’t tell you is that it’s up to you to create your own job, find your own niche passion, add value to the market, and that’s the reality of “job creation.”  Being “employed” means being a slave, so don’t worry about the ever-rising “unemployment rate.”  In a perfect world every single person would be unemployed (and unemployable!) because they are already making an income doing exactly the work that they worship.


MONTY said...

Easier said than done. By the time I am debt free I will be too old to work. Just have to keep working the three jobs for now. I WILL get there one day.

Eric Dubay said...

Sorry to hear that Monty, the twin fangs of debt and wage slavery have sucked the life out of most of humanity. I would love to see a world where everyone works doing exactly what they want. But as long as there's a class of banking parasites with a legal monopoly on the printing of money and issuing as debt, they can play with populations like marionettes. Keep the dream alive and keep striving towards freedom! Peace

Anonymous said...

But even if you start a company there will be some body who is working as a wage-slave right ? if every one opt for starting a new company and CEOs who will do the work ?

Anonymous said...

yeah that sounds nice but nobody WANTS to be a janitor, maid etc. Some people are gonna work harder and smarter then others and have more oppurtunitys in life. I mean its true most jobs dont really pay a fair wage but most people try to avoid work at their jobs these days so it seems like a wash.

Capitilism has many many drawbacks but it does allow the smart and savy workers to buy there freedom and do whatever you please with your life.

Your right the bankers are parasites and they dont make it easy but thats typical of nature, only the strong survive and not everyone is designed or hard working enough to thrive!

great blog

Monty said...

Cheers Eric. I will never stop trying. I work in a factory to pay the bills.
I make apple crates and restore furniture in my spare time. This I do with the children. So we earn a little extra while they learn practical skills and we can enjoy our time together. For me the biggest enemy is lack of time with my loved ones. Maybe one day I can give up the factory and just to my crates and furniture.
In the meantime Eric, you keep up your good work to keep me thinking and not stagnating while I am on these bloody 12 hour night shifts.

Eric Dubay said...

But even if you start a company there will be some body who is working as a wage-slave right ? if every one opt for starting a new company and CEOs who will do the work ?

Well, just turning your passion into a product or service shouldn't require any salary-wage employees (at least not at first) but if it does, then that's fine, and you can set a good example, be a fair boss, and "create a job" that may help someone else in a tight fix. As I said in the article, "Slave jobs are great for when you need quick reliable short-term income to get back on your feet or gather start-up capital for your next venture."

Thanks for the comments Anon, Goskins, and Monty! One of the most difficult balances to maintain is time vs. money. Many people have plenty of time on their hands but not enough money, others have plenty of money but not enough time. Many others don't have enough money or enough time! On top of that the government taxes your income, your property, your sales, your inheritance, the highways, and any and every other thing they can think of to keep their government tax farms profitable for the elite parasite class.

Xiao Ma said...

As a fellow WT practitioner in the neighboring country of Malaysia I want to say hello.
WT is the best, but others such as Qi Gung and Ba Gua are equally important.

The Conspiracy against the Human spirit is also a conspiracy against new Inventions.
Such as the one posted as the Link.

Maybe we could practice someday as I am on the run from the NWO who actively destroyed my Life, Family and Job.

But we fight because they will Loose!

Anonymous said...

By debt I asume you mean "bankloans" credit cards etc.

Look that up it´s an illusion.

Why have a company, you can live your life doing what you like and still be able to eat.

The programming is deep and most are trained to pick a poison.

There is hidden remedies, one just have too look a little harder.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Xiao Ma, thanks for the message. Always glad to meet fellow WC practitioners. Do you ever swing through Bangkok on your travels? Are you training with David Peterson in Malaysia? The hypersonic airstream zero emission train looks awesome! Is that invention the reason the NWO is actively against you? And Anonymous, you're right about that, if you have the knowledge and the gumption you don't lawfully have to pay back such debts at all... but of course they will harass you to no end and try their best to get you to pay. Peace

Anonymous said...

GROW your own food--this cuts down on fuel cost both in delivering food to the store & driving to the store. Offer extra food to your neighbors for barter or donation
DRILL a water well using post hole digger under the canopy perimeter of a tree
SHOP garage sales & thrift stores where you dont pay a sales tax
OFFER your services / skills to your neighbors for barter or donation
STAY Healthy by eating whole foods, and NOT EATING foods with chemical additives
REPLACE all dental mercury amalgam fillings--this is the root cause of diabetes, Crohns, Lou Gehrigs, Parkinsons, Autism, Lupus, Alzheimers, etc. Then, you probably can get off your meds once your body heals itself.

Anonymous said...

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It works!

Eric Dubay said...

Great recommendations Anonymous! :)

Anonymous said...

Well Monty,
If you had all the money you could possibly want or need, what would you do with your life? What would you do to keep from getting bored?

Maybe that's a path to start...

Anonymous said...

"If you have two functioning arms and half a brain then there will always be work that you can do."

Its true, I had a tax accountant who was paralyzed in half her brain.

She knew enough to rake in lots of my money til I fired her.


Anonymous said...

It seems the whole goal for the American life is "get rich" or in other words make money, and make more money. That's all it's about. That's the new normal they've pushed on us for years. It's not follow your passions and dreams anymore, it's this jungle concept of life that you have to be a predator or prey to make money.

One of the biggest problems with bills I had growing up was the necessities. I don't think many people even want to admit it, that they push themselves in debt by indulging in spending to try and chase happiness. That was a mistake my parents made when we were growing up, and I don't think they even realized it, and I don't blame it on them. When you watch TV that is what it tells you to do, to go out and spend spend spend.

Happiness is not money. My dream in life was to be an artist of trades. My trades were music, and also drawing. Everyone around me would try as hard as they could to discourage me. "No you'll never make it, it's so many guitar players today blah blah, you don't play the popular stuff the kids love" but WHO CARES ABOUT THAT I WANT TO BE HAPPY.

I cannot talk about this enough. The movie 'Blow' with Johnny Depp, there is a scene where Ray Liotta tells him "money is not everything son, it's just paper" and by the end of the movie, Johnny Depp's character finally realizes that when he's grown older.

This is something most people never realize in their entire life. I know people that are wealthy, and they are just as miserable as poor people I know that just sit around drinking all day and complaining about how their life is not perfect "but it should be! I should have this, and I should have that..." they always say. This also goes out the way with the whole "you gotta be better than everyone else" mentality that is so deep in American culture, I can't touch it without getting angry.

Money is not everything. I will never be rich in my life but I'm happy with what I do. My job isn't the best in the world, but I'm OK with it. Music is my real passion and at least I get to spend a lot of time with it now.

Debt is a huge problem, and I think the way it can be solved is to not indulge and spend spend spend like our parents did before us. I have a problem with this myself, I am not innocent. When I have money, it takes everything in me to put it up and not blow it on CD's or equipment, but what makes me stop myself is realizing that I'm not in debt, and my bills are not behind.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, but this boy beat you to it:

He said to do what you want that makes you happy, and make a life (and living) out of that.

Andi said...

Dearest Monty and dear Friends,
my name is Cristina and I'm writing from Italy. I'm here just to give you some hope. I've started this process to break free from the System and I've struggled a lot. Believe me! Especially now that our economic situation is a great disaster!
I'm not at the top, but I'm fine.
The most important thing you have to fight agains is not the money you have in your pocket. It's your fear, and of course, the others. Everyone telling you every single moment you are gonna fail or you're crazy.
Be confident. Trust in yourself and in your dreams.
Most important, there are a billion things you can live without.
The mass will tell you you're making sacrifices, but it's not true at all! :)
As an Italian I loved to drink coffee all the time. 1€ per coffee. More coffees a day.
I stopped. (And my health is improving!). 15€ a week in my pocket again! Clothes? I don't care about fashion! I'm wearing clothes that I bought 10 years ago! How? Eating good and stay fit :) My friends decide to throw away the clothes they don't want anymore? They call me first! And I grab what I love. For free! :)
I don't need to go to the gym, because youtube is full of trainers who teach me how to stay fit. I go to sleep early so I don't spend so much on electricity. I wake up soon for the same reason. I recycle almost everything to build something new (Uncommon in Italy. A woman using a saw it's like a ghost in your closet!) :)

Keep asking yourself if you really need something or you just like it at the moment! (moments will pass and you will like something else). You will discover you can live on 100 things and give away all the others!
And it's not a sacrifice at all.
I think it's funny. You will learn so many new things. How to build this and that, for example.
And it's a great way to make new friends too. If you have a facebook account you can ask for help and many people will come to suggest you new things.
So, my friends, don't be afraid to think different and be different!
We are so lucky. We have internet. And the world is full of people sharing their ideas with love. (Like the Anonymous above)(Thank you)
Stay positive and confident and remember that saving money is much more easy than we think!
Have a nice day.

Eric Dubay said...

Great comments Gary and JJ! Thanks so much for sharing and I agree with everything you wrote! :) Peace

Niall said...

Inspiring words, Cristina!

Anonymous said...

This is a FANTASTIC article! You've said so well everything that I've been thinking for years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I worked as a slave in a care home - witnessed abuse, shared concerns and was "dismissed for gross misconduct" - I then worked as a slave in a call centre and was bullied into getting more sales - hard as I tried, I didn't get enough and they "let me go." Now I work as a slave at a home-based, online shop. the place is filthy and I am clearing/cleaning when I can, including the toilet, which I share with seven others! My passion is listening to/helping people and playing percussion and singing in my four local bands but the gigs don't pay so I remain a frustrated slave! However, you have inspired me to promote my services/get paid for gigs. :}

Anonymous said...

There's only one job that makes you free, and that is Firefighter (at least here in Spain).

Here in Spain firefighters work 1 day (24h shift) and then they have 5 free days. They have more than 300 free days per year, so much free time to enjoy life and be FREE.

They work for the Goverment (firefighting here is a GOV job, they are not privatized like in the US) in a 100% assured position (here once you become a GOV worker you have the job forever until retirement, a GOV job here is a "possesion" of yours, like your house or your car).

With that job your are out of the modern-day capitalism slavery, and that's why I'm trainning/studying to become a firefighter (I also like the job too, but my main motivation is becoming FREE).

Itsmylife said...

I was lucky enough to have seen through the big lie in my late twenties, during the 80's when everyone else thought "that the corporate ladder" was the answer. I made sacrifices, spent only what I could afford, and learned skills that would make me self-sufficient. With few exceptions that were short lived at best; I've lived as a totally independent, happily self-employed, free man with a family, house, car and everything I need to live a fulfilling life. We are taught to fear, envy and want by the system who profits from our greed and ignorance. The trick is to not buy into it. Unfortunately, unless you avoided the well laid trap b4 it swallowed you, or have enough money to "buy your freedom" it is nearly impossible to liberate yourself. The whole system is designed to have you happily and willingly sell yourself into bondage because we are taught (brainwashed) into believing there is no other way. An old Asian proverb sums up the mindset you must adopt in order to even consider the path of independence in the Corporate States of America today. Stop consuming. "More than enough is too much, too much is less; therefore, least is most". Fear-greed-insecurity-vanity and wanting are the requirements of our self-willing enslavement. They are the weapons used by the system, and they are incredibly effective and destructive. Best of luck to you all from the bottom of my heart. May we all regain our lives and dignity that we deserve, but was stolen from us all.

Vidya said...

Freedom from sal very and doing what you like was my motto in my twenties, circa 1980-1986. I wanted to make posters to put around town I lived, telling people that they are actually waiting passively to die if they live as they are living, study, work, growing families, hobbies, social life.... I was FREE in the sense I have given up my university education, family, my 3 years daughter, became vegetarian and went on mission to tell people about spirituality, and eternity of life. After living 17 years in like minded circles I am now struggling to maintain, and still do not do what I love to do the music.

I have realized that freedom is not something external, it is an internal change of consciousness. I still believe people should do what they love to do, but that means 90% will see freedom in a standard lifestyle, work, kids, career etc.... If someone can become an expert in something he/she will never have to work in a true sense.

What is freedom? Free your mind, live with detachment, look after others as you were expected to, do not disappoint your relationships, live with honour, try to live outside of the grid if you can (there are planty independent self sustainable communities), express your independence by being vegetarian, recognize that not every one has the same chance as you, feel compassion, educate your self in the actual world history and the world we live in. Flat Earthers are already free.

Vidya said...

Hi every one. Above all remember we are all guests here, nothing belongs to us. There is a grand master and owner of all the we see, even us. What freedom are we looking for? From the system created by people that are similarly conditioned like us? Because they have money and power over others it does not mean they are free or in better situation. In a grand scale we are all slaves to life: disease, old age, death and birth. If you look carefully even birth is a problem. One who was born will die. Nothing is permanent. This is not a place where you can find justice and permanent true freedom. Fight for justice and exploitation is going on since the beginning of humanity. This should ring a bell for deep thinkers. The best policy it non-engagement, passive opposition while practicing your self development, elevating your consciousness.

clbrto said...

What a wonderful, useful post, thank you Eric. I'm retired now, but in my working life was fortunate enough to start and manage several Farmers' Markets in my community. Not only did that help provide healthy, real food to people, but it assisted other small farmers in making a living. And it was such a nurturing environment to be in, I WOULD have done it for free.

I had my own farm, but noticed lots of folks were asking for seafood to be sold at the market. It was a coastal area, and there was a small oyster farm nearby. I couldn't find a reliable seafood vendor, so I went into the seafood business myself, starting with the oysters, then expanding into other seafood. It became a smash hit, far eclipsing the farm income. The message is, keep your ear open for what people want to buy, and people will always want to eat well (selling good food was easy).

Anonymous said...

All of this is TRUTH. I am 37. Have a graduate degree. Am a homeowner. Married happily. After 16 years in professional workforce I saw through the curtain. Working for basically ANY organization other than one of your own creation is slavery in every last sense of the word. You wake when they want, eat when they want, your ability to raise your income is based on asking some stranger who coukd care less about you for a minor boost in the pittance they pay you. In the 1980s people who made that magical figire of $100,000/year were thought of as having solved the Matrix. They were the jedi Knights of American society. Now, 100,000 per year in a major city likr New York or San Fran does not add upnyo much comparatively..... the only solution (and the one I undertook) is to start your own business. There's a million products and services to sell online from your livingroom. Ive been slowly building my side business for 2 years and in 2 weeks, I will be transitioning over and leaving corporate slavery forever. I am so excited, I can barely breathe. I feel like my soul is awake again. Don't wait. Get out now. If you're under 25 and reading this, don't even bother getting involved. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The first paragraph of this post describes me succinctly, with the exception that I am a factory slave rather than an office slave. But me eyes have been opened, and I am going to be free!