Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thailand Wing Chun Holiday

If you're a martial artist living or vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand I highly recommend staying in a Banana State boxing theme fantasy hotel room and scheduling private intensive self-defense sessions with Bangkok Wing Chun.

My new Wing Chun student and friend Gerrard, an Oxford Physicist on 3-week holiday in Thailand, was curious about Wing Chun's claims to be scientific.  After training together every day for 2 hours, he has been impressed by it's efficacy and the following video shows how far he's progressed in a short time.  Since he and I are both big heavy metal fans, the music is by Suicide Silence "You Only Live Once" and Between the Buried and Me "Selkies: The Endless Obsession."

"I did Wing Chun for a few months some years ago and decided to get back into it this Summer by means of intensive training. I trained with Eric every day for three weeks and hoped that this might get me back to the level I was at previously. As it happened, I was back at that level in just a few days and, to my astonishment, continued to make dramatic progress day by day right to the end. Eric has a wonderfully calm, clear and friendly teaching style which makes his lessons something to look forward to. On reflection, I think that it was Eric's unique approach to freestyle Chi Sao that was the key to my amazingly accelerated progress. I would certainly recommend Eric's tuition to anyone interested in making rapid progress in Wing Chun."  -Gerrard Daly