Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NASA Fail Compilation

NASA Fails so hard and so often they cannot be taken seriously by earnest truth-seekers.  This band of incessantly lying Freemasons and Nazis have completely deceived the world into believing their astro-nots have landed on the Moon and Mars, that space stations and satellites are constantly suspended in "geosynchronous" orbit with the Earth, an Earth which they claim is a huge spinning ball-planet revolving around the Sun and shooting through infinite space away from a Big Bang creationary sneeze at 670,000,000mph.  NASA has also "confirmed" the existence of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one septillion) other ball planets, where many of their Masonic propagandists claim extra-terrestrial alien life MUST exist.  The amount of science-fiction and fantasy peddled by this group of supposed "scientists," and believed as gospel truth by the vast majority of the population, puts all the imaginings of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry to shame.  Thanks to a bit of rocket technology, Zero G planes, wires, cranes, pools, sound studios and all the lying Freemasons they need, NASA has successfully fooled the entire world out of believing their own eyes and experience, the truth, that Earth is the flat, motionless center of the universe over and around which everything in the heavens revolves.


Anonymous said...

Very informative. Those who control information control reality. All their so called space missions are merely designed to reflect the Freemasonic agenda for mankind.

Who knows, very soon, they might claim that they have put a man on venus and mars & many people would be foolishly believe it.

The biggest lesson in all this is that we must question our reality. We should not accept things as true merely because the media, educational and cultural systems say it's true. Truth is that which is always true and is not dependent on our consensus and the media to remain true and we always have to dig deep to find it and endure untold humiliation for holding unto it because it is never popular.

Anonymous said...

What the human monkeys call Earth, is just a holographic prison, your bad.

Anonymous said...

We are not even on Earth, we are on mars, that's why you think things are Flat. Earth is another NASA lie, so we don't find out where we really are.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the Earth is Flat, in fact it is actually just a very large hologram. The Sun is really a projector and the moon is a camera, and it is all controlled be Demons. Now, all we have to do is find out where the Demons get their marching orders and we will have the answer.

Anonymous said...

If the world was really round it would cost more money to get around, pardon the pun. That makes sense, the Beach Boys used to sing I get around, they are in on it, the big cover up.

Anonymous said...

If there are no accurate maps of the earth, then we really cannot use flight times to effectively compare a flight from NYC to London with a flight from Rio to Johannesburg. So, the earth may be flat.

One thing I've noticed in reading books about "planets" with my kids - the official photographs are not believable. Who is out in earth taking pictures of the mars rover, for example? Or the space station? How are photos taken of the various space probes when they are supposed to be out in deep space? I've pointed this problem out to my kids, but they may have already been zombified by the "education" system.

I want to see the north and south poles myself. I want to go up in space. Sadly, those options don't seem to be allowed, even for someone with unlimited wealth (which is certainly not me). I will buy your book, Eric, and see what you have to say.

Eric Dubay said...

Well said first Anon:

The biggest lesson in all this is that we must question our reality. We should not accept things as true merely because the media, educational and cultural systems say it's true. Truth is that which is always true and is not dependent on our consensus and the media to remain true and we always have to dig deep to find it and endure untold humiliation for holding unto it because it is never popular.

For the latest Anon, thanks for the support, be sure to leave another comment when you finish the book to let me know what you think! You're absolutely right and make good points about the official photos of "planets" being clearly CGI and impossible to photograph things like probes in deep space or rovers on Mars.

For example, through a non-NASA telescope, Jupiter looks like a flat, round dot of light, like all the other stars

Jupiter Through Telescope

Through a super-duper CGI photoshop NASA Mason's telescope, however, Jupiter looks like this!:

Jupiter By NASA

Eric Dubay said...

Mark Knight at Wayki Wayki has just published a timely new article on the subject featuring my NASA Fail Compilation video as well:

NASA's Cartoon Spaceship to Pluto

Anonymous said...

Very eye opening Eric. We have to stop accepting the dream that we have been spoon fed into believing is real since we were babies and question our so called reality. In case you haven't already seen it, i recommend that you read this very enlightening article by Bryan Kemila it dwells a lot on how our thought process is manipulated by the elite.

As you read, I would want you to have what the 1st commenter wrote:"The biggest lesson in all this is that we must question our reality". Many of the things that he writes are true but I want everyone who reads it to be as objective as possible

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
I checked out the waykiwayki site - really funny, dude. I've read down to the hubble telescope part, but I'm laughing so hard, I don't know if I can continue!

I never knew that the hubble is supposedly orbiting earth - I thought it was way out in space, and that that is how it is able to get such great pictures.

It's pretty fucking stupid to think that hubble being a mere 353 miles away from earth would make any kind of difference in the quality of its photos of things that are supposed to be light-years away! wow. Nasa must think we are total idiots.

By the way, due to my being ripped off by my govt, my pay is not what it ought to be, so it may take a couple of pay periods to scrape up the meager $10 for your pdf book. I actually am going to do what i can to get the real book, which is my preference. But I am going to buy it, I do support you, and want to see you continue.

Kudos to you for thinking for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Do you know much about the Vector logo Eric? apparently this is the sign of Enki..thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article as well Eric! John

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the support guys! Don't know about the Vector logo, and can't say I'm a fan of Kemilla's blogs, though his art is quite nice. His writing style and thought-process is so "here, there and everywhere" I can't follow where he is going with anything, and I've read most of the site giving him the benefit of the doubt. Peace

Lance said...

Excellent approach Eric. Read but give the benefit of the doubt rather than discard because of the fact that he is not very coherent on some issues. I have read his blog too and I can boldly say that many of the things that he writes about are true and I have gained a lot reading his blog but he doesn't explain how his so called awareness became unaware. If "we"(as in the real we) are awareness like he claims we are, then how could we become unaware when according to him, awareness is always aware of what's happening and is in the eternal moment? Light by nature will always be light and can never become darkness. But the bulb that produces light is dependent on electricity or a power source to produce it so if there is no power, it would cease to produce light. My main contention with his writings is if we are awareness, then we wouldn't have had the ability to become unaware. But if we were 'made' aware by a force/person, just like the light-bulb, we would have the ability to lose our awareness and become ignorant if we disconnected from our source of awareness.

Eric Dubay said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kemilla's work. I agree that we are ultimately and originally an objective, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient conscious intelligent awareness, God, which separates itself into packets of subjective awareness inside this dualistic material 3D world so the One can experience Itself, grow, play, forget, learn, remember, love, hate, etc. Any light that exists must exist within the consciousness of the One, as there is nothing outside It:

God, Consciousness, Intelligent Design, Duality, Satan and the Ego

Lance said...

Nice. You and Kemila are 2 of the most unique so called 'conspiracy theorists' (better word would be truthers) that I've come across online and I always look forward to your posts. You are both very sincere and are not new age charlatans like Icke and co.

This is peculiar to you alone. Unlike the owners of most conspiracy blogs, you accept diverse opinions which shows that you have nothing to hide.

I think the main difference between you and Kemila is that in the mind of Kemila, what you refer to as "an objective, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient conscious intelligent awareness, God which separates into the packets of subjective awareness" is merely a thought generated consciousness/energy/light hologram that exists 'inside' our minds .

He calls this : Hypnotic subliminal manipulation or the trance state induced by what he calls the luciferian mindset and he believes that any state that we perceive or attain when we are attached to the consciousness within us is merely a hypnotic suggestion of the luciferian light of consciousness in our minds and that the key to stop being manipulated by the mindset is to connect to what he refers to as our awareness state that has no thought, suggestion, energy, holographic consciousness or color.

But like I wrote earlier, he never explains how his so called awareness state became ignorant. Awareness by definition will always be aware. Ignorance by definition will always be ignorant. But people can 'become' ignorant or aware and that is why I thought that the better theory would have been that we were once 'made' aware but became ignorant by the thought process.

Eric Dubay said...

Great comment, I really appreciate that, I'm impressed how deeply you've delved into all this. Most of what you expressed regarding Kemilla's philosophy resonates with me, and I think you may be better at expressing it than he is! I have the same reservation as you, however, and can never make it through one of his posts without feeling like he's the waiter in that Monty Python sketch leading far away to the middle of nowhere and then leaving us stuck... in this case with the ever-present, inescapable, mostly inexplicable, all-encompassing "Luciferean Mindset," which is the cause of all things wrong in the world. Thanks again for the encouragement! Peace

Lance said...

Your welcome and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply my comments. Yes I agree, apart from some few differences, Kemila's philosophy and yours are quite similar although I have to admit that you are more straight to the point and easier to comprehend.

Similarities btw you and Kemila
You: Energy takes place within consciousness/awareness
"As for consciousness, it is not "energy," it is "awareness," or "the capacity for experience." All space, time, matter and energy take place within consciousness, like a dream. In your dreams there are various people, environments, situations taking place, but in reality, they don't exist, the only real thing in existence is you, the dreamer."

Kemila: Everything is a suggestion in the mind:
"Without suggestion first, nothing appears or exists, for nothing appears real without subliminal hypnotic suggestion. Consider the diagrams immediately below, regarding the hypnosis state of the world, sometimes referred to as the Rabbit Hole. This hole is not dark but is filled with light and illusion. The suggestion is, that if there’s light then we must be able to see clearly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Light is total illusion and deception. The lack of light, and for that matter, the lack of dark as well, is to be reconnected to our original wisdom state.

Consider the diagrams and understand that this is how, according to the Jewish faith, “Something Appears From Nothing”. This is the creation principle, the god who brings the light. This god is the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities who masquerade as the supreme god, playing the good god and the wicked devil. In reality, neither exists.

Understanding how thought is a word, is sound, is vibration, is energy, that glows, which is light… makes it very obvious how thoughts can manipulate light. Thoughts are light. Light is the 3 dimensional form. Change the thought and you change the form. If a person becomes very adept at changing their thought process and manipulating the thought process of those around, this is called magic, because the illusory images appear real. "

Lance said...

Main difference between you and Kemila:
"I agree that we are ultimately and originally an objective, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient conscious intelligent awareness, God, which separates itself into packets of subjective awareness inside this dualistic material 3D world so the One can experience Itself, grow, play, forget, learn, remember, love, hate, etc. "


"As we focus on what the article describes as the inter-connection of all things, we must understand that this is the deception and lie, the illusory creation conjured up by an illusory god. This article is a piece to the puzzle, but it can be used to assist in establishing a deeper intellectual indoctrination, which is ignorance, or it can be used to break out of the trance state, and recognize that intellectualism in its entirety, is a massive illusory hologram, which includes as well, the information within this article. Its an extremely slippery slope, and of course, the luciferian thought process covers all the angles.

This blog site begins where the article leaves off. The information on the this site reveals an agenda, and a pattern relating to the holographic consciousness. What is described as the thought process, and hypnotic subliminal manipulation, which uses the illusory body of all humanity to take control of the Paradise State, this article rightly refers to it as the place where consciousness is sorted out, divided up, chopped and diced into a myriad of illusions. The article can initiate the notion that things are not at at all what they appear to be, and in the process, this can assist some in breaking out of the trance state. It lends credence to the possibility where consideration of a concept other than rational reasoning becomes a viable option in understanding what reality truly is."

Sorry for taking up your comment space. I devoted much space and time simply because I wanted to explain Kemila's writings in detail to those that did not understand them.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the explanation, you elucidate his philosophy well! Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

How do you explain the Piri Ries map?this was a copy of a much,much older map,that clearly outlines the precise geography of Antarctica without ice(which wasn't discovered until the 50's officially) basically Antarctica was not always where it is now geographically,because of a pole shift.Another example are the mammoths found in what is today called Siberia with tropical vegetation in their stomachs,again indicating a pole shift.There is also lava which when set, formed to the magnetic North and these again clearly point to an earth that has shifted it's poles,therefore a globe.

Thanks for your time!

Take care


Eric Dubay said...

Hey Johnny, Piri Reis was a Knights Templar (fore-runner to modern Masonry) and had their new ball-Earth Antarctica added in later over the original. The map surfaced right around the same time that Copernicus and his Mason buddies were starting the whole deception.

"Aside from Freemasonry, other, obviously more esoteric schools sprang up over time, such as that of the Knights Templar ... Many escaped with much of their wealth and secrets and went on to form other secret societies. One of these was the Knights of Christ. Christopher Columbus was alleged to have married the daughter of a Knight of Christ from whose father he had access to certain charts. This is very likely where the Piri Reis map originated from." -Anthony Forwood, "They Would Be Gods"

"Piri Reis, a Templar copied the maps of Columbus that came from the Templars. They (Templars) had been banned from France by Phillip the Fair in 1305." -Truthasaur, "Falconry Lives in Scotland"

"The original maps of Piri Reis were completely lacking they didn't indicate new lands at all. His maps were modified by other cartographers. It is as if I sketched with some few lines a face and then others came and completed the eyes, the nose, mouth and ears." -Jorge Raul Olguin

There are hundreds of proofs that Earth is not a globe, but a flat plane, and these are much more convincing to me than undigested food in mammoth stomachs. Here's 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe. My book contains many more as well. Peace

Unknown said...

Hi Im from chile, my english is not so good, I have a question . You think these childish mistakes are really mistakes ? or are made ​​ purposely ? I guess that in the nasa, and another conspiracy departments like these, works the brightest minds that the tentacles of the elite can capture, how may they fall into these errors? Greetings and thanks

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Van Hoen, I think there are occasional purposeful "mistakes" made by whistle-blowers like when a screw was dropped and immediately picked up on "Mars," or when Bart Sibrel was sent the classified clip of the Apollo 11 astronauts faking the shots of Earth from space. But for the most-part I think people are just so incredibly gullible that they don't have to be particularly careful or thorough. Most people never question the things they are told, especially by perceived "authority" figures, so the evidence doesn't have to be there, just as long as some charismatic guy like Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson is saying it, that's enough, unfortunately.

Jai said...

Hi Eric,

With due respect, one question : How am I able to take a west bound flight from India, via Dubai to reach USA, and still continue to take another west-bound flight from USA via Singapore and arrvive back India? Here my journey started from India and ended in India but I was flying west bound during the whole trip.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Jai, One of heliocentrist’s favorite “proofs” of their ball-Earth theory is the ability for ships and planes to circumnavigate, to sail or fly at right angles to the North Pole and eventually return to their original location. Since the North Pole and Antarctica are covered in ice and guarded “no-fly” zones, however, no ships or planes have ever been known to circumnavigate the Earth in North/South directions, only East/West; And herein lies the rub, East or West-bound circumnavigation can just as easily be performed on a flat plane as it can a globular sphere. Just as a compass can place its center-point on a flat piece of paper and trace a circle either way around the “pole,” so can a ship or plane circumnavigate a flat-Earth. The only kind of circumnavigation which could not happen on a flat-Earth is North/South-bound, which is likely the very reason for the heavily-enforced flight restrictions. Flight restrictions originating from none other than the United Nations, the same United Nations which haughtily uses a flat-Earth map as its official logo and flag!

“Circular sailing no more proves the world to be a globe than an equilateral triangle. The sailing round the world would, of course, take very much longer, but, in principle, it is exactly the same as that of the yachtsman circumnavigating the Isle of Wight. Let me give a simple illustration. A boy wants to sail his iron toy boat by a magnet, so he gets a basin, in the middle of which he places a soap-dish, or anything else which he may think suitable to represent the Earth, and then fills the basin with water to display the sea. He puts in his boat and draws it by the magnet round his little world. But the boat never passes over the rim to sail under the basin, as if that were globular, instead of being simply circular. So is it in this world of ours; from the extreme South we can sail from East to West or from West to East around it, but we cannot sail from North to South or from South to North, for we cannot break through intervening lands, nor pass the impenetrable ramparts of ice and rocks which enclose the great Southern Circumference.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (68)

“A very good illustration of the circum-navigation of a plane will be seen by taking a round table, and fixing a pin in the centre to represent the magnetic pole. To this central pin attach a string drawn out to any distance towards the edge of the table. This string may represent the meridian of Greenwich, extending due north and south. If now a pencil or other object is placed across, or at right angles to the string, at any distance between the centre and the circumference of the table, it will represent a vessel standing due east and west. Now move the pencil and the string together in either direction, and it will be seen that by keeping the vessel (or pencil), square to the string it must of necessity describe a circle round the magnetic centre and return to the starting point in the opposite direction to that in which it first sailed.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (226)

Check out this excellent amateur balloon footage of our flat, motionless Earth. This pretty much says it all:

No Curvature on the Flat Earth

Jai said...

I liked these arguments Eric. Thanks for sharing this perspective. I am still a non-believer of flat-earth theory, but I'll explore more flat-earth arguments with an open mind.

Wish you a happy new year!