Monday, March 7, 2016

Who Brought Back the Flat Earth?

Since late 2014 Google Analytics has shown a drastic exponential rise in people searching the term “Flat Earth.”  The number of pages referencing flat Earth have also jumped from a meager few thousand results to the current figure of over 21 million all in the space of a year and a half!  So who is responsible for this rapid resurgence of the flat Earth concept?  Alleged ex-NASA insider Matt Boylan calls it is “his movement” and claims full responsibility himself, Poet and book-collector Paul Michael Bales also feels he was the one responsible for this resurgence, while many others have pointed to video-game designer Mark Sargent as being the real catalyst.  In this article/video I will show conclusive proof beyond any reasonable doubt who has actually been the most influential and responsible for the growth of the modern flat Earth movement.

Every time I have publicly contested the claims of these three individuals, they accuse me of doing so out of “ego,” and say that I am “creating division in the movement.”  First of all, defending my perspective and exposing flaws in their arguments is done out of respect for the truth, not my own personal aggrandizement.  Secondly, they are all making the exact same claim as myself, so any amount of “ego” present in my claim is also equally present in theirs.  And lastly, it is my contention that THEY are the ones creating division in the movement by purposely mixing truth and lies in typical controlled opposition fashion to muddy the waters, discredit the message, and deter neophytes from researching further.

Please see the evidence we at IFERS have gathered regarding these individuals and other suspected controlled opposition shills in the flat Earth movement:

Matt Boylan - The Jew Apologist Shill:

Paul Michael Bales - The Lying Morpheus:

Mark Sargent Raging Shill Clues:

The Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame:

To begin with, the simple answer to the question of who started the flat Earth movement is no one!  The Earth has always been flat and there have always been people who knew this, spoke about it and wrote about it.  Ever since the advent of NASA, however, the flat Earth concept has been mired in ridicule and nearly disappeared completely from human awareness.  No pro-flat Earth books had been published in approximately 50 years and the only website about the subject was “The Flat Earth Society” which treated the entire thing like satire and made several false claims about what flat Earthers actually hold true.  

Back in 2008, long before Matt Boylan, Paul Michael Bales or Mark Sargent were anywhere on the scene, I published a book and started a website called The Atlantean Conspiracy which contained several articles about the truth of Geocentricity and even quoted Charles Johnson, the former President of the International Flat Earth Research Society.  At the time I had already read Samuel Rowbotham and William Carpenter’s old 19th century flat Earth books, and though personally still on the fence regarding the shape of the Earth, I was confident they were correct about the location (or Geocentricity) of Earth, so I wrote about it.  

In 2009, after watching Alex Jones interview and praise several NASA astronauts on his show, I wrote an article and sent a message to him and his producers about the Moon Landing Hoax and included a link to Samuel Rowbotham’s flat Earth book for them to read.  Alex even mentioned this on-air the next day and called me a “flat-Earther” who “thinks he’s covering up some Atlantean Conspiracy,” (the title of my book and website).  

For the next several years I continued writing books/articles about various conspiracies and worked on building a huge social media presence.  By making multiple accounts, adding as many friends/followers as possible, joining and posting to as many groups and pages as possible, over the course of a few years I began building up very large followings on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, PInterest, Tsu and many other sites.  To give you an example of their efficacy you can see here my main Google Plus account currently has over 135 million views and my secondary one has over 87 million.

Meanwhile, at this point, Matt Boylan, Paul Michael Bales, and Mark Sargent had still yet to make a blip on the internet radar.  The first of them to mention flat Earth was Matt Boylan when he created his “NASA Channel” on YouTube in mid-2011.  He made a few decent videos exposing NASA image fakery, but his channel certainly did not contain many flat Earth proofs/evidence, and there are more videos of him ranting about Axe deodorant, hookers on Tinder, his championship sexual prowess, and other irrelevant topics than there are exposing the flat Earth.  In short, anyone visiting his channel would NOT become a flat Earther and would be more likely turned off from the subject due to his manic ranting style and lack of factual content.

In early 2014 I began writing my book “The Flat Earth Conspiracy” and came across Paul Michael Bales on Facebook, a recent flat Earth convert who had been collecting a library of old original flat Earth books and letters.  Hoping to find some good reference material, I messaged him asking for recommended titles and he told me a few choice books to check out.  The full extent of our interaction consisted of a short Facebook conversation, yet curiously after my book was published and the flat Earth movement began growing, Paul began stating publicly that he was “the Morpheus to my Neo” and that he “taught me everything I know about the flat Earth.”  He even made the ludicrous claim that my book was “plagiarized from old Facebook posts of his!”  Matt Boylan also jumped in and had the gall to say that “my entire book was plagiarized from his information,” which is equally laughable considering he and “his information” are only mentioned in 2 paragraphs of my 252 page book.  Needless to say, both of their claims are baseless and go to show how desperate they are to receive credit where it is not due.

You can also see from this Google analytics chart that the Flat Earth keyword had not made any significant change in 2011 since the launch of Matt’s YouTube channel, nor in late 2012/early 2013 when Paul claims to have gotten his start.  The moment when the Flat Earth tides shifted and the exponential growth of the movement began was clearly around and after November 2014, the exact month when I exploded all of my flat Earth research onto the internet.  In November 2014, I published the first pro-flat Earth book written in 50 years, “The Flat Earth Conspiracy,” I also published several popular articles on the subject, uploaded the most popular “Flat Earth Conspiracy” documentary on YouTube, began giving radio interviews, and soon re-started Charles Johnson’s IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society).  These simultaneous actions, my intentional exploding of credible flat Earth information onto the internet all at once, which I had been preparing for the entire year before, are undoubtedly the catalyst behind the exponential growth curve seen beginning here.

Later on, around March 2015, recent flat Earth convert Mark Sargent came out of nowhere, began uploading new flat Earth videos every day, uploading new interviews several times per week, got offered his own radio show, started being heralded by many as “the King of flat Earth,” and credited with starting the modern flat Earth revival.  At first I was glad to have him on-board until the cracks began to show and the clear disinformation campaign began.  Mark claimed the Moon and stars were “holographic projections” maintained by alleged “dome-builders” who keep us inside a “Truman show” enclosed structure among much other non-sense.  He even lied about me in several interviews including one where he claimed that I promoted the idea of a constantly rising flat Earth to account for gravity, when in fact I constantly expose this false concept as being disinformation.

So, in conclusion, not only do I have publicly available proof of promoting flat Earth before any of these people, but I also have a much larger following/influence than all of them put together.  My International Flat Earth Research Society receives over 50,000 visitors per month, my YouTube channel currently has 6.2 million views, my website has 8.6 million, both my 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball and The Atlantean Conspiracy books have received over 1 million downloads each, just two of my Google Plus accounts have a combined total of over 200 million views!  Combine all this with my reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. and my long-standing record of diligent activism and it should be obvious who is the most responsible / influential person in causing the current flat Earth revival.  But, of course, if I dare to stand-up for myself and say so, that’s just my ego causing division in the movement, right?


Unknown said...

Eric I think the thing I enjoy about you the most is just being able to read some real conversation. A person speaks and truth comes out is that so hard ? keep doing what you are doing, wish i could meet you in person to shake your hand and thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening our eyes to this fundamental truth that has been hidden from us all these years. FE is the most important movement in modern human history.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Eric, I am currently reading your book "The Flat Earth Conspiracy", and it confirms all my own painstaking research over the years. The earth is indeed a flat plane and sits stationary. I was pleased to read also your rebuttals of human fake histories such as Darwinism, Evolution, Dinosaurs and Paleontology, NASA, Space Travel, etc. Your work is much appreciated, and we most definitely see who is authentic and who is not, or in other words who is Ehrean and who is not.

Aeoleanharp said...

Excellemt evidence for your statements here. No doubt you are the most influential proponent of this truth...with credible and verifiable FACTS regarding the geocentric stationary plane called Earth. Thanks for this clear expose again.

BneeBetta said...

Where can i buy your book? is it available online or paperback?

Robert Butler said...

Eric without your explanations I don't think I would have been able to get over my life long indoctrination. You are the entire reason why I was able to break the walls that have kept me in check. It is an amazing feeling to see -to be enlightened -to be aware in a world pulled over our eyes. This flat earth seemed so ridiculous at first but a friend said to me "maybe this isn't for you". I was taken back and kept researching because I still had questions unanswered. I challenged my belief system and have you to thank for guiding me along the way. You are absolutely right. This is the one world science religion of absolute deception. It takes a hell of a person to break these chains and realize that we were taught this at an early age when our mind was a sponge.

mark25 said...

Hello Eric
look at this photo:

why in this photo we can't see any stars?

sorry for my question, i'm at the beginning and I want to kwow more.

thank you so much for your reply.


Anonymous said...

Cool post Eric. I'm grateful your're here and exposing all this. It's sad a lot of people will look to the FAS for answers and find only half truths as you say. Sorry again for posting that thing about automatic bots on flat earth board. Perhaps I was paranoid. Also, sorry for getting into unnecessary arguments about veganism. You should know that I quote you more than Zetetic Astronomy when debating on the boards. Thanks much. Keep fighting the good fight. -Luke

Anonymous said...

well, at least you have written a book which i have. when triggered by this fe subject only 6 months ago, i found you and your book on the net. don't no what exactly was the trigger, i think a post on glp. what fascinates me is the real battle on the net, enourmous amount of shills,trolls and trying to ridiculize everything around this fe subject. that is the drive to go on, even the battlo of egos of who is the first.. that is a distraction in itself....

dkuehne said...

Eric, you're the man! Thank you for your books and all your other hard work. We know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey eric , i have a pretty good article titled the Iron Republic, which is the accounts of a man who went apparently across the antarctic to find a new continent where he goes to explain technologies similiar to today. It is quiet a good read, and does have themes in common with flat earth. It is a article from 1702. I didn't post it because i wasn't sure if it was related to Ifers. I did not want to get banned, but it is a good read. Let me know if you think its worht posting and i will. Again its called the Iron Republic from 1702 from florida magazine.

Chris Williams said...

Eric - my apologies if this information is relatively near to hand but I haven't been able to find what I am looking for.

I am looking to find evidence of how modern explorers have been turned back by naval vessels of countries enforcing restrictions under the Antarctic Treaty. You mentioned this on one of your videos but I cannot find it. I did discover a reference to Jarle Andhoy being arrested in Chile on a video by Paul Steele (Best of Flat Earth Theory (You Tube watch_6K5ZqR5kgg) but was hopping for more. I'm trying to respond to someone who has challenged by unreference assertion to naval turnbacks of such private antarctic adventurers.

Eddie Devere