Friday, October 28, 2016

Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth

At the moment, just like every other 4 years, the gullible masses are being corralled and duped by the Jewish Freemasonic mafia puppet-show known as U.S. elections into voting for one of two equally-terrible long ago bought and paid for politicians, thinking their ceremonial tick at the ballot box is the epitome of effective political activism for members of the so-called "free" world.  In reality, however, a cursory look into the electoral college, voting fraud, and the process of candidacy will reveal the dismal truth and make it abundantly clear, that your ability to tick a box once every four years, has absolutely no effect over who rules and who makes the rules.  Presidents are puppets while the true rulers rule from behind the scenes through coercion, manipulation, deception, bribery, blackmail, forgery, murder, war and other unsavory methods in operations never disclosed to the sheepish public.  The real rulers are those who control our monetary system and the mainstream media.  A tiny handful of people made up mostly of Jews, Freemasons, and Jewish Freemasons, run and control the vast majority of the world's banks and media.  Spreading awareness of this one fact alone, and make no mistake it is an easily verifiable and proven fact, is more important, relevant, and catalytic to bringing about real positive political change than every ballot box you have ever ticked.

For daring to spread this most important and overlooked truth, I have received death threats, lost friends and family members, had my forum shut down, and been kicked off Facebook thrice and counting.  As damning and easily provable as is this fact of Jewish Freemason control, there is one other incredible fact which has also been held from humanity for 500 years now.  This fact is even more damning and more easily provable, and is also a direct result of the Jewish Freemason control over the minds of the masses worldwide.  It is the most marginalized, ridiculed, censored and hidden fact in history.  If this fact was made known to the world at large, just this one fact, has the power to completely transform the world and everyone in it for the better, holistically, in a myriad of ways.  Our rulers are well aware of this, and that is exactly why this truth has been held from us so expertly for so long.  It is about the truth of who we are, where we come from, the actual position and significance of humans, Earth, the Sun, Moon, and stars.

The fact is:  The Earth is flat and motionless.  That is all.  And that is the revelation that will finally break the matrix.  You have been taught from the earliest ages that you live on a spinning ball.  That NASA has sent men to the Moon, that satellites are hovering in perpetual orbit overhead, that an International Space Station contains astronauts free-floating above us, that the Earth is a ball that tilts, wobbles, spins on its axis and revolves around the Sun, and that all these and you are the result of a Big Bang cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago which created everything out of nothing.  Yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is simple and easily proven.  You can see for yourself the horizon is always flat and you can measure using sextants, theodolites, and lasers to prove the Earth and its massive oceans have absolutely no curvature whatsoever.  You can feel for yourself that the Earth beneath you is motionless and you can measure as Michelson, Morley, Gale, Sagnac, Airy and other scientists  have to prove that the Earth is completely motionless.  That's right.  It has been long proven by several scientific experiments, even in the elitist "peer-reviewed journals" you critics constantly harp on about, that the Earth is a stationary plane.  The reason you haven't heard about it before is because the media is controlled by the same people who created this deception.  The only time you have ever heard a "Flat Earther" mentioned in the media, it was in jest or ridicule.  The only thing you have ever heard about "Flat Earth" is that its adherents are ignorant idiots.  Sorry to burst your space bubble, but if you still think you're living on a spinning ball in 2016, you my friend, are the ignorant one.

Millions of people worldwide are waking up to this incredible re-discovery and this "Flat Earth movement" has the potential to bring about positive change on a unprecedented level.  Like a balloon held underwater for 500 years, the momentum of truth rising to the surface is causing and will continue to cause huge ripples in the control system.  As the spinning ball-Earth is finally being exposed worldwide for the 500 year deception it was, Earth's entire population is suddenly being faced with the reality that every government, every space agency, university, secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative media outlet have ALL been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen, reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities, media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this multi-generational cosmological myth, suddenly and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth gets out, so does the truth of these few elite families/societies who have kept this most important and fundamental reality from us for these hundreds of years! Essentially, once the flat Earth truth gets out, so does every other important truth by proxy, because this "mother-of-all-conspiracies" holds under its umbrella literally ALL of the other conspiracies, and exposes them.

As a result of deeply understanding this and wanting to bring about a better world, it has become my life mission to spread the flat Earth truth to everyone.  I have written two books on the subject, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" and "200 Proofs the Earth is Not a Spinning Ball."  I have re-started the International Flat Earth Research Society and maintain a website with hundreds of articles on the subject.  I have done flat Earth radio interviews, made flat Earth FAQs, flat Earth shirts, written flat Earth rap songs, audio/video books, documentaries, and created every other kind of media I can think of to try and promote this message.  Now in just a few short years, thanks to the efforts of the rapidly growing flat Earth community, this has gone from a completely unknown, undiscussed topic to one of the highest ranked google search terms on the internet with tens of millions of hits monthly.  If you still haven't done your due diligence in researching to know for yourself 100% that you are living on a flat, stationary plane, please look into the links provided.  And for those of you who do know, I implore you to help my mission Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth.

Simply knowing the truth yourself will not and cannot save the world.  The only way to save the world is for the whole world to know the truth.  As a means to that end, the most important type of activism anyone can be doing right now is spreading these important truths on a mass scale.  There are innumerable creative ways to help achieve this; the following are several effective methods myself or friends have had success with:

1. Conversation:  One of the best ways to engage people with the flat reality is through conversation.  Asking leading questions, dropping hints, or just telling people various proofs and evidences is a great way to wake people up.  This only works, however, if you are very knowledgeable about the subject yourself and able to answer every possible question without hesitation like the liars at NASA do.

2. Viewing Parties:  Another good way to engage people is by getting them to agree to sit down and watch an informative documentary on the subject such as my videos "The World's Biggest Secret," or "The Masonic Matrix Manipulators"  After watching you can then do your best to field any questions people may have.

3. Book Gifting:  A great indirect way of engaging people is by buying and giving them copies of "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" and "200 Proofs the Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" or other good books on the subject.  If you own flat Earth books yourself, be sure to let friends and family borrow them as well.

4. School Projects:  If you are currently in school or university, a great way to expose this information is by writing essays or doing projects which tackle various aspects of ball-Earth pseudo-science or expose true flat Earth findings.

5. Social Media:  I have had great success using social media to spread flat Earth truth.  Simply create accounts with all the big social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc., join relevant groups and pages, follow people interested in related subjects, and post the best flat Earth material you can find to as many places as you can, as often as you can.  Don't bother arguing with the trolls and closed-minds that will inevitably hound you, but rather focus on dissemination, spreading the message far and wide.  If people ask genuine questions, be sure to answer, but anyone merely looking to ridicule should be left alone to talk with themselves.

6. Use YouTube and Other Video Sharing Sites:  With 13 million hits and growing, my YouTube channel has done an excellent job spreading this message.  We need more people to start flat Earth YouTube and other video sharing site channels, however, either creating original content or just re-uploading other good content.  I personally have given everyone permission to use any/all of my content to help spread the word.  Once you upload a new video to YouTube, then go to all your social media accounts and post each new video to all the relevant pages, groups and timelines you can.

7. Translations:  For multi-lingual flat Earthers, one of the best things you can do is help translate good flat Earth material into your native tongue.  My book "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" has now been translated into 12 different languages and counting, reaching people who would otherwise never have a chance of understanding this material, the majority of which currently exists only in English.

8. Graffiti/Artwork:  Another great method of spreading the word is through artwork or graffiti.  Writing important search terms or keywords and phrases on paper money is also very effective.  On the borders of your dollar bills, simply write,, the Earth is Flat!, Google Flat Earth, Google Eric Dubay, or other such messages.

9. Pamphleteering/stickers:  Creating small brochures or stickers with flat Earth information on them and handing them out in public spaces is an excellent way to spread the word.  Compile several photo proofs or text proofs and put them in an easily printable and readable format then hand out as many as you can.

10:  Radio/TV Show Call ins:  Many different TV and radio shows give their viewers/listeners the opportunity to call in and talk with the host about certain subjects.  A great way to spread the word is either by calling into these shows and engaging them on the subject on the spot, or contacting their producers before-hand and seeing if you could actually be interviewed.

There are an infinite number of creative ways we can spread this most important message, but the key is numbers and consistency.  We need to hit a critical-mass tipping-point of awakened individuals dedicated to helping unplug everyone else from the spinning ball-Earth matrix.  If you have figured out the truth of our flat Earth and realize the amazing positive implications of this being exposed worldwide, please join me on my mission to help spread flat Earth truth to the entire flat world.


Anonymous said...

On it sir! Brilliant post. Many people have awakened to Flat Earth truth but are quite clueless as to how to go about spreading it. These 10 methods will do nicely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, First of all, I love your work. You are intelligent, articulate and credible. I've been researching topics related to the new world order for about 5 years now from a christian perspective. I've found much the same things you have; the jewish (religious, not bloodline) influence, infiltration and control behind everything, including religious organizations including the consciousness / New Age movement.
I also followed Mark Sargent's youtube videos because of his christian viewpoint. But then I noticed his logo (have you noticed it?) It's got 2 pillars and a seal of Cagliostro (occult symbol - the dollar sign). I can't upload it here obviously. But I sent a note asking Mark about it and received no reply.
So here's my quandary - I do think you're right about the flat plane earth and I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, not to be confused with a formal 'religion'. Yet, 'christians' who are purporting the flat earth are dispensational, zionists, and apparently (?) freemasons (??) The deception is layers thick and incredibly confusing, but it seems that everything, and everything leads back to kabbalism and the dialectic - They play both sides.

Unknown said...

I started a gofundme campaign to raise the funds necessary to build an unmanned rocket, armed with multiple UltraHighDef UltraHighSpeed cameras. Internal gyroscopic stabilizers to eliminate spin. It will also be fitted with broadcast capabilities so the images and video from the cameras will be viewable in real time. It's time to send up a rocket, get the proof we need, one way or another, no matter what that truth may be. At least we will have an answer, an undeniable truth. Here is the chance to finally get that truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,
I have some information for you, maybe you will know what to do with it better than me.
In the book “Forbidden Archeology” written by Michael Cremmo & Thompson, the authors shows a lot of suppressed evidence of very ancient human fossils, with more than ten million years old!
So my conclusion is: If the human civilization is that old, the world government is operating a long time ago, and we are just lab rats, or maybe a crop. We are being slaved not by Jews and Freemasons, because they are slaves too, but by an ancient human civilization with a technology we can’t even imagine! Think about that…
When Oppenheimer was asked if that was the first time the nuclear bomb was used he answered: Yes, in our time!?

Israeli Warrior

Anonymous said...

Trump may well be controlled, but he's 1000x better than Hillary. That's indisputable. Good video though.

Mary Martha said...

They are the same dear anon. There is only the illusion of a difference to trick you into believing there really is one. To believe you have the power to choose one over the other it is not who casts the votes it is who counts them. It is a dog and pony show. I like Eric have lost friends and have family members who love me but do not believe me. There are some that I know who are beyond help.
Dear Israeli warrior. There are no nukes. There are no dinosaurs. The earth is not that old. Again it is all lies. Shake free from the shackles and arm yourself as a warrior for truth. Be an Atlanean Conspiracy Warrior!
Mary Martha

Val said...

does the words, "wolves in sheep clothing" sink in to people, Mark Sargent is simply controlled opposition. we learned a very long time ago, to infiltrate and destroy from within, so obviously that means, you must blend in and appear to be "one of us" otherwise the ploy will not work..
the internet is full of thousands of paid trolls, to simply tell 90% truth and taint it with a lie that will eventually get found out then destroy the whole...
we must learn to follow the message and not the messenger, if the message is loud and clear and reasonably proven, it will resonate with your inner being, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free, if it does not do that, it is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric, I love your videos and your site. I have a question about tornadoes and how they spin in opposite directions depending on which hemisphere your in. How can that be that tornadoes can spin both directions??
Thanks, Tim

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Tim, storms do not always spin opposite directions depending on which hemisphere. This is merely a myth to bolster their balls. Please see the following: Peace

Anonymous said...

hi Eric!
what do you think about this talk ?

Illuminati said...

It's funny that a lot of basic truth has been hidden to us. Maybe earth is flat, maybe not. But in these days, we need to debate on truth. We deserve a corrupt free media, corporations and the whole world.

In Domino Spea Mea said...

Dude! THANK YOU so much! You have no idea what this information is doing to me!
I feel like I'm back in school studying sciences again! I am researching and watching videos all day and night while I'm on vacation.
This is crazy! I did not plan to spend my vacation time doing this! Well!... here I am writing comments to you!
Keep up the good work and I hope from the bottom of my heart people will wake up, and when people wake up this movement will grow more and more until we will not be ignore anymore. You see? I said we. I'm already including myself as a flat earth-er!
Wao! I'm still in awe of the whole thing! God bless you!

DianeDi said...

To Illuminati:

At the very least - I would rather have questions that can't be answered, than answers that can't be questioned !

Anonymous said...

Well done. I'm reading a good flat earth facts book and watched a great video from a guy who found 3 mountains which were 26 miles apart. He got level on them all and noted no arch in the picture and no loss os his ability of the furthest mountain which would happen if the fake drop on a circle globe. Id love to pull more people into this and I plan too. Keep up the good work and let's get a flat world conference going!

Check for lots of good flat earth proof.

Unknown said...

Eric, please read this. I recently set out to disprove the flat theory, but ended up proving it instead. I'm sure you saw the story of the flight that was flying from Taiwan to Los Angeles, where 6 hours into the flight a lady went into labor, causing an emergency landing in Anchorage. It made no sense on a globe map, but on a flat earth map it was the closest destination to land a large international flight.

So, I showed a friend. He got on Google Flights and started searching for flights going very long distances, from east to west 'hemisphere'. Each flight always has a layover stop. On the globe map, the layover stops were thousands of miles out of the way. On the flat earth map, they made a straight line. If I had the equipment and knowledge, I would make a video about it. You should check this out and make one. It is truly and eye opener. We sat for over an our looking at dozens of flights. They all made perfect sense on a flat earth map, but made no sense on the globe. This is what convinced me completely. Airline companies would never wast huge amounts of fuel to go thousands of miles out of the way. It's simply a bad business decision.

John Best said...

I think you are probably correct about flat Earth and know you're right about a non-spinning Earth.
It's more important for the masses to learn that we the people are the authorities than it is to dwell on flat Earth. If the masses can learn that they can fire the government and seize TV from Rothschild, thus restoring our freedom of speech, then telling the truth about what Earth really is will be simple. We dwn't have to fight with our elected enemies if we fire them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric.
If you haven't answered this question before, ........What is the purpose of the moon?

Unknown said...

There is no doubt that the our world is flat and that the sun and stars revolve arount it.Now the most important thing that the people understand this reality so that they leave the deception of fallen is to understant and seek the Almighty Creador for who have the truth life and true knowledge of the all things.

Unknown said...

This is so well written. I admire your mind!!! I am planning on starting a small, local group in my city (Salem, Oregon). I thought of this group idea LONG before being introduced to flat earth info, but now that I know, I can incorporate this. I am going to call it "Metaphysical Salem" and here is why: my vision is that humanity needs to begin meeting in face-to-face, local, groups to discuss local/global (micro/macro) in an entirely different way than is "normal" now. We need to frame all discussions metaphysically. By this, I do NOT mean airy-fairy crystal gazing (nothing against that, btw) or wandering discussions pertaining to spirituality (nothing wrong with that, either!). Instead, what about focusing on ACTUALLY VIEWING OUR WORLD THROUGH A MORE BROAD, INTEGRATED LENS: integrating the physical and the meta-physical. My MAIN intention is to really get at this false division between the material and the non-material. To break free of the spiritual VS. the material "war" that has been manufactured to divide us, and our thinking and intuitive processes. Thus, I am attempting to "reclaim" the term "metaphysical". I believe it is a "end run" around a lot of programming, because it is a word most people don't use. Good! Right now, the entire subject of metaphysics connotes distant, inaccessible, esoteric knowledge that only "really smart or really spiritual" people can understand. BULLSHIT! Religion "ate" metaphysics long ago. It also "ate" physics, under the guise of Scientism. THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING OF METAPHYSICAL LAWS IS MISSING FROM MOST CONVERSATIONS ON ANY TOPIC. Most people (irregardless of religious upbringing!) simply do NOT understand that NOTHING in the physical world creates consciousness! CONSCIOUSNESS (to use that less than perfect word) CREATES OUR PHYSICAL REALITY, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! NOTHING in our physical reality is "just physical", appearing magically, without no relation to non-physical realities (realms, REAL PLACES). This is a very deep reason that the "controlling illusionists" separate any spiritual talk and scientific talk: they don't want us to see that the two are MARRIED FOREVER. (True love!) Each city, town, neighborhood, family, individual etc has a non-physical counterpart that is informing it. IN-FORM-ING. This is fucking reality. We need to start acting like it as we make decisions. Not only do we need to SEE the physical APPEARANCE of this Earth realm accurately and sanely and logically, but we also need to THEN begin to integrate this CLARITY OF VISION with a deeper cosmology and metaphysics. So, the "META-physics" is the "macro" and the "LOCA-physics" (I just made that up... not sure if that is a good word, or not!) is the world we operate within in 3d earth reality (not the false overlay reality matrix controlled by parasitic, undeveloped souls!). So, local issues (LOCA-physics) will be integrated with META-physics. We could have groups in each city. We need to start dreaming up a new world using our most potent gift: our imagination.