Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear Spinning Ball Earth Believer

Hello.  My name is Eric Dubay and I'm a Flat Earther.  Contrary to what you have been told to believe about me by the mainstream media, the government education system, and society in general, I am not an idiot, uneducated, or a religious zealot.  I am a college graduate, spent 7 years teaching at a prestigious University, have published 5 books, and am not a follower of any religion.  I was once a spinning ball Earth believer like yourself.  In fact, the only difference between Spinning Ball Earthers and Flat Earthers, is that Flat Earthers have done their research.  Of course, however, you will be told the opposite, that Flat Earthers are uneducated morons unaware of modern scientific theories, but the reality is every Flat Earther is well educated regarding the Spinning Ball Earth fantasy presented by NASA, taught in schools, and accepted as gospel truth by the gullible masses.  In fact, you will find the average Flat Earther is far more knowledgeable about the Spinning Ball Earth we're supposedly living on than the average Spinning Ball Earth believer!  This is because Flat Earthers are all people who attempted to prove for themselves whether or not Earth is the way modern scientific and astronomical theory preaches, and discovered that it most certainly is not. 

There are hundreds of proofs and scientific experiments which have conclusively shown the Earth to be a stationary plane, but you have never and will never hear about these heavily censored experiments in our controlled media.  You never hear of the Michelson-Morley, Michelson-Gale, Sagnac, Kantor, and Airy experiments, for example, all of which proved the Earth to be motionless.  You also never hear of the Rowbotham, Blount, or Carpenter experiments all of which proved the Earth to be a level plane devoid of any curvature.  Instead you are repeatedly shown NASA images of a spinning ball Earth and astronauts in zero-G space.  You are told the oceans curve around and stick to the underside of a spinning ball thanks to Newton's magical gravity.  You are told Eratosthenes measured shadows to prove the ball, and Magellan circumnavigated the ball.  Again, us Flat Earthers are well aware of the supposed proofs and alleged evidence we are given regarding the spinning ball Earth fantasy.  The difference is we have further analyzed these supposed proofs and found glaring holes in them even larger than the size of NASA's annual budget.

I have personally debunked every such claim of supposed spinning ball Earth evidence I could find in my book "The Flat Earth Conspiracy," and also compiled "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" in my book of the same title.  I will not re-iterate myself here as you can read these online for free now in over a dozen languages, but suffice to say, there is no aspect of the spinning globe model that stands up to critical scrutiny, and every alleged proof offered is easily refuted.  The spinning globe and every argument used to defend it is simply pseudo-science masquerading as truth.  The pictures and videos presented to the public by NASA and other government space agencies are as real as a Hollywood motion picture and as scientific as science-fiction.  Science facts, on the other hand, prove the flat Earth.

For example, it is the natural physics of all fluids to remain perfectly level and flat until disturbed in some way.  If dammed up and released, all liquids will quickly disperse in every unobstructed direction until finding their new level.  This ever-present, never-broken law of physics is so reliable that builders use water spirit-levels to level all their constructions.  When you look out at the sea-horizon, from as high as amateur balloons and rockets have ever gone, the water line always remains completely level and flat.  If, however, the Earth is a spinning ball as NASA and modern astronomy claim, then somehow the massive oceans must all in defiance of physics, curve thousands of miles around an irregular pear-shaped oblate spheroid.  In reality, measurements have been repeatedly taken throughout history until modern times using lasers, levels, sextants and theodolites to test for Earth's supposed curvature and every time have proven what our eyes and experience tell us to be true: The Earth simply does not curve downwards 8 inches per mile squared as dictated by spherical trigonometry and NASA's own calculations for a globe Earth 24,900 miles in equatorial circumference.  This mythical curvature exists only in the fisheye lens footage they constantly film and the fake CG images of Earth they constantly propagate.

Now, dear Spinning Ball Earth believer, there is much more you must learn and even more that you must unlearn to understand fully the depth of this deception.  It will take more than just a few minutes of Flat Earth research to overcome a lifetime of indoctrination, but I implore you to do just that.  Try and prove to yourself whether or not the spinning ball Earth we are taught to believe since kindergarten is in fact a reality.  I can speak on behalf of every Flat Earther when I say that's exactly what we did.  We did our due diligence in researching and proving one way or the other whether this seemingly flat, motionless plane we all stand upon is actually a tilting, wobbling, rotating and revolving pear-shaped oblate spheroid, hurdling around the Sun, or whether everything is actually just as it seems:  Water always remains level and flat, the horizon always remains level and flat, the Earth is motionless, just as it seems, and the Sun, Moon and stars all revolve over and around us, just as it appears.  I encourage you to please explore this fascinating subject for yourself by viewing the many other Flat Earth documentaries and interviews on my YouTube channel and visiting The International Flat Earth Research Society at  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. What do these elites stand to gain from keeping Flat Earth a secret? If it is indeed flat, then why say its a ball in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that guy over at Plane Not A Planet sayd you're a shill! Lol No worries here, I don't see one iota of evidence of any such thing. In Fact you rank with the best researchers I've read. Best meaning your work is good and more importantly in good faith. Sure most people won't believe it's actually flat even when shown all the proof needed, which is so rudimentary it can be easily understood by a high schooler. Funny how that is, also quite sad. I have love for you Eric, you're a good person and I wish you well. I come from a family that years ago was steeped in Freemasonry and the damage it has done to me is staggering. I've been involved for decades (until 5 years ago) with subversive groups hell bent on destroying Christianity and our whole world so I know both sides well. I eventually came to see what I was actually doing and stopped immediately and turned to Jesus. I know own Jesus is not where you are at and that's fine although it makes me a little sad too. Be safe and continue this truly mind altering work of that truth!

Eric Dubay said...

For first Anonymous, you can find answers to all your Flat Earth questions on IFERS: and thanks to second Anon as well. PlaneTruth (is that Plane Not A Planet?) is a kosher shill that got our first forum shut down: Peace

Unknown said...

Hi Eric. Just watching your stuff for the first time. I live on the Murray River in Australia. There are several long straight stretches and yeah, I never thought about the curvature thing before.
If the Earth was a ball, surely the river couldn't always run to the mouth, it would run back and forth as the ball spins....
By the way, I think Santa is Satans greatest trick.
Kids learn about bullshit pretty young. Next story they hear after Santa is the Jesus story.
Nah, not falling for that again says the kid.
God bless you my friend.

Bernard said...

Hi Eric

Placed a link to your "Life Changing Flat Earth" interview on the page ON THE FLAT EARTH on my blog

Keep up the good work!


cotec007 said...

Have you heard this song? Very nice! Looks like some of your images Eric.

Anonymous said...

Eric, listen to me, you are the man for this. I am pretty open minded about all your other works and believe 90% of it, and i still couldn't believe this flat earth for a second, it was too ridiculous and you lost me as a fan at first, i thought, and believe i might have commented about this as ok, who cares that its flat. I'm a flat earther now a lot of it makes a lot of sense as crazy as it seems at first. I think its just because if you even bring it up most people will just attack you or laugh at you and not entertain the idea for a second, so well played PTB.

Anonymous said...

Eric your audience might be interested in this video

illuminate the gravity and sphere of something that effects human kind.... If he had to get this speech through a freemason watcher it would be 50/50 if this was going to far!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this has ever been discussed. An early "flat earthers" proofs and ideas quite interesting!

Thanks to all!

Unknown said...


What is your impression of the Michelson-Morley experiment with the interferometer? Can you explain it, and its results?