Thursday, July 27, 2017

Eric Dubay Answers Everyone's Flat Earth Questions

The following video is a compilation of answers to 32 of the most common questions asked during flat Earth interviews. For the past several years I have done my best to personally and promptly answer every genuine flat Earth question asked of me across all of my social media accounts. I promise to continue answering everyone's flat Earth questions and request that you direct your friends and family to this video and its comments section which I will use as a platform to field further questions and compile a compendium of flat Earth F.A.Q. answers here in this link.

What is your evidence that Earth is not a spinning ball? (0:25)
How do you explain NASA's images and videos of Earth? (22:32)
What about the ISS, Hubble, Moon and Mars Landings? (27:06)
How does gravity work on a flat Earth? (39:11)
What does the flat Earth look like? (45:42)
Where is the edge of the flat Earth? (49:51)
What did early explorers have to say about Antarctica? (56:00)
How do you explain circumnavigation on a flat Earth? (59:24)
How do you explain ships disappearing over the horizon? (1:00:29)
Why can't you see across the ocean with a telescope? (1:03:06)
Are distance photographs the result of a 'mirage'? (1:04:22)
What about the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull dive? (1:07:22)
Are all the planets flat or only the Earth? (1:09:29)
How do you explain eclipses on a flat Earth? (1:14:20)
What is underneath the flat Earth? (1:17:14)
Is there a dome covering the flat Earth? (1:21:05)
How do you explain time-zones on a flat Earth? (1:22:51)
How do you explain seasons on the flat Earth? (1:24:17)
How does flat Earth account for the midnight Sun? (1:26:27)
Why do the Sun/Moon appear bigger on the horizon? (1:28:29)
How do you explain seeing two sunsets from the Burj Khalifa tower? (1:30:27)
Is moonlight really just a reflection of sunlight? (1:34:12)
How do you explain the moon being upside down in the South hemisphere and rightside up in the North? (1:35:34)
How do you explain seeing curvature from a plane window? (1:36:29)
How do you account for satellites, GPS, and Google Earth? (1:38:00)
How do you explain meteors, comets, and craters on a flat Earth? (1:43:03)
How do you explain Foucault Pendulums? (1:47:52)
How do you explain the Coriolis Effect? (1:48:51)
What is the Flat Earth Society? (1:50:43)
Why hasn't anyone blown the whistle on this secret? (1:55:54)
Why does it matter whether or not the Earth is flat? (1:58:31)
Why would they lie to us about the flat Earth? (2:05:54)


Mary Martha said...

Bravo young Eric! Just when I think you can't do any better you outdo yourself once again! Well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Mary Martha

Norbert said...

Greek frats convendly missing from the illumiti.Did you know all luner astranauts were greek frats.The oldest in the usa is PhiBetaKappa .A lot of cia directers and a lot of presidents are a part of pbk.J rockerfellow was
was an honery member of pbk.

Denmark Vesey said...

Hello Eric,

First of all. Great work. Big fan of yours. You've changed lives.

I have a question. I'm engaged in a debate with a group of friends. I've made the assertion we have witnessed millions of East / West circumnavigations of the earth ... but 0 North / South navigations.

In an attempt to debunk my point they have posted videos claiming flights have indeed circumnavigated north to south.

What is your take?

How can I debunk these wannabe debunkers?

Thanks man. Keep doing what you doing!

Denmark Vesey

Anonymous said...

How far would any satellite etc need to be in order to get the full picture of earth. For example, if I'm trying to take a picture of a whole building I would need to stand or be a certain distance away from the building and it may be virtually impossible at certain distances. Wouldn't that be the same in order to take a picture of the earth (globe)?

Wolf Hazey said...

Hi don't know if just me , but there is no sound on this video. Was really looking forward to watching it. Hope it's fixed soon

Anonymous said...

Can you make a transcript of this video? Sometimes I just want to copy and paste your answers to people when I'm defending flat earth