Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Flatlantis is an exploration into the history of Flat Earth, the mythology of Atlantis, and the mystery of Mount Meru, the alleged magnetic mountain ancient cultures worldwide believed existed at the North Pole. Beginning with a complete history of the geocentric flat Earth cosmology and subsequent gradual adoption of the heliocentric globe Earth model, Flatlantis then delves into ancient polar mythologies, early polar history/cartography, modern polar expeditions, and the myriad problems with claims made by Cook, Peary, Byrd, Scott, Amundsen, and other explorers. Finally, in a metaphysical twist, the book ends with research into Freemasonry, Christian esotericism, the Atlantean legend, Kundalini Yoga, ancient advanced civilizations and how they are all intimately connected to the North Pole.

As with all of my books, Flatlantis will eventually in the coming months be released free as a series of articles and videos available for everyone. If you're able to support me however, please help out by purchasing a copy or two for yourself and family/friends. Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Hey Eric check out this garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdn9cvJBt64

They never attack any good points, keeps attacking the same dumb points that people made and pretend like that one person speaks for everyone. He likes to explain how he thinks something works but never shows an experiment which proves it. Also his foundations are flawed and then bases everything on his flawed foundations (what the sun and jupiter are made of) he assumed what they were made of based on what he heard from others but has no proof of it.

And finally he never mentions your name or attack any of your points which I find rather very interesting since you were literally the person that brought the topic back from the dead. It's almost like these anti flat earthers are trying really hard to pretend you don't exist and to only look at these weirdos over here with the dumb arguments.

Big E said...

Flat earth doesn't matter Eric mate, THIS MATTERS! https://therightofreply.blogspot.com/2020/08/chromosome-8-and-covid-scam-revealed.html

Anonymous said...