Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Age Bullshit and Suppression of the Sacred Masculine

If you've got 7 hours to spare, Mark Passio's following video podcast is an excellent in-depth analysis and criticism of the world's current false paradigms, religious / political / cultural brainwashing, epidemic immorality, and problem behaviors which he proposes stem from imbalance in the left and right brain hemispheres, conflict and division between the sacred feminine and masculine.  He also outlines 10 huge "deceptions" and "corrections" of the new age movement which have become increasingly pervasive in society and lodged into the collective consciousness.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Another fascinating phenomenon closely related to the OBE is the NDE or Near-Death Experience.  The NDE is essentially the ultimate OBE occurring at the moment of physical death.  Throughout history people who have died and later been resuscitated report the same story of consciousness leaving their physical body, entering a realm of love and light, meeting angelic beings, and watching their entire lives flash before their eyes.  Slight differences exist in various accounts of NDEs, but these pale next to the incredible universal similarities.  The typical NDE is as follows: 

A man is dying and suddenly finds himself floating above his body and watching what is going on.  Within moments he travels at great speed through a darkness or a tunnel.  He enters a realm of dazzling light and is warmly met by recently deceased friends and relatives.  Frequently he hears indescribably beautiful music and sees sights – rolling meadows, flower-filled valleys, and sparkling streams – more lovely than anything he has seen on earth.  In this light-filled world he feels no pain or fear and is pervaded with an overwhelming feeling of joy, love, and peace.  He meets a ‘being (and/or beings) of light’ who emanates a feeling of enormous compassion, and is prompted by the being(s) to experience a ‘life review,’ a panoramic replay of his life.  He becomes so enraptured by his experience of this greater reality that he desires nothing more than to stay. However, the being tells him that it is not his time yet and persuades him to return to his earthly life and reenter his physical body.”  -Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe” (240)

A man is dying and, as he reaches the point of greatest physical distress, he hears himself pronounced dead by his doctor. He begins to hear an uncomfortable noise, a loud ringing or buzzing, and at the same time feels himself moving very rapidly through a long dark tunnel. After this, he suddenly finds himself outside of his own physical body, but still in the immediate physical environment, and he sees his own body from a distance, as though he is a spectator. He watches the resuscitation attempt from this unusual vantage point and is in a state of emotional upheaval.  After a while, he collects himself and becomes more accustomed to his odd condition. He notices that he still has a ‘body’ but one of a very different nature and with very different powers from the physical body he has left behind.  Soon other things begin to happen. Others come to meet and to help him. He glimpses the spirits of relatives and friends who have already died, and a loving, warm spirit of a kind he has never encountered before - a being of light - appears before him. This being asks him a question, nonverbally, to make him evaluate his life and helps him along by showing him a panoramic, instantaneous playback of the major events of his life. At some point he finds himself approaching some sort of barrier or border, apparently representing the limit between earthly life and the next life. Yet, he finds that he must go, back to the earth, that the time for his death has not yet come. At this point he resists, for by now he is taken up with his experiences in the afterlife and does not      want to return. He is overwhelmed by intense feelings of joy, love, and peace. Despite his attitude, though, he somehow reunites with his physical body and lives.”  –Dr. Raymond Moody, “Life After Life” (34)

Considering the fact that “hallucination” is the usual skeptical argument against NDEs, it is important to note that the main features are amazingly consistent.  The “hallucination” always begins by finding oneself in a non-physical body somewhere near your now lifeless physical body.  At this point your consciousness becomes more expansive than ever, all sensation and perception becomes incredibly lucid, you can hear the thoughts and feel the feelings of everyone around, and you can travel at the speed of thought.  Eventually the physical world begins to fade as you proceed to float through a luminous tunnel, walk up a long staircase, cross a narrow bridge or other such transitional, archetypal scene.  In Greek mythology all newly deceased souls crossed the river Styx on a ferry boat from the world of the living to Hades, the world of the dead.  After transitioning from the world of the living, you begin to see or feel the presence of deceased friends/relatives, angels, so-called “light-beings” who communicate telepathically and send overwhelming emanations of love.  You are then shown a full spectrum playback of your entire life accurate to the finest detail which you re-experience from this space of expanded consciousness able to think, feel, and fully understand not only yourself but everyone you have ever interacted with in life.  You feel the betrayal of a cheated spouse, understand your enemies, realize your true friends, and so on; you feel and experience the consequences of your actions on everyone else.  Ultimately you are told or decide to come back to the world of the living and find yourself stuck in your physical body right at the moment of your resuscitation.  This seems like quite a coherent, meaningful, and oft-repeated sequence of events to be so casually labeled “hallucination.”

It was nothing like an hallucination. I have had hallucinations once, when I was given codeine in the hospital. But that had happened long before the accident which really killed me. And this experience was nothing like the hallucinations, nothing like them at all … I tried to tell my minister, but he told me I had been hallucinating, so I shut up … I tried to tell my nurses what had happened when I woke up, but they told me not to talk about it, that I was just imagining things. So, in the words of one person: you learn very quickly that people don't take to this as easily as you would like for them to. You simply don't jump up on a little soapbox and go around telling everyone these things.” –Dr. Raymond Moody, “Life After Life” (34-6)

Some people later choose to relate their NDE experiences to doctors, relatives and friends, however it is likely the vast majority do not, often believing for example they will not be believed or worse are considered to have been hallucinating due to the anesthetic or other medical factors associated with the medical situation, or suffering from after-effects arising from the physical condition leading to the NDE.  Other people are afraid to relate NDE experiences on the basis they might be considered to be mentally deranged or will be ridiculed.  To most people experiencing an NDE, relating the experience to others seems pointless, the experience itself being so intensely profound and personal.  Research has proven however that literally millions of people have experienced an NDE, most of which are described as deeply profound, life changing experiences.” -Adrian Cooper, “Our Ultimate Reality” (394)

Regardless of many so-called experts claiming the contrary, no near-death experiencer ever considers their NDE to have been a hallucination.  In fact, universally, NDErs report the experience to be “more real than this reality” and “like returning home.”  Not to mention, during the NDE, these patients are indeed clinically dead and showing zero brain activity which fundamentally sets NDEs apart from traditional “hallucinations.”  Furthermore, there are hundreds of documented cases in which NDErs come back to life and report in detail actual events that occurred while they were “dead” and out of body!  This obviously conflicts with the notion that NDEs are mere hallucinations.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Masonic Mystery of "33"

At the Vatican there are 32 archways on each side of the courtyard with a giant obelisk in the middle. The Pope's cassock has 32 buttons and his head represents the 33rd. The symbol for the Soviet Union has 32 rays emanating from the sun being the 33rd. On 3/3/03 the UN World Prayer Center called for everyone to pray simultaneously at 3:30pm. The ceiling in the United Nations General Assembly room has a large circular light surrounded by 32 smaller lights. The UN building is 39 (13x3) stories high and sits on land donated by Mason David Rockefeller. The United Nations flag shows the globe divided into 33 sections encircled by olive branches. The flag also happens to be blue just like the first 3 “blue degrees” of Masonry.

There are 13 degrees of York-Rite Masonry and 33 degrees of Scottish-Rite. Our measuring system originated in Masonic France in the 1790s which explains why 13 standard inches is equal to precisely 33 metric centimeters. Ice freezes and changes back to water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, also corresponding with Masonic degrees of illumination, since every high-level Mason who hasn't yet "contributed significantly to the Great Work" is frozen at 32 degrees. 33 is the first degree that the "illuminated" can move freely throughout the organization. The very idea of measuring heat by "degrees" is Masonic. So is your diploma (degree), and getting “the third degree” comes from the Masonic third degree ceremony in which the initiate must answer many probing, personal questions.

The eagle, one of the main symbols of Scottish-Rite Freemasonry, is found on the dollar bill. It has 32 feathers on its right wing symbolizing the 32 formal degrees of Scottish-Rite Masonry, but he’s looking at his left wing which contains an extra 33rd feather representing the 33rd degree held by many world leaders and historical figures. Head of the Supreme Council of World Freemasonry Albert Pike invented the 33rd degree of Freemasonry in 1832. He was Chief Judicial Officer and Co-Founder of the KKK (K = 11th letter, 11x3 = 33)

“In Hebron he [King David] reigned over Judah seven years and six months [7+6 = 13]: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years [33] over all Israel and Judah.” -2 Samuel 5:5

There are multiple references to 33 in the bible: 33 days of purification (Leviticus 12:4), 33 sons and daughters of Israel (Genesis 46:15), and 3300 officers of King Solomon (1 Kings 5:16). King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 years (1 Kings 2:11). The Star of David is two triangles, meaning two 3s – 33. There are exactly 33 titles in the Old Testament for the antichrist and 13 in the New Testament. Most importantly, Jesus was baptized at age 30, began his 3 year ministry, then died and was resurrected at age 33 (Luke 3:23). Also see (1 Chronicles 3:4, and 1 Chronicles 29:27).

The sun enters at the 30th degree but is not totally clear until the 33rd degree, as it is of a certain size also. This is why they said in the Bible that the ministry of Christ begins at 30 and finishes at 33. This reference would have been unmistakable to anyone aware of the secrets of astrology. The number is connected to the initiation of the ‘Sun’ of god not ‘Son,’ passing through the zodiac. This is why the Freemasonic lodges also utilize the number.” –Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

In astrology, the sun officially transitions into a new sign of the zodiac at the 33rd degree (a concept well-known long before Christianity). For more information regarding the astrological origins of the Christian mythos reference the topic titled “Astrotheology.”