Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Knew I Was Right

This new independent group Chronic Vibe's latest track "I Knew I Was Right" has a great anti-NWO/pro-freedom message and super catchy hook. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

I just finished watching this awesome, dated, but increasingly relevant lecture by Johnny Liberty. It's a little slow going at first but about mid-way through to the end is packed with litigation tricks and sovereign wisdom to help people to continue thinking and acting freely. Parts 1-3 above, here are parts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Global Sovereign's Handbook

The Global Sovereign's Handbook

The Global Sovereign's Handbook by John David Van Hove (a.k.a. Johnny Liberty) is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Freeman/Sovereignty/Redemption movement. The first half reads much like Atlantean Conspiracy or other books exposing the various control mechanisms in modern society, while the second half gets into navigating the judicial system and reclaiming your natural sovereignty.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Love Police Metanoia Edit

Charlie Veitch hooked up with Metanoia Productions recently to shoot this high-resolution 20 minute Love Police mini-documentary. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

David Icke Debunked

I've been recommended this 2 1/2 hour documentary 3 times already this week and finally got around to watching it. David Icke Debunked is fantastic, really well presented/researched and absolutely essential viewing for anyone who's ever heard of David Icke. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, at least watch the final half-hour as it gets into how/why David Icke and other "conspiracy heroes" are being used as a controlled-opposition leaders, preparing us for certain future events and ideologies. Here's the transcript from what I'd deem the most important/interesting part of the documentary:

Let me suggest a possible x factor that people like Bill Cooper have suggested, and one that I think without question we are being prepared for by the global elite, and have been for at least 70 years. That is an extra-terrestrial presence being discovered. I realize that there are many documents that reveal a plan of the new world order to use an alien threat to cause the patriotism needed for a world government. After all people would no longer view themselves and separate countries but instead a world family, this would also create the need for a world bureaucracy to deal with the threat. But I think that based on the propaganda of Hollywood and the occult writings that this might not be presented as a threat at all, but rather as them posing as a savior to a world that will be war torn. They will claim to be saving us from ourselves. They will claim to have genetically created mankind, and they would claim that they used to be like us and that we are on the verge of an evolution. Suspend disbelief for a moment as I explain how this would serve as Icke's x factor and the catalyst for his Utopia and the real new world order to begin all at the same time.

It would accomplish the primary thing that Icke says we need to do in order to shift with the planet, that is to destroy religion of all types. All over the world religions would be in turmoil. Here are these aliens and they are claiming to have created us, that means they are claiming to be our God in a sense. Overnight the programming that Icke says is too powerful, the religious programming, that is holding us back from the shift, would be shattered. All the religions would be forced to reconsider their ideas.

Secondly, it would finally get the idea of a possible evolution to the entire world, everyone across the world, from the smallest village to the largest city would have a really good reason to believe that they too could be evolved, they could become like the aliens, they could become actual gods. Overnight the x factor could turn the entire world into little David Ickes believing their evolution was just around the corner.

And of course the world government utopia would be possible then, but it would be even better if what after a time of war like when Alice Bailey said The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. Here is why:

We need to be convinced that the utopia that we will be asked to join is totally different than the old system. For us truther types we will need to be convinced that the new world order has been defeated in order to trust such a utopia…the regular people will only have to be convinced that the new system, since it will be based on non-religious ideas, now because the aliens showed us that the religions were wrong, will be one where there will be no more wars; that will be the promise…the war that we are saved from initially must be made to look like the epitome of religious wars, it will be something that pins the Jews against Muslims which will draw in the so called Christians…the world will be convinced that the previous wars were about religion…this will be the way that the genocide starts ... It's like the treaty of Versailles times 100.

Only universal disaster could have brought men to a state of mind wherein such propositions and solutions could be presented. The general recognition that the old order has lamentably failed is most valuable. – Alice Bailey

The new world order will seem to have been defeated, we will rejoice in our new hope of utopia we will badly need it, we will be told to await out new found powers, but when they don’t come we will be told that it is because there are still among us that are keeping us from it, those that are still hanging on to the old age.

"But we’re now seeing the last throes of a dying system, where the Illuminati in their box, they’re believing they’re crashing the system to create something else, when it’s actually crashing really, for another reason." -David Icke

Understand what he is saying, he is admitting that they are crashing the system to create something else. This idea should be common knowledge to all of us who study them, they are going to be the solution to a problem they created. And Icke of course knows this, after all he is Mr. problem-reaction-solution.

But listen to what he is saying…he believes his utopia will arise out of their ashes and for some reason their phoenix wont rise… in effect he is saying when the system crashes…he is expecting his utopia to rise but they are expecting a utopia to rise too…how are we supposed to know that the utopia we get after the crash is the one that Icke is talking about instead of the one they have been planning to bring about for so long…or probably the bigger question is… are theses utopias one in the same, they certainly sound the same.…What a dangerous game this is.

They will say that there are still people who don’t trust the new utopia, (these people will primarily be Christians because there are prophecies specifically mention a great deception that will seem to offer peace but it will only last a 3.5 years before it shows its true colors) All the other religions will find it easy to agree to the new system. This in addition to the propaganda that Christianity is behind all the wars of the past will convince the entire world of theses words of Aleister Crowley who was given this message from a being claiming to be an Egyptian god.

I want to encourage people to look into some of the things that we have been constantly told are true in the Truth Movement. For example we have always been told that the Bible was changed by the illuminati, but if you see my video "was the bible written or changed by the illuminati" you will see that this claim is easily disputed. Or that Christians were behind the crusades and other wars, see my video “religious wars, fact or fiction.” Or as I mentioned the Zeitgeit version of history. Watch the video "Zeitgeist Refuted" final cut or check out any of the links at the website If you're really concerned about truth, watch that film, or go to my youtube channel where I have 336 uploads and other videos I have made like this one, and consider the possibility that you have been brainwashed as I once had been, to hate Christians and Jews. Is it so hard to believe knowing Satanists are behind this?

Here we have been told by Icke, a man definitely possessed by something, that if we worship the God of the bible we are worshiping the reptilians.

"When you worship, you project energy, you are feeding this force by thinking you are worshipping this force when you are worshipping these!" -David Icke

He has changed his mind in every book he has written about which way to tell you not to look toward Jesus and not to look at the Bible. His entities have told him to tell us that demons don’t exist. The voice that talked to him for 5 hours in Brazil went on quite a tirade about how demons don’t exist how could they if everything was an illusion.

There is fabulous reason why this misdirection is happening, because the real agenda is being played out like a military system. These demons are influencing people to prepare the way for what the new world order calls its phoenix. And what the theosophical society calls the world teacher, their Christ, what I would call the antichrist. A genuine satanist knows that this has been the plan all along, they are awaiting something they call the black awakening when this system will begin.

"The widespread expectation that we approach the “age of Maitreya,” ... when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of the new age … There are millions of mentally alert men and women in all parts of the world who are on rapport with the Plan and work to give it expression.. They provide opportunity for cooperation with the spiritual evolution of humanity… there is no group so likely to ensure that humanity achieves this most difficult goal as the men and women of goodwill … requiring only courage… to initiate action to prepare for the New World Order.” -Alice Bailey

All the conspiracies are leading up to one event. There is an ancient Angel that has been working on a system that would allow him to actually control the world to such a degree that he could force them to worship him as God… and unfortunately for the first time in history the technology is capable of doing that, I believe that the implantable microchip could actually play a role in this. And he is the General in this, that is why you find Satanism behind every door you kick down in the investigation of the new world order, that is why you find his demons telling people to go out on a word stage and teach a doctrine that will lead them right into his hands, to an elitist mindset seeking the luciferic initiation of the light bringer, Prometheus, Lucifer… they have always been preparing you for the Him…their agenda has never changed…but we have been so brainwashed to hate Christianity that the bible is the last place we would look for the truth.

Jesus spoke of the time that’s coming, he said:

"Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be delivered."

It interesting that here is a guy that not even his enemies can find a good reason to accuse him. He is entirely just and sincere, and humble, in the Bible, yet for some unknown reason, what he said is absolutely true, we will be hated for his name’s sake. This hate has to come from a third party, the illuminati perverts the Bible to make you think that religion is equal with Jesus so that you will reject Him. I submit to all of you that Jesus was the most anti-religious person that ever walked the face of the earth. He had nothing but compassion for sinners of even the worst kind…the only harsh things he ever said was to the clergy of his day…oh and the bankers.

Freeman on the Land

In this great series Mark from Toronto Truth Seekers gives his break down of the Freeman on the Land movement, a great introduction and overview for anyone interested in lawful non-compliance and reclaiming your natural sovereignty. Parts 1 and 2 above, here are parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dispatching Debt

In this clip Jim Townsend discusses how to legally dispatch your debts, crash the phony debt monetary system, and return to lawful de jure government. The global bankers that attack us do so by the mere expedience of writing IOU's backed by nothing. Currency is created as debt in this fractional reserve system and the only way to balance the accounts is with more debt. Jim recommends dispatching all of your debts by writing IOU's to the institutions that have issued you debt backed credit IOU's. For much more on these and other related subjects check out his YouTube channel and his excellent book Without Prejudice.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Upcoming WikiLeaks UFO Deception

The mainstream and alternative medias have been massively hyping up Julian Assange and WikiLeaks recently in what appears to be an attempt to create worldwide credibility of this supposedly anti-establishment organization. Before assuming WikiLeaks and Mr. Assange to be "superheroes of the truth movement" please consider the following article by Nonoun from AC forum, The WikiLeaks Reality:


Today I would like to present the logic behind the theory that Julian Assange of Wikileaks is working for the Anglo-American empire. The advertising guru Bill Bernach once remarked that the truth is not the truth until people believe you. That's is to say, credibility is essential to being believed. If you were to look at the writings of Hitler's propaganda minister Goebbels you would discover how much he focused on gaining credibility for the Nazi administration, including revealing information that at times would embarrass the administration. Let me explain with a simple example. If you want to justify increasing military expenditure you first release news about the woeful inadequacy of current equipment etc. As David Icke calls it, Problem, Reaction, Solution. The claim that equipment is inadequate must have credibility. If it comes from disgruntled soldiers it has more credibility than if comes from armament makers, or the Minister of Defense protecting his budget.

Now, what I observe with Wikileaks is this: while there is a debate concerning whether or not Wikileaks should have released the information, with dramatic calls for assassination on one side, and hero worship on the other, few if anyone is questioning the validity of the picture of the world that is emerging through the leaks. Think about this for a moment. The political system is truly discredited, few people have any faith in the honesty of the political class. 9-11, the illegal wars, the war on terror, the bank bailouts and numerous scandals have left the political class morally bankrupt. They have little if any credibility. Arguments in newspaper blogs over recent years have centered around claims of what is true, what is reality, not just among conspiracy theorists, but among regular folks too. And now we have this apparently credible source of information, provided to us by Wikileaks, with enough scandal to gain credibility among the left, and enough official acknowledgment to gain credibility among the right. The world over a new credible version of international relations is being constructed. And who is the source of this new vision? The diplomatic corps of the USA.


Now WikiLeaks is preparing to "disclose" allegedly leaked government UFO files. If you've been following the Atlantean Conspiracy UFO files, the work of Rik Clay, and/or Project Bluebeam, then you are well aware that the New World Order has been involved in a long-term propaganda scheme designed to trick humanity into believing in UFO-riding extra-terrestrial aliens. This upcoming supposed WikiLeaks UFO disclosure looks to be the next step in humanities forced acceptance of "aliens."

Above, NWO physicist Michio Kaku says you are a terrorist if you are against the coming New World Order. He also uses the propaganda tool called the Kardashev Scale to sell the coming staged "alien" disclosure/invasion deception. From a Christian perspective, people like Reverend Jim Wilhelmsen and AC contributor AliensHateU, believe the coming "alien" deception to be Satan's endtimes "strong delusion" referred to in the book of Revelations where Satan comes down from the sky "with lying signs and wonders" and deceives the whole world away from Christ into accepting a one world government and a mark on their heads or hands (RFID chip/Somark Tattoo) without which no one can buy or sell. As outlandish as that may sound, it was prophecized some 2,000 years ago and seems to be coming to fruition exactly as written. Take some time to peruse the links provided and leave a comment as to what you all think of this. Peace.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hollywood Unmasked

Thanks to Yolanda for sending me this great documentary, Hollywood Unmasked. In it, Dr. Jason D. Kovar exposes from a Christian perspective how Satanism and New Age philosophies have been and continue to be promoted by Hollywood and its self-professed demon-possessed stars. Click here to view the rest of the series.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Technology with Meaning

We can make a bomb that steers it's way, guided by things floating in space and transmitting data we can't sense, down a street and can mutilate everyone in the area.

Aren't we fucking geniuses?

How about a large factory that is fully self-automated and it's job is to provide all the food and medicine the average person needs to live?

Think we can't do that? Then look at what we can do.

Think we can't afford that? Then look at all we do afford.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Natural Law vs. The Legal System

There has been quite an epic debate raging in the comments section of my post on Jim Townsend's book regarding (among other things) Natural Law vs. The Legal System. Ben has played a worthy devil's advocate bringing up some interesting points. Having an unlawful legal system is certainly an issue worth addressing and educating ourselves about. Have a look through and consider chiming in with your thoughts on these topics. Peace.