Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Police Kidnapped in Scotland

Charlie Veitch and the Love Police are still out doing their thing raising awareness through bull-horned sarcasm. I enjoyed this recent compilation from his visit to Edinburgh.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Robert Menard - Freeman on the Land

Here's a concise compilation of the more important points expressed by the Freeman on the Land philosophy. There are essentially only 3 common Laws: harming another human being, harming another human's property/possessions, faulting or defrauding a contract. All other "laws" are commercial law, not common law and thus only apply to legal "persons" (not human-beings) which are fictional, corporate entities represented by your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS as seen on your birth certificate, driver's license, income tax forms, social security etc. These commercial laws (statutes) only apply to your "person" not your physical self, thus can be completely avoided by educated non-compliance, and that is what the Freeman movement is all about. For more information, click here:

More Information on the Freeman/Sovereignty Movement

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mark Knight's Trinity of Wisdom

Special thanks to Mark Knight for writing and sending me a copy of this fantastic tome, Trinity of Wisdom. If you enjoyed Mark's first book Wayki Wayki, then I guarantee you will be even more impressed with his latest endeavor. After publishing Wayki Wayki, Mark's quest for truth led him to a Mesoamerican mystery school where he studied Hermetic Alchemical Qabalah and performed a 55 day silent fast. He spoke with no one, consumed only fruit and vegetable juices, practiced yoga and meditation, and reconnected with his highest self. After coming down from this enlightening experience, he began to write Trinity of Wisdom, a masterwork covering diverse subjects such as: Conspiracy, Spirituality, Reincarnation, Yoga, Chakras, Mantras, Pranayama, Meditation, Synchronicity, Shamanism, Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Qabalah, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Dreams, Astral Travel, Skrying, Alchemy, and much more. Click the links above and have a look at some choice quotes below. Peace.

After the research undertaken to complete my first book, Wayki Wayki, it became crystal clear that the real wisdom within our realm lies with the adepts who have carried forth the knowledge from the ancient mystery schools, and also within the shamanic lineages from various ancient cultures. It became apparent that there is a secret history full of secret teachings, and that the history and reality we’re fed by the absurd, corrupt, greedy world elite in the early 21st century is just a small fraction of what we actually are, and what actually is. Through following synchronicities and signpost experiences I ended up at a self-initiatic temple of the mysteries in the Maya highlands. There I lived in a pyramid for a hundred days studying the esoteric
unwritten Hermetic Qabalah and Hermetic Alchemy. My process included a 55 day silent meditative fast that allowed me to go deep enough into the Qabalistic archetypal world to push my consciousness and core being across an archetypal veil. Once there, I was able to glean how this ancient philosophy and science has held truth and wisdom that has stood fast throughout millennia, a truth that is wholly related to the authentic self. (Preface)

Our species as a whole is currently imbalanced with self gain, greed, apathy, group think, nationalism, egoism, and materialism dominant. Too many have no concern of others, of the ancient civilizations, or of the future generations to come. The saving grace is that the current status quo is not sustainable and the planet cannot and will not take the current norms much longer. A shift of consciousness is taking place and is currently gathering momentum. Post world war two, stability, normality, and a solid system was sold to the wanting defeated battered human, but this system of globalisation is now an out of control parasite upon the planet. But rest easy and do not fret because the current imbalance is necessary to create the friction for change. It is always darkest before dawn. As a fractal individual people do not like change, a person usually needs something inbalanced to happen before desiring change, before being ready to dare to change. (11-12)

What holds this whole system up is that the masses are groomed to fit into and support it via the educational and debt cogs. The people are perpetually fed the illusions of electoral democratic governments via the media. Those who stand for these illusory elections are groomed by the think tanks below the corporations and banks, and these electorates are really nothing more than public relations frontmen and spokespeople to further the agenda of the corporations and banks above. This has been going on for more than a hundred years and some elements of secret societies such as the Jesuits and the Freemasons (who were hijacked by the Illuminati) have been involved in creating and sustaining this model for even longer. (14)

Much could be written about the worst culprits heading up this corporatocracy we live under, but I urge you to research for yourself what the following really get up to: Monsanto, DuPont, Enron, WorldCom, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, Halliburton, KPMG, Bechtel, AIG, Cargill, GE, Philip Morris, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, Pfizer, Nestle, Carlisle Group, Procter & Gamble, and the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties. Just one hour of objective research could start to impede on a whole belief system. The system is out of control and amongst scores of issues there are currently patented genetically modified unhealthy foods sold in mass through corporate supermarkets, the suppression of free energy, absurd rules, the non-stop manipulation to consume, and technology designed for profit instead of sustainability, efficiency or abundance ... The western education system also fits snug into the model, it does little more than prepare children to be tax-paying workers to feed the system. The teachers are often young ‘robots’ who have never left the education system themselves, trained to deliver a curriculum they have no say in. The most outrageous thing is that most teachers don’t even question the curriculum, a curriculum which has little regarding emotional or inner work, how to grow food, how to build a house, natural cycles, creativity, expression, community, nature, real substantial important history, or the mathematics behind mortgage repayments. Any of these teachings would give self power to people, but at the level of curriculum, the system strategically creates guards against such information and growth. (16)

The best thing is not to fight or attack this system because anger and negativity feeds it. If you protest your heart is not at peace, and you only verify the enslavers. The best thing is to ignore it, and to live consciously with a small pure footprint that does nothing to support the system. Living consciously could mean asking yourself what bank you use, where your groceries are grown and by whom, what chemicals are in your deodorant, or carefully choosing your source of media for knowledge on what is going on in the world. The list of conscious living and conscious consuming is endless but it really does make a difference because you are one cell in the complete organism. Each affects the whole. The problem with ignoring the system it is that it makes you feel bad to not be infected by cultural illusion because it's called alienation. The reason we feel alienated is because the society is infantile, trivial and stupid. So the cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation. (17)

At present there are millions of people in costumes (uniforms) that enforce rules that keep this whole system model hanging together at its edges. They never question their rules and don’t even know why their rules exist. They enforce them simply to “have a job” and to “earn biosurvival chips.” Their souls have been bought, their minds have been neutralised, and they hinder the species. They are toxic. Someone steals food, the system provides police, judges, courts, and cages (prisons), and then gives the person free food. Why not just give the person some food in the first place and cut the rest out? (18)

The aggressive delivery of entertainment, adverts and group think opinions via the controlled media molds literally hundreds of millions of people’s perception of the world. It gives these people (maybe more appropriate to say ‘biological media receivers’) their self esteem and cultural standing gauges because for many it is the only source of input. The media keeps people in blindness and away from thinking about any real issues by selling people a trivial illusory world of fear, celebrity, fashion and gossip. It is quite genius but is now starting to fray at the seams. We are being sold a lie, but less and less people are now buying it ... The essence of many people died in childhood, they are often just imitations of others and a result of inputs from the surrounding culture. Apathy reigns supreme, apathy is the new religion, the new worship. People arrive home and close and lock the doors, they sigh in relief as they fall into a cosy armchair in a docile, passive mood, ready to receive more preconceived inputs from the TV. As well as closing the door, people close themselves too; closing feelings, closing their souls and true essence, running from expression within a closed society. It really is mass madness, and our children are going to laugh at this generation, or more probably, shake their heads in dismay. (20-21)

A man that is in fear, apathy and hatred sets up a society to reflect it, therefore the wars and the corporate and banking monsters that create them are actually at one with the people, at one with the collective mind. So what we are seeing in the world today is just a manifest symptom of a long and complex plan, with the real root issues and causes lying in consciousness, individually and collectively. The wicked and weak cannot fall lower than the lowest in each person, it is all a reflection, a barometer. People need to stop blaming and being angry, the world is telling us what is wrong, and it is with the self. Many people are waking up to the agenda of the world elite, the
levels of manipulation, and the need to look within themselves. In recent years through the spread of awareness and information, many more are waking up each day. (24)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rawesome Raw Foods Raid

Rawesome Foods, a raw organic co-op in Venice, California was recently raided, guns drawn, by scores of L.A. Policemen after 5 government agencies got together and decided their raw dairy products could be a health risk (pause for involuntary gagging and eye-rolling). So once again, the government is deciding for us what we should or shouldn't put into our bodies, to the point of busting down doors at gun-point and confiscating thousands of dollars worth of raw organic food. Meanwhile Monsanto and other corporations are genetically modifying us to death with NO government action taken against them whatsoever.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jim Townsend's Without Prejudice

Thanks to Kerry for sending me this excellent book, Jim Townsend's "Without Prejudice" (available here free). If you're interested in delving deep into the Crown's fraudulent banking, judicial, and religious systems that rule this world by supposed divine right, this book is a masterpiece, and highly recommended reading for all free men. Check out these choice highlights below, and click the link above to read the entire book.

Anarchy is simply an absence of government, an absence of that which does not and never will work. While the idea of having a government to govern the civil service seems legitimate enough, it is unfortunate that too few understand the difference between governing the civil service and subjecting the free citizens of the state to slavery. We are told that we are free as long as we follow all the “laws”. This is a lie. If you have to follow all this legislation that pretends to be “laws” you are a slave. It is that simple. The legal definition of free is “not subject to the legal constraint of another”. A free man is self governing. A slave follows rules and regulations. To those that constantly tell me we need to be subjected to all the rules and regulations of this foreign church I would ask, is the only thing that stops you from committing transgressions against your fellow man a written rule? The only thing that stops you killing everyone in sight: a written rule? The only thing that stops you from stealing everything you can at every opportunity a written rule? Is the only thing that compels action or in-action a written rule?

There is a lot being said about the New World Order. Some people see it as the Corporate takeover of the world; a global fascism of lawyers with society ruled by Judges. Some people see it as the common subjection of the nations of the world in a dominion of God’s chosen; global feudalism of priests with society ruled by Kings. In both orders the lot of Hu-Man-ity is as a ruled Slave. In actual fact these are the only two sides regardless of how many players are on the board and they are both owned by the same people. Their banker owners play both ends of the field to keep the human resource chattel herds running down the middle. Slavery rule through God “Law” is the Old World Order. Slavery rule through Man “Law” is the New World Order. Regardless of name, it is always slavery controlled by legislative “Law”. Theories abound about this “New World Order”. In our world of controlled media, the most idiotic are promoted as the first facts, the slightly more credible next and the obviously impossible last. However, if you do offer well-researched facts and someone gets wind of it, the lapdog media is sure to cry “conspiracy theorist” and do all they can to heap derision on it. Let us never the less endeavour to throw some light on the truth and apply some common sense.The entire raison d’etre behind the staged charade is TO INSTALL A PRIVATE LEGAL SYSTEM. Keep in mind always that free men are self-governing and when you apply it to them; LEGISLATION IS SLAVERY. The United Nations is all about establishing this private legal slavery system franchise globally.

Free men are self-governing and live in self-governing countries. Slaves are subjects that live in dominions of commonly United Nations. Notice that all that has happened is an evolutionary exchange of one form of slavery for another, national slavery to multinational to global slavery. The biggest problem in establishing a global slavery system is of course one of logistics. How do you govern six billion people? The first thing is to get rid of four fifths of the population. Getting rid of the eighty percent of the human race that are useless eaters solves eighty percent of the logistics problem. Attacking the food supply is the easiest way of achieving this. Genetically altered seeds cross-pollinate with other seeds in your garden making all of them infertile. Unhealthy foods, fertilizers and weed killers bring a plethora of health problems. Vaccinating animals with poisons that destroy their immune systems and then feeding them waste by-products from slaughter-houses in huge feed lots poison our food livestock and environment on a grand scale. Attacking the population directly is more risky. The most effective way to do that is covertly with drugs and toxins. The CIA has a long history of human experimentation. They are a front organization of the British Crown of Israel, the world’s largest covert drug dealer for centuries. Four times as many people die in North America every year from pharmaceutical drug use as from illicit narcotics. Not only is our food directly vaccinated with poisons that destroy their immune systems it is also “mandatory” to poison your children in the same way. SIDS, autism and a host of disorders are caused by vaccinations. As if controlling the population is not enough, governments use chemical trails and HAARP systems to control the weather. All these toxins rain down on us and flow into the same water that all the industrial toxins and fertilizers do, adding to all of the pollution. When you get sick from all of it you can run off to see a licensed Doctor; they are the number one cause of death in our society. One thing is certain about the New World Order; most of us are not welcome in it. Our very survival dictates that we understand who is behind this world order, what they want and how they expect to achieve it.

The most effective way of controlling a population is to lie to it. When people never know the truth, they never understand the true nature of the problem and they are hopelessly entrapped by the ensuing inability to find a solution. You cannot provide solutions for what you do not understand. For this reason, 90% of intelligence black operations are exercises in disinformation. One form of disinformation is History. Remember always that the victor in control writes officially sanctioned His-story. Another is to give 80% of the truth and 20% obvious nonsense. Hearing only the 80% truth later, many will automatically equate it with the 20% nonsense that first accompanied it and discredit all of it. Another is to simply lie outright and then challenge your opponent to prove you wrong rather than provide proof of what you contend.

The natural “Law” is of necessity unwritten. The only way you can lawfully be compelled to court is if you have done another hu-man an injury; physical, mental or financial. To render unto every man his due, each case must be looked at and weighed upon all the circumstances of the event. Since each moment of time is unique and discrete, so are all claims. A man, or natural person, is called to answer a claim in front of a jury of his peers. It is rationalized that a dozen people from his society will understand if he has comported himself in a moral and ethical manner. It is the jury that decides his guilt, not a judge. An accused is presumed innocent. The reason for this is because in order for there to be evidence of an event, an event must have taken place. You cannot examine a non-event. Now think about this. If I am out hunting and I come across a warm patch of hay that is laid down, I will know that deer have lain there recently. I have evidence of an event since an event has taken place; the deer have lain here. It is not ever logical to ask someone to prove their innocence. Innocence cannot be proven. If you have done nothing there is no evidence. This is why it is incumbent upon the accuser to prove their case. It is typical of the Crown and their minions to make bizarre claims and then attempt to shift the onus of proof onto their hapless victims but they are clumsy and blatant in their attempts. If one thinks about the bizarre claims that the British make about God, one finds them trying to defend their claim by a similar process of logical reversal. Asking them to prove the existence of their God they either point to the book they wrote or ask you to prove to them that their God does not exist. It is their claim that God exists and thus it is up to them to prove their claim. If they claim their God gave them the earth it is of course incumbent upon them to produce said God. It is illogical to claim there is a God and then ask us to prove there isn’t when we say Bullshit. As noted above, you cannot prove the non-existence of something that does not exist. You can only prove the existence of something that does exist. The British God is as phoney as they are.

All other “systems of law” other than natural law are illegitimate. British Common Law is a coerced agreement between a despotic monarch and peers of the realm. It has nothing to do with the emancipation of subject slaves. It is nothing more than Imperial UK feudal rules and regulations. Maritime Law and Admiralty Law are virtually synonymous. This is the law of the high seas, also known as Piracy. The law of the high seas is; there is no law. Canada’s ecclesiastical courts operate a kind of bastardized mixture of Common-Piracy-Equity police state law. The whole lot is illegitimate, but incredibly lucrative. Crime pays big time for the Crown in Canada. Most of all there is no crime until the RCMP move in with their little ticket books and start ticketing everything in sight. They also get to auction off any “stolen property” they recover. (I thought selling stolen property was a crime? NOT when the RCMP do it?) All proceeds from crime also go to the Crown. Not only do they get everything from criminal cases, if they can legislate a crime they can seize your property as well. Call a plant that God gave to Man a drug and you can steal everything a pot smoking hippy owns as proceeds from “crime”. What a scam! The most insidious component of these judicial atrocities is of course; mind control. Bust a young man for a joint of pot and he has a criminal record that negatively impacts everything he does. In how many ways are we “criminalized” by this system that makes us believe we are the criminals? The “lawyers of God” who tell you that everything you do is a crime for which you must pay them whatever amount they can suck out of you sound like the “priests of God” who tell you that you are born into sin and must give them everything you can in order to save your soul from their Satanic God. All a lawyer has to do to steal everything you own is write a rule or regulation into a book. This is how the criminals make you look like you are a criminal while they rob you. (This is of course slavery.) It requires an inordinate amount of gullibility on our part, which of course is more than motive enough to ‘dumb down’ a population.

Natural Law is predicated upon a Golden Rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It is also based upon a few fundamental tenets; errare humanum est, corpus humanum non recipit aestimationem, mens rea, corpus delecti, ab abusu ad usum non valet consequential, caveat emptor, etc… To sum up the law; Natural Law is the only legitimate and logical form of Law. It is logical to assume that if you comport yourself in a moral and ethical manner you will never break the law. Undermine morals and ethics and you undermine the Natural Laws of Man that are promulgated by reason and empathy. Equity courts govern the independent arbitration of disputes arising out of valid written agreements. What is “legal” refers to agreements between competent parties that have been written down. To say something is “legal” in reference to another man means that there is a written agreement that he is signatory to. Legal contracts have to follow a few guidelines in order to be lawful. You cannot contract to commit a crime. Such contracts are unlawful, void and unenforceable. To be lawful a legal contract must have full disclosure, mutual consideration and mutual agreement. Strictly speaking, if it is not specifically enumerated in the agreement, it is not part of the agreement. If you are not mutually compensated it is not lawful. If you are forced to sign under any form of duress it is not lawful. There is no such thing as an assumpsit, assumption or presumption in a lawfully valid legal contract. It is easy to see that if we follow the few simple rules above and honour our contracts that disputes will rarely arise. One must always remember that the Legal Industry requires victims, er customers, like any other industry. It is for this reason that they legislate people into a position of absolute jeopardy. It makes them easy targets.

The definition of FREE is an interesting one; not subject to the legal constraint of another. Can you see that the entire British legal system is quite simply nothing more than slavery when it is applied to free men? Though you may have a million glib and benevolent reasons you can never legitimately make an argument for imposing legislation on a free man because it is a crime and nothing ever justifies crimes against humanity. Unless we have a specific agreement, nothing I do is of any business of yours unless I do you an injury. It is for this reason that the valid law is unwritten. Free men are self governing and not subject to legislation. What is legislation? A legal constraint. What is a legal constraint? It is whatever you have agreed to in writing. Now look at the definition of a legal contract again. Have you entered into a valid lawful contract with the government that would allow them to collect an income tax from you? It is only the public that have entered into a contract with the Crown and that is why the Crown only pays the Public. Let the public pay their own damn taxes, they get all the benefits. It is odd that the Crown tells their victims that they can find the income tax act in the library when it is obvious that their victim should have a complete copy of the Act that CCRA should have provided them with when they supposedly entered into the agreement. To say that we get nothing for our taxes is an understatement. We get far less than nothing for our taxes. This is evidenced by the very fact that our country is in debt. In fact, our children are born into debt. Who entered them into a legal agreement that would compel performance? Debt peonage is slavery. Taxes are slavery. When you control all aspects of a man’s life, that is slavery and when you have an interest in him as a hu-man being, that is slavery.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alien Predictive Programming

When I was a little kid, I once asked my 90 year-old great-grandfather if he thought aliens existed. He laughed heartily and said of course not. Later on I asked my 60 year-old grandfather the same question. He said he wasn't sure if they existed or not. When I first asked my 30 year-old dad about it, he said there were billions of galaxies and planets just like ours and so there were most likely other forms of life out there somewhere. Nowadays when I ask my 9 year-old students who believes aliens exist, in every class, almost every student raises their hands. NASA and the Hollywood Masonic propaganda machine have been in overdrive for the past 60 years trying to inculcate us into a belief in extra-terrestrial aliens, and it seems to be working. Look at all these alien movies. Why is Hollywood so incessantly propagating this meme?

Cowboys & Aliens (coming out Summer 2011)

The Battle of LA trailer (coming out 3/11/11)

Skyline (in theaters now)

Splice (2010)

V (2009)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

War of the Worlds (2005)

Taken (2002)

The X Files (1993-2002)

Men in Black (1997) Men in Black II (2002)

Contact (1997)

Alien (1979) Aliens (1986) Alien III (1992) Alien Resurrection (1997)

The Arrival (1996)

Mars Attacks! (1996)

Independence Day (1996)

Species (1995) Species II (1998 below) Species III (2004)

Coneheads (1983)

V (1983)

E.T. (1982)

Close Encounter of the Third Kind (1977)

War of the Worlds (1953)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Alan Watt and other researchers claim these are all examples of indoctrination through fiction or "predictive programming," a mind-control technique that works by slowly introducing new concepts in fictitious, humorous, or other benign ways so that our natural skepticism is temporarily turned off. Having bypassed this mechanism, the propaganda is able to sink in and marinate better, as Alec Baldwin explains here:

Alongside the mainstream predictive programming, the propagandists then slowly introduce a "counter-culture" movement of supposedly non-fiction, true, actual accounts of aliens like the following examples below, the godfather of which being the 1947 Roswell AREA 51 UFO crash. "Government insiders" to this day write books and give interviews saying that alien bodies were recovered from the site.

First Contact

Alien Interview (below) and Alien Autopsy (click here)

Real Alien Photographs!?

Then you've got extremely questionable organizations like Project Camelot and the Disclosure Project constantly interviewing dozens of supposed government insiders about their top-secret knowledge of extra-terrestrial presence on Earth. The Pope is out saying "it's okay to believe in aliens" and "the aliens are our brothers." Supposed NASA insiders like Richard Hoagland and his "Enterprise Mission" are trying to convince people there is/was life on Mars and that NASA is covering up a legitimate alien phenomenon. The UN has even appointed a "Space Ambassador" to meet with extra-terrestrials when we make contact. I'm not even kidding. Her name is Mazlan Othman and she's from Malaysia. Check it out in the video below:

There are steadily increasing UFO sitings around the world and in the news, and the journalists almost always laughingly suggest the possibility of little green men, instead of investigating, exposing, or even considering the evidence-backed, easy-to-prove angle that these UFO's are in fact GOVERNMENT aircraft, and that the whole alien meme constantly in our faces has been a long-term propaganda scheme getting us ready for a Project Bluebeam-like contact event, complete with UFO's and human-hybrid genetic monstrosities (their idea of eugenetic "perfection") who will play themselves off as "aliens" here to bring world peace, technology, and aid in our evolution. Are you ready for the fake aliens?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tao Wow Wisdom

My good friend Chris at the TaoWow blog has been a continual source of ideas and inspiration for me. Have a look at some of his excellent recent entries:

The Next Phase

As we globally simplify so too the worlds greedy will be forced to do so, their ways of strangle holding markets for their gain will be weakened by unwilling markets and less profitable ventures - gradually we will all move the way of simplicity. As this occurs the poor of the world will move up to meet the rich in a state of balance and all will be richer in spirit. Information carried by the oldest of traditions will become highly important as we, more in-tune with nature, feel new direction in our hearts. More in-tune with nature our ideas will be to live at one and from this there will be great rewards. Natural fruits taste better, natural lands allow species to flourish and diversify, nature will shine with a billion colours. After this move back to nature we will discover nature based technologies, qualities of stone, plants, land, peace in our hearts and minds and we will move in directions unseen by our self-centered materialist past. All of this is just a dream as is reality right now. One way or another we dream a reality and sleep-walk the dream, convinced we can not alter it. We are though the root to the dream, we are not the sleep-walker. This life of me and you is the dream we the unified root are manifesting. Time to dream a little deeper, a dream less self-centered, a dream where love is the law.

End Times 2012

Christian cosmology supposedly has end times, apparent ends of days, ends of lives, and so on. What happens at the end of one era though is the beginning of another. Taoist, Hindu, Mayan and Egyptian cosmologies all have cyclic time and not linear time, we alter form one era to another and on until repetition. The Hindu cosmology is the most adventurous and pictorial, it has a golden age of perfection followed by the seed of imperfection which gives rise to the silver age, as man worsens and becomes more self centered we have a bronze age and finally iron, the worst, yet also shortest time-frame where there is nothing but bad. People say we are there now. This cosmology and epic time-frame is also mirrored by Mayan and Egyptian ideas which may well have shaped the Hindu thought via the Vedas. Taoism is a little different, we are all aware of the great Tai Chi, often referred to as the Yin Yang and the two small dots that live within the signature. These dots are the seeds signifying that when one thing is at its peak then the seed of the opposite is set, so in times of total Yang -the seed of Yin is set to burst through - what we have here is a cyclic version of time which does not signify time-frames or that one end of the spectrum is any better or worse than the other. It is all change one way or another and that is the life and beauty of the universe, not something to fear or to egotistically feel one should take control over. So these end times supposedly seen by the Mayan civilization and now feared and theorized over by many are certainly nothing to worry about. After all midsummer and midwinter are far more of a big deal than the subtle transition of spring to summer and in all of these there is gradual change, not chaos. Nature and the universe operate on time scales we don't fathom and they don't jump and start, they smoothly and regularly rotate. If we are convinced that 2012 is a turning point then we must accept that 2014 will be very similar to 2010 and that 2012 is just the middle of this minor shift. Large differences will be seen between years 1800 and 2200 but the differences come about gradually and not in a big jump. Just watch the seasons rotate, also look at the difference between 23:59 tonight and 00:01 or even the wheel of a bicycle - note how cyclic motion is smooth, it has no jumps or catastrophe, it continues on and on because it is smooth and free from the binary and linear traps of the human mind. As one thing reaches climax so the seed of the opposite is set to return. No part of the rotation is better or worse than any other and this particular cyclic motion, that where 2012 is a supposed turning point, is one far and beyond the limited human life span, so nothing to fret over.

I Care Because You Do

The only worth in humanity is the peace of all humanity and all else I do not care for. We are well aware as humans that the mind is a tricky tool to have at our disposal. Very often we become fixated on one thing, we project 'what-if's' and we induce stress in our system. Stress is a part of the human condition and so then the only medicine worth making is one which combats this stress, leaving peace. The only form that medicine can come in is no-form as to have a medicine made of TV shows, alcohol, beliefs, and other releases and veils only forms new dependences. Stress is the upset in our system, it is the ageing agent, the ill-health agent, the grease to the slippery slope and the wax to the candle of burning out. Stress is part of the human condition and we can all imagine a world free from it. It sits for us in the realm of idealism and wishful thinking yet it is a condition required, the only condition required by humanity - so then the only thing worth time and effort. What does the world put effort into? Producing food, medicine for the sick, support for the needy, education for the youth, fashion for the flamboyant, protection for the rich, toys for the boys, statues to the dead, war on the poor, division on religion, politics, laws, controlling control, patrolling borders, making orders, TV for release, drugs for the obese, and ways to gain and take power. As a travelling monk in India I stood in a small Himalayan village at perfect peace realizing fully how all we need is good air, water, shelter, medicine when needed and a little good food. That was peace and happiness and to give that to the world would take far less effort than it does to make all the mischief we do make, all the excess and wasteful crap that makes for a world where the rich exist on a blanket of suffering poor. The nature of stress that is a condition of humanity has forced out another human condition, one of greed. The idea behind greed is that you have so much at your disposal that you may never need be stressed, you can have all you need forever and not have to worry. So the idea is that you have a place to live that is yours, you have savings in excess that you could never quite spend, you are free to do as you please never concerned for tomorrows bread. The desire for this condition is almost epidemic. From the initial stress over tomorrow and personal protection comes the greed and from this the need to control all who are not you. To form laws that protect you and weaken all others, to take more than can be given so that in making your wealth you make the other poor. This is a disease, not a human disease but the disease infecting humanity as a whole. All of the politics, the material excesses, the TV, the operations of banks, the control of nations and people I can not care for one bit as it does nothing for the happiness of all. Only those who choose a simple life so that in reducing their desire they free up enough for everyone else to have the same are doing right. And only they can be truly happy in their heart. If there is one thing worth time it is peace for all. Obtained simply by realizing your true needs and living there and not living in control caused by desire induced by stress.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

David Icke Exposed

Thanks to Joe for creating and sending me this excellent break-down of David Icke's suspicious secret society connections, from insider info to Masonic symbols, hand-signs and hand-shakes, Icke certainly seems to conceal more than meets the eye. Personally, I am quite sure that Icke, Jones, and many other "conspiracy heroes" have been purposely placed in the semi-spotlight to lead the NWO's controlled opposition. If you doubt this, please peruse the following: Alex Jones is an Inside Job 1 & 2 and David Icke Exposed as a Freemason

Centurian Health Advice

108 year-old Bernando LaPallo shares his secrets of longevity, eating mostly raw vegetarian foods, he has never been sick a day in his life.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chemtrails - What in the World are They Spraying?

G. Edward Griffin of Freedom Force International has released his latest documentary covering the chemtrail phenomenon called "What in the World are They Spraying?" This is such an important and unifying issue - we can all agree that spraying chemicals, soft-metals, morgellons, etc. is not beneficial no matter what excuse these genocidal geo-engineers cook up. The trailer is above, click here to view the entire film on YouTube, and also check out this great chemtrail thread we have going on the AC forum.