Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rap News - Ron Paul vs. Peter Joseph

Robert Foster's JuiceMedia is back with Rap News 9 featuring Ron Paul vs. Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, and a rampaging, genocidal, transsexual, utopian robot from the Venus Project.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The Pros of Contest & The Cons of Protest

Let me start by thanking and congratulating all the activists who have given their time, energy, health, and freedom to help raise awareness and put a wrench in the works of Wall Street. Sit-ins and occupations of government/corporate/financial districts truly can be effective and have the potential to create massive societal change. If the Stock Exchange were forced to close for an extended period of time, think of the socio-economic implications. If Congress were forced to close for an extended period of time, think of the socio-political implications. The establishment is well-aware of the power of mass people's protests and that is why they quickly quell all such uprisings using police and provocateurs.

It is always the same story. Peaceful protests are starting to attract attention even though the mainstream media refuses to mention them. Police and provocateurs are sent out to encircle and infiltrate the crowd, break it up and start making arrests. Things get violent, many innocent people are injured, killed, or put behind bars, the guilty police officers get slaps on the wrists in public and pats on the back in private. Currently the world's governments and populations are re-enacting this drama ad nauseum and it's always the people who lose. As I said, mass protests have the potential to create social/economic/political change, but almost never does it actually manifest, because first an "internal renaissance," a mass awakening and deprogramming must precede the external revolution. Until then, the government robo-cops will just keep running their auto-programming and maintain the status-quo through violence and institutionalized injustice.

I have never personally attended a protest nor do I ever plan on it, because I know exactly what would happen if I did: My family/friends and I would be peacefully occupying the streets when some heavily-armed, brain-washed, ego-tripping, uniform-wearing, government thug decides to push, punch, pepper spray, taze, grapple or otherwise physically assault me or my friends/family. Now, I have never and would never initiate the use of violence against another person, but, the second someone initiates the use of violence against me or my loved ones, I have and will always go absolutely fucking bezerk, mouth-foaming, and Incredible Hulk-style hospitalize every blue uniform in sight until some over-zealous, trigger-happy, robo-rookie shoots me in the back of the head... thus ending my occupation of both Wall Street and the world at large. It would be a waste of my life, but this is normal behavior. It's called self-defense, and I almost never see it amongst these effeminate hippie protest types impotently chanting "shame on you" while innocent, defenseless women are being beaten and dragged away.

The Native Americans were a very peaceful people, had no formal government, currency, or even the conception of private property or possessions. They welcomed Christopher Columbus with open arms, swimming out to the Spanish ships bearing offerings of food and clothing on their backs. However, when the Europeans began genocidally murdering entire tribes, raping their women, and taking their children into slavery, word quickly spread to other tribes and no more was the white man met with open arms and alms, but rather with bows, arrows, and hatchets. The Natives began brutally fighting back, attacking European encampments, and collecting the scalps of western invaders. Do you blame them? What would you do if hoards of offshore parasites came to your home, murdered your brothers, raped your sisters, and made slaves of your children? Would you walk around hanging peace banners, making witty placards, and singing folk songs, or would you violently defend your home from the violent invaders?

Watching these countless protest videos full of police brutality, watching women and children getting beaten and arrested, I can't help but think, "where are all the men!?" I see over-weight government lackeys in tacky blue uniforms assaulting defenseless women. I see under-weight hippie peace-nicks in tie-dye chanting annoying cliches. All of them male homo-sapiens, but not a single red-blooded man amongst them. If men are really going to attempt to occupy Wall Street, Washington, or wherever, they should first leave the women, children and false pretenses at home. If you're going to make a stand in the street against the offshore international bankster parasites, then what place is there for peace signs, banners, and music? If you're really going to attempt an occupation, then band together a group of real men wearing full body armor carrying bullet-proof shields, then occupy the streets and let it be known that you will not initiate the use of violence, but if physically assaulted in any way, you will all defend yourselves to the death. Now that's an occupation guaranteed to produce social change, but where are such noble warriors ready for this task in today's society?

How quick would these cops be to initiate the use of force and arrest innocents if they knew that the second they did, the entire peaceful crowd would instantly go ape-shit into barbarian self-defense mode attacking and hospitalizing every uniformed thug that dare lay a hand on them? The people outnumber the police at least 10 to 1. If there were any real men at these protests, I guarantee the cops would stand down. In fact, they might not even come to work that day. In fact, they might stop coming to work everyday and realize that their real enemy is the faceless criminal State that bosses them around and pays their salaries with stolen money.

As I said at the beginning, I thank and congratulate all the protesters for coming out, and I don't mean to belittle or undermine their well-meaning activism. I'm just pointing out that regardless of what the government and corporate media claim, police officers ARE above the law, and this is made explicitly clear in every case of police brutality I've ever seen. You get broken bones, fines, incarceration, and months of legal proceedings; meanwhile the officer gets 2 weeks paid holiday "suspension." So unless you want to grease those wheels of government injustice with your time, energy, health, and freedom, until you're ready to fight to the death, I'd recommend you just stay at home blogging about anarchy or otherwise creatively fighting to educate and free people's minds instead of getting beaten up and arrested at these unsuccessful half-assed attempts in the streets.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guru Om's Music

I recently put together these tribute videos to Guru Om featuring his songs and poetry. Special thanks to he and Michelle for being such an inspiration. If you're interested in seeing more of Guru Om's work, have a look here and here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlie Veitch's BBC Conspiracy Sellout Road Trip

After seeing Charlie Veitch's ridiculous BBC 10th anniversary damage-control propaganda special, it should be blatantly obvious to even the average armchair skeptic that Mr. Veitch is and was from the beginning a purposely placed controlled opposition leader. Please check out the excellent videos above from the husband/wife activist duo Arron and Sonia of Barbarian Rebellion and The Truther Girls and my recent article Charlie Veitch and the Shill Police - Everything isn't Okay. Also watch below as Charlie shoots himself in the foot, and Thomas Sheridan's excellent post-shot analysis.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super High Me & The Marijuana-Logues

What happens when you eat/smoke cannabis all day for thirty days? In the spirit of Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me" documentary, comedian Doug Benson brings us "Super High Me." A regular pot smoker himself, Doug decides to go 30 days without smoking at all, take various tests such as a health physical, psychological profile, SAT, and psychic examination, then smoke all day everyday for 30 days and take the same tests while stoned. What ensues is a hilarious and eye-opening look at the effects of regular marijuana usage. Watch the first part above and find the rest here. Also check out Doug Benson below in the excellent Vagina-logues parody, The Marijuana-Logues.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eddie Griffin Speaks the Truth

Eddie Griffin's new stand-up show "You Can Tell 'Em I Said It" has some great bits of hard-hitting social/political commentary. Watch the best highlights in the video above or click the link to watch the entire 2 hour show.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trust & Non-Compliance

Max Igan puts many subjects into simple perspective in this week's episode of Surviving the Matrix. Our governments and politicians were put there by us the people, we pay their salaries and fund their machinery; they are our employees and trustees, but they are in breach of trust and acting against our best interests. If we all stand in our power OVER our employee/trustee judges, police, and other government authority figures instead of cowering behind bar-oath bound lawyers, then we can and will ensure our freedoms from their unlawful "legal"/statute system. Please have a listen to Max and check out The Freeman Movement for more empowering information.