Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spiritual Science - The Most Important Book You've Never Heard Of

Having devoted nearly three years of my life into compiling and writing this esoteric encyclopedia of modern spirituality, it is my greatest wish for it to be read by as many people as possible.  As noted in a recent review, Spiritual Science is the most important book you've probably never heard of (now available in Epub format compatible with all tablet, mobile and ebook readers!).  I truly believe the knowledge and wisdom condensed and consolidated between it's bindings can awaken anyone to their inner latent spirituality.  I really want to share this empowering and enlightening book on a mass scale.  If it were to become a best-seller I truly believe Spiritual Science would spark a flame of metaphysical consciousness that would absolutely change the world for the better.

Spiritual Science is 284 pages of paradigm-shattering science and mind-expanding spirituality that dares to ask and answer some of the biggest questions facing humanity:  Who are we?  What are we doing here?  What is the purpose and meaning of life?  What happens when we die?  Do we have souls?  Do we reincarnate?  Does God exist?  Is consciousness primary?  Is the material world an illusion?  Are we all One?  And what would that mean?  Spiritual Science explores and answers these and many more questions covering a wide-range of topics including quantum physics, consciousness, synchronicity, the holographic universe, morphic fields, the human energy body, psycho-neuro-immunology, life force energy, the chakra and meridian systems, acupuncture, qigong, pranayama, the power of prayer, auras, psi science, telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, out of body experiences, near death experiences, entheogens, death, ghosts, reincarnation, God, Oneness and much more. I personally read over 150 books and spent countless hours researching and writing to complete this one-of-a-kind metaphysical treatise. I'm really excited about and proud of this book and confident that you will feel the same.   

"This book, Spiritual Science, has to be one of the most important books I have ever come across. I absolutely love it. It is in my ipad, in my computer and, just in case, in my phone so I can study it and read whenever I choose. I highly recommend it."  -Michael

"I am loving this book, Eric!  I'm about 40% in: I'm reading about holograms and DNA and how the 'laser' from our DNA/RNA could be activating the wave/particle duality...(I think I understand that). It is fascinating and densely packed."  -Ami

"I am on Morphogenic Fields in your book 'Spiritual Science'. Have to say it is the best book I have ever read. It compiles everything worth knowing about life and the universe. You did a tremendous job and I can't wait to read the second half of the book! I'm going to become a millionaire one day and I am definitely going to pay you back for all the wisdom you have bestowed upon me."  -Joe

"I finished it, man you hit the nail on the head. The information in your book just makes sense. Its almost undeniable the way you present it. Great job Eric, you have reinforced all of my beliefs. I am going to buy more copies for my family soon. "  -Same Joe

"I have just finished your excellent overall introduction to the realm of Spirit being proven by scientific method.  Great work, buy the book or several and give the gift of knowledge!  Also, Eric, know you're not alone in your efforts to educate, inform and change with new visions of much better ways."  -J. Lee

"Stumble Upon brought me to your ebooks and a second time to your blog. And they were game changers for me. You, Ron Paul, the Gnostics, etc. were fundamental in so much, and if I could Eric - I would buy a copy of Atlantean Conspiracy and Spiritual Science for all of the planet so you would never have to worry about money again. Oh Christ I forgot you also have just recently taught me pranayama. Like I wish I had more to give you back man, you're a savior." -Andriulli

"I have the pleasure of knowing Eric personally. He has been teaching me Wing Chun and Yoga for about nine months now. He has shared with me some very empowering knowledge not least in regard to diet and exercise. I have been lucky enough to get a copy of his latest book 'Spiritual Science'. It is a fantastic distillation of wisdom; a complex interweaving of knowledge pertaining to what it really means to be human in this inhumane age. I thank him for sharing his work and recommend both the book and a juicer(!) to those of us determined to become beyond the veil. Make that energy exchange and order the book! It is wide-ranging and erudite, not to mention as exciting, as the 'Golden Bough' was in its day. Thanks Eric!"  -Shane

"Good luck with the book I think you've done a very good job in all chapters. I enjoyed reading it all and will definitely revisit it. I'm keen to follow up several of the topics in my own research now. The book had a nice personal feel with the references and personal stories from you and the Mrs. which was very nice. I was also flattered to see my own ramblings in there, thanks for seeing them as valuable to the project. I took one major lesson from the book too, apart from good enlightening words on the holographic mind/universe to mull over and research more I have also decided to open up more of my time to traveling out of my body." ~Tao Wow

"Eric, I only have great admiration of you as a "human - actively - being" !!! I have read all your works and books and I admire you for all your hard work exposing the 'lie.' I place and rate you at the very top of the list of truth-searchers in the world. I have learned a great deal from you and I know this book will be even greater than your other bestsellers or eye-openers !!!  Wisdom & truth are rarely found together, Eric you succeed in achieving this! Thanx for exposing most of the religious lies, the real evil rulers of this world and for staying strong .. May your efforts not only gain strength but gain even more momentum and the worldwide recognition that it deserves !!!"  ~Robbie

Monday, March 24, 2014

Leo Tolstoy on Anarchy

Leo Tolstoy, one of the most revered personalities of his era, author of classics like War and Peace and Anna Karenina, inspiration to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., was a dedicated pacifist and anarchist who advocated non-violent resistance to all governments. In his collection of essays entitled "Government is Violence" he wrote an excellent piece called "On Anarchy" which I've posted below in it's entirety:

The Anarchists are right in everything; in the negation of the existing order and in the assertion that, without Authority there could not be worse violence than that of Authority under existing conditions. They are mistaken only in thinking that anarchy can be instituted by a violent revolution. But it will be instituted only by there being more and more people who do not require the protection of governmental power and by there being more and more people who will be ashamed of applying this power.

Marxist: “The capitalistic organization will pass into the hands of workers, and then there will be no more oppression of these workers, and no unequal distribution of earnings.”

Anarchist: “But who will establish the works; who will administer them?”

Marxist: “It will go on of its own accord; the workmen themselves will arrange everything.”

Anarchist: “But the capitalistic organization was established just because, for every practical affair, there is need for administrators furnished with power. If there be work, there will be leadership, administrators with power. And when there is power, there will be abuse of it — the very thing against which you are now striving.”

To the question, how to be without a State, without courts, armies, and so on, an answer cannot be given, because the question is badly formulated. The problem is not how to arrange a State after the pattern of today, or after a new pattern. Neither I, nor any of us, is appointed to settle that question.

But, though voluntarily, yet inevitably must we answer the question, how shall I act faced with the problem which ever arises before me? Am I to submit my conscience to the acts taking place around me, am I to proclaim myself in agreement with the Government, which hangs erring men, sends soldiers to murder, demoralizes nations with opium and spirits, and so on, or am I to submit my actions to conscience, i.e., not participate in Government, the actions of which are contrary to reason?

What will be the outcome of this, what kind of a Government there will be — of all this I know nothing; not that I don’t wish to know; but that I cannot. I only know that nothing evil can result from my following the higher guidance of wisdom and love, or wise love, which is implanted in me, just as nothing evil comes of the bee following the instinct implanted in her, and flying out of the hive with the swarm, we should say, to ruin. But, I repeat, I do not wish to and cannot judge about this.

Monday, March 17, 2014

What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Raymond Moody only recently coined the term “Near-Death Experience” in the 1970s, but the NDE phenomenon has a long-standing history with documented examples going back thousands of years.

Like OBEs, NDEs appear to be a universal phenomenon.  They are described at length in both the eighth-century Tibetan Book of the Dead and the 2,500 year-old Egyptian Book of the Dead.  In Book X of The Republic Plato gives a detailed account of a Greek soldier named Er, who came alive just seconds before his funeral pyre was to be lit and said that he had left his body and went through a ‘passageway’ to the land of the dead.  The venerable Bede gives a similar account in his eighth-century work A History of the English Church and People, and, in fact, in her recent book Otherworld Journeys Carol Zaleski, a lecturer on the study of religion at Harvard, points out that medieval literature is filled with accounts of NDEs.”  -Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe” (240)

In Book X of The Republic, Plato recounted the story of a Greek soldier named Er who died on the battlefield and came back to life almost ten days later just as his body was about to be incinerated.  Er awoke with a start and began describing what he had seen on the other side.  He said his soul left his physical body and joined with a group of other spirits who led him upwards through a “passage way” (tunnel?) to the afterlife.  There the other souls were taken by divine light beings and shown detailed life reviews.  Er himself was shown many sights, but not his life review, and was ultimately sent back and told to inform others on Earth about what he experienced in the afterlife realm.  Amazingly this two and a half thousand year old story sounds exactly like modern NDE accounts.

According to Plato, the soul comes into the physical body from a higher and more divine realm of being., For him it is birth which is the sleeping and the forgetting, since the soul, in being born into the body, goes from a state of great awareness to a much less conscious one and in the meantime forgets the truths it knew while in its previous out-of-body state. Death, by implication, is an awakening and remembering. Plato remarks that the soul that has been separated from the body upon death can think and reason even more clearly than before, and that it can recognize things in their true nature far more readily. Furthermore, soon after death it faces a ‘judgment’ in which a divine being displays before the soul all the things - both good and bad - which it has done in its life and makes the soul face them.” –Dr. Raymond Moody, “Life After Life” (46)

Plato’s mentor Socrates’ belief in the afterlife was so strong that he actually looked forward to his own death with curiosity and excitement.  Socrates said that death was simply the separation of soul from body and an awakening from “illusion to reality,” this 5-sense world being the illusion, and “reality” existing on the higher non-physical planes.  This is consistent also with the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead which suggest that immediately following death we assume a “ka” or “bardo” spiritual body which transcends the ordinary limitations of time, space, and matter.

In the Tibetan account the mind or soul of the dying person departs from the body. At some time thereafter his soul enters a ‘swoon’ and he finds himself in a void - not a physical void, but one which is, in effect, subject to its own kind of limits, and one in which his consciousness still exists. He may hear alarming and disturbing noises and sounds, described as roaring, thundering, and whistling noises, like the wind, and usually finds himself and his surroundings enveloped in a grey, misty illumination.  He is surprised to find himself out of his physical body. He sees and hears his relatives and friends mourning over his body and preparing it for the funeral and yet when he tries to respond to them they neither hear nor see him. He does not yet realize that he is dead, and he is confused. He asks himself whether he is dead or not, and, when he finally realizes that he is, wonders where he should go or what he should do. A great regret comes over him, and he is depressed about his state. For a while he remains near the places with which he has been familiar while in physical life. He notices that he is still in a body-called the ‘shining’ body - which does not appear to consist of material substance. Thus, he can go through rocks, walls, and even mountains without encountering any resistance. Travel is almost instantaneous. Wherever he wishes to be, he arrives there in only a moment. His thought and perception are less limited; his mind becomes very lucid and his senses seem more keen and more perfect and closer in nature to the divine. If he has been in physical life blind or deaf or crippled, he is surprised to find that in his ‘shining’ body all his senses, as well as all the powers of his physical body, have been restored and intensified. He may encounter other beings in the same kind of body, and may meet what is called a clear or pure light. The Tibetans counsel the dying one approaching this light to try to have only love and compassion towards others.  The book also describes the feelings of immense peace and contentment which the dying one experiences, and also a kind of ‘mirror’ in which his entire life, all deeds both good and bad, are reflected for both him and the beings judging him to see vividly. In this situation, there can be no misrepresentation; lying about one's life is impossible.  In short, even though The Tibetan Book of the Dead includes many later stages of death which none of my subjects have gone so far as to experience, it is quite obvious that there is a striking similarity between the account in this ancient manuscript and the events which have been related to me by twentieth-century Americans.” –Dr. Raymond Moody, “Life After Life” (48)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Government is Violence and Slavery

There is nowhere on Earth you can go that isn't controlled by a Statist government.  Every piece of land has been divided up and claimed by 196 nations all of which are controlled by some form of forced governance.  There is nowhere left on Earth that sovereign, freedom-loving individuals can go live freely without a mafioso government forcing them to pay taxes and obey laws.  No matter whether you live under a Monarchy, an Oligarchy, or a Republic, whether it's called Democracy, Communism, Socialism or Fascism, all current forms of government initiate and mandate violence and slavery upon their populations.

We are all slaves to our governments because every nation forces under threat reality of violence and kidnapping that we must pay them a percentage of our income.  In some countries like Thailand it's around 30%, America like 40 to 50%, France is around 60%, not to mention hundreds of other smaller mandatory taxes which raise these figures even higher!  So if the definition of slavery is forcefully taking 100% of someone's income, what is it called when governments forcefully take 60% of someone's income?  Is that not slavery?  What if they only take 30%, is that still slavery?  We are taught in school that slavery ended long ago and it is universally understood that slavery is immoral, but if governments still are forceably taking even 1% of their population's income, that is still slavery, and even 1% slavery is immoral!

The very definition of the word "govern-ment" is "mind-control," and the vast majority of people worldwide, public and private sector alike, are absolutely mind-controlled by their governments, medias, and education systems to believe that their Statist government is a moral and altruistic institution that exists for the benefit of the people.  The reality is of course the opposite.  The reality is that all nations are like open-air slave plantations allowing their indentured servant populations to choose their occupation giving the illusion of freedom, then swooping in on payday to steal the fruits of your labor.  This is why all governments are criminal and immoral, and why the only system of just governance is Anarchism, Agorism, or Voluntarism.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society's horrific, unforgivable use and abuse of other animals, narrated by vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by vegan musician Moby. This multi-award winning film is a must-see for anyone who truly desires peace and wishes to make the world a better place.

"Ignorance is the speciesist's first line of defense, yet it is easily breached by anyone with the time and determination to find out the truth. Ignorance has prevailed for so long only because people do not want to find out the truth. 'Don't tell me, you'll spoil my dinner' is the usual reply to any attempt to tell someone just how that dinner was produced. Even people who are aware that the traditional family farm has been taken over by big business interests, that their clothes come from slaughtered cows, that their entertainment means the suffering and death of millions of animals, and that some questionable experiments go on in laboratories, still cling to a vague belief that conditions cannot be too bad or else the government or the animal welfare societies would have done something about it. But it is not the inability to find out what is going on as much as a desire not to know about facts that may lie heavy on one's conscience that is responsible for this lack of awareness." -Earthlings