Monday, August 3, 2015

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order

They say "the winner's write history," it is absolutely true, and the most egregious example in modern times has to be the mainstream (mis)understanding of Adolf Hitler and pre-WWII Germany. Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. He enacted the world's first anti-animal cruelty, anti-pollution, and anti-smoking laws. Unlike the demonic portrait that the "allies" painted of him, Hitler was beloved by his people, he wanted nothing but peace, and never ordered the extermination of a single Jew. The largely Jewish-controlled mainstream media has ever since painted an evil picture of Hitler and the Jew World Order has even enacted laws in 16 European countries prohibiting free-speech on the issues of Judaism, Hitler and the Holocaust. I have compiled/edited this comprehensive documentary in the hopes of shedding light on one of the darkest secrets in world history. Please download, re-upload, and share this with everyone you can as this is a key lynch-pin issue and one which gets people censored and banned from JewTube regularly. Special thanks to the makers of Hellstorm, The Greatest Story Never Told, The Great Taboo, A Devil in Disguise, Jewish Ritual Murder, and all the other original video sources!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame

Google analytics shows that since November 2014, the search term "Flat Earth" has enjoyed an incredible and never before seen 600% rise in activity!  The reason behind the sudden and sharp increase for this key-word is undeniably the publishing of my "Flat Earth Conspiracy" book and documentary pair which were both released in November 2014.  The Flat Earth Conspiracy was the first pro-flat Earth book written in almost 50 years and is rapidly becoming an under-ground best-seller while my documentary, interviews and other flat Earth videos have received a combined 1,000,000+ views and growing.  As you can imagine, when exposing a 500 year running conspiracy involving NASA, the U.N. and world Freemasonry, there will be death threats (which I'm receiving regularly) and controlled opposition agents will be sent in to infiltrate and co-opt the growing movement.  I'm writing this article to expose the evidence I've compiled that several such government shills are currently hard at work doing just that.

Mark Sargent:  About six weeks after my flat Earth book, videos and articles started going viral, this character showed up on YouTube making a series of well-presented "Flat Earth Clues" videos, uploading a new one every day.  Next he started getting several radio interviews per week, got his very own radio show, and even went on Coast 2 Coast AM all in the name of exposing his "Flat Earth Clues."  These "clues," however, instead of revealing actual scientific evidence/experiments which prove the Earth to be flat like myself and all genuine flat Earthers do, Mark's "clues" are always merely his personal speculations.  For example Mark's first "Flat Earth Clue" is that Hollywood hasn't really made many movies about the Moon landings, and this gives him a raging clue that Apollo was fake and Earth is flat.  His second clue was claiming with no evidence whatsoever that Freemason Admiral Byrd had reached the "dome."

The unfounded claims only got more ridiculous as Mark began doing radio interviews.  Suddenly he began saying that "the Moon and stars are not there, they are holographic projections," and recommending at least once per show that everyone must visit fellow shill Crrow777's YouTube channel.  I called Mark out on this at IFERS (of which he is still a member, but refuses to post) giving abundant evidence that the Moon/stars are natural luminaries and NOT holographic projections, to which he responded only once and did so not personally, but through another fellow shill, Acenci.  Acenci relayed Mark's message which said, "Of course I don't have evidence that everything in the sky is a projection of some kind. The look, and opinion I'm taking is strictly from a design standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's method of muddying the waters of truth and poisoning the flat Earth well.  Everything he has to say on the flat Earth subject is based on "his model"; not science, evidence, experiments, proof, or reason, but rather what he thinks works best from "a game design standpoint" (because he used to be a video game designer).

So he claims without evidence the celestial bodies are "projections"; He claims without evidence that Admiral Byrd reached the "dome"; He also claims without evidence that heat is NOT caused by the Sun (in his model) but by unknown processes underneath the flat Earth!; He has claimed more than once that "gravity is something we can prove obviously exists" when all genuine flat Earthers know gravity does NOT exist, has never been proven, and is just density; He even recently introduced his own untested theory of "molecular magnetism" to explain gravity in his "enclosed flat model."

In interviews Mark regularly lies about me saying things like "Eric thinks the Moon is 2-dimensional while (he) thinks it is 3-dimensional," when the truth is that I have always said the Moon is a natural luminary while he says it's a holographic projection.  He claims "Eric considers himself a flat Earth purist" another lie I've never said, nor do I even understand what a "Flat Earth purist" is supposed to be.  In one interview Mark had the audacity to lie and claim that I purport that the Flat Earth disc is constantly rising to account for gravity when I have exposed in my articles/interviews repeatedly that this is a FALSE Flat Earth argument put forward by the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society, and that gravity doesn't even exist!

In early interviews Mark claimed to have read SOME of my book, but when cornered in later interviews claimed to have NOT read my book; He constantly promotes the Orlando Ferguson CONCAVE Earth map as being "one of the best flat Earth maps," when it is clearly one of the worst; He mentioned in one interview the shillspicious fact that he worked in "internet data-mining for 3 years"; and he constantly plays with a toy globe affront the camera in every interview subconsciously re-enforcing the globe model while talking non-sense about the Flat Earth. Patricia Aiken asked him during her interview to please stop doing this and he AGREED and PROMISED to stop, but then in his very next interview and many since then he has broken his promise and continued to play with his little ball Earth.

In his interview with Dan Lefkowitz, after 50 minutes of speculative "evidence" from "every ancient myth he's found" Dan asked "is there any other proof the Earth isn't spinning other than these ancient texts?" At which point Mark made the shilliest statement of his career claiming after a 5 second pause and long exhale, "If there was, I think we'd probably know it at this point!" and nervously annoyingly laughs as he does every time an interviewer asks him a straight-forward question.  Claiming to know of NO EVIDENCE/PROOF the Earth isn't spinning other than ancient texts is ludicrous, disingenuous, and proves Mark has no business in the flat Earth movement.  In the same interview he also lied that "he's been trying to patch things up with Eric," when he then and still to this day refuses to engage in a dialogue with me, and has refused to accept my challenge to debate him on Patricia Aiken's show.

In his latest Ball Earth Skeptic interview Mark came right out and said: (paraphrasing) "I'm not even that attached to the flat model, everyone has their models with good/bad points, I have my model, Eric has his model, and even Lord Steven Christ has his model which is a lot better than the ball Earth model! At this point, I'm just sure it's not a ball, other than that is open to speculation."  What kind of confidence does it instill in listeners when this supposed "leader" of the Flat Earth movement "isn't even sure the Earth is flat!?

Andrea Cenci (Acenci):  Right after starting my IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society) Forum, my "biggest fan" and most enthusiastic and prolific poster was one "Andrea Cenci," allegedly an Italian banker who watched my Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary and was instantly converted to a flat Earther.  He subsequently divided his time between sucking up to me, dismissing the shilliness of his friend Mark Sargent, creating sock accounts to like and agree with himself, and otherwise filling the forum with useless content as per Cointel Shill Protocol.  When his constant defense of Mark Sargent became unbearable, his sock accounts discovered, and he started making paranoid rants about us needing to shut down the IFERS forum for fear of our lives, Acenci (and his other multiple personalities) were banned.  To everyone's surprise and amusement, however, Acenci and all his sock puppets quickly created their own forum from where they obsessively attempted to infiltrate, criticize, and denounce IFERS, its posts, its members, and especially its leaders/management.  He and his multiple personalities then went on to create and participate in 3 further failed forums, all dedicated to trashing IFERS.  You can see all of his forums and follow the entire drama here.  It has now been over 5 months and Acenci is still online all day every day obsessively cataloging, re-posting and analyzing/criticizing every aspect of the IFERS community.  He has even paid to have several banners advertizing his forums appear on IFERS.

Lord Steven Christ:  Before writing my book I noticed this ridiculous shill on YouTube sporting a Masonic logo and claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  He states with little to no evidence, but very high-end 3D graphics models, that the Earth is neither flat nor convex, but rather it is concave!  He and the other leading "concave Earther" Wild Heretic give a whopping 4 'proofs' for their model, 3 of which come straight from flat Earther Samuel Rowbotham's book!  Compare this with flat Earther William Carpenter's 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe, or my book with over 200 proofs of the flat Earth, and it becomes apparent how laughable these "concave Earth theorists" are.  I noticed he and his cohorts trolling every flat Earth channel threatening to flag their videos and "report them to the NSA," and true to form, once I began making flat Earth videos he did the same to me, claiming he'd report me to the NSA and that "I'd better repent" because I was "living inside His concave Earth" (remember, he thinks he's Jesus).  Since then I have had the "divine" honor of having "Our Lord and Savior Steven Christ" devote almost every new video he puts out be on the subject of "debunking" and denouncing me and my work.  Steven has also joined Acenci's shill forums and like Acenci, paid for banner ads on IFERS (which I have no control over) promoting his "Concave Earth" Forum.

Zhib Rhan:  When looking for clips to use in The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary, I came across this guy with a very enigmatic voice and a couple decent videos disputing the alleged curvature of the ball Earth.  After deciding to include them, Zhib's channel took a turn for the worse and he began making non-sense videos claiming, much like Mark Sargent, to have his very own flat model which he thought to be more accurate than the generally accepted azimuthal equidistant flat Earth model.  In his model, Antarctica was actually the North Pole!  All the continents are flipped completely upside down!  And Polaris, instead of being motionless above the North Pole, revolves around the outside perimeter of the flat Earth!  Again, just like Mark Sargent, Zhib doesn't even feign having any practical evidence for these outrageous and easily disproven claims.  Zhib instead states his wisdom came from "God" and he repeats over and over in every video that "Jesus Christ is the only truth man will ever know."  In a recent, even shillier turn of events, Zhib has now come out as a concave Earther!  It looks like now "Lord Steven Christ is the only truth Zhib will ever know."

Leo Ferrari, Daniel Shenton, and The Flat Earth Society:  The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition group that mixes truth with lies and satire to discredit genuine flat Earth research, a job they have been doing for a long time now. Founded in 1970 by Leo Ferrari, a suspected Freemason and philosophy professor at St. Thomas' University, Leo spent his life making a mockery of the legitimate subject of our flat Earth.  Leo would always take a pumpkin-sized rock with him to lectures and interviews claiming he brought the stone back from the edge of our flat Earth! He would say, with a huge smirk on his face, how his boat had fallen over the edge but he was luckily saved by hanging onto this rock. Clearly, treating our flat Earth in this tongue-in-cheek way discouraged people from taking the matter seriously.

Ferrari's entire schtick involved approaching the flat Earth subject from every angle EXCEPT the rational and scientific (just like Mark Sargent). For example, he published a series of articles including "The Global Fallacy as a Cause of Racial Prejudice," arguing that people in countries at the top of the globe felt superior to those at the bottom, when in fact there was no top or bottom to the world, so, "even if one assumed that the world was spherical, the 'top' and 'bottom' have been arbitrarily selected, resulting in racial discrimination against those in the south. How can the globularists, their hirelings and dupes, seriously claim to believe that all men are created equal when they teach that some men are eternally fated to hang like bats from the bottom of a globe on which other men stand upright? The only solution is a flat Earth!" So instead of presenting measurements or experiments, instead of presenting any proofs or evidence, Ferrari would often simply argue the flat Earth as a serendipitous satirical solution to social problems.

Though he passed away in 2010, his Flat Earth Society still exists today online as a website/forum which, still true to form, now run by Daniel Shenton and Co., purports several false flat-Earth arguments and treats the entire subject as a dead-pan joke.  A Google search for any Flat Earth related subject will bring you top results for several threads from the FES forum; a quick glance at which will show you that FES is where legitimate flat Earth questions go to die.  The board is awash with convex, concave and flat Earth shills ready to pounce upon all new members and turn them off as quickly as possible.  Their laughable "podcast" section has only 4 broadcasts, 2 about science-fiction and 2 about the "hollow Earth" - none even touch on the subject of evidence/proof of our flat Earth. 

Upon starting my own rival IFERS forum and calling out the FES shills, several of their administrators and moderators joined up, praised me for my work, nominated me as joint "Flat Earth President," and in a last ditch attempt to co-opt me and my work, asked if we could merge our forums as one!  I was more than willing, but unfortunately as you can see here, however, they were not willing to comply with my demands  :)

Matt (Powerland) Boylan:  This alleged NASA insider turned flat Earth whistle-blower has turned out to be shillspicious in many ways. When someone sent him my documentary in November 2014, Matt immediately contacted me and invited me to skype several times.  We had a couple calls but he did 95% of the talking, interrupted me often, and recorded some calls without informing me first.  He seemed a bit off, but I chalked it up to his eccentricity and still figured he was genuine listening to him discuss his commissioned art/murals, and his concern about shills infiltrating the flat Earth movement, among whom he listed Mark Sargent, the FES, Zhib Rhan, Steven Christ, and Lori Frary - all people I had also suspected.

Next Matt released his "Crazy Notion" video where he is suddenly chatting with top shill Mark Sargent like old friends and presenting his "revelation" (which is actually pure speculation, but he adamantly states as fact) that the Earth plane is infinite with no dome and there are many other flat Earth systems beyond the Antarctic ice.  I admit this is a plausible theory, as is Mark's enclosed model theory, but the disingenuous problem here is that Matt nor Mark treat/express these theories as theories but as gospel truth.  Matt also included in his video a series of failed skype calls between he and I, which he did not inform me he was recording, and which dropped every few seconds/minutes due to connection problems.  Instead of editing this out, or chalking it up to normal connection problems, Matt instead left all the dropped calls and claimed in paranoid rants between each one how "they" don't want us flat Earthers connecting so "they" were causing each call to be dropped. 

Searching through Matt's older videos on his channel it's clear that such paranoid, aggressive, off-putting rants are part of his schtick and the "flat Earth" subject is more of an aside to his other performance pieces.  His YouTube "TheNASAChannel" is far less concerned with exposing NASA or the truth of our flat Earth and more concerned with Matt painting on naked women's bodies, ranting about random subjects like Axe Cologne / hookers on tinder, and promoting his championship-status sexual prowess.  There are also suspicious videos about Steven Hawking and one with Matt in what appears to be stage make-up claiming to have been intentionally hit by a car, driven by a plain-clothes police officer purposely trying to assassinate him.  

Matt claims to be ex-NASA, graduated from a Jesuit school, and even wears a huge Masonic '33' on his shirt in his latest video.  He always points fingers at the Jesuits for the "global" conspiracy, but hammered the final nail in his shilly coffin when he wrote/posted the following article, claiming anyone (like myself) who points the finger at Jews/Judaism as being in any way behind this deception to be a dis-informant!  I have shown in my Flat Earth Conspiracy book beyond any shadow of a doubt that world Freemasonry has been responsible for this global deception, and a simple Google search of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will satisfy anyone of the fact that world Freemasonry is 100% beholden to, originating from, and maintained by world Jewry.

If all this isn't condemning enough, now Matt is asking all new Facebook friends for 3 pictures allegedly "for security reasons," which reminds me of Mark (disable my video comments, but here's my home phone number) Sargent's admission to working as an "internet data miner for 3 years," and Acenci's daily job of harassing IFERS members to register for one of his shill forums.

Jeranism:  This recent arrival to the Flat Earth community began putting up high-quality Youtube videos in March 2015 asking people to donate to his Indiegogo campaign so that he could produce a book which would expose "The Greatest Hoax Ever Sold" - a book like the one I'd just published 5 months prior - without donations.  Next Jeranism suspiciously joined two of Acenci's shill forums and at this point I also noticed Jeran defending/promoting the Jewish holocaust non-sense and denouncing Hitler in his comments sections (all traits of a Zionist shill).

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, however, I noticed several of his newer videos were quite good and got word of his idea to record a laser experiment to disprove the Earth's supposed curvature.  Jeran set up a second donation page, this time with GoFundMe, where he began taking donations not only for his flat Earth experiment "wish-list" including not only a telescope, laser, computer software/hardware, but also the kicker, to help pay off the mortgage on his house!  Once others had already donated his telescope and laser, he put out the call here for $200 more dollars that he needed to secure a professional videographer for 2 hours to film the event. 

Being the enthusiastic flat Earth missionary I am, seeing what I'd hoped was another genuine truther in need, and hearing him assure us in the video that he would complete successful test runs before hiring the videographer, I decided to donate the entire $200 to Jeran.  Right around this time he finally joined IFERS, and introduced himself saying he "owed Eric Dubay a lot for allowing me to open my mind to the point that is needed to see the deception that currently plagues the world."  This was quite strange considering he'd never contacted me or joined my forum before now, admitted to having never read a single page of the forum, and yet he was already registered and posting on two of my sworn enemy Acenci's shill forums!

Next Jeran decides to criticize IFERS strict policy of banning shills, then brings up and defends top shill Mark Sargent.  As you can see, even after re-posting all the evidence I've compiled of Mark's lies and misinformation, Jeran still decides to side with Mark and further condemns IFERS for our strict policy of shill-banning.  Soon IFERS members started digging into Jeran's online history and found some very significant accusations of bitcoin fraud.  A website named was created by a man accusing Jeran of scamming, extortion, blackmail, and personal defamation!  Upon receiving word of what we had dug up on IFERS, Jeran completely flipped out and you can read his weak attempt at defending himself here.

As for the laser video, due to poor planning and NOT completing a successful test prior to hiring the videographer, Jeran ended up having to pay for a second day of filming, only to find that his laser dispersed into a 10 foot beam across the ocean completely nullifying the results!  You can hear him just today talking with his best buddy Mark Sargent acting like the laser experiment was some big success and trying to spin his side of the IFERS drama referenced above.  He was also on the radio with Mark earlier this week admitting that, "even though my profile logo shows a flat Earth map, I'm not actually 100% a flat Earther, I'm just 100% sure the Earth is not a ball."  Once again, a supposed "leading" flat Earther stating on radio interviews that they're not even sure of their own model!

Crrow777:  is the YouTuber behind the "Lunar Wave" videos, promoted by the establishment Huffington Post and by top shill Mark Sargent in literally every single interview he gives.  Crow's entire channel and every interview is dedicated to his claim that a digital wavy-line filmed with his high-tech cameras proves that the Moon is not a natural luminary, but rather a holographic projection!  This is just like how David Icke says a bunch of great stuff then writes a whole book saying "the Moon is a hollow space-ship piloted by reptilian aliens who control humanity with mind-control moon-beams." These agents purposely poison the well and muddy the waters to obfuscate the truth, which is that the Moon is natural and NOT a hologram no matter how many times Mark and Crrow say so.

Thomas Sheridon:  is the self-acclaimed expert on psychopathy who has been evidenced here and here to have psychopathic tendencies himself.  Once the flat Earth topic started gaining traction Thomas began putting out videos claiming that everyone promoting the Flat Earth topic was part of a CIA Cointel disinfo psyop!  After watching a couple minutes of my flat Earth documentary, you can watch him here having a complete mental breakdown over the fact that people could be so stupid as to consider the flat Earth subject.  He even considers ceasing all his YouTube/radio activity due to his utter dismay, but then gets over his depression quite quickly and continues on.

Max Igan:  is the Aussie truther responsible for the Crowhouse and Surviving the Matrix radio, who long supported my work (still links to my site) until the following Facebook conversation took place between us where he disparaged my work on the flat Earth without actually reading any of it (and refusing to waste his time).  Then, just like Thomas Sheridan, he claimed to go into a deep depression after talking with me and considered ceasing all his activism!  But as you can hear here, he found an inspiring quote the next day and decided to continue on and completely ignore the flat Earth truth. 

Lori Frary:  is a former politician who shortly after my book/documentary came out, bought the domain name, and made a sparse, unkept, and uninformative website out of it.  She then created a Facebook group by the same title (the title of MY book and documentary), AND THEN BANNED ME FROM IT.  After successfully co-opting my keywords, she claimed to be purging her group of "anti-semitic" posters, and even though I hadn't posted anything but my FE articles/videos, kicked me out without a word.  Linking the ball Earth deception to the Jews question is something Matt, Mark, Lori, Jeran and the other shills seem desperate to avoid.

Steven William Engelhardt:  is another active Facebook shill who who joined IFERS as "" which is his website. He also started a "Flat Earth Wiki" site and hounded me for weeks to contribute to it when he hadn't yet contributed anything to it himself. He finally made a couple paragraphs about the Bedford Level, promoted it all over Facebook like it was some great accomplishment, then further pleaded to get me and others to contribute to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just didn't have time for, and it looked like he didn't either by the state of it (much like Lori's lazily made, never updated  Next, Thai friends of mine (who have nothing to do with flat Earth) started contacting me asking "who's Steven?" saying he was trying to add them on Facebook.  When I confronted him about this apparent data-mining attempt, you can read here, Steven claimed to be adding "anyone talking about the flat Earth," which is a complete lie as the people who he was adding from my friends list have NEVER posted about the flat Earth

Dave Johnson:  is a YouTuber who makes horribly boring and uninformative flat Earth videos mixed with Crow-style "hologram Moon" bullshit and Zhib-style "Jesus is the only truth" rants.  Upon joining IFERS I gave him my honest opinion of his videos, which apparently he didn't appreciate because the next day he made the silliest shilliest video of all time claiming that I am actually David Wilcox!

Rayn Gryphon:  is a YouTuber and blogger who joined IFERS and posted nothing but huge, convoluted, long-winded, semi-relevant copy/pastes from his blogs into several threads, and when very politely asked not to do so, and asked to write with greater clarity and simplicity so we could understand him, he refused and was thus banned. After his banishment he began making daily videos about IFERS, how offended he is, and turning his banishment into a huge soap opera drama where he falsely claims he was "harassed, assaulted, bullied, beaten, harmed, injured, mentally abused" and my favorite, "gang-stalked" by us, claiming we committed "violence" against him which he's psychologically venting by making endless videos with flat Earth keywords.  There is a sub-class of shills like DaveJ and Rayn Gryphon who seem to be paid simply to post as many videos as possible with flat Earth-related keywords to muddy the waters with a bunch of terrible and non-sensical videos.  Other examples of this are Alien Fossil Project, Queenie Cameron, and NatureHacker.

Truthiracy:  is a YouTuber and blogger who has recently created a series of videos attempting to debunk me while (much like Lori Frary) co-opting my name to do so.  His series, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy 2015" is quite pathetic and laughable, but successfully hijacks my keywords.  You can read my debunking of his attempt at debunking me here

There are certainly many more shills out there and many more arriving on the scene presently.  Everyone be sure to do your due diligence and stay vigilant in discerning your way through the intentionally muddied waters of the flat Earth truth movement!  If you have any more evidence of shills I have listed or missed please leave a comment below.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The South Pole Does Not Exist!

In the Flat-Earth model of the cosmos, the North Pole is the immovable center of the world and the entire universe.  Polaris, the North Star, sits straight over the North Pole at the highest point in the heavens, and like a slowly rotating planetarium dome all the celestial bodies revolve around Polaris and over the Earth once per day.  The Sun circles over and around the circumference of Earth every 24 hours, steadily traveling each day from the equator during the March vernal equinox, up to the Tropic of Cancer at the June summer solstice, back down to the equator for the September autumnal equinox, and all the way down to the Tropic of Capricorn on the December winter solstice.  

In the Flat-Earth model, the South Pole does not exist at all and Antarctica is instead a gigantic ice-wall extending the circumference of Earth holding in the oceans like a giant bowl, or a “world cup.”  As strange as this concept may sound at first, it is a fact that if you set a bearing due South from anywhere on Earth, inevitably at or before 78 degrees Southern latitude, you will find yourself face-to-face with an enormous ice-wall towering 100-200 feet in the air extending to the East and West the entire circumference of the world!

The ice-barrier, so frequently referred to in accounts of the Antarctic regions, is the fore-front of the enormous glacier-covering, or ice-cap, which, accumulating in vast, undulating fields from the heavy snowfall, and ultimately attaining hundreds, if not thousands, of feet in thickness, creeps from the continent of Antarctica into the polar sea. The ice-barrier, yet a part of the parent ice-cap, presents itself to the navigator who has boldness enough to approach its fearful front, as a solid, perpendicular wall of marble-like ice, ranging from one thousand to two thousand feet in thickness, of which from one hundred to two hundred feet rises above, and from eight hundred to eighteen hundred feet sinks below, the level of the sea."  -Greely, General A. W. "Antarctica, or the Hypothetical Southern Continent." Cosmopolitan 17 (1894): p. 296

It has been demonstrated that the earth is a plane, the surface-centre of which is immediately underneath the star called ‘Polaris,’ and the extremities of which are bounded by a vast region of ice and water and irregular masses of land.  The whole terminates in fog and darkness, where snow and driving hail, piercing sleet and boisterous winds, howling storms, madly-mounting waves, and clashing icebergs are almost constant.  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (117)

Antarctica is not the tiny “ice-continent” found confined to the underside antipode of astronomer’s globes.  Quite the contrary, Antarctica literally surrounds us 360 degrees, encircles every continent, and acts as a barrier holding in the oceans.  The most commonly asked questions, and the greatest mysteries yet to be solved are: how far does the Antarctic ice extend outwards?  Is there a limit?  What lies beyond, or is it just snow and ice forever?  Thanks to U.N. treaties and constant military surveillance, the North Pole and Antarctica remain cloaked in government secrecy, both purported “no-fly/no-sail” zones, with several reports of civilian pilots and captains being shooed away and escorted back under threat of violence.

How far the ice extends; how it terminates; and what exists beyond it, are questions to which no present human experience can reply. All we at present know is, that snow and hail, howling winds, and indescribable storms and hurricanes prevail; and that in every direction ‘human ingress is barred by unsealed escarpments of perpetual ice,’ extending farther than eye or telescope can penetrate, and becoming lost in gloom and darkness.”  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (91)

Before reaching the Antarctic ice-wall, navigating the increasingly tumultuous Southern oceans, explorers encounter the longest, darkest, coldest nights and the most dangerous seas and storms anywhere on Earth.  Vasco de Gama, an early 16th century Portuguese explorer of the South Seas wrote how, “The waves rise like mountains in height; ships are heaved up to the clouds, and apparently precipitated by circling whirlpools to the bed of the ocean.  The winds are piercing cold, and so boisterous that the pilot’s voice can seldom be heard, whilst a dismal and almost continual darkness adds greatly to the danger.”

In 1773 Captain Cook became the first modern explorer known to have breached the Antarctic Circle and reached the ice barrier.  During three voyages, lasting three years and eight days, Captain Cook and crew sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall!  Captain Cook wrote: “The ice extended east and west far beyond the reach of our sight, while the southern half of the horizon was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height.  It was indeed my opinion that this ice extends quite to the pole, or perhaps joins some land to which it has been fixed since creation.”

On October 5th, 1839 another explorer, James Clark Ross began a series of Antarctic voyages lasting a total of 4 years and 5 months.  Ross and his crew sailed two heavily armored warships thousands of miles, losing many men from hurricanes and icebergs, looking for an entry point beyond the southern glacial wall.  Upon first confronting the massive barrier Captain Ross wrote of the wall, “extending from its eastern extreme point as far as the eye could discern to the eastward.  It presented an extraordinary appearance, gradually increasing in height, as we got nearer to it, and proving at length to be a perpendicular cliff of ice, between one hundred and fifty feet and two hundred feet above the level of the sea, perfectly flat and level at the top, and without any fissures or promontories on its even seaward face.  We might with equal chance of success try to sail through the cliffs of Dover, as to penetrate such a mass.”

Yes, but we can circumnavigate the South easily enough,’ is often said by those who don't know, The British Ship Challenger recently completed the circuit of the Southern region - indirectly, to be sure - but she was three years about it, and traversed nearly 69,000 miles - a stretch long enough to have taken her six times round on the globular hypothesis.”  -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (78)

If we now consider the fact that when we travel by land or sea, and from any part of the known world, in a direction towards the North polar star, we shall arrive at one and the same point, we are forced to the conclusion that what has hitherto been called the North Polar region, is really the center of the Earth.  That from this northern center the land diverges and stretches out, of necessity, towards a circumference, which must now be called the Southern region: which is a vast circle, and not a pole or center … In this and other ways all the great navigators have been frustrated in their efforts, and have been more or less confounded in their attempts to sail round the Earth upon or beyond the Antarctic circle.  But if the southern region is a pole or center, like the north, there would be little difficulty in circumnavigating it, for the distance round would be comparatively small.  When it is seen that the Earth is not a sphere, but a plane, having only one center, the north; and that the south is the vast icy boundary of the world, the difficulties experienced by circumnavigators can be easily understood.  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” (21-23)

If the Earth were truly a globe, then every line of latitude South of the equator would have to measure a gradually smaller and smaller circumference the farther South traveled.  In other words, the circumference at 10 degrees South latitude would comprise a smaller circle than at the equator, 20 degrees South latitude would comprise a circle smaller than 10, and so on.  If, however, the Earth is an extended plane, then every line of latitude South of the equator should measure a gradually larger and larger circumference the farther South traveled.  10 degrees South latitude will comprise a larger circle than the equator, 20 degrees South latitude will comprise a circle larger than 10, and so on.  Likewise, if the Earth were a globe, lines of longitude would bubble out at the equator while converging at both poles.  Whereas if the Earth is an extended plane, lines of longitude should simply expand straight outwards from the North Pole.  So which is actually the case?

Upon the principle, as taught by Scripture and common observation, that the world is not a Planet, but consists of vast masses of land stretched out upon level seas, the North being the centre of the system, it is evident that the degrees of longitude will gradually increase in width the whole way from the North centre to the icy boundary of the great Southern Circumference. In consequence of the difference between the actual extent of longitudes and that allowed for them by the Nautical Authorities, which difference, at the latitude of the Cape of Good Hope, has been estimated to amount to a great number of miles, many Ship-masters have lost their reckoning, and many vessels have been wrecked.  Ship-captains, who have been educated in the globular theory, know not how to account for their getting so much out of their course in Southern latitudes, and generally put it down to currents; but this reason is futile, for although currents may exist, they do not usually run in opposite directions, and vessels are frequently wrecked, whether sailing East or West.  -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (102)

During Captain James Clark Ross’s voyages around the Antarctic circumference, he often wrote in his journal perplexed at how they routinely found themselves out of accordance with their charts, stating that they found themselves an average of 12-16 miles outside their reckoning every day, some days as much as 29 miles.  Lieutenant Charles Wilkes commanded a United States Navy exploration expedition to the Antarctic from August 18th, 1838 to June 10th, 1842, almost four years spent “exploring and surveying the Southern ocean.”  In his journals Lieutenant Wilkes also mentioned being consistently east of his reckoning, sometimes over 20 miles in less than 18 hours.

The commanders of these various expeditions were, of course, with their education and belief in the earth's rotundity, unable to conceive of any other cause for the differences between log and chronometer results than the existence of currents. But one simple fact is entirely fatal to such an explanation, viz., that when the route taken is east or west the same results are experienced.  The water of the southern region cannot be running in two opposite directions at the same time; and hence, although various local and variable currents have been noticed, they cannot be shown to be the cause of the discrepancies so generally observed in high southern latitudes between time and log results.  The conclusion is one of necessity, forced upon us by the sum of the evidence collected that the degrees of longitude in any given southern latitude are larger than the degrees in any latitude nearer to the northern center; thus proving the already more than sufficiently demonstrated fact that the earth is a plane, having a northern center, in relation to which degrees of latitude are concentric, and from which degrees of longitude are diverging lines, continually increasing in their distance from each other as they are prolonged towards the great glacial southern circumference.  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe!”  (261)

February 11th, 1822, at noon, in latitude 65.53. S. our chronometers gave 44 miles more westing than the log in three days. On 22nd of April (1822), in latitude 54.16. S. our longitude by chronometers was 46.49, and by D.R. (dead reckoning) 47° 11´: On 2nd May (1822), at noon, in latitude 53.46. S., our longitude by chronometers was 59° 27´, and by D.R. 61° 6´. October 14th, in latitude 58.6, longitude by chronometers 62° 46´, by account 65° 24´. In latitude 59.7. S., longitude by chronometers was 63° 28´, by account 66° 42´. In latitude 61.49. S., longitude by chronometers was 61° 53´, by account 66° 38´.  -Captain James Weddell, “Voyages Towards the South Pole”

In the southern hemisphere, navigators to India have often fancied themselves east of the Cape when still west, and have been driven ashore on the African coast, which, according to their reckoning, lay behind them.  This misfortune happened to a fine frigate, the Challenger, in 1845.  How came Her Majesty’s Ship ‘Conqueror,’ to be lost?  How have so many other noble vessels, perfectly sound, perfectly manned, perfectly navigated, been wrecked in calm weather, not only in dark night, or in a fog, but in broad daylight and sunshine - in the former case upon the coasts, in the latter, upon sunken rocks - from being ‘out of reckoning,’ under circumstances which until now, have baffled every satisfactory explanation.”  -Rev. Thomas Milner, “Tour Through Creation”

The equatorial circumference of the supposed ball-Earth is said to be 24,900 statute or 21,600 nautical miles.  A nautical mile is the distance, following the supposed curvature of the Earth, from one minute of latitude to the next.  A statue mile is the straight line distance between the two, not taking into account Earth’s alleged curvature.

The “Australian Handbook, Almanack, Shippers’ and Importers’ Directory” states that the distance between Sydney and Nelson is 1400 nautical or 1633 statute miles.  Allowing a more than sufficient 83 miles as the distance for rounding Cape Farewell and sailing up Tasman Bay to Nelson leaves 1550 statute miles as the straight-line distance from the meridian of Sydney to the meridian of Nelson.  Their given difference in longitude is 22 degrees 2’14”.  Therefore if 22 degrees 2’14” out of 360 is 1550 miles, the entirety measures 25,182 miles.  This is larger than the Earth is said to be at the equator, and 4262 miles greater than it would be at Sydney’s southern latitude on a globe of said proportions!  One 360th part of 25,182 gives 70 miles as the distance between each degree of longitude at Sydney’s 34 degree Southern latitude.  On a globe 25,000 miles in equatorial circumference, however, degrees of longitude at 34 degrees latitude would be only 58 miles, a full 12 miles per degree less than reality.  This perfectly explains why Ross and other navigators in the deep South experienced 12+ mile daily discrepancies between their reckoning and reality, the farther South traveled the farther the divide.

From near Cape Horn, Chile to Port Philip in Melbourne, Australia the distance is 9,000 miles.  These two places are 143 degrees of longitude from each other.  Therefore the whole extent of the Earth’s circumference is a mere arithmetical question.  If 143 degrees make 9,000 miles, what will be the distance made by the whole 360 degrees into which the surface is divided?  The answer is, 22,657 miles; or, 8357 miles more than the theory of rotundity would permit.  It must be borne in mind, however, that the above distances are nautical measure, which, reduced to statute miles, gives the actual distance round the Southern region at a given latitude as 26,433 statute miles; or nearly 1,500 miles more than the largest circumference ever assigned to the Earth at the equator.”  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” (52)

Similar calculations made from the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa to Melbourne, Australia at an average latitude of 35.5 degrees South, have given an approximate figure of over 25,000 miles, which is again equal to or greater than the Earth’s supposed greatest circumference at the equator.  Calculations from Sydney, Australia to Wellington, New Zealand at an average of 37.5 degrees South have given an approximate circumference of 25,500 miles, greater still!  According to the ball-Earth theory, the circumference of the Earth at 37.5 degrees Southern latitude should be only 19,757 statute miles, almost six thousand miles less than such practical measurements.

The above calculations are, as already stated, only proximate; but as liberal allowances have been made for irregularities of route, etc., they are sufficiently accurate to prove that the degrees of longitude, as we proceed south-wards, do not diminish, as they would upon a globe, but expand or increase, as they must if the earth is a plane; or, in other words, the farthest point, or greatest latitude south, must have the greatest circumference and degrees of longitude.”  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe!” (258)

Parallels of latitude only - of all imaginary lines on the surface of the Earth - are circles, which increase, progressively, from the northern centre to the southern circumference. The mariner's course in the direction of any one of these concentric circles is his longitude, the degrees of which INCREASE to such an extent beyond the equator (going southwards) that hundreds of vessels have been wrecked because of the false idea created by the untruthfulness of the charts and the globular theory together, causing the sailor to be continually getting out of his reckoning. With a map of the Earth in its true form all difficulty is done away with, and ships may be conducted anywhere with perfect safety. This, then, is a very important practical proof that the Earth is not a globe.”  -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (14)

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Architects & Engineers for Flat Earth Truth

Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects, providing another proof the world is a plane, not a planet.  Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature.

One surveyor, Mr. T. Westwood, wrote into the January, 1896 “Earth Review” magazine stating that, “In leveling, I work from Ordinance marks, or canal levels, to get the height above sea level.  The puzzle to me used to be, that over several miles each level was and is treated throughout its whole length as the same level from end to end; not the least allowance being made for curvature.  One of the civil engineers in this district, after some amount of argument on each side as to the reason why no allowance for curvature was made, said he did not believe anybody would know the shape of the earth in this life.” 

Another Surveyor and Engineer of thirty years wrote to the Birmingham Weekly Mercury, Feb. 15th, 1890 stating, “I am thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of civil engineering.  However bigoted some of our professors may be in the theory of surveying according to the prescribed rules, yet it is well known amongst us that such theoretical measurements are INCAPABLE OF ANY PRACTICAL ILLUSTRATION.  All our locomotives are designed to run on what may be regarded as TRUE LEVELS or FLATS.  There are, of course, partial inclines or gradients here and there, but they are always accurately defined and must be carefully traversed.  But anything approaching to eight inches in the mile, increasing as the square of the distance, COULD NOT BE WORKED BY ANY ENGINE THAT WAS EVER YET CONSTRUCTED.  Taking one station with another all over England and Scotland, it may be stated that all the platforms are ON THE SAME RELATIVE LEVEL.  The distance between Eastern and Western coasts of England may be set down as 300 miles.  If the prescribed curvature was indeed as represented, the central stations at Rugby or Warwick ought to be close upon three miles higher than a chord drawn from the two extremities.  If such was the case there is not a driver or stoker within the Kingdom that would be found to take charge of the train.  We can only laugh at those of your readers who seriously give us credit for such venturesome exploits, as running trains round spherical curves.  Horizontal curves on levels are dangerous enough, vertical curves would be a thousand times worse, and with our rolling stock constructed as at present physically impossible.

Engineer, W. Winckler, wrote into the Earth Review October 1893 regarding the Earth’s supposed curvature, stating, “As an engineer of many years standing, I saw that this absurd allowance is only permitted in school books.  No engineer would dream of allowing anything of the kind.  I have projected many miles of railways and many more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of, much less allowed for.  This allowance for curvature means this - that it is 8” for the first mile of a canal, and increasing at the ratio by the square of the distance in miles; thus a small navigable canal for boats, say 30 miles long, will have, by the above rule an allowance for curvature of 600 feet.  Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools.  Nothing of the sort is allowed.  We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle

The Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez on the Red Sea is a clear proof of the Earth’s and water’s non-convexity.  The canal is 100 miles long and without any locks so the water within is an uninterrupted continuation of the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.  When it was constructed, the Earth’s supposed curvature was not taken into account, it was dug along a horizontal datum line 26 feet below sea-level, passing through several lakes from one sea to the other, with the datum line and the water’s surface running perfectly parallel over the 100 miles.  The average level of the Mediterranean is 6 inches above the Red Sea, while the floodtides in the Red Sea rise 4 feet above the highest and drop 3 feet below the lowest in the Mediterranean, making the half-tide level of the Red Sea, the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, and the 100 miles of water in the canal, all a clear continuation of the same horizontal line!  Were they instead the supposed curved line of globe-Earthers, the water in the center of the canal would be 1666 feet (502 x 8 inches = 1666 feet 8 inches) above the respective Seas on either side!

The distance between the Red Sea at Suez and the Mediterranean Sea is 100 statute miles, the datum line of the Canal being 26 feet below the level of the Mediterranean, and is continued horizontally the whole way from sea to sea, there not being a single lock on the Canal, the surface of the water being parallel with the datum line. It is thus clear that there is no curvature or globularity for the whole hundred miles between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea; had there been, according to the Astronomic theory, the middle of the Canal would have been 1,666 feet higher than at either end, whereas the Canal is perfectly horizontal for the whole distance. The Great Canal of China, said to be 700 miles in length, was made without regard to any allowance for supposed curvature, as the Chinese believe the Earth to be a Stationary Plane. I may also add that no allowance was made for it in the North Sea Canal, or in the Manchester Ship Canal, both recently constructed, thus clearly proving that there is no globularity in Earth or Sea, so that the world cannot possibly be a Planet.  -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (134)

If the earth be the globe of popular belief, it is very evident that in cutting a canal, an allowance must be made for the curvature of the globe, which allowance would correspond to the square of the distance multiplied by eight inches.  From The Age, of 5th August 1892, I extract the following:  ‘The German Emperor performed the ceremony of opening the Gates of the Baltic and North Sea Canal, in the spring of 1891.  The canal starts at Holtenau, on the south side of Kiel Bay, and joins the Elbe 15 miles above its mouth.  It is 61 miles long, 200 feet wide at the surface and 85 feet at the bottom, the depth being 28 feet.  No locks are required, as the surface of the two seas is level.’  Let those who believe it is the practice for surveyors to make allowance for ‘curvature’ ponder over the following from the Manchester Ship Canal Company (Earth Review, October, 1893)  ‘It is customary in Railway and Canal constructions for all levels to be referred to a datum which is nominally horizontal and is so shown on all sections.  It is not the practice in laying out Public Works to make allowances for the curvature of the earth.”  -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (23)

The London and Northwestern Railway forms a straight line 180 miles long between London and Liverpool.  The railroad’s highest point, midway at Birmingham station, is only 240 feet above sea-level.  If the world were actually a globe, however, curveting 8 inches per mile squared, the 180 mile stretch of rail would form an arc with the center point at Birmingham raising a full 5,400 feet above London and Liverpool.  Adding the station’s actual height (240 feet) to its theoretical inclination (5,400 feet) gives 5,640 feet as the rail’s necessary height on a globe-Earth, more than a thousand feet taller than Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Great Britain!

In projecting railways on a globe, the datum line would be the arc of a circle corresponding to the latitude of the place.  That the datum line for the railway projections is always a horizontal line, proves that the general configuration of the world is horizontal.  To support the globe theory, the gentlemen of the observatories should call upon the surveyor to prove that he allows the necessary amount for ‘curvature.’  But this is what the learned men dare not do, as it is well-known that the allowance for the supposed curvature is never made.  -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (107)

In a long line, like that of the Great Pacific Railway, extending across North America, the supposed curvature would, of course, be proportionately great, extending to many miles in height, but not one inch was allowed by the engineers for curvature during the whole course of the construction of that vast line of Railway. And, if we think of it, how could it be otherwise? All Railway metals must, of necessity, be straight, for how could any engine or carriage run with safety on a convex surface?  -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (125)

J.C. Bourne in his book, “The History of the Great Western Railway” stated that the entire original English railroad, more than 118 miles long, that the whole line with the exception of the inclined planes, may be regarded practically as level.  The British Parliament Session in 1862 that approved its construction  recorded in Order No. 44 for the proposed railway, “That the section be drawn to the same HORIZONTAL scale as the plan, and to a vertical scale of not less than one inch to every one hundred feet, and shall show the surface of the ground marked on the plan, the intended level of the proposed work, the height of every embankment, and the depth of every cutting, and a DATUM HORIZONTAL LINE which shall be the same throughout the whole length of the work.

One hundred and eighteen miles of LEVEL railway, and yet the surface on which it is projected a globe?  Impossible.  It cannot be.  Early in 1898 I met Mr. Hughes, chief officer of the steamer ‘City of Lincoln.’  This gentleman told me he had projected thousands of miles of level railway in South America, and never heard of any allowance for curvature being made.  On one occasion he surveyed over one thousand miles of railway which was a perfect straight line all the way.  It is well known that in the Argentine Republic and other parts of South America, there are railways thousands of miles long without curve or gradient.  In projecting railways, the world is acknowledged to be a plane, and if it were a globe the rules of projection have yet to be discovered.  Level railways prove a level world, to the utter confusion of the globular school of impractical men with high salaries and little brains.”  -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (109)

That in all surveys no allowance is made for curvature, which would be a necessity on a globe; that a horizontal line is in every case the datum line, the same line being continuous throughout the whole length of the work; and that the theodolite cuts a line at equal altitudes on either side of it, which altitude is the same as that of the instrument, clearly proves, to those who will accept proof when it is furnished, that the world is a plane and not a globe.”  -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (126)

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