Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Renaissance Radio #13

Renaissance Radio's back in action with Roger and Eric Dubay, this week talking about chakras, kundalini, yoga, the vibrational nature of reality, mushrooms, atlantis, ancient mythology, immortality, reincarnation, 2012, the mayans, consumer society, negative/positive thinking, US elections, voting independent, martial law training, Neale Donald Walsch's new world order, spirituality/religion and more. Listen Now

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The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs (Animation)

Videographer/Animator "Bam Bam" has just turned my chapter from The Atlantean Conspiracy entitled "The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs" into an excellent animation available in 2 parts on YouTube. Thanks for contacting me Bam Bam, keep up the great work.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paris (Music)

Here are two of my favorite songs by Paris (the rapper, not the "heiress"). Above is "What Would You Do" and below is "Sheep to the Slaughter"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Renaissance Radio Revived

After a week off the air Renaissance Radio will be back for at least another 3 months thanks to Elaine. Much appreciated! After 12 episodes, the show died for a week to be revived for the 13th episode - seems kinda Biblical doesn't it? Since the show is usually too late for so many listeners in America, we're going to run it an hour earlier now. It will remain on Wednesday nights, 1 hour earlier than before. I think that makes it 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central but I'm not sure. It will be 10am Thursday here in Thailand at GMT +7, that much I know. :) The call-in number is: (718) 506 - 1675, and the show is hosted at:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fabled Enemies (Video)

Seven years after 9/11, the supposed mastermind behind the attacks is still at large, and the nation is entrenched in multiple wars in the Middle East. Is Bin Laden the evil behind the attack or a mere front man in a larger picture, a Bogeyman? Fabled Enemies is unlike any 9/11documentary ever put together. Rather than focusing on the physical anomalies at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, this film follows the intelligence ties of Osama Bin Laden, the alleged hijackers, and those who were actually detained on 9/11. The movie delves deeply into the roles of seperate Nations that were involved in supporting the 9/11 attacks. From Israel to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, and even the United States itself, no one is spared in this scathing expose that pulls no punches. Sit back and get ready to learn how members of the FBI had their investigations into Bin Laden obstructed and shut down, how the hijackers were trained at US bases, that military drills crippled our defense and facilitated the attacks, how the Shadow Government was actually activated that day, and much much more.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Renaissance Radio #12

This week, potentially my last week due to funding/skype issues, it's my Dad Roger Dubay and I talking about the global warming hoax, the "war on terror," the planned economic collapse, the New World Order big picture, Alex Jones, martial law, 2012, NLP, mainstream media, the nature of fear, and much more. Listen Here

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Renaissance Radio #11

This week's show we're joined by Hugh McKenna, Mike Ratkiewicz, Roger and Kim Dubay, to discuss the law of attraction, Esther Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, spirituality, meditation, health, natural eating/products, conscious consumerism, international bankers, the bailout, world economy, manifestation, reality co-creation, and solution-oriented/positive thinking. Listen Here

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Pharmacratic Inquisition (Video)

Thousands of years ago, in the pre monarchic era, psychedelic/entheogenic substances were publicly known world wide and were respected for their ability to bring forth the divine, Yahweh, God, The Great Spirit, etc., by the many cultures who used them. Often the entire tribe or community would partake in the entheogenic rites. These rites were often used in initiation into adulthood, for healing, to help guide the community in the decision process, and to bring the direct religious experience to anyone seeking it, that might take these psychedelic sacraments properly. In the pre literate world, the knowledge of psychedelic plant sacraments, as well as fertility rites and astronomical knowledge surrounding the sun, stars, and zodiac, known as astrotheology, were anthropomorphized into human/god like beings so their stories and practices could be passed down for generations. Weather changes over time caused environmental changes that altered the available foods and plant sacraments available in the local vicinity. If a tribe lost its shamanic El-der (El - God), all of the tribe's knowledge of their plant sacraments as well as astronomical knowledge would be lost. The Church’s inquisitions extracted this sacred knowledge from the local Shamans who were then exterminated…It is time to recognize the fact that this Pharmacratic Inquisition is still intact and destroy it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum

Peter Joseph has just released an amazing new 2-hour documentary full of great information and solutions to the global conspiracy. This movie contains an excellent explanation of the fraudulent banking system making it very palatable for current sheeple scrambling about from the economic crisis. It also offers very inspiring and thought-provoking solutions to our global societies current problems. I give it my highest recommendation.

Original Freemasonry Artwork

Here is some great original artwork sent to me by a website fan/friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I hope you enjoy and feel free to use these images in your own creative projects:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Renaissance Radio #10

This week on Renaissance Radio we are joined with Hugh, Leon, and special guest/friend Mike Ratkiewicz to discuss spirituality, consciousness, society, media, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, vegetarianism, detoxing and cleansing, exercise, microwaves and cell phones, martial law, the financial bailout, 2012, the mayan calendar, timewave zero, and more Listen Here

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