Thursday, May 20, 2021

LEVEL (Flat Earth Film)

It's time for the world to get on our LEVEL:

Produced by Hibbeler Productions:
Narrated by Eric Dubay:
Featuring O.D.D TV:
Dave Murphy:
Eddie Bravo:
Santos Bonacci:
Tanner Stewart:
Johnny Giampapa:
and more!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the film, great work.

What I've also learned, regarding the FE, is that in order for high-rise structures to be built, vertically, they would have to be permanently decreasing in width/length as they rise above the earth. The curvature would cause both vertical/parallel walls to slowly, but surely, move apart from one another the higher they rise. You would eventually end up with a cheese-shaped building (not sure of the math for this?).

Also, a way to disprove the globe, would be to point a laser directly east/west and follow it for a several miles, using a gps. You'd know if it was a globe, or flat, by checking your gps position after those mutiple miles. If it was flat, your location wouldn't match with the globes location.

Keep up the great work, Eric.

Michael Voltage said...

I really enjoy all of your films, and this one has the best production value! The only thing I didn't enjoy was the whole segment about calling out some actor dude that tries to pass himself off as someone of intellect. This portion of the content makes it difficult to share with friends who are interested as it really turns people away. I understand its difficult to weather the storm of these liars, but we have to transcend these people if we're to spread the truth.

Every time you make a film, ask yourself this question, do I want to spread truth or do I want to be right?

Your humble student.