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The Manipulation of Ancient History

Our government textbooks tell us that nobody in the ancient world had ever crossed the Atlantic before Columbus. But the voyage of the Mayflower only took 60 days. Are we honestly to believe that no one had ever previously taken the 60 day trip in all of human history? The great civilizations of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Greece, Rome, and the sea-faring Phoenicians never wondered what was out West past 59 days sailing?

If we accept this improbability, we have to accept many more along with it, because the native American cultures of the “New World” and the Eurasian cultures of the “Old World” were already far too similar to have naturally evolved separately. For instance, compare the Peruvians and Egyptians. The number of complex comparisons between the two peoples far surpasses serendipity. Both cultures believed in an immaterial soul which reincarnates through multiple physical existences. They both worshipped the Sun, Moon, and Stars, and held amazing astronomical knowledge, much of which has just recently been rediscovered. Both peoples built amazing stone pyramids, often containing boulders too heavy for modern cranes to lift, quarried from miles away. Both cultures embalmed/mummified their dead. Peruvian and Egyptian royalty both wrapped children’s heads in the practice of “skull elongation” (like trepanning) to attain higher consciousness. They both divided the year into twelve months. Both peoples had a women’s order of vestal virgins vowed to celibacy, and violating their vows was punished on both continents by their being buried alive. Both cultures offered animal sacrifices and divined the future by examining the animal’s entrails. They both built huge arches and strewed the road with flowers for returning home triumphant warriors/heroes. At the beginning of each agricultural season during a big celebration, the Kings placed their hands to the plough and ploughed the first furrow. Are we to believe such incredibly specific practices developed completely independent of one another?

“When the Spanish missionaries first set foot upon the soil of America, in the fifteenth century, they were amazed to find the Cross was as devoutly worshipped by the red Indians as by themselves.” -Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World”

Ancient symbols like the cross and the swastika already existed in the Americas long before the Europeans came. Egyptian symbols like the “Akeru” back to back lion gods hieroglyph are found in Olmec temples from ancient Mexico. We have also found Mayan art and glyphs in Egypt. Modern Mayans and tribal Egyptians both recognize the languages found in their countries as that of their ancestors and both can read much of it. We’ve discovered artwork 2-3000 years old clearly depicting negroes and caucasians in Central America. The establishment remains silent on all these issues.

The similarities between Old World European and American peoples are vast and difficult to accept as mere coincidence. The use of cement, bricks, arches and advanced masonry/architecture is found on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as roads, stone and suspension bridges; Metallurgy, ore mining of copper, tin, bronze, gold, silver, and iron; Sculpture, painting, engraving, agriculture, navigation, large sailing vessels, pottery, glasswork, and music; both Old and New Worlders fashioned the same weapons like bows and arrows, spears, swords, battle-axes, darts and slings; baptism, confession, penance all long existed on both continents.

“If we find on both sides of the Atlantic precisely the same arts, sciences, religious beliefs, habits, customs, and traditions, it is absurd to say that the peoples of the two continents arrived separately, by precisely the same steps, at precisely the same ends. When we consider the resemblance of the civilizations of the Mediterranean nations to one another, no man is silly enough to pretend that Rome, Greece, Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, each spontaneously and separately invented the arts, sciences, habits, and opinions in which they agreed; but we proceed to trace out the thread of descent or connection from one to another. Why should a rule of interpretation prevail, as between the two sides of the Atlantic, different from that which holds good as to the two sides of the Mediterranean Sea? If, in the one case, similarity of origin has unquestionably produced similarity of arts, customs, and condition, why, in the other, should not similarity of arts, customs, and condition prove similarity of origin? Is there any instance in the world of two peoples, without knowledge of or intercourse with each other, happening upon the same invention, whether that invention be an arrow-head or a steam-engine? If it required of mankind a lapse of at least six thousand years before it began anew the work of invention, and took up the thread of original thought where Atlantis dropped it, what probability is there of three or four separate nations all advancing at the same speed to precisely the same arts and opinions? The proposition is untenable. If, then, we prove that, on both sides of the Atlantic, civilizations were found substantially identical, we have demonstrated that they must have descended one from the other, or have radiated from some common source.” -Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World”

Stubborn Egyptologists, Anthropologists and our government textbooks also claim that the ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, and Babylonian cultures all somehow started at the height of their civilization and rapidly devolved as their empires fell. This is standard accepted “fact” but how is it possible that such advanced cultures just magically appeared at the beginning of recorded history?

“The region of Mesopotamia (Sumeria), which seems to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere (according to Academia), had a high knowledge of astronomy, architecture, a pantheon of gods, agriculture, gourmet foods, and courts. It is considered to be the cradle of civilization. Mesopotamia, in the north, encompassed the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, which flowed from the Garden of Eden, in the Genesis stories. The places known as Atlantis, Dilmun, and Lemuria are mentioned in the records of Sumeria. This is an obvious indication that these societies or cities pre-dated the Sumerian era. Therefore, the Mesopotamian civilization did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was more likely a relocated ancient ‘Lost Civilization’” -James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind” (37)

"One of the great mysteries that Egyptologists can never explain is this devolution, this retrograde. You look at the old kingdom, the pyramids, the type of hieroglyphs, the type of jewelry, the type of art produced, and then as it goes forward to the middle kingdom it devolves, it’s less advanced - to the new kingdom when they didn’t even build in granite or limestone anymore but in sandstone a much softer stone, easier to work with.” -Egyptologist Stephen Mehler, “Egypt and the Ancients.” Coast 2 Coast interview, August, 2004

Are we honestly to believe that advanced mathematics, medicine, astronomy, architecture, art, writing, and a complex spirituality were already fully developed from the very beginning of human civilization?

“How does a complex civilization spring full-blown into being? Look at a 1905 automobile and compare it to a modern one. There is no mistaking the process of ‘development.’ But in Egypt there are no parallels. Everything is right there at the start.” -John Anthony West, Egyptologist

“The ancient civilization of the land we call Egypt has been pronounced by archaeologists as flawless of its type from the very first. It reveals none of the painful steps from primeval beginnings passing through the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age, to that of Iron. It apparently burst upon the scene into exotic radiance, its perfected civilization accordingly having been described as a miracle. Science cannot admit any such miracle and another explanation must be forthcoming.” -Comyns Beaumont

“What we call ‘Egypt’ lasted longer than the later Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial, and modern ages put together and multiplied by three. The manipulators of history, therefore, purposely concentrate our attention on the latter days, in order to prevent us delving back into Egypt's past. They do so, understandably, for they have everything to lose once humankind becomes reintroduced to the archive of knowledge and wisdom that was common to our ancestors.” -Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

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Anonymous said...

I saw atlantis or mu or something like that get flooded.
the ancient ancestors with an awesome alien esque mushroom knowledge.
now passed through coptic priests in egypt secretly
i met an initialte.
strange movements to keep the body young. 100 yrs is nothing, a young man
silver ankle bracelets in the pyramids linking psycho nauts
granite special types help astral travel .

Eric Dubay said...

Someone wrote the above comment a year ago, if they're still around, I'd love to hear more about this vision. It sounds fascinating and resonates with me... like your writing style too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it pretty commonly taught that Columbus wasn't the first European to set foot in the New World? I know my textbooks and teachers acknowledged the evidence pointing to the Vikings' arrival some 500 years prior to Columbus.

I think many of your points really aren't as convincing as you seem to believe. Certainly some of them are thought-provoking, but let's be real here; how many ancient cultures DIDN'T worship the Sun, Moon, and stars in some way? Isn't it an extraodinarily common practice to look for portents in entrails?

Practically the entire paragraph "The use of cement, bricks, arches and advanced masonry/architecture is found on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as roads, stone and suspension bridges; Metallurgy, ore mining of copper, tin, bronze, gold, silver, and iron; Sculpture, painting, engraving, agriculture, navigation, large sailing vessels, pottery, glasswork, and music;" is a catalogue of things which can be found in many civilizations. I mean, hell, agriculture is practically the definition of civilization!

It's quite ludicrous to suggest, for instance, that because two cultures both created art, they must have had contact with each other. All cultures created art.

It's important to acknowledge, as well, the logical fallacy that you quote in passing but do not appear to appreciate:
"If, in the one case, similarity[Photo] of origin has unquestionably produced similarity of arts, customs, and condition, why, in the other, should not similarity of arts, customs, and condition prove similarity of origin?"
It's pretty obvious that this is a fallacy; the end result being similar does not prove that the origin was similar any more than the fact that you and I are both good painters would prove that we were both trained by the same person.

The subsequent part of that quote is also a fallacy:
"Is there any instance in the world of two peoples, without knowledge of or intercourse with each other, happening upon the same invention, whether that invention be an arrow-head or a steam-engine?"
I think it's pretty self-evident that two people could independently come up with similar ideas. How many times have you mentioned an idea to someone in passing and had them respond, "you know, I was thinking about that the other day?" Try thinking up a new invention, and then call up the patent office - chances are, it's already been thought of by one of the other 6 billion people on the planet.

Like I said, some of your points do sound valid, but the inclusion of these more ridiculous claims detracts somewhat from the power of this post.

Eric Dubay said...

Well, I agree you've picked out the few least convincing points in the article, but when taken together as a whole, it is much harder to deny the evidence. This is just the tip of the iceberg as well. Stay tuned in the coming days/weeks I'll be posting much more proof that not only was there contact between the East and West, there was a lost world-wide advanced ancient civilization.

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Unknown said...

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Druv said...

I can help put the missing links together.

The symbol Swastika and the word itself is from Sanskrit. The most ancient written text Vedas, contains far greater knowledge.

So how a symbol that originated in India end up in America even before the arrival of the Europeans?

The language Sanskrit died out from verbal use in India before the arrival of the invaders that took over India.

Under East India company, Max Muller was hired to disrupt thousands of years of History. This is just the tip of the iceburg.

If you look at the history of science, before 1900's it has the concept of 5 elements and God in it which was removed. Earth , Fire, Wind , water, Aether( space)these are the 5 elements you can find in EVERY concept of the vedas.

The west got Science from the greeks who had the 5 element concept in it. And the greeks didnt not understand the 5 element concept, so how did they get their hands on science?

"Vimana" the word for air-vehical was present in sanskrit before the creation of aeroplanes in the 1900's. So how did a dead language have a word for Aircraft ?

The answer is clear and daylight, do you see it?

If you want more answers, i have them.

Druv said...

Think, if they had Air-vehicals called Vimana, they could travel any where in the world. Lift any weight as they desired.

And establish themselves all over the planet.

Eric Dubay said...

Druv, thanks so much for the comments. Can you tell me more about the Vedic understanding of the 5 elements, Vimanas, and their occupants? I'm very interested to hear more about these topics. What are your views on Giants and Hollow Earth? Thanks for any more insight you can give. Peace

Druv said...

in 1900's Aether wave theory was replaced by Einestine theory of Relativity, which was a quick attempt to hide the truth. And ever since the 1900's they have tried to make better theories to replace it.

Which shows they removed the original concept they did not understand, and now they are trying to develop it on their own.

Vimanas - were only used by kings and not by common people, like the Story of Ramayan , king Rama who was the Avatar of God Vishnu, had his own Pushpak vimana.

They were stopped because its technology would have been used for evil, so they chose to destroy it.

On your blog there is a vedio for Vimana, connecting it to neifilim, a demon like creature from bible?

It has nothing to do with the bible , i assure you.

Hollow earth, if its hollow then why dose lava spews from volcanoes? I don't think Earth Is hollow.

5 elements exist much further down than the atom or the electron which was discovered by the ancient rishi and Yogi's in the himalayas, ages ago. You will have to learn about it from Sanatan Dharma.

Druv said...

Read about Max muller, who was hired by the Brish East India company , which was controlled by the Roth child family who in turn worked for the Queen.

How he created the Aryan Invasion theory, Aryan - Dravdian divide ( divide and rule policy), Came up with terms like Indo- Aryan to reduce the value of the mother of all languages " Sanskrit"

Remember how Hitler used aryan invasion theory, and inverted swastika to commit genocide?

How Max Muller was the one who refuted " Jesus lost years" which was written in 1800's , same time when India was under the feet of the British. Too much of a coincidence isn't it?

Druv said...

Btw, also look up Taj Mahal being a Vedic temple, called Tejo Mahalay.

How the muslims took over and destroyed the ancient culture of India.

The old hindu/ muslim was is still on.

Btw, hindu is the name given to us by the muslims(sindhu to hindu), real name is Sanatan Dharma.

How they have destroyed over thousands of temples and made mosques over them

Druv said...

are you looking for the connection of the back to back lions too ?

Druv said...

Look at the star of David

Now look at this, this is one of the 108 sighs of God in Hindu/ Sanatan Dharma, called Anand Marga ( path of joy)

Do u see the origins now?

Druv said...

Look up the basic definition of Tamil on wikipedia, it says it was found in the pyramids.

However, Tamil is 90 % sanskrit, so its disinformation spread by the people who reopened the pyramids.

Who where they? how did they find the locations of the buried pyramids in sand?

Wikipedia, has 90 % false history and false information.

However a lie is always based on the truth, all we have to do is break down the lies.

Druv said...

The true vortex of Evil lies in the 1800's, but the true destruction of peaceful civilizations had begun much further back in the past.

There was a sudden rush to find Indians of "India" and they ended up finding many other places.

Like the Mayans, America, Aborigines etc. They all suffered the same fate. Is it not strange?

Yet all these older civilizations are also connected by the Swastika.

Did the ancient ones saw the destruction coming? Hence they didnt want the people of today have the advanced tech of yantra like vimana.

Btw the word " Yantra" is also a sanskrit word...for...Machine!!!!

Druv said...

I also have a question, There are many Hindu people in India with last name "Dubay", is there any connection between your name as well?

It is just an observation.

Eric Dubay said...

Wow, thanks for sharing all of that. What are your predictions for 2012 and after? As far as I know my ancestors were French who came to Canada then down to Maine and changed the name "Dube" to "Dubay" to sound more American. I never knew there were many Indian Dubay's as well. Peace

Druv said...

I would also like you to look at these links if u havent seen this before..

I have so much to show you.

I am reading your book "Asbestos Head", I really like it.

Eric Dubay said...

I've never looked into the Taj Mahal or Sanskrit issues in those links before, but the perspectives in each resonate with me, so I'm sure you're on to something. Glad to hear you like Asbestos Head :)

Druv said...

yes well, dubay in India are the Hindu bhramin pundits. Its a pretty old name.

I would like to know what u think about all this information i have showed you.

Druv said...

2012, i doubt any thing will happen. But what i am more interested about is what u think about all the massive information i have shown you.

I have been waiting for that.

I would like to know what ever comes to your mind , candidly.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Druv, as I said, all the links and perspectives you shared resonate with me. The Max Muller info, the Taj Mahal, the Vimanas etc. all sounds very plausible to me. I am just a subjective interpreter of all the information available, however, so I don't pretend to know the ultimate truth especially about such controversial and obscure topics. If you've got more information you'd like to "more candidly" send me, then please do at: Thanks again for the great links/comments. Peace

Druv said...

I wanted to add some thing about this post, the design on the vatican city and the design of the pyramid city you have shown here.

Look at the pictures below -

The design of the creative force in this world, its not a phallic symbol which people in the west think.

Druv said...

Another thing about Sanskrit, it dose not have the word for " Divorce", yet it has words like Vimana- aircraft, and yantra - machine.

The language of the ancient vedic civilization

Eric Dubay said...

Interesting pictures. So that is the "shape/design of the creative force in the world?" I have heard that said about the Phi ratio/golden mean spiral... is this lingam part of that or something different? Very telling isn't it, that they had words for anti-gravity aircraft but no word for divorce... sounds like an evolved civilization. Would you say the ancient Vedic civilization was the world wide ancient civilization that existed pre-flood? Or was it not world-wide? What's your view of what pre-flood civilization was like? Peace

Druv said...

Like you found out yourself, that Swastika was every where in the world. It Proves we all belonged to this ancient civilization. " We are all one people Separated by time, and forgetfulness"

Time separated us, It is fate.

Like how in Russia there is a Aryan City which has swastika. People didn't remember till they dug up the site!

About the flood, i can make it very simple.

Remember the movie " water world" ?

Where did they find land in the end of the movie ?

mount Everest, the highest place in the world.

Where dose it lie? Himalayas.

There is a Holiday spot called "Manali" in the Himlayas, Its meaning is..."Home of Manu" There is a temple of Manu there as well, very ancient.

Manu - is Noah in the bible but the story is a bit different.

So if a flood happened, where do u think they would find land first ? Himalayas. So where did the civilization "Restart" ? Himlayas

Its so simple isn't it ?

As for the lingum - it represents Shiva, A fusion of both male and female, a point where new life is created.

The point of fusion is the lingum. Both the fusion of male and female.

The history in the Vedas are written in a separate text called the "Purana"

I am still trying to dig deeper and find the real truth.

Sanatan Dharma - means the never ending laws of the universe. It has no beginning , nor an end. It has existed since the universe was created. It gives you the knowledge of the universe.

Shiva holds a drum in his hands, and he shows us the rhythmic beat of creation - the wave effect.

Lingum is the fusion of Shiva and shakti. Shakti is his wife, two sides of the same coin. Yin-yang

Shakti literally means power.

Btw, verbal abuse of any sort dose not exist in Sanskrit :)

It is known as "Deva vani" The language of the gods.

Anonymous said...

Manu was the "seventh" who saved life on earth, that means it has happened 6 more times before that. And in the Puranas it is said to happen 7 more times.

So in total there are 14 Manu, each for different universal cycle.

After the 14th Manu the universe is destroyed and remade again.

Its a never ending cycle.

Anonymous said...

Its funny, even today there is no word for divorce in Hindi or Sanskrit.

And no words for verbal abuse either, the abusive words they use today here are mostly from Urdu or English. That is what i have noticed in my country.

Have you seen the movie " Angels and demons, about the Vatican? They talk about the Illuminati have 4 idols of 4 elements, earth, fire , wind, water! but hey the conveniently forgot the 5th one " Aether"

Rothschild family - the owners of east India company were German Jews, just like " Albert Einestine" who replaced the Aether wave theory with Theory of relativity.

Today Rothschild are worth 300 trillion and they have offices now in Delhi and Mumbai. They are back for corporate takeovers and to deepen the web of "Sustainable Exploitation".

Food that used to cost 12 Rs 3 years ago costs 70 to 80 here. The web of World Bank Debt is going to drain the life away of the world.

Anonymous said...

found this blog very interesting researching it 4 a while, I like michael tsarion a lot too

WordsBeyondBorders said...

//However, Tamil is 90 % sanskrit, so its disinformation spread by the people who reopened the pyramids. //

Tamil is 90% sanskrit, news to me Dhruv and such a sweeping statement !!!. Am not being jingoistic about Tamil here, but you are way of the mark. Sanskrit and Tamil can at best be termed as siblings or rather two languages which co-existed in different parts of India. Tamil has it's own sets of grammatical rules, it's own literature. In fact Tamil is the only language in India which is free of Sanskrit influences.

This is the sort of thing that bugs me, trying to bring India under a single hegemony of Sanskrit instead of celebrating it's plurality. By all means celebrate Sanskrit, but do not try to denigrate another language's originality. No language is utterly 100% pure and in the same way Sanskrit too has influences from other old Indo-Proto languages. Sorry to say this, but your comments either is ignorant about Tamil in detail or reeks of North Indian mentality which thinks of anyone beyond the Vindhyas and Bombay as 'Madrasi' and whose exposure to the South is a pony tailed Brahmin saying 'Aiyo' or 'Saar'. I just hope it's the former and you are not much aware of the Tamil language.

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Pretty constant with that the baron has reasoned out. Links between genesis, and various hindu text to interesting to ignore, particularly flood story. Stories likely attempt to preserve culture, changed with time.

As to this post, I believe egyptians were found with south american drug residue in their systems.

Evidence of some trade, odd though that some crops had to be reintroduced during later post columbian trade.

But there seems to be water damage on the pyramids, they would have been big enough to not get annihilated in flooding, I suppose most imported crops would have been lost. Still that underwater city off the coast of india to be roconciled.
Global water event, pretty much undenyable. Trade infrastructure wiped out, so leaves along rebuilding time, and vague stories about better days, not reverent to people just trying to survive. History not written in stone lost and perverted.

Wonder if manipulation is blatant, or product of human arrogance.

A+ Blog, enjoy reading posts and comments, thanks for making.

Anonymous said...

As far as the beings that had the kind of technology to build the pyramids where even a razor blade cannot be fitted between the stones--doesn't it makes the idea of ETs much more plausible--if not probable?

ANCIENT FREE ENGERGY (Pyr=fire=energy)

Nassim Haramein explains why Pyramids cannot be built today using our current technology:

Anonymous said...

Top THAT noggin!
no amount of head-binding is gonna streeeetch that head that long.

Also, there are curvatures and dips that would have made it difficult to make from the flat boards--like this apple-shaped skull.

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Apparently there is this idea that was traded, big skulls.

Look at the head on this egyptian.

Then this peruvian skull. Leaves lots of room for speculation.

Druv said...

Global water event, pretty much undenyable. Trade infrastructure wiped out, so leaves along rebuilding time

The "Flood" happened millions of years ago before the creation of the pyramids.

Egypt did not used to be a desert when it was a flourishing civilization.

The underwater city on the coast of India was Dwarka ( City of Krishna ), which we always knew about and it was not the west that "discovered it".

It was only a part of manipulation done by the Zionist and the neat system of manipulation they have created.


As far as the beings that had the kind of technology to build the pyramids where even a razor blade cannot be fitted between the stones--doesn't it makes the idea of ETs much more plausible--if not probable?

Do tell me who gave them the technology or where did they come from if the technology was not created on Earth?

You have no clue, do you?

the word "Vimana" is a Sanskrit word - why would we have the word if we didn't create them?

Learn to use some common sense which you have completely lost, may be the fluoride in your water has been affecting your brain?


Sorry, there was an ancient civilization which had all the technology which the Zionist/ Knights of templar stole to rule the world.

The alien bullshit stories was to throw people like you off from the real truth.


Nassim haramine is a Zionist agent, he is based in World Banking central "Switzerland" and being funded by Ford which is a Rothschild stooge.

All their work is stolen works which do not belong to them, and they only want to tap into free energy to power their weapons.

And dont bring in nephilim bullshit into the mix, it again comes from Book of Enoch of the Zionist which they created to create greater confusion.

Its time you end your noise, and let the real truthers do the job.

Anonymous said...

@ Druv

So who is this "we" you are referring to? If your "ancient" ones were so advanced, then why is your world a third world country NOW?

What have your super intelligent beings done in the last 100 years to better your countryfolks?

Anonymous said...

Even with the fluoride, mercury, aluminum, barium, arsenic, galladium, lead in my head, my mind is still open.

How about your's? You only regurgitate what you have read--from one perspective. Have you experienced your pineal buzzing?

But it is not the mind that is as important as the heart.

Where is YOUR pyramid that you built, oh so intelligent Druv?

Anonymous said...

@ Druv,

Not only do you think your view is the only correct view, but you attack everybody's view that contradicts your religion, culture, ethics, idealogy, sex, or lack thereof.
Why is that? Were you there back 10,000 years ago to see firsthand that it was "your" people who created all these things?
What if "your" people were given the knowledge by more intelligent (gasp) beings? You cant accept that there are others that are more intelligent, more aware, more better than you? That is your inferiority complex.

Unless you are a shill...

Anonymous said...

Jealous the ancients had a bigger skull than you, Druv?

Anonymous said...

Giza Pyramid from another Angle:

Anonymous said...

Druv you are very informative but really
"Nassim haramine is a Zionist agent, he is based in World Banking central "Switzerland" and being funded by Ford which is a Rothschild stooge."
Are you sure about really sure? Do you know him? I'm thinking you don't....well l hate to break it to you but my family does and my family are no Zionists thats for damn parents are two of the most loving people you would ever come across. Nassim might have big money support now but in a not to distant past he was funded by people who believed in what he was doing and gave what little they could to help just get by. So BS on that one bud!!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you have to take everything you read with a grain of salt. ESPECIALLY if its not first hand reporting :)

However, I hold precedence over concrete objects--such as skulls, artefacts, pyr-amids...............................................

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't completely write off the book of enoch.... Look at the churches of lalibela in Ethiopia....ironically, they bring this up today on ancienct aliens.... Those chrches are impressive structures.....way too advanced for their time, just mho......any thoughts on those churches eric?

- D

P.s. excellent article

karafree said...

I don't know if anyone mentioned this but there is a new book out called


"History: Fiction or Science?" crowns 30 years of meticulous and extensive research performed by the eminent mathematician Anatoly Fomenko and his colleagues. This research started in fact as a unbelievable byproduct of russian-american competition in Moon exploration, when famous NASA scientist Robert Newton discovered a very strange phenomenon in lunar mechanics. This book is also the first volume in seven comprising "Chronology", the fundamental oeuvre that exposes and expounds the numerous inveracities of the traditional version of history.
"History: Fiction or Science?" contains data and conclusions that aren’t anything short of revolutionary. The alternatives offered to classical history are stunning, unorthodox to the extent of being labelled heretical by virtually every scholar of history, and daring enough to be considered preposterous at first sight, although this impression never lasts longer than it takes one to read a few pages attentively.

I found it interesting Druv's comment about Nassim Haramein, being a Zionest, and supported by the Rothchild Bankster cabal. Nassim's theory about the Spiral Vortex solar system is supported in the Thrive Movie.
video explaining our solar system.

and the Scientist who I believe originaly came up with this theory..
and the implications that this system of understanding will lead to free energy...

Druv said...

Where is YOUR pyramid that you built, oh so intelligent Druv?

Keep barking, your kind can never even begin to comprehend what i can.

You inferior knowledge of no consequence to me.

Druv said...

What if "your" people were given the knowledge by more intelligent (gasp) beings? You cant accept that there are others that are more intelligent, more aware, more better than you? That is your inferiority complex.

Your inability to read and comprehend the clues i already presented in my earlier posts clearly proves your inferiority to grasp reality.

Weirdo freaks like you come dime a dosen.

It doesn't matter who your mommy and your daddy knows, your inability to see beyond what is right in-front of you proves your limited intellect.

Druv said...

So who is this "we" you are referring to? If your "ancient" ones were so advanced, then why is your world a third world country NOW?

Alien spewing bullshit piece of trash, barking without knowing real history or rather intentionally spreading disinformation.

Do tell me gutter trash, how much history do you know about the world and India?

You know didley squat!

If i begin, you will know who is truly inferior, so keep you alien spew bullshit to yourself before i cut you down to your place.

Bark again and i will rip you apart that you will forget how to even type.

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to sound intelligent, Druv?

Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to know everything about India?
That comment is as absurd as if I said you are a dipshit if you dont' know all the history of Africa--or Europe--or--Asia--or just rattling oof any country on the list.

Druv said...

I know 100 times more than all those countries, hence stop barking ass wipe. Your inferior bullshit means nothing.

And i am not here to give Alien spewing worms like you a history lesson.

This is my last warning, do not bark again with your inferior knowledge.

Druv said...

And your are supposed to sound intelligent with your alien spew bullshit?

OHH my mommy and Daddy knows Nassim Haramine!!!

and that makes him all Good....

Shut it freak monkey!

Anonymous said...

Am I suppose to be scared of you?

You try to win your wars with your intimidation, and you're supposed to be "enlightened", lol.

No, my mommy an daddy odn't know Nassim Haramein. Can't even spell correctly, if you want to nitpit.

Anonymous said...

But I bet your mommy and daddy greatly spoiled you as a kid, Druv, telling you how special, and above others because you are in a "special" caste; a "higher" caste than others.

Because, now, as an adult, you still sound like a simpering spoiled child, if someone elses opinion you disagree. Or you can't argue against, so you just resort to name calling.


Druv said...

No, my mommy an daddy odn't know Nassim Haramein. Can't even spell correctly, if you want to nitpit.

Read your own spellings worm.

well l hate to break it to you but my family does and my family are no Zionists thats for damn parents are two of the most loving people you would ever come across.

Here is where your talked about your family.

So who is this "we" you are referring to? If your "ancient" ones were so advanced, then why is your world a third world country NOW?

my world is under complete domination by foreign powers and suppressed by the demonic abrahmic cults.

As your bottom feeding filth like you who loves to hit under the belt and loves to bring out the worst in people, do realize that the universe records the actions of all people and they get the just consequences to them.

The Cast system attack was made by the abrahmic cult to destroy my culture, and cast system never existed to begin with.

As for your corrupted poisonous mind, filled with all that poison and Alien bullshit, you will always remain an inferior piece of trash as you love to hit under the belt.

All the work of Nassim haramine is doctored by the Zionist and he is merely a figure head so they can take over the knowledge that has always existed to give themselves maximum power.

Unlimited power in their hands means the death of the world.

The inferior trash like you cant even begin to see that or rather your are a Demonic Zionist to begin with?

Even if you are not a Zionist or a jew, your dirty mind and your inferior knowledge proves that your insecent noise is worth nothing.

IF you are Xinyu, it is a promise i will destroy Nihilism and i will debase every thing you believe in.

Anonymous said...

Whether Nassim is Zionist or not, does not change the pyramids architecture in his explanation of why they cannot be built today using modern equipment and technology. I don't know him, and my mommy and daddy don't know him :)

There are so many shills out there, but they speak with a high percentage of truth to get the public to agree on a general consensus, and then throw in a small percentage of BS to confuse and lead astray (usually away from the Zionist control) the public.
It takes much reading to learn to filter out the BS, but in that learning process, it sharpens the mind.

Please, I'm not Xinyu, I have more charisma ;)

You still don't disagree you were and are a spoiled brat, based your tantric tantrums and name-calling, and looking DOWN on others who you think are less knowledgeable about India. Just look at all the negative words and thoughts that spew out of your mind and fingertips. Your head is full of negativity and your heart filled with anger (from many of your posts). How you gonna fight the bad guys with your simpering immature rants?

And I'm not indian, so we don't learn about India growing up. I didn't even know about Zionism until a year ago, thought it was some car dealership. But I am catching up on all this conspiracy stuff.
And some keys on my keyboard don't work so good...

Find the Peace within YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

Hi eric, check out the book " discovering the mysteries of ancient america" by frank joseph, it might be of interest to you.

Anonymous said...

when i see the top of the center (the biggest) giza pyramid, i instantly think its the limit of the sea level raised from the noah flood.

only the very top is conserved, because this is the only part wasnt drowned?

2nd, i didnt know the mayans has developed metal working techniques. thats why they were easily defeated by the spaniards. since the conquerors had swords, metal platings armor, metal helmet, arrows using metal heads, horses, muskets and cannons. no way in the world could the mayans compete only using poison darts, and wooden spears and wooden shields.


Eric Dubay said...

Great article Anonymous, thanks for that!

The Ancient Secret of the Swastika, Hidden History of the White Race

Anonymous said...

There's one correction which needs to be done in that article (Ancient secret of swastika), Aryans did NOT invade India. The "ARYAN INVASION THEORY" was cooked up by historians who had vested interests!

Eric Dubay said...

Good point, Druv was telling me about how the "Aryan Invasion Theory" and much of what Max Muller espoused was bunk.

Anonymous said...

Hi eric, here's one more book which you might find useful in your further research about connection of east and west: "Invented History :fake science, false history and pseudo religions" by Ronald fritze

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Could the effect of parallel developments in human cultural achievements, etc., have been due to a transference of ideas via "the field", as Lynne McTaggart described in her book: The Field?

Also, research the hundredth monkey effect, which is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups remotely, once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.

Also research the Noetic sciences....

Yours, Veri Tas