Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Atlas, 33, & the Tree of Life

“In Spiritual Numerology, '33' symbolizes the highest spiritual conscious attainable by the human being."-Elizabeth van Buren, “The Secret of the Illuminati” (161-2)

Three very significant 33s relate to the human body and spirituality, and it is likely the esoteric understanding of these 3, 33s that is coveted by Masons of the 33rd degree. First, there are exactly 33 turns in a complete sequence of human DNA. This biological fact was likely known by the ancients, whom as will later be shown, were far more advanced scientifically/technologically than portrayed in the Rockefeller textbooks and Rothschild media. The second significant 33 is the number of vertebrae in the human spine. In ancient Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini serpent-energy is said to rise from the root chakra, coiling up and around the spine until illuminating the crown chakra of spiritual enlightenment. This may sound like bogus Eastern mysticism until this sacred number 33 shows parallels in the world of Western occult studies. The ancient Hebrew/Kabalistic “Tree of Life” contains 33 permutations of consciousness - 22 paths, 10 known/drawn sephiroth, and an 11th hidden sephiroth left undrawn in most renditions. Just as the Kundalini serpent coils up the 33 vertebrae of the spine, the Tree of Life is often drawn with a serpent coiling up and around, showing the path to take towards Kether, the crown (chakra).

“The Paths represent the successive stages of the unfolding of cosmic realization in human consciousness; in old pictures a serpent is often depicted as twined about the boughs of the Tree. This is the serpent Nechushtan ‘who holdeth his tail in his mouth,’ the symbol of wisdom and initiation. The coils of this serpent, when correctly arranged upon the Tree, cross each of the Paths in succession and seem to indicate the order in which they should be numbered. Witb the help of this glyph, then, it is a simple matter to arrange all the tables of symbols in their correct positions upon the Tree, granted that the symbols are given in their correct order in the tables. In certain modern books which rank as authorities upon the subject the correct order is not given, the writers apparently holding that this should not be revealed to the uninitiated. But as this order is given correctly in certain older books, and, for the matter of that, in the Bible itself and the Qabalistic literature, there seems to me no point in deliberately misleading students with spurious information.” -Dion Fortune, “The Mystical Qabbalah” (25-6)

"A symbol for the limbic system and the kundalini energy, the lizard, also represents the cyclical movement of energy through the universe and the space/time continuum: birth-death-rebirth ad infinitum." -Aurum Solis

“Many people regard Kundalini as a new age fad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kundalini can be considered the oldest known science. In previous ages, people raised Kundalini under the guidance of teachers and in controlled circumstances, preserving what they learned as an esoteric knowledge. But we have entered a period of time in which the esoteric becomes exoteric.” -Genevieve Lewis Paulson, “Kundalini and the Chakras” (7)

The serpent wound around the tree that talks with Eve in Genesis references this process of spiritual illumination. The ancient caduceus symbol of Hermes/Mercury/Thoth, now used by the western pharmaceutical industry, also symbolizes this process. Two intertwining snakes (which look exactly like our 33 sequence double-helix DNA) climb a straight, vertical pole (which looks like our 33 vertebrae spine) and end at the “circle of light” crown chakra which has sprouted wings. These are the same “wings” pins worn by the military/police/pilots and given to children on commercial planes.

The origin of this symbology goes back to the ancient Atlantean myth, pre-cursor to the Genesis story. At the center of Atlas’ garden was the great Tree of Life, just as in the Garden of Eden. This tree produced unique golden apples of immortality, reserved only for the most purified and holy beings. Atlas’ 7 daughters were known as “the Hesperides” and their main duty was tending and defending the Tree of Life. Assisting them in its protection was a familiar friend coiled around the tree.

“To assist the Hesperides in its protection, a serpent called Ladon entwined about the bough … The Hesperides are sometimes given as seven in number. As such, they may correspond to the seven major chakras, or metaphysical energy centers that, collectively, comprise the human personality. So too, the Tree of Life symbolizes the spinal column, along which the chakras are arranged. This interpretation suggests that kundalini yoga originated in Atlantis, from which it spread around the world. Indeed, the Tree of Life is a theme frequently encountered in many European and Asian traditions of Atlantis and Lemuria, respectively.” -Frank Joseph, “The Atlantis Encyclopedia” (121)

Thus it would seem that the secret of 33, the secret held by 33rd degree Freemasons is one regarding spiritual consciousness, one that dates back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The Masonic symbol of a pillar holding up the Earth no doubt relates to this Atlantean mythos, in which Atlas held the world on his shoulders. In the dictionary, one definition of “Atlas” is the anatomical term for the first cervical vertebra which supports the head. This means the 33rd vertebra from the bottom (as the serpent travels), the very vertebra which supports our heads/minds, is actually called “Atlas.” So the Atlas vertebra holds up the world (our minds). Atlas has 7 daughters (chakras) who guard the Tree of Life (spinal column) and its golden apples of immortality (???). This mystery is further explored in the “Atlantis” topic.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome article, really enjoyed reading it.


Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting article...

Here is another very interesting document on the number 33, being relate to Julius Caesar.


Anonymous said...

Golden apples are ova, considered to be the source of starfire, considered to be the source of immortality.

Do your homework.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article!! I enjoyed reading it immensely.

Druv said...

This level of disinformation is incredible isn't it?

When the concepts of Chackra, kundalini, and the snakes that are around God Shiva's neck are from you know where, pretty tired of repeating the same things.

No other civilization have any thing that would be equivalent to such concepts.

Hmm, makes me wonder where the real Atlantis would be?

Druv said...

the number 333 would represent God Shiva, the three eyed God.

The obelisk would be a indirect representation of him.

hmm, legend has it, he gives power to both sides.

He is the most innocent, hence he cannot make the difference between good or bad.

So, the masons can draw upon his power.

That does not make me happy.

hmm, i suppose only the ancient ways of sanatan dharma could change that.

Nightwatchman said...


the real atlantis is the renewed consciousness received during the kundalini enlightenment experience.

Atlantis rising is the renewed mind of the bible, atlantis sinking is the lower consciousness.

Its all mind stuff.


Nightwatchman said...


Do you have a boat and waders over there Eric? Looks like you need them.


Azure said...

Eric, I've recently discovered something and this post addresses a key to identifying a huge division in the understanding of our occult origins - please, if you haven't already, watch A'shayana Deane's interview with Project Camelot. While I'm not a fan of PC, I believe this interview will awaken anyone ready for this level of info. The key point she addresses is the true Tree of Infinite Life vs. The Tree of Artificial Life, which is the foundation of the Kabbalah, which is the root of the deception behind all religion. The info in the 3 part interview has helped me identify why I have experienced resistence in my personal search for answers. I hope this can help someone else.

Azure said...

Forgot the link to A'Shayana's interview:

Nazirenes do not use the Kabbalah's Tree of Life (drawn with 10 spheres) since it is an incomplete representation. The Tree of Life has 12 spheres. This is where the deception can be found.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Azure, thanks for the comments. With their one-eye logo symbolism, masonic handshakes, and host of disinformationist guests, I'm not a big fan of Project Camelot either. This woman talking about channeling ETs, Guardians of the Light etc. just doesn't resonate with me. I'm not saying channeling or ETs are definitely fake, but this kind of information is completely unverifiable. You just have to "take word for it" and there are droves of people constantly channeling all these conflicting and outlandish messages from various entities all over the internet. If I'm being too hasty please explain more about what she said, but otherwise I don't really feel like watching the whole 2 1/2 hour interview. Thanks for sharing though, and keep in touch! Peace

Illuminati Agenda said...

Yep 33 is referenced everywhere and once you become aware of it you'll see it all the time! Interestingly I wonder if the 'phenomenon' of waking up at 3.33 every night which I and many others do has a link?...

Anonymous said...

33 is your vertebrae
7 is your chakra
666 is YOU (-H2O)

incidentally, i usually attach a "55" at the end of my IDs, because my ID has already been used by someone else, and i don't want to be #2 :)
why 55? not my age! buy my digits--on each hand. my hand is my business in technical writing.

55 mano e mano

if i could write my feet,
i'd be 5555

Anonymous said...

@ Druv

wouldnt 33 + 3 be your kundalini rising to hit the third eye?

pictures coming to my mind of a carnival with the strongman pounding on the striker to ring the bell.

Azure said...

Eric, I'm with you there and in fact, when the video was suggested to me, I fought with myself as I thought, "one more ascended master channelling... oh boy!" but she states in the first few mins of the interview that her info is not channelled, more like downloaded, and explains the deception fueling the New Age movement. It's a long video when pieced together, it's more like 6 hours. By 50 mins in, I was so glad I didn't give up. Withing her explanations I've found many answers to deeply held questions. I'm thankful for what I've been able to take from the interview as it's shed light on areas where there was previously darkness. The information is not for everyone, but if you're at all curious to hear from the one that goes against all New Age teachings, this is the one.

nvra75 said...

Hey Eric,

i know this is totally off subject, but i didn't know where else to post this.

i just noticed that you have a link to VC.

Vigil@nt CiT^z*n website has been accused of being a dis info site.



i personally have had comments deleted by that site and had meaningful conversations derailed by some of the sites "agents/pseudonyms"

i have read that VC is part of the GLOBAL INFORMATION NETWORK (GIN) which has been associated with many scams.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey nvra75, thanks for the heads-up, I'd seen an article about VC being disinfo before but didn't look much into it. I guess I'd better take it off my recommended websites list. Peace

Jim said...

I wouldn't be so quick to remove vigilant citizen - some guy (not talking about you nvra75 but the owner of the site you link to) thinks he has the answer to fighting the NWO, has his post rejected and so its disinformation!? Sounds more like an inflated ego to me.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Jim, that could certainly be the case as well. What do others think about VC?

David said...

Hi, Eric.

Do you believe that study of numerology and qabalah are important for spiritual growth and personal power? Or somehow evil?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey David, I've heard both sides of the story. I'd say all spiritual systems have their benefits as long as you don't "lose yourself" in them. Meaning, they are supposed to help you "find yourself" in a way, so if they are useful to people in doing so, then they have value, but if people become dependent or attached to any system, that can lead to delusion. Personally I like dabbling in learning various esoterica but don't get too caught up in any one system because I think true spirituality cannot be systematized or encapsulated into a system or religion. Each soul's journey is unique and should be treated as such.

david said...


Should interest you ;-)

David said...

Thanks for the reply, Eric. I agree that people should work on their own personal development and approach any spiritual system with a balanced mind.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the article, a good read! Some other facts too:
- the original Greek alphabet has 33 letters
- each letter sound is meant to correspond and vibrate on each of the 33 vertebra points

About the tree of life there is also the theory that it has been originally derived from ancient Greek mathematical minds, then it's name changed and adopted - but you may want to do your own research on that too.

many thanks again

Razzaque said...

About thenumerology of life there is also the theory that it has been originally derived from ancient Greek mathematical minds, then it's name changed and adopted - but you may want to do your own research on that too.