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The Masonic Mystery of "33"

At the Vatican there are 32 archways on each side of the courtyard with a giant obelisk in the middle. The Pope's cassock has 32 buttons and his head represents the 33rd. The symbol for the Soviet Union has 32 rays emanating from the sun being the 33rd. On 3/3/03 the UN World Prayer Center called for everyone to pray simultaneously at 3:30pm. The ceiling in the United Nations General Assembly room has a large circular light surrounded by 32 smaller lights. The UN building is 39 (13x3) stories high and sits on land donated by Mason David Rockefeller. The United Nations flag shows the globe divided into 33 sections encircled by olive branches. The flag also happens to be blue just like the first 3 “blue degrees” of Masonry.

There are 13 degrees of York-Rite Masonry and 33 degrees of Scottish-Rite. Our measuring system originated in Masonic France in the 1790s which explains why 13 standard inches is equal to precisely 33 metric centimeters. Ice freezes and changes back to water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, also corresponding with Masonic degrees of illumination, since every high-level Mason who hasn't yet "contributed significantly to the Great Work" is frozen at 32 degrees. 33 is the first degree that the "illuminated" can move freely throughout the organization. The very idea of measuring heat by "degrees" is Masonic. So is your diploma (degree), and getting “the third degree” comes from the Masonic third degree ceremony in which the initiate must answer many probing, personal questions.

The eagle, one of the main symbols of Scottish-Rite Freemasonry, is found on the dollar bill. It has 32 feathers on its right wing symbolizing the 32 formal degrees of Scottish-Rite Masonry, but he’s looking at his left wing which contains an extra 33rd feather representing the 33rd degree held by many world leaders and historical figures. Head of the Supreme Council of World Freemasonry Albert Pike invented the 33rd degree of Freemasonry in 1832. He was Chief Judicial Officer and Co-Founder of the KKK (K = 11th letter, 11x3 = 33)

“In Hebron he [King David] reigned over Judah seven years and six months [7+6 = 13]: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years [33] over all Israel and Judah.” -2 Samuel 5:5

There are multiple references to 33 in the bible: 33 days of purification (Leviticus 12:4), 33 sons and daughters of Israel (Genesis 46:15), and 3300 officers of King Solomon (1 Kings 5:16). King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 years (1 Kings 2:11). The Star of David is two triangles, meaning two 3s – 33. There are exactly 33 titles in the Old Testament for the antichrist and 13 in the New Testament. Most importantly, Jesus was baptized at age 30, began his 3 year ministry, then died and was resurrected at age 33 (Luke 3:23). Also see (1 Chronicles 3:4, and 1 Chronicles 29:27).

The sun enters at the 30th degree but is not totally clear until the 33rd degree, as it is of a certain size also. This is why they said in the Bible that the ministry of Christ begins at 30 and finishes at 33. This reference would have been unmistakable to anyone aware of the secrets of astrology. The number is connected to the initiation of the ‘Sun’ of god not ‘Son,’ passing through the zodiac. This is why the Freemasonic lodges also utilize the number.” –Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

In astrology, the sun officially transitions into a new sign of the zodiac at the 33rd degree (a concept well-known long before Christianity). For more information regarding the astrological origins of the Christian mythos reference the topic titled “Astrotheology.”

Dante’s Divine Comedy divided into 3 sections: 34 Cantos of Inferno, 33 Cantos of Purgatorio, and 33 Cantos of Paradiso. The human foot has 33 muscles. The human spine has 33 vertebrae. The Indy 500 traditionally starts with 3 rows of 11 (33) race cars. There is a band called 311. The Bank of America logo is 3 sets of 11s making 33. The Queen Mother’s time of death was reported 3:15 (both hands on 3 = 33). Enron CEO Kenneth Lay bought the entire 33rd floor of his building and lived in condo number 33. The double Bali Indonesia bombings on Oct. 12th, 2002, and Oct. 1st, 2005, were 11 days short of 3 years apart.

“11/11/2004 they offed Yasswer Arafat and pronounced him dead officially at ‘3:30’am. The same day the UN/WHO meets to discuss the 'bird flu' for the first time. ‘3 months and 11 days’ later on 2/22/2005 the CDC starts scaring the American people with more avian flu mutation propaganda, mentioning possible military enforced 'quarantines' coming for the American people. All true. Already happened … The space shuttle taxis to launch pad #39 on runway #33 in Florida. The elite sacrificed Columbia STS 107 with 1 astronaut from each of the 7 continents over the 33rd parallel on ‘2/1’/03, [33] the 11th year anniversary to the morning of a speech Bush I delivered in front on the UN calling for the "New World Order". Bastards! again and again. … Janet Reno was appointed on ‘3/11’/1993. 39(13x3) days later they burned everyone alive in the WACO church. ‘3/11’/1985 was also the date of Mikhail 'NWO' Gorbechev's inauguration.” -Eric Rainbolt, “The Cryptocracy Book” (7-8)

The Masonic Great Seal with the Latin “New World Order” was added to the dollar bill in 1933. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason and Disneyland has a “Club 33.” The Magic Kingdom castle was designed after the New Shvanstien castle in Bavaria where the Illuminati was formed. During WWII 33rd degree Winston Churchill gave us the “V for Victory” two finger salute which since the 60s became “Peace.” Before this Masonic sign stood for Victory or Peace, it was a symbol of the 33rd degree. There are 3 joints to the knuckle on two fingers making 33 then held apart like a V is about 33 degrees. 33rd degree Mason Buzz Aldrin and son of a 33rd degree Mason Neil Armstrong Jr. supposedly performed a Masonic ceremony 33 minutes after arriving on the moon, held the Masonic flag, and took pictures of each other. On 2/7/03 a Columbia night club blast killed 33.

33rd degree Free Masonic director James Cameron attended the Houston, Texas opening of his film ‘Titanic,’ which began playing at exactly 3:33pm, with 2 other (making 3) 33rd degree Free Masons. Stanley Kubrick was murdered exactly 666 days before the start of 2001, his Space Odyssey. 2001: Space Odyssey was first shown in 1968, 33 years before 2001. Rosemary’s Baby was filmed in the Dakota building where John Lennon, who personally knew Polanski, was shot to death. In the movie, the elites (including cameo by Church of Satan founder Anton LeVay) demand her baby for success and fame. One year after, Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s followers. Manson was later seen frantically waving Masonic gestures at his trial.

John F. Kennedy was killed over currency right next to the 33rd degree latitude line in the 11th month on the 22nd = 2 x 11 right when he entered the pyramid. Where they killed him, with a triangle hit of masonry, they erected an Egyptian obelisk with the eternal flame of masonry on top. Ronald Reagan was shot in the 3rd month on the 30th day 3 + 30 = 33. George Bush Sr. aren't you a 33rd degree mason, and wouldn't you have benefited from Reagan's death? Were not your policies radically different from Reagan's? Didn't you ride his coat tails into office? You would have NEVER have been President if it wasn't for Reagan.” -“Masonic – Occult Numerology” by “Duke”

Little more than two months after taking office, President Reagan was struck by an assassin's bullet which, but for a quarter of an inch, would have propelled Bush into the Oval Office seven years before his time. Oddly enough, the brother of the would-be assassin, John W. Hinckley, had scheduled dinner with Bush's son Neil the very night Reagan was shot. Hinckley's Texas oilman father and George Bush were longtime friends. It should also be noted that Bush's name—including his then little-publicized nickname ‘Poppy’ - along with his address and phone number were found in the personal notebook of oil geologist George DeMohrenschildt, the last known close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.” -Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (32)

Jesus was crucified by the Roman government and died for 3 days at age 33. Alexander the Great also died at 33. Pope John Paul I was murdered after being in power for only 33 days. David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas was killed by the US government at 33 years old near the 33rd parallel. Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh was also murdered by the government at 33. There were 33 victims in the suspicious Virginia Tech shootings in April, 2007.

Significant though it was, the JFK assassination is only one among many calculated murders that have happened along, or close to, the 33rd Parallel. The number of murders of people of high position and key witnesses along the 33rd Parallel is significant.” -Day Williams, “Masons and Mystery at the 33rd Parallel” 

Many significant events in modern history have taken place on the 33rd parallel. For example 33rd degree Free Mason and 33rd president of the US Harry Truman entered us into the Nuclear age with the A-Bomb test at the 33rd Parallel Trinity Test Site in White Sands, New Mexico. He later authorized two more to be dropped near the 33rd parallel at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 3 years later at the 33rd parallel in Roswell, New Mexico was the famous UFO sighting and subsequent AREA-51 base. JFK was murdered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas near the 33rd Parallel on 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). Dealey Plaza is shaped like a pyramid with missing capstone and was also the site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas. The Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, Georgia was also on the 33rd parallel.


Anonymous said...

"Dante’s Divine Comedy divided into 3, 33 cantos sections: 33 Cantos of Inferno, 33 Cantos of Purgatorio, and 33 Cantos of Paradiso."

Incorrect. The Inferno has 34 cantos. Purgatorio has 33 & Paradiso has 33 for a total of 100 cantos not 99.

Michael Warning

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks, I'll update that

Ajit Nathaniel said...

Timothy McVeigh was not a "suspect" who was murdered". He was a terrorist who killed 168 innocent people in a dastardly and unprovoked attack on civilians. He was given a fair trial and was judged guilty by a jury of peers. A sentence was passed upon him by a regular court under the laws of the United States of America. He was offered the opportunity to appeal, but gave up the right to do so.

Torq said...

One of the difficulties that I have with your numerology is that most cultures/religions have developed their own system of metaphor and symbolism around numbers.

They are a foundation of knowledge and are abstract from the material world. They are eternal and always True. As such, can we really be surprised that writers/poets/philosophers have considered numerical patterns to be significant?

My observation, of course, does not really undermine your research. It is just a thought.

Anonymous said...

yo there, keep up the fight against the illuminated ones.

ive noticed thou that you have alot off, and i dont mean any offence, wrong information, mainly information that all these "famous" people say against the NWO, now think, if this stuff is really going down, dont you think theve planted information? i dont mean to discourge you, but i think theres a few main things you should look into.

1. satanism - mainly how your views are split between the christain views (remember christain is anti satanism) and occult views, its like youve seen what matches and taken the info out of context. allways remember that satanism is only called such because it is direct defience to christians. learn the true value and teachings of it and use it as a weapon. (im not a satanist btw, allthou when you relise what it truley is, you could probs say we both are)

2. numerology - numerology is an amazing thing, but its mainly useless unless you know what your precisely doing, and what system is being used. (i do not doubt your skills) just finding a bunch of corosponding numbers really dosent do much, sure you might find the "big one", but without knowledge into diffrent occult systems people get lost in the "life path" stage etc...

3. DNA - ive spent tonnes of time researching stuff like this myself, and ive found that DNA holds alot of answers, and i dont just mean blood lines. 1 example to get you going, the symbol for the sun, the "swastika" is a double helix being viewd from above.

all the best dude, oh and get a copy of the I-Ching


Mr. Mandal said...

"Ice freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and changes to water at 33 degrees"

Water freezes and melts at the same temperature, 32 degrees Fahrenheit. There is not one degree of leeway between the two. The transition between the two phases is gradual, but due to the requirements of heat of fusion, the temperature will remain 32 degrees.

The Masons may be powerful, but they cannot change the laws of nature :P

Anonymous said...

you said that in the space shuttle disaster there were people representing all 7 continents , last time i looked, no ones lives in or on Antarctica (its a frozen wasteland)

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks, I've re-worded the water part, and the space shuttle quote was from someone else, not sure what they meant by "all 7 continents." Peace

Druv said...

There are 13 stripes for the 13 original colonies.

Could be the part of the same equation?

May be the American flag holds secrets too?

Druv said...

I would like a little help on the NATgrid system -- the same system that exists in USA is being copied and brought into India.

They are going to give out UAID, without which we will not be able to buy food/ property and any other transaction without the Government knowing about it.

It is supposed to be helping curb "terrorism" in India, but i think its just like the same Chip system in the body, they would eventually be employ in USA on a large scale.

What is the NATgrid system of USA like?

can you throw some light on it in your blogs when you have time.

Anonymous said...

great post !!

thanks Eric


Anonymous said...

many years ago, before i even knew about the meanings behind "33", i started pricing my paintings at 33.33

i started painting on square canvasses, and to me they looked like those old vinyl records--those 33 rpm, and that is what brought to my mind when i looked at my canvasses.

i added the .33 because duplication attracts attention, and because no one else priced their paintings at 33.33

so mine stood out, and it did indeed increase sales.
but know, i wonder if i had inadvertently sent a "calling card" out to "members"...

my paintings of the number "8" also sold quite well, and i priced those at 48.88, or 88.88 (because "8* is an asian thing--has to do with luck)

i had buyers who asked me where i got my inspiration, if there was a significance in the numbers, and i said, i grew up in the asian culture, and my mom was highly superstitious with numbers and other idiosynchrocies.

now, i think asian cultures are cross-referenced with masonic somewhere in the past, or the masons looked into the ancient asian "superstitions" regarding numbers.

Druv said...

Where did the words "Superstition" and "magic" originate from?

"Superstition" - classical Latin superstitio

"Magic" - has Latin classical roots, appearing as magica

"Ritual" - ritualis - Latin

Why do these words originate from the same language "Latin" and from the same region called "Rome"?

Do older languages than Latin have these words? "No"

[ My answer - destroy /defame older nature worship cultures to assimilate ]

I wonder about the terms "witch" and "witchcraft" now, which language did they originate from? hmmm

Anonymous said...

BLaming patriarchical societies for every single ill that is confronting humanity is very much scape-goating. Men are not inherently absolutely evil, and neither are women perfectly innocent, eternal victims of men...patriarchy and matriarchy (nature worship) are two sides of the same coin...except, may be that patriarchical soceities emphasize the son/sun...and matriarchical societies emphasize the moon/luna...

It is nothing more than the worship of the sun and the moon - both sides are one and the same nonsense...and trying to lay the blame to, "brutal" empires guided by patriarchy misses the point entirely...the goal is to get you to react and get pissed off at, "men" for being so, "evil." It is exactly like the current trend in making all whites look bad via politically correct soft language without actually addressing the real causes of the troubles of the world...

I.e. Religion, god, human stupidity, ignorance, intellectual indotrination, the THOUGHT PROCESSS of education and learning...etc, etc....paganism is religion (which is a business, which is government, which is slavery).

So, have fun worshipping the sun and moon all you want, but either way, it is the road to solitary lunacy...

Druv said...

BLaming patriarchical societies for every single ill that is confronting humanity is very much scape-goating.

may be that patriarchical soceities emphasize the son/sun...and matriarchical societies emphasize the moon/luna...

So, have fun worshiping the sun and moon all you want, but either way, it is the road to solitary lunacy...

For all the people they [ exclusive religion/ Illuminati ] destroyed, and their continuous propaganda to take over the world -- payback is inevitable. (Karma)

Your lack of precision in your comments and the use of the word "May be" + no solid evidence nor structure makes your comments weak.

Their evil has not ended, it has only grown. Left unchecked it will completely consume every thing in its path. Hence they have to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

"Their evil has not ended, it has only grown. Left unchecked it will completely consume every thing in its path. Hence they have to be destroyed."

And once they are destroyed, what are you going to replace it with? The New World Order? It sure sounds like it.

Druv said...

Wrong Assessment, Illuminati controls the exclusive religions that has taken many lives to create the new world order of today.

I am getting bored now.

Druv said...

It will be replaced by the older traditions that people lost which were harmonious with nature.

It was not about exploiting nature, it was about living with harmony with nature.

Nature is the limb of God without which we cannot survive.

Any other ambiguities?

Druv said...

Are your thinking physical destruction? That is very one dimensional thinking.

It is the destruction of dark ideologies that are built to destroy other cultures to assimilate by certain "Exclusive Religions" that are under control of the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

Druv, all religion is controlled by the illuminati - there is not and has not been a single one that is not under their direct or indirect control. To worship nature or be in harmony with nature is the same thing as worshipping the light of lucifer - the worship of the 3 dimensional realm is as shallow and narrow as it can get. It is ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Wait, can somebody please elaborate how living in harmony with nature is worshipping the light of lucifer? Where do you get this information from?

Anonymous said...

If you know your physics (phi-sex), then you know that everything is just LIGHT - even your DNA double helix spirals - and therefore - everything is just a beam of light splashed into a rainbow of color.

Who is the light-bringer in the Old and New Testaments? Jehovah and Jesus - also known as Lucifer. The, "lord" from on high made it pretty clear in the first several verses of the Bible who and what God/god is. God is the Light-bringer, and in consequence, that light is the negative electron - the elect lady of NATURE - of EARTH. They fuck, and produce a son/sun.

In Islam, the light bringer is Shatain, or Satan - the prince of darkness - whether or not you worship nature is irrelevant as even the MACHINE is the MOTHER of SEXUAL DELIGHTS and SEDUCTION. How is nature any different? It is also based on golden mean mathematics and seduction, manipulation of light, and death-rebirth symbolism...and the four-square foundation of deceit (four seasons, four elements, four directions).

To live in harmony with nature then means human sacrifice - both symbolic and literal. It is the religion of Christianity, Islam, Judaism - the pagan cults of Dionysus, Saturn, Chronos, Shiva, Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Horus, Set...take which ever name you prefer as your, "savior" and you end up worshipping the same sun-god sacrifice religions of old...and worshipping the moon - it is a reflection of the SUN - it is the MOTHER - the worship of SOLOMON and 666 (six = sex = hex).

Now you know.

Anonymous said...

In other words, the worship of nature and to live in harmony with nature means the rebirth and resurection of the PEOPLES' TEMPLE AGRICULTURAL PROECT.

The Green Movement and the Conspiracy-theory driven resistance movement that insists on retaliation and remaking the world once the, "other elite" is, "defeated" is the source of this new prison - this time, they will make a new prison for themselves without knowing it. The return of paganism is the same as the current religious institutions bent on murder and genocide...just on different rationales (by appearances only).

Anonymous said...

Anon, thanks for your reply. I hardly have an idea about physics and have chosen not to follow ANY religion, or WORSHIP anything. I have chosen to provide the best care for my fellow human, while respecting the environment(nature) around me. I am not worshipping anything. I just try to be the best with what it is I have.

I am almost at a point where I don't believe in a satan, lucifer or devil. I kind of think that these are just man-made ideas that have been manipulated and exaturated so many times that it has affected our present way of thinking.

I do believe in a creator of some sort. And I do believe we need to care for this planet we survive on, without it, we would have nothing. And if that means I am worshipping a "devil" in someway, then I do not know what to think. But I have been on an amazing journey and seem to benefit as well as benefit the people around me, so I will continue to do as I do. I will also open my mind and talk with people like you, so I can only increase my knowledge and hopefully understand how to fulfill this mission for truth.


robbie said...

eric thanx for always posting good teachings

Anonymous said...

I do believe in a creator of some sort. And I do believe we need to care for this planet we survive on, without it, we would have nothing.

Derek - there is no, "Creator of some sort." That is just the same thing as believing in the imaginary devil/satan/Great Beast 666 nonsense. That is cognitive dissonance - in other words - doublethink.

You're just fooling yourself by telling yourself that there is no devil, yet, for some reason, you think there is a creator (what makes you so sure that the Creator is NOT the Devil as well - i.e. the Creator is Two-Faced?)?

Even if we do all care for this,"planet" as you say - the more we, "try" to, "care" for it - the more fucked up it becomes..."caring for nature" just becomes a more self-gloating way of saying, "I have to worship, control, and revere nature...or else..."

On, the other hand - if we don't care for it - there will always be those who will guilt trip those of us who do not really, in all sincerity give a damn about the 3 dimensional light show...including Mother Nature herself. Are we all bad? Surely we are nothing like British Petroleum?

Yes, without nature, we will have nothing - but, when we had nothing - we had nothing to worry about. Nothingness is who and what we are - because everything is just light illusion based on the lie of THINKING.

Druv said...

Both Islam and Christianity have twisted origins that spread through out the world both by the sword, psychological manipulation , manipulation of physical evidence, bribery and many more battle tactics.

Illuminati and Freemasons were created by the Vatican, creating a web of illusion to throw people off from their real enemy.

You are right about the spiral of the DNA, and swastika. "However" Sanatan Dharma is not a religion - it existed thousands of years before Christianity.

Ram Setu or Adams bridge in India, which connects India with Lanka was carbon dated back to 1,750,000 years. This bridge was man made at the time of Ramayana.

By the way, Ram Setu being called "Adams bridge" clearly shows that Christianity ploy to wipe out the culture of India and to assimilate them in a subtle manner.

The exclusive religions are a dark weapon which i call the dark echo, which are known as "Asuras" in Sanskrit.

Sorry, but there is a God. Anyone can see him and his laws in the Double slit diagram.

To live in harmony with nature then means human sacrifice - both symbolic and literal. It is the religion of Christianity, Islam, Judaism - the pagan cults of Dionysus, Saturn, Chronos, Shiva, Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Horus, Set...take which ever name you prefer as your, "savior" and you end up worshipping the same sun-god sacrifice religions of old...and worshipping the moon - it is a reflection of the SUN - it is the MOTHER - the worship of SOLOMON and 666 (six = sex = hex).

Completely incorrect analysis, to live in harmony means to take from nature enough to live and replace what you take from it. Never to take a life of animals, when there are enough of fruits and vegetables to eat. etc etc

The word "Cult" was created by Christianity to reduce the value of the older cultures to assimilate them. Hence your analysis is incorrect here.

You still have Christian programming in you which was created to destroy the previous older and stable cultures. Sorry, time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Unknown said...

The Bible has and is revealing these things you have just got to look deep into its pages and see there is allot to do with symbolism and numerology all through it all there to warn us about the days ahead

Half Navajo said...

I would get a copy of The Gospel of The Essenes. Then I would get a copy of the book, The Land of Meat and Honey by Shmuel Asher. When you are referencing the Bible, its been so messed with and paganized that it just references their own plans. I think you would find alot of your own philosophies align with the Yeshua and the Essenes.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Half Navajo, you're absolutely right. I read and posted The Essene Gospel of Peace several years ago and it definitely jives with my sensibilities and aligns with my philosophies more than the Bible ever has. Peace

The Essene Gospel of Peace

Half Navajo said...


I should have known you already read it. After reading the Gospel of the Essenes I finally understood why I couldn't and can't kill animals. I worked on a raw goat diary farm 10 years ago in Austin, TX that also raised pasture raised black angus and pastured turkey and chickens... I could never do the slaughtering. I was put in charge of all 80 milking goats luckily. I love goats, and raw goat milk, and it was one of the most fun jobs i have ever had... especially when they would start having kids. I also was taught how to make all kinds of cheeses, high probiotic yogurt, and how to care for the goats properly. My girlfriend and I plan on having our own farm one day so we can have an abundance of raw goat milk, our own garden, and hopefully fruit trees. I am thinking Ecuador, but she has her reservations about it... I want to get out of the USA as soon as possible though.

The Revelation in the bible compared to the Revelation in the Essenes is very different also... I couldn't believe it! In the Essenes Revelation there is so much more hope, when we change ourselves that all the wrath wont happen... compared to the Revelation in the bible where is just seems like were screwed no matter what.

As of now I am still a hypocrite, as I still eat meat on occasions... so I still need to change myself. If these damn laws here would change in most states and allow clean pasture raised raw milk for sale I would have no problem going vegetarian as soon as possible. I live in Las Vegas... local food is still considered California. Anyways, keep up the good blog!

Shanti said...

Eric, thank you for posting and managing this informative blog. When you get a chance, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Burning Man. I think I might have stumbled on something about this event.

Anonymous said...

33rd comment! Fnord!

Efex Broker said...

Beyond 33.

Helllo to everyone reading this, also you in the shadows.

I am looking for the four part video called ”Stanley Kubrick Exposes Illuminati”. They are about 10 – 15 minutes long each. They were available on Youtube three years ago but now they have totally disappeared from the Internet. Do you happen to know anything about this?

I found some torrents and clues but all the files are missing.

I think there was Stanley Kubrick speaking by himself (or then it was Jay Weidner) and telling about the Illuminati very openly.

This is a page where are all the videos embedded but Youtube has closed the account.

Here are some other clues I have found so far:
Not sure if this is about that series because there is also a file named 1-4 by this user.

I found this torrent, no seeders tho. Might be copyrighted material also.

Red Ice Radio - Stanley Kubrick Illuminati - Jay Weidner (4 Part YouTube Audio, Video Still Shot) torrent
Torrent Size: 106 MB
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Waldemar Borowski said...

"The human foot has 33 muscles."


The human foot has 33 joints.

Anonymous said...

3 is me

John said...

Awesome expose on the hidden hand of history!

However, the so-called "Star of David" has nothing to do with King David. There is no historical or archaeological or historical evidence to suggest this is the case. The ancient symbol is the logo of the god Saturn/Cronos. It is mentioned bible as the "Star of Remphan (Saturn)," and modern astrology has recently discovered a hexagon on the North Pole of Saturn.

Unknown said...

Dual 33s = 88 pieced together. 2 3s pieced together make an "8" symbol. Meaning this scam goes on and on infinitely. 88 McFly code. Marty had to hit 88. Noahs' name was mentioned 33 times in the bible when he promised him he wouldn't flood the earth again (meaning only if you're a 33rd degree mason) .

Shelia Ball said...

Can any of you pm me a link to do my numerology, please. Thanks so much !