Thursday, July 31, 2008

Renaissance Radio #1

Today marked the first episode of the Atlantean Conspiracy Radio Show hosted by myself, Eric Dubay and my friend Leon Basin. The show is entitled Renaissance Radio as we intend to leave it open to any and all subjects, however there will be a strong focus on politics, conspiracy, secret societies and the occult. The first ten minutes of today's show we experienced some technical difficulties and unfortunately Leon was unable to join for more than a few minutes. So instead of the intended platform of open discussion between the two of us and callers, for the first episode of Renaissance Radio, you get me giving an hour long monologue on why we've never been to the Moon. I hope you enjoy and we'll be back every Wednesday night at 9pm Western at taking your calls on whatever you'd like to talk about.

Listen to Renaissance Radio on internet talk radio


Anonymous said...

I'm working on the file to improve the quality, I'll tell you if i get it fixed - sounds like lots of good info - good content, hard to hear ;-) So hopefully I can improve it for anyone wanting to listen.


Eric Dubay said...

Nice, thanks, I appreciate that. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out for next week. Leon will have to turn the volume down or stop the listening feed once he's on air to avoid the echo/delay. And as for myself, I've gotta get rid of this cold and annunciate better so I don't sound all nasally like Fran Drescher again.