Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Why do you suppose the ancients were so in awe of eclipses? Solar eclipses have been calculated and recorded by ancient civilizations for thousands of years and they seem to have almost religious significance. In those days, the priests and shamans had their own spiritual/mythological explanations for this mystical occurrence, and similarly today we have NASA and other “experts” telling us their interpretations. Here is my very non-expert opinion.

When I look up at the Sun and Moon, I see two equally sized circles. When you look up at the Sun and Moon, you also see two equally sized circles. However, when you think about the Sun, you think it is thousands of times bigger and further away from Earth than the Moon. You think that eclipses (which happen many times a year) are a coincidental crossing of heavenly bodies, which when observed from the perspective of Earth, merely appear to be the same size.

What if the Sun and Moon didn’t just APPEAR to be the same size? What if they really are the same size? Blowing out of proportion the Sun-Male principle/energy has long been the Illuminati’s Modus Operandi anyway. The Illuminati have convinced us to worship the Sun as the “Son.” They have propagated the Julian and Gregorian Sun calendars (which are far less accurate than ancient 13-month Lunar calendars). And they have convinced us that the Sun is a huge, amazing burning ball of life-giving energy, while the Moon is a small, cold rock which is close enough to land some Masons on.

Numerologically speaking, 5 represents the Sun/Male and 6 represents the Moon/Female. The triplicate of any number in Numerology is its highest order. So 555 is the highest resonator of the Sun/Male principle, and our Son/Sun’s nemesis, 666, is of course the highest resonator of the Moon/Female principle. This is why we have Sol-diers (Sol like Solar/Sun) being paid in “Soldes” wearing gold stars and amulets (gold represents the Sun, silver represents the Moon). The highest ranking is a 5 Star General who wears 5, 5 pointed gold stars, and has his actions conducted from the “Pentagon,” a 5 sided building composed of 5 concentric pentagons, with an inner courtyard of exactly 5 acres (555). The designer of the Pentagon building, Jack Parsons, was an OTO occultist and good friends with Aleister Crowley, who was publicly known as “The Beast – 666.”

The word “Luna-tic” comes from the Latin/French word for the Moon. The word “Nuts” as in “crazy” comes from Egyptian Moon Goddess “Nuit” as in Night in French. Even the word “Mon-ster” dervies from “Moon-Star.” Everywhere around you, you see the MANipulation of HIStory away from our ancient HERitage. The whole world over the Moon was seen as representing the female, intuitive, right-brained principles, while the Sun represented the male, left-brained principles of outward action. The eclipse is their spiritual union. Both logically and visually you can see the balanced Male/Female principles of the Sun and Moon. You see they are the same size and they revolve around us, but you think the Sun is thousands of times larger and everything revolves around it.

What are the chances of a parallax like this occurring based on sheer coincidence? The “experts” say the Sun is 1.392x10^6 km in diameter and 1.496x10^8 km from Earth and the Moon is 3474 km in diameter and 384,403 km from the Earth. These just happen to be the EXACT diameters and distances necessary for a viewer from Earth to perceive them as being the same size!? This incredible event, the occultic crossing of the Male/Female heavenly bodies, is being propagated as some mathematical coincidence, but the odds are against them about a zillion to one.

Wikipedia says: A solar eclipse is actually a misnomer; the phenomenon is more correctly described as an occultation of the Sun by the Moon or an eclipse of the Earth by the Moon.” So the official “expert” nomenclature for this mathemical/scientific (not mystical/spiritual) occurrence is an “Occultation.”

The scientific/astronomical term for such an “occult” alignment is a “Syzygy.” Wikipedia says a Syzygy is: “the alignment of three or more celestial bodies in the same gravitational system along a straight line.” But the word “Syzygy” has occult roots as well from Pre-Christian Gnosticism. Wikipedia says: In Gnosticism, a syzygy is a divine active-passive, male-female pair of aeons, complementary to one another rather than oppositional; in their totality they comprise the divine realm of the Pleroma, and in themselves characterise aspects of the unknowable Gnostic God”

In the spiritual world, all is one and We are one infinite conscoiusness, but here in the material world, all is two and defined by polarity and symmetry. Male/Female, Black/White, Day/Night, As Above So Below, and yes, Sun and Moon. Our individual souls physically incarnate into this world of twoness when a Male and Female bond in sexual union, just like an Eclipse. The powers that be have a vested interest in suppressing the feminine and promoting the masculine. Are they once again throwing us spiritually off balance by lying about the Moon?


warthpublishinginc said...

I think the writer may be a Nuit.

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all they are not the exact same size. The Moon's orbit around the Earth is elliptical, so it appears bigger sometimes than others. Also, the Earth's orbit is elliptical as well, so the Sun appears bigger sometimes than others. That's why we sometimes get eclipses where the Sun is not totally blocked, even when the Moon is directly in front of the Sun. They're called annular eclipses.

But is this a special time when they are close to the same? I argue no.

The Moon recedes from the Earth about 4 centimeters per year. So in the past, there were no annular eclipses: if the Moon passed in front of the Sun, you got a total eclipse because the Moon looked bigger than the Sun. We are now in the age where some eclipses are total, some are annular. As the Moon recedes, and gets apparently smaller, eventually all eclipses will be annular. So we are in a somewhat special time (between all total and all annular), but not a creepy one.

Torq said...

Interesting - I am following up on your recommendation to check out your Astrotheology postings.

As an interesting coincidence I am in the middle of reading two books which relate to this subject "The Discarded Image" by C.S. Lewis, and "The Feminine Universe" by Alice Lucy Trent. Both of these authors have readily apparent biases (Lewis is unashamedly Christian and Trent is a bit of an extreme feminist) but do discuss some of the same things you are discussing here.

First consideration: what do you make of the gender alignments assigned to the planets under the "old model?" Saturn (Time and Death) is male, Jupiter (the King) is male, Mars (War) is male, Sol (Reason) is (as you say) male, Venus (love) is female, Mercury is male, and Luna (Fortune) is female. Venus, however, was considered to be second only to Jupiter, and ruled above all the others.

Anonymous said...

Okay.. I like where your mind is at, it's great to have an opinion, but i'm a bit confused as to what you then think the moons orbit would be? If you propose they may be the same size that would imply that the moon would have to pass the sun practically hitting it during an eclipse.

Furthermore, how do you account for being able to see the moon every night on both sides of the earth? I'm just having trouble as to your view on the positioning of things...

I just don't understand how you are accounting for things. Are you implying the Moon is a planet... any extra input would be nice.. thanks

I'd refer to Walter Russell's, The Universal One...

Peace Love Respect

The Indian cosmograph -- A Discovery said...

Hello Sirs,
As per the Ancient Indians Cosmic theories, I am in the opinion that no planet in the cosmos has the movement in an elliptical orbit. But each planet has its movement with respect to the integrated format which makes the cosmos, which is seen in a petal-line pathway.Kindly log on for further details in www.swamycosmology.wordpress.com

Robert said...

I find your lack of faith disturbing... hehe

Anonymous said...

Any proof that Parsons helped with the Pentagon design? Seems to be a relatively recent invention without any supported basis.

Eric Dubay said...

It sounds like Michael Tsarion is the only traceable link to this "fact." Not sure who/what his source is. Here is what Jake Kotze wrote on his Brave New World Order blog:

I can’t find confirmation of this fact online but Michael Tsarion claims in his lecture, "The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbols in the Media," that John a.k.a. Jack Parsons helped design the Pentagon. http://www.taroscopes.com/webstream/webstream_startpage.html

See Picture Here

Anonymous said...

It is found that the movements of the planets around the Earth with reference to the Fixed and the integrated form of the Stellar seems to be not in a regular elliptical.For more details lindly log on www.swamycosmology.wordpress.com
With regards,

Unknown said...

I just had a vision dream where I saw that Moon was the same size as the Sun, and that the Moon was a "second" center of our solar system. That we are in a binary solar system, and that the Sun and the Moon are twin centers. If this is true, then this would blow the patriarchal systems of religion, science, politics, etc. to smithereens. Your blog entry was the only one I could find that even said it was possible. Yes, I agree this is pretty kooky, but not any more so than when Copernicus said the Earth revolved around the Sun. This certainly would be a paradigm shift, and would also explain some of the newer planet's "weird" orbits.

Eric Dubay said...

That's certainly an interesting vision/idea, thanks for sharing Donna. If you haven't already read these articles you might find them equally as fascinating :) Peace

The Earth is Not Moving

Geocentricity vs. Heliocentricity

Vedic Cosmology

Anonymous said...

Eric, you claim that the sun and moon are the same sise, so you imply that they are the same distance from earth. Please explain what happens in a solar eclipse. Why don't they colide? Why do we always see the moon in front of the sun? Why are some full eclipses white otees are anular eclipses?

Eric Dubay said...

There are quite a few theories about the size of the Sun and the Moon all with their points of evidence and points of contention. The least plausible theory I've heard is the reigning heliocentric theory that the Sun is 400 times larger and 400 times further away than the Moon so that's why they serendipitously appear the same size. Other models have the Moon slightly in front of the Sun, and others still suggest that the Sun and Moon aren't densely physical, just luminous discs that can pass through one another.

This universe was intelligently created with purpose and order, and NASA/Copernican nihilistic Big Bang cosmology attempts to hide this obvious fact. There are two huge lights that circle around us in perfectly synchronized opposing cycles. They appear exactly the same size and stay in the sky for exactly the same length of time. Human sleep and reproduction cycles are intimately connected to one, and all growth and physical life depends on the other. We live in a ying yang universe of perfect order and balance between good and evil, male and female, inhale and exhale, birth and death, sleep and awake, night and day, and Sun and Moon.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a misunderstanding of eclipses going on sir. You know that even annular and total eclipses are only viewable as such on specific places on earth right? If one side of earth in ancient occult times saw an eclipse then what about the other? To them it wouldve been a normal day with no eclipse so we would have to extrapolate quite a bit of math into very ancient times to see for ourselves what they might have seen and why they were interpreted as such; similar to how it was mentioned we are having more frequent annular eclipses compared to total ones. Also it's mportant to note that the idea of an intelligble god that this world flows from was just developed in the same culture as occultism at about the same time, which was in greece, so the implications towards western philosiphy must be traced to the great minds of hellenistic times. Im not sure on the specifics of orphism or related popular occult beliefs of greece but i do know they focused heavily on hallucinogens and mysticism as their spiritual and physical means of worship. This leads me to not doubt they believed such things, but wether the sun and moon are congruent or not it is only an attempt

Anonymous said...

To metaphorically explain the wholy other to humanity and the totality of the wholy others voice and will to show humans that everything is connected. All of this is attributed to the hallucinogenic and mystical beliefs of the founders of western philosophy that formed the ways of science, numbers, and reasoning we hold fast to today. So unless you have mystical/shamanic abilities or have gained insight into the wholly other by indirect means the entire concept of this post and its comments, which are mostly all valid in their aspects, is going to be hard to see. It's only a means to an end though. I applaud your obvious dedication to the ancient western philosophies, Pythagoras would have been your best friend more than likely.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered about this one. But how do you explain your thesis in thinking that the illuminati created Christianity, a religion in which sacred texts expose all their evil doings and how to defeat them? Silly. Silly. Silly. Please read the King James Bible and not something written by gnostic texts in Alexandria trying to squash the deity of Christ.