Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mars Faker - Mars Landing Hoax

Here is Jarrah White's Mars Faker: Phoenix Rising. The Mars missions, like the Apollo Moon missions, are Masonic/NASA hoaxes to make you believe their twisted nihilistic cosmology.

Here are the first two parts of the Mars Faker: Seven Minutes of Propaganda series. If you still think we have been to the Moon or Mars, I highly recommend viewing both of these and Jarrah White's other series' in their entirety.

The key anomalies exposed in the documentaries are the following:

1. Mars' atmosphere being thin enough to be considered a vacuum would have rendered the parachutes supposedly used in all Mars missions useless and resulted in crash landings.

2. Joe Kittenger's record (highest, fastest, longest) parachute dive from the Earth's upper atmosphere had him free-falling for 15 minutes at 1235 kph and his drogue chute proved useless and offered no deceleration. NASA would have us believe that Phoenix's parachute managed to somehow slow it down from 20,500 kph to 198 kph in just 2.86 minutes. In other words, NASA is claiming to do something on Mars that we have no evidence is even possible on Earth at 16 times slower speed.

3. The Columbia commemorative plaque in the "Mars" Spirit rover photos/video is not the same one pictured right before launch.

4. The "Mars" Phoenix lander's robotic arm photographed image 896662759 taken at 14:39:37 LST and image 896662868 at 14:41:23 LST only 2 minutes and 46 seconds later. In the first image there is a fallen loose screw visible by the leg which disappears before the second photo's taken. NASA themselves claimed the robot arm didn't touch "martian" soil until the next day, thus it's impossible for the arm to have picked it up. And the topical arrangement of dirt/rocks remains exactly the same, thus it cannot be explained by strong winds. So who picked up the screw?

5. MX News on June 3rd, 2008 featured a picture given to them by NASA of the Phoenix's first dig into the "martian" soil. But on June 6th, 2008 The London Daily Telegraph reported from NASA that "another communications glitch stopped NASA's Phoenix lander again from making its first dig into Martian soil." How could they give the photo to MX news if they haven't made their first dig? Why can't they keep their story straight?

6. Despite all the media hype about trying to find life on Mars, NASA decided against the recommendation of several experts, not to bring life-detection equipment and instead focused merely on finding water. As University of Sheffield professor Dr. Milton Wainwright pointed out: "A few years ago a power struggle ensued at NASA which was won by the chemists and geologists who wanted to 'search for the water' instead of trying directly to detect life on Mars. Some amazing data will doubtless be provided by Phoenix, but at the risk of being accused of being churlish, can I point out that the absence of life-detection systems on this lander represents the greatest missed opportunity in the history of mankind to date."

7. The radiation on Mars from atomic particles shooting through space is supposedly 1,000 times greater than on Earth due to the lack of atmosphere. NASA admits that for astronauts to survive on Mars they would have to live at least 6 feet underground, but their rover can only dig 3 feet, so what life could they expect to find? If finding life on Mars was truly their mission, why fight tooth and nail against expert recommendation to bring life-detection equipment?

8. "Mars" looks exactly like the Australian desert and it appears NASA has simply added a red tint to the atmosphere.


John W. Ratcliff said...

Eric, are you for real? If you are serious and not just doing some kind of performance art with these posts I am quite blown away.

If you are being serious then I feel compelled to point out that you have lost all capacity for rational thought.


John W. Ratcliff said...


I would be quite interested in interviewing you in some form, either on your podcast or mine.

I am fascinated by why people believe the things that they do and the things you believe pretty much take the cake.

Your particular belief system is so outrageous, so bizarre, and so beyond anything even approaching rational thought, that I find you a fascinating subject.


Eric Dubay said...

John is an admitted Master Mason and knows the information on my site is true. I'm secretly his hero for exposing his crooked, retarded organization - That's why he reads my blog daily.

To John and my other Mason subscribers: Your secret society and its manipulations will continue being exposed and your New World Order is DOA. You cannot and will not stop this awakening, so your continued approval/inaction against Freemasonry will be your downfall. You need to get out while you still have any self-respect/decency and help expose this ridiculous conspiracy. Your friends and family will awaken soon and they will ALL BE STARING AT YOU MASONS. AND THEY WILL DEMAND ANSWERS. Your two-faced days are over. Your friends and family won't believe your lies anymore. Are you going to let the darkness of your secret society bring you down with it? Or are you going to join free humanity and step out into the light?


John W. Ratcliff said...


You didn't answer my question. Can I interview you on a radio show?


P.S. Of course I'm an admitted Master Mason. And, I read your blog every day because I am truly fascinated by why people believe the strange shit that they do. You kind of take the cake on that one..

Anonymous said...

Eric, I'm not sure John would know that what is on your site is true. As a Master Mason he is still on the lower level Blue Degrees so he may have a benign impression of what Freemasonry is all about.


John W. Ratcliff said...

Well, I have a benign impression of freemasonry because, well, because it is benign.


John W. Ratcliff said...

Eric wrote: "John is an admitted Master Mason and knows the information on my site is true."

Come on Eric. Get serious for a minute. You do not honestly believe that the 'moon landing was faked'? You cannot, please dear lord tell me that you cannot possibly be that completely and utterly stupid?

Eric, the complete and absolutely awe inspiring depth and range of your self-delusional belief system is staggering to behold.

Do you believe the moon is made of green cheese? Do you believe the earth is flat?

You cannot really be serious about any of the nonsense you post on this site can you?


Anonymous said...

John you are attacking with no valid argument - just "i disagree, you are stupid" which as any maturing 6 year old will tell you is just being childish. The moon landing was and is impossible - so has to be fake. watch the documentaries, read, open your "mind".

John W. Ratcliff said...

>>just "i disagree, you are stupid" which as any maturing 6 year old will tell you is just being childish.

Depends on how entirely stupid someone is being.

>> The moon landing was and is impossible - so has to be fake. watch the documentaries, read, open your "mind".

Please tell me you are not being serious?

Are you sane?

I personally watched Apollo 11 take off with my own eyes, I lived at Cocoa Beach at the time. I sat in front of the TV set and watched men walk on the moon. My Uncle worked on the project. My father worked at the vehicle assembly building. I watched most of the Apollo missions take off with my own eyes and I watched men walk on the moon live, when it happened. I cannot fathom why I would believe someone like you over my own eyes and the word of tens of thousands of men and women who worked on this project.

Are you mad? The technology did not exist at that time to 'fake' a moon landing. Are you for real? Do We couldn't fake it today, with the most advanced computer technology.

Are you calling all of the men who walked on the moon liars? Are you suggesting that every single person involved in the NASA project is a liar?

What proof do you have that it was 'faked'. Absolutely, zero, nada, none, zilch.

Are you calling my Uncle a liar? He did not work on the NASA program? Are you calling all NASA astronauts liars?

Are you mad?

Thousands upon thousands of men and women worked on this project.

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Ask him.

In the words of John McEnroe, you cannot be serious.

Guess what, pink Unicorns fly out of my butt. Don't believe me? Watch the documentary.

What can you really say in the face of such awe inspiring complete and utter mind blowing stupidity?!

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Santa Claus?

Don't you know Santa Claus is real? Watch the documentary.

Egads, you people are insane.

John W. Ratcliff said...

Anonymous, I apologize. I did some research and you are right. The Moon landing are fake.

Please review the following evidence:

Anonymous said...

john said I sat in front of the TV set and watched men walk on the moon.

He saw it on TV!

john said Are you mad? The technology did not exist at that time to 'fake' a moon landing.

he saw it on TV! - do you get the picture here?

john said Are you for real? Do We couldn't fake it today, with the most advanced computer technology.

you never saw a movie for a while then :-) I have to stop talking to you.

You saw something on TV "so it has to be real" but claim the technology did not exist to fake it ___that technology was TV!___ and it required/(would require) A LOT more technology to land on the moon than play a tape on __TV__ of some dudes in the desert.

Stop only replying with
"are you mad?"

comedy gold

"I saw it on the TV It has to be real!!!"

John W. Ratcliff said...

>>"I saw it on the TV It has to be real!!!"

Yes, I saw it on TV. Because I am old. I was alive and kicking and my family was part of the space program. Yes, I saw it on TV and it was incredible to behold.

I find it interesting that you believe such a TV show could have been faked back in 1969. You see, I happen to work in the industry, so to speak. I work on real-time computer simulations, video games, and computer graphics.

I have a much greater personal knowledge than yourself as to what is, or is not, possible with both current technology and (because I am old) the technology of the past.

I note that you ignored the rest of my comments, that is ok too.

Of course all of the astronauts who walked on the moon are liars and conspirators. Clearly that it easier to believe than the reality that we all experienced at that time.

You live in a very strange world Mr. Tao.

Let me know when you are ready to come out into the light and share a dose of reality.


Anonymous said...

John, you say they had the technology to film on the moon but not fake the footage on earth.

And yes the lies are apparent, you search a little more.

Surly the Russians could have got there. If we went once, why did we never go back?

Well it was a very well timed political lie to inspire a nation of which you took the largest hit of propaganda and still can't shake the fact you were lied too by your TV.

Anonymous said...

PS anyone need a laugh?

John said this on his site

(My statement to him) And you believe in UFO's!

(his reply) No, I believe that there are things, which are unidentified, which fly around. Check your facts.

Unidentified, which Fly around :-) erm, John what like, erm and Unidentified Flying Object?

Eric Dubay said...

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Ask him.

OK I will. I've sent an agent to ask him... Here's what Neil Armstrong said when we asked him:

Neil Armstrong Caught Lying

Here's what happened when we asked Buzz Aldrin and Ed Mitchell:

Buzz Aldrin Caught Lying 1

Buzz Aldrin Caught Lying 2

Ed Mitchell Caught Lying

david said...

No actual argument presented, only ad hominem attacks. For a student of nimrod worship that's kind of pathetic.
You'd expect a bit more intelligence from them?

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...


For shame.. a fan of RAW arguing what "is" or "is not"?

I don't think I'd ever be bold enough to make such claims.

I always wondered how a master freemason would conduct themselves, not being one myself. Imagine my disappointment.

I think NASA at its pre-conception had some involvement with Crowleys o.t.o.

But what are we to do with such heritics?

-the Baron

Illuminati Agenda said...

"A mars a day helps you work rest and play!" - Sorry, I couldn't resist. Seriously though, thanks for posting this, I'll give it a watch later on tonight, for some reason I'm far more intrigued by Mars that the moon.

Joseph said...

For a close minded person like John, a conspiracy on this scale is ineffable, or cannot be fathomed. This is why he reacts in anger and resorted to "name-calling". After bashing Eric's beliefs, I would love to know what religion you prescribe to, what your beliefs on life and the afterlife are. My bet is a generic view that was force fed by your parents. You are out of your element John.

Anonymous said...

Buckminster would be proud

Anonymous said...

So Artsy Fartsy:

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone who has read Dave mcGowan's excellent Moon landing series can believe that we sent people to Moon 6 times 40 years ago.

Today we cannot go higher than 500 kilometers because of the deadly radiation.

Read it if you can. It is very comprehensive. 14 parts. Almost a book altogether. For some reason I cannot reach his web page from my country anymore. It seems to exist but won't open.

About Mars I don't know but I will look into it. I used to think they could well have sent machines to outer space but no living people.


Anonymous said...

This is a very late point out, but John changed his projected image from insulting everyone open to this post to apologizing 4 minutes later verifying his 30 seconds of research. Then he flipped it and showed everyone how dick he is. Being a physcopath is very sad, good luck healing John. -AG

Anonymous said...

You all do know that all satellites in space are faked, as well as the ISS.

Anonymous said...

Watch the "fake" landing tonight of the MSL at

Judge for yourself. Is it live (delayed by the speed of light), CGI, or memorex?

For that matter, I bet the speed of light is fake if the above was faked.

Jackson Hoffman said...

I hate to break it to you but your entire life is fake. Yes, it is a conspiracy to make you believe all the trappings and comforts of life are real.

Did it ever occur to you that you are actually a lab experiment for a higher intelligence? That's right, you are nothing more than a blob of flesh and bone in a lab. Probes inserted into your brain to keep you calm with the illusion of living a life.

Anonymous said...

if it's on TV it must be true

Unknown said...

Seriously John, just because you saw something on TV does not mean it is real! I saw Star Trek go into galaxies unknown but it is not real. There are car companies recalling their cars because they cannot get it right and you think we can just go to the moon and mars that easy?

Anonymous said...

Tell us what are the drugs you are in!! For sure a lot of us want to try it!!

charles allan said...

What fantasies do the masons believe in - pure magic mumbo jumbo

Anonymous said...

Hi, love this hoaxy stuff:

"There's a *little* bit of air on Mars. Its atmospheric pressure is about 1% what it is on earth. If you use a very big parachute (the MSL's parachute was 52 feed across), it can be effective. It was enough to slow down the lander from 960 mph to 270 mph. It was not (as you point out) enough to slow it down to a gentle landing as parachutes do on earth; so a rocket powered landing was required at the very end."

Eric Dubay said...

Allegedly :)

Unknown said...

Mars landing? I can't believe they are legitimately trying to pull this off. I guess the propagandist feel that the populations of the world have been dumbed down enough by now to buy this completely bold and brazen outright lie. The moon landing was fake, the evidence is there. At the time there was no internet and limited capabilities as far as imagery and they knew not the future where people would have access to almost unlimited information at their fingertips. Able to go over the images and information systematically and thoroughly at there own leisure. But now the "cats out of the bag" and the genie has left the bottle. From here on out it's about deception and lies and the perpetual reinforcement of "Crazy conspiracy theorists" to label anyone that questions this ungodly political narrative. And to my knowledge that "Van Allen radiation belt" is still there. Now some fifty years later they are trying to do the same thing again. Most likely for the same exact reason. It's almost as comical as Elon Musk's video of a rocket landing on a ship. Have you ever been out to sea? Then YOU know that THIS was beyond fake. Do not trust any globalist.