Thursday, August 7, 2008

Renaissance Radio #2

This week on Renaissance Radio I discuss the Masonic moon landing hoax, geocentricism, aliens, numerology, sun/son worship, gnosticism, eclipses and much more. For the first few minutes of the show we experienced minor sound difficulties again - my apologies there. The blogtalkradio "click to talk" system is a great idea but it has been impossible to hear any of my callers. Hopefully we can fix this, and perhaps may have to change internet radio providers (any suggestions?). Until then I'm flying solo giving long monologues, going on tangents, and leaving you with lots of loose ends to question. :) Hope you like the format. I'll be back every Wednesday night 9pm US Western time at:

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Anonymous said...

much better this week, still some production would help, sure it will improve with time - content was great, keep it up.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Tao, I appreciate that. I'm sure the show production/sound will improve with time as well. Originally the idea was to have co-hosts, guests, and callers... does anyone out there know if there's a better internet radio provider than I may end up switching if I find a better system. Peace