Monday, September 24, 2012

Jesus Christ the Magic Mushroom (part 2)

John Allegro, Oxford graduate and world’s leading philologist, was commissioned to translate the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls. But after his book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” released and he died, the Catholic Church quickly bought the copyright and buried it; one Vatican insider quoted saying it would never again see the light of day. It is currently sparsely available in e-book format but has been out of print for years (Meanwhile Dan Brown is shaking hands with the Pope and pseudo-conspiritainment like “Da Vinci Code” is a best selling book and movie).

[John] Allegro linguistically linked the SOMA (Greek=Body), the Manna (Sumerian = Mushroom), (of which there are two kinds), the names Jesus, James, and John, the Fruit of the tree of Knowledge, and the symbol of the cross, to the Amanita muscaria, by stating that all of these names and terms (and others) were synonyms and wordplay for the hidden identity of the mushroom. Needless to say, he had the religious scholars doing flips. The biblical apologists instantly jumped on the bandwagon of attempting to disprove anything he said. Although he did stretch the boundaries of some established scholarship, the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) and most of his associations are beyond repute.” -James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind” (16)

“The Dead Sea Scrolls, found in caves near Qumran in 1947, have offered a greater insight into the Essenes' lifestyle and beliefs, despite suppression by the authorities who wish to maintain the official version of history. The scrolls were hidden from the Romans during the ill-fated Judean revolt around 70 AD. Some 500 Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts were found, which included texts from the Old Testament, among them a complete draft of the Book of Isaiah, centuries older than the one in the Bible. There were scores of documents relating to the Essene customs and organization. The scrolls confirm that the Essenes were fanatics who followed to the letter the Levite inventions in the Old Testament texts. Anyone who didn’t do the same was their enemy and they fiercely opposed the Roman occupation … The Essenes had a detailed understanding of drugs, including the hallucinogenic variety, which were used in mystery school initiations and for entering other states of consciousness. The properties of the ‘sacred mushrooms’ or ‘Holy Plant’ were so much part of life in the secret brotherhood that the Jewish high priest wore a mushroom cap to acknowledge their importance. They had special rituals for their preparation and use. The mushroom, too, was given son of God’ connotations (what wasn’t?) and it was connected to the Sun cycle. The mushrooms were picked with great reverence before sunrise and many symbols of this ritual can be found in the Bible and far older texts. Again, the use of the sacred mushroom and other drugs, and the secret knowledge of their properties, can be traced back to the earliest days of Sumer.” –David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (95-6)

Jewish Priest Mushroom Cap
John Allegro shows how the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the etymology of various Mesopotamian languages all have mushroom and sexual puns/terms interwoven. This is due to the prominence in the pre-Christian world of mushroom and fertility cults. Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, the languages of the Bible, all ultimately derive from ancient Sumerian, where many original meanings had been long lost. For instance, the gods of the Greeks and Hebrews, Zeus and Yahweh (Jehovah) have names derived from Sumerian words meaning “seed of life” and “juice of fecundity.” The name Herod, as in King Herod, “ardeola” in Latin, serves as a wordplay on the Semitic “ardilia” which means “mushroom.” The name Jesus, in Hebrew “yehoshiia” comes from the Sumerian “JA U ShiJ A” which means “semen which saves, restores, heals.” This is comparable to the fertility god Dionysus, whose cult emblem was an erect phallus, and whose Sumerian name “IA-U-Nu-ShUSh” also means “semen, seed that saves.” 

“Under that again there lie the basic conceptions of the mushroom cult. Here is the real stuff of the mystery-fertility philosophy. For example, to find their parables of the Kingdom, the writers make comparisons with objects and activities which, at the surface level of understanding, are often really absurd, besides being self-contradictory about the manner and form of the Kingdom’s coming. The passage that likens the Kingdom to a mustard seed, for example, and then speaks of birds nesting in the branches of the grown plant (Matt 13:31f., etc.), has driven the biblical naturalists to distraction looking for a mustard ‘tree’ suitable as roosting places for the fowls of the air. They could have saved themselves the trouble since the reference, at the ‘lower’ level, is simply a play on the Semitic khardelä’, ‘mustard’ and ‘ardilã’, ‘mushroom’ … If it seems strange to us that the writers of these stories should have used such a trivial literary device as punning so extensively, it should be remembered that they were heirs to a very long tradition of this kind of word-spinning. The Old Testament is full of it, particularly where proper names are concerned, and very many more instances almost certainly lie beneath the surface, where writers are playing with dialectal forms of the words which have become lost over the centuries. Furthermore, it is now becoming clear that many of the Old Testament traditions have reached us in a Semitic dialect which was not the one in which they were composed, so that the original word-play which they expressed has been lost.” -John Allegro, “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” (32)

Today in Iran (Persia) the mushroom is called “SamJrukh,” which traces back to the Sumerian “ShU Mar Ugu/Aga,” or “Crown of the Womb-Favorer,” the glans/top of the fungus. The Sumerian “Bar Ia U Na,” meaning “capsule of fecundity; womb” connects to multiple names that relate the mushroom with the tiny “womb” from which the stem emerges. Another Aramaic example is “Pleasing the Jews” which comes from the Sumerian mushroom name “MashTabBaRi” or “that which is pleasing to the Hebrews/Jews.” The Hebrew “kotereih” from the Sumerian “GU-TAR” means “top of the head: penis” and is the most common Semitic word for mushroom; In Arabic it is “phutr,” in Aramaic it is “pitra,” and in the English New Testament is “Peter.” Allegro’s examples continue on like this for over a hundred pages.

“We must be in no doubt of the effect that importing a new, mushroom element into the New Testament picture must have on our understanding of the origin and nature of Christianity … For the pseudo-translation demonstrates an intention of deceit, and since mushrooms appear nowhere in the ‘surface’ tale of Jesus, it follows that the secret reference to the cult must be the true relevance of the whole. If the writers have gone to the trouble of concealing by ingenious literary devices, here, and as we have seen, in many cases elsewhere, secret names of the mushroom, not only must its worship have been central to the religion, but the exigencies of the time must have demanded they should be transmitted among the initiates and their successors in a way that would not bring their enemies down upon them. It therefore follows that the “surface” details of the story, names, places, and possibly doctrinal teachings must be equally as false as the pseudo-renderings of the secret names.” -John Allegro, “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” (106-7)

“For centuries, the impression given by religionists is that to be a moral person, one must not only forgo but disdain sexuality, viewing it as if it were a curse from the devil rather than a ‘gift from God.’ The same can be said of drugs, at least of the variety that has anything to do with altering consciousness, even if such drugs are in the form of ‘God-given’ plants. Hence, the picture of a religious or righteous individual is basically someone who must have (heterosexual) sex only with one person within a sanctioned marriage, if at all; to be in a constant state of procreation; and to remain as sober as ‘a judge.’ To those who think life is to be enjoyed, rather than endured, this picture represents a dull, robotic state, to say the least. The reality is that there have been times on this planet when cultures have recognized sacred sexual practices and sacramental plants not only as gifts from ‘God’ but also paths to ‘God,’ or ‘Cosmic Consciousness,’ as it were. Indeed, sex and drugs have been considered from time immemorial as devices to create union with the divine, which is a major reason behind the negative spin put on them by religionists, who insist that only they, ‘Jesus’ or some other entity can be avenues to the divine. In actuality, it is the priest’s task to create an artificial separation between human beings and the omnipresent ‘God’” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (193)
Through a long process of incremental changes the Christian churches (and other Brotherhood religions) have completely changed what it means to be religious. The ancient world consisted of mushroom and fertility cults, nature worship, and an astrological/astronomical based theology (Astrotheology). Nowadays the three things of ancient reverence which modern religions were actually based on - sex, drugs, and astrology - are condemned and considered sinful.

“If an all-powerful, dictatorial state religion was to succeed, it would need to destroy this concept of sacred sex and sacramental drugs from the human psyche and replace it with fear and guilt, such that those who had sex, for example, would be driven to cleanse themselves of their perceived sins by confession or other priest craft. The exploitation of humanity’s weakness regarding sex in particular worked nicely for priestly conspirators, since they could rail against it, knowing very well that people would continue to have it, such that the guilty would then be forced to return repeatedly to the Church for absolution from ‘sins.’ Despite their best efforts, however, the various religionists could not eradicate the widespread spiritual practices utilizing sex and drugs, even under penalty of death. In reality, they held these practices for themselves while hypocritically preaching their evils to the masses and exhorting abstinence from them. As noted, along with the knowledge of astrology, the use of sex and drugs actually has formed part of the esoteric religion or ‘mysteries’ hidden from the masses by the brotherhoods and secret societies that create exoteric and vulgar religions for the masses. Indeed, these ‘sacraments’ constituted a significant part of the mysteries, as many schools and cults have used sex and drugs in their initiation rites.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (193)

“I have spoken personally with High Priests and Bishops (Secret Society Initiates), who simply told me that they could not discuss anything with me because of their oaths of secrecy. In fact they were so blown away that I knew the information, that it scared the hell out of them. Entheogens, and particularly the Amanita muscaria, are a huge secret. The initiatory rites, into this particular field, are so far up the totem pole of secret societies and religions that when you find those who know, they really freak out, that anyone else knows, because it cuts to the deepest recesses of their self perceived spirituality, and cuts to the center of their most secret God/Society given indoctrination experiences. They have this certain look in their eyes, and unless you somehow are perceived as a threat to them, they invariably have the need to tell you that they do know what you are talking about (which is likely a violation of oath in itself), but they cannot discuss it further.” -James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind (23)


Free To Be said...

Very interesting, especially for someone like me who has grown up in a Christian household, who is looked down upon for understanding the healing nature of entheogens.

I have experienced mushrooms a couple times, and the last time I had, it was an amazing feeling to feel like I was outside this matrix, even if it was for only a couple of hours.

I tapped into a deeper understanding, seeing how fake our world really is (the one presented to you in the news, and through society) I got past all of that and I had this overwhelming sense of peace and happiness. Everything just made sense in those moments.

It is my belief that they must keep these things secret and labeled as "bad" for them to be in control, feeding us lies and keeping us trapped within this matrix.

I enjoy your blog and your insight, much love

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for sharing. Your mushroom experiences sound much like mine. My first time I felt absolute ecstasy rolling around in a field by a lake filled with unconditional love and happiness and laughing uncontrollably for almost 7 hours. Total peace.

Seven Star Hand said...

Though mystics and seekers have always explored alternate realities and sometimes through substances, the purpose was to establish proof of the truth about certain details.

If you truly want some insights into the truth of what occurred back then, please read my recent press release on the topic.Dead Sea Scrolls' Burial Secret Completely Exposes Ancient Lies

Here is Wisdom...

Dante McAuliffe said...

I have done mushrooms three times, and each time I felt like I encountered new spiritual truths. It might sound strange of me to say that the experiences literally changed my life in that they changed my way of thinking forever. The most fundamental thing that I learned was actually quite simple: everything is one. All in existence is really the same thing. It was like when Krishna revealed himself in his true form to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. And what I soon noticed is that even though I could smoke cannabis pretty much every day, I could only do mushrooms every once in a while, because they provides me with perhaps the strongest and most powerful experiences as have ever had.

Eric Dubay said...

I had the same experience D. My friend Leo who just tried magic mushies for the first time experienced the Oneness first-hand as well. A good, heavy trip will catapult you out of your body and into the finer realms of consciousness where you can catch a glimpse of the infinite wellspring of awareness (God) that we all come from. Back in my teens it was mushrooms that put that final nail in the coffin of my waning materialist worldview. It became quite obvious that, as they say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around.

Peter said...

Hey Eric

My name is Peter and I am a big fan of your site. I really appreciate the work you are doing and the diligence of your efforts. I have been noticing the recent posts you have made about the suppressed history of fungi in human culture and I wanted to relay some info that I think might pique your interest and hopefully give you a new line to research for future articles.

So, I am an avid mushroom lover, mycophile, and radical mycologist. I have been studying fungi off and on for about 10 years and I believe mushrooms can literally help save the world in so many ways (as the famous Paul Stamets says in his TED talk video, although I think he is a government stooge for good reason). But beyond that I think there is so much more to the fungal kingdom that is being suppressed from the public eye. As I am sure we can agree... the powers that be don't want to provide real solutions to the world's problem. So I see it as no surprise that information about fungi is consistently withheld from common knowledge, public education, and the university systems. Fungi are literally an integral part of all life cycles yet I know ecology & environmental science majors that get mere days on the topic in their 4 years at college. Why is this?

I think the answer is multifaceted.. as they always are in these matters. First, common knowledge about the dire importance of the microbiology of the soil (from which all life springs and upon which it all depends) would enable people to be much more critical about issues of using pesticides & fungicides, buying sterile soil, using fertilizers, ignoring chemtrails, and wondering why soil fertility is declining. This plays in the water, soil, and food power struggles to come.

Secondly, fungi can be grown on almost any organic matter, most agricultural wastes, year-round, and with a minimum of effort (once the basic skills and tools are at hand). This gives a solid solution to world hunger issues. Plus fungi are high in protein, Vitamin D (which we all lack), and other trace mineral & vitamins including B vitamins. Add to their incredible rate of growth and adaptability and you have a food solution that even the best organic gardeners are largely ignorant of.

Third, fungi can clean up pollution. Certain mushrooms can break down petroleum based products into simple sugars, thereby neutralizing their toxic effects. They can break down munitions (eg TNT), nerve agents, herbicides, peticides, dioxins, and other. They naturally attack biological contaminants such as E. coli, Staph, Anthray, pox viruses, and others. They can even hyper concentrate radioactive isotopes and heavy metals such as mercury and lead out of the soil..something that is still happening in the area outside of Chernobyl.

Fourth, they can break down plastics. See the article linked below for more on this incredible feat.

Now all of this is cool right? Well why the hell isnt is being developed and applied today? Well on the remediation and pollution clean up end, the big reason is that most research in the lab results in patents (numbering in the 100s of thousands) that turn the "intellectual property" of fungal remediation into suppressed technologies that, though may be able to save the world, never leave the lab to be developed or implemented in the real world. Bummer.

I could go on about my conversations with industry insiders, and the bio weapons developed using fungi that can control the nervous system of humans. But I will leave you with the above as a staring point. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want leads on more information. I live this shit and am happy to talk about it whenever.

All the best

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Peter, thanks for the great message. I think you are right on about mushrooms being able to save the world. Physically they have so many benefits like you mentioned about eating up plastics and waste products, and mentally/emotionally/spiritually magic mushrooms are also able to internally bring about the kind of paradigm-shift we need to see in people. It exposes the material world as an illusion and helps people understand consciousness at a deeper level. I really enjoyed your email, so if you don't mind I'm going to post our correspondence into the comments section of my latest mushroom post :) If you have any more great info/links to share please send it along and I'll re-post it. Thanks! Peace

Anonymous said...

Hello thanks for your article I enjoyed it, Is the mushroom which is being spoken of hear the psylocibins or the amanita muscaria, It's easy to think of psylocibins growing in the Jeruselem area but the Amanita's ? I have found Aminta's in the north of Europe but is it too hot in the mid east? Please clarify because after learning about this stuff I'm 50 years old and this is the first I've heard of it, it makes a lot more sense than the bible I've been taught.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, there are several varieties of psychedelic mushrooms found all over the world and based on ancient religious art and the known traditions of ancient mushroom cults it appears different varieties of mushrooms/herbs were often ingested in combination for varying effects and the science of combination changed with climate/culture. Exactly which are being referred to in specific sections of the Bible isn't something I've looked into though :) Peace

muzuzuzus said...

"[magic mushrooms] exposes the material world as an illusion and helps people understand consciousness at a deeper level.""

Not the material world, but rather materialism. That is a radical difference, because when you look at the belief systems fucking up planet Earth they fall under either those which want to escape nature, considering it fallen and in need of being put right at some future date, like Christianity believes. OR an illusory trap like is the belief of the so-called New Age

Rather we need both respect 'spirit' AND 'matter' and realize nature is sacred

Eldo said...

Wonderfull postings! Been several time in alice in wonder land but still am doubtfull present day priests are aware about the secret used by jesus

Chaz said...

I have no doubt that there is merit and truth in what is being said; I also have no doubt that the world will go up,in flames before any of this will be allowed to help humanity.
I am a Catholic, on a spiritual level and I am a product of 16 yrs. of Catholic education. It amazes me that the world, in 2016 sees the church as solely a religion. History often is seen only through the perspective of any given time in which it exsist so.
The Catholic Church was the goverment, carefully planned out in the centuries after the Christ and yes, planned to CONTROL. Now, in our time this has blossomed into that military industrial complex that has done a supreme job of controlling the planet, the ever referenced New World Order.
The Catholic Church suppresses true knowledge by buying the copywriters to information they DO NOT want known and the industrial machine suppresses EVERYTHING, hence the creation of laws like The Patriot Act.
It is nice to read the people have seen the wisdom of life through their experience with plant and herb products and that they further have seen the enormous benefits to plant (mushroom) by products that can clean up the pollution of this world....
Those that control DO NOT want this information available and have dip one a good job in creating a perception that anyone that talks like this will be labeled as a nut job.
Nice nice chat is going to do NOTHING; it will take a virtual REVOLUTION to create chsnge. There is NO middle ground, some part of our world will be sacrificed. Either we will live in a future of gas masks (!) or there will be some means of liberation.
I love what is being said here but hippy-dippy chat will go nowhere...

muzuzuzus said...

'hippy dippy' like 'tree hugger' are cliche terms used by the same corporate mindset you warn about. First and foremost we need to have freedom to express ourselves. I have met with a great deal of resistance, in the form of a taboo silence when trying to talk about occultism as part of the current power structure. Even in the psychedelic movement where people, leaders and followers will talk about the weirdest shit, when THIS is mentioned there is stone silence OR your told to shut up.
I watched a documentary a short while ago called Secrets of the Nazi Occult which reveals how the top branch of the Nazi part were immersed in the occult, but the documentary concluded that all this kind of stuff ended in 1945!! So it is like they can accept this when it happens in the past but are totally blind to its continuing now!
So yeah, FIRST surely we have to have the courage to talk about this!
Only then can we begin to look at the wrong ways psychedelics have been used by these occult groups, and how they have infiltrated the psychedelic community pushing their transhumanist agenda

Rollo said...

I discovered the Amanita Muscaria approximately four years ago ..... like Toto pulling back the curtain on the wizard.

Unknown said...

I felt something spiritual connected with certain naturally occurring psychactive substances that are found in many plants, animals, insects,fungi and of humans,(such as n,n-dmt, 4-ho-dmt, harmaline, etc) after taking the risk of ingesting them after being taught by modern society that they were dangerous, illegal and against the will of God. After listening to several Terrance McKenna and Ramm Dass lectures regarding theories about why we are taught to fear and feel guilt if one chose to use any mood altering substance. It all points to keeping the goyem beneath the knowledge and wisdom of our religious leaders, judicial systems and top politicians. The same society that keeps
Gambling, alcohol, nicotine and modern medicines, such as oxycodone, paxal, percocet, etc...

Anonymous said...

May the Most High bless all of you and may His grace be upon you. "For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction..."