Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum

Peter Joseph has just released an amazing new 2-hour documentary full of great information and solutions to the global conspiracy. This movie contains an excellent explanation of the fraudulent banking system making it very palatable for current sheeple scrambling about from the economic crisis. It also offers very inspiring and thought-provoking solutions to our global societies current problems. I give it my highest recommendation.


Leon1234 said...

This movie is the freaking shittt:)

Anonymous said...

because this starts with 20 minutes of "how money works" it makes the timing of its release so perfect.

For all of those "trapped in debt or ruin" by the current problems in the world - welcome to the best thing you ever heard :)

Anonymous said...

more real info on the bailout and more here

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Eric is not erasing these Zeitgeist topics after finding out how they are just tools for controlled opposition? Pushing the jewish utopia of new world order(united world) in a way that appeals to "alternative" or spiritual oriented people. We are not going to be one, we are different and only way to live in peace is to hinder any outer powers to provoke us against each other as it happens nowadays by the zionist money power that funds the wars.

Bronte Baxter writes about the deception of oneness movement.