Thursday, January 22, 2009

Renaissance Radio #23

This week we discuss consciousness science/research vs. materialism, the primacy of consciousness, the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, the placebo effect, OBE’s, NDE’s, coincidence vs. synchronicty, superstition and the supernatural, Obama-mania and his globalist ties, the global warming scam, Masonic hand signs in Washington/Hollywood, and more

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Ta-Wan said...

i find this link clearer as it has all the shows and download or play options are more obvious.

muzuzuzus said...

It is great to hear you are going into podcasts! I would love to talk to you of course.

Regarding your last Bograido show where you talk about materialism, and consciousness.
This interests me greatly and has done a quite a while. Here are my views about it. And it would be good to talk about this in a future podcast o'course:

I am aware of this, Eric: In one corner there is the materialists, and they believe consciousness is a product of materailist reality in its most complex form, brains, especially human brains, especially white middle class scientific human brains, and in the other corner are the Idealists who believe consciousness produces matter. So I am wary of this because I am seeing an inversion going on. Something is wrong for me with this explanation.

Heard of Christian de Quincey? I might have mentioned him before. He is coming from an Indigenious animist perspective which understands ALL matter to be full of spirit. But he explains this kind of philosophically

For example, he warns not to use 'energy talk' when talking about consciousness. Because in principle all matter/energy can be measured, but consciousness is not a thing, hence it cannot be measured but yet is ALWAYS with matter/energy. It is how matter~energy feels-from-the-inside

This is more interesting to me, because I am aware that for BOTH materialism and idealism there happens a disdain for the material world, nature, including the organism

For materialists, nature becomes devoid of spirit and meaning

for idealists, that believe matter/nature is illusory, again there is a denigration of the body, and nature and a deification of an abstract 'consciousness/infinity/'Oneness'

So instead of that I am seeing it best not to term 'matter' and 'consciousness' as things. Actually consciousness is not a thing anyhow, and matter is active intelligence. So it is more process

muzuzuzus said...

so sorry misspelling. dont know how i got that word....meant *blog radio

Eric Dubay said...

Great points Muz, I was just explaining the primacy of consciousness at our "WeAreStrange Bangkok" meeting last night and someone asked if I was talking about Animism, to which I said yes, that's one of the many ways to classify it... consciousness is the fundamental mind-stuff of existence... God's mind (for those who like the word "God") all matter contains and sprouts from this infinite consciousness

Eric Dubay said...

BTW, I was planning on asking you to be a guest once I get the podcast running... so I'm glad to hear you're interested, Muz. :)

Ta-Wan said...

muzuzuzus, glad you are exploring this :)

For a body to have a brain that forms conciousness is just an egotistical notion as you have spotted in your analysis. It is also completely impossible for matter to form mind. The matter model, big bang and so on do not go back far enough to take seriously. As Heisenberg said "as much chance as a tornado hiting a junk yard and creating a fully formed, perfect, working aircraft". It also does not account for the "before", the nature of the matter or its origin.

In the Mind first model it is not that all around is is a worthless illusion. It is that we look at infinity and come back with forms and qualities. The reality we see is illusory conceived of the infinity. You and I do not exist separately except in this illusion. We (infinity) do this "playing as separate" game for fun.

Every where you look, every thing you see is mind. You are not a human with a mind looking out into a world of solidity. You are in the mind, made of mind looking around inside the one mind.

Knock on wood and it sings back with a knock knock, the mind is resonating. The fact your hand does not pass through is not solidity but very very oddity. Solid is a part of the illusion. Not a bad illusion "oh turn it off it's all fake" but a magical illusion that mind does deliberately to exercise its infinite creativity.

Welcome to the exploration!

By the way, I don't believe the words I just typed - it is just one way of painting the picture that can't be told.

It can be known but not expressly said.

Ta-Wan said...

Mind is matter. Matter is mind. They are not separate but the same.