Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coincidence Anyone?

What do all these people have in common?

1) They are ALL related by blood or marriage
2) They all maintain high power positions in society
3) None can resist flashing this hand sign


Yevgeniy Kizhner said...


But how was Bill Clinton controlled? He wasn't bad. The economy was going.

Eric Dubay said...

Oklahoma and Waco (inside jobs) were under Clinton and the corresponding anti-terror legislation that came as a result, warrantless wiretapping was introduced under Clinton, he still parrots the Bin Laden lie when 911 truthers call him out on it, he let Bin Laden go in 1998 and 2000 even though he was on the FBI most wanted list, he's a Bilderberg Group attendee, a CFR member, globalist Carroll Quigley is his mentor (he mentioned this on his inauguration day) and he has openly called for a "New World Order" just like the rest of them. They're all puppets of banking/corporate interests... he just seemed cooler because he played saxophone and got blowjobs in the oval office.

Unknown said...

thank You Eric :))

Leon1234 said...


Unknown said...

You posted this video under "freemasonry and Hip Hop" but the link on your site is not working. Fast forward to 3:56 and watch Bill Maher's response to Mos Def saying that he doesn't think Osama did it. Pay close attention to his hand and his words. He says "and I'm soo on your side" and flashes the hand sign.

Anonymous said...

reckon so, you have good stuff, look at change to oblique, u know?, 23.4 acute, 66.6 ablique,according to time it is getting ready to change, they are close to end of their time, hence, panic, misstakes, because of knowledge of loss, and th eknowledge of people, mind you the people of power and greed learn this and know htey only have 13000 yrs.

Anonymous said...

You ass. its sign language for "I Love You".