Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exposing the Secret Society Network on ATS

I wanted to share another of my threads posted on before I was repeatedly IP banned. This one is called "The Secret Society Network." Notice right from the start, AugustusMASONicus, one of the many Mason shills who constantly monitor the site, comes to "debunk" me (with no sources) turning the thread into a "he said/she said" mess as they always do.

The Secret Society Network

As I've stated before, if you have spent any time on ATS ( especially in their "Secret Societies" forum, you will notice that there is a troop of Masons (much like's Bury Brigade) who are online ALL day EVERY day. Many of them openly admit to being Masons. Even many of the Site Moderators like Mirthful Me, Skyfloating, and other popular ATS names admit to being Masons! Not only this but they are perpetually online 1) providing a "benevolent"/open face for their secret society, and 2) constantly defending government/establishment positions and their "Brotherhood." I can tell you if I owned ATS, I would not have a troop of admitted Mason Moderators running things - any conspiracy researcher will tell you that Freemasonry is one of the biggest vehicles in implementing the New World Order conspiracy!


JOe said...

They are also on Prisonplanet forums, Cornucopia, and Outlawjournalism. Many of them are quite intelligent but a bit ignorant on the real agenda of the global elite. Once again, Alan Watt hits the nail on the head by saying that Weishap conlcluded that they can mislead the people on the nature of the secret societies.

They also don't realise that they, themselves, will be the cannon fodder for the new global society. If only a few of them will ever manage to make it to the golden ticket. It's kind of like charlie and the chocoalate factory. Where, everybody tries to get their hands on the ticket. But, only the select few get the privilege of acquiring it.

Eric Dubay said...

You're exactly right Joe. Thanks for the comment.

Cluas said...

very interesting, Eric, i spend the whole day reading you old threads ... Thank you ....

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Cluas, I just did that the other day too. There's a lot of interesting old threads if people search for my "freight tomsen" alias on ATS.

Anonymous said...

I give up ATS after 9-11 when some admin there posted that he has a friend that saw the plane hitting the pentagon.

Anonymous said...

Masons since a long time, infiltrated the conspiracy site

Over the years, they took control of all threads with informations about freemasony's dark side.

Many Masons even became Moderators to gain more control over conspiracy theorists who expose the Blueprints and secret agenda of this Machiavalian Cult.

They use all manipulation strategies to derail investigations and manipulate the Truth by lieing in posts and setup theatrical propaganda threads.

as long as ATS will be infected with masons, it will be impossible to deny ignorance in this corrupted site...

Anonymous said...

You just can not imagine how much Machiavalian Masons can get to defend and protect Freemasonry.

Appak, a Freemason members of ATS push the Machiavalian manipulation strategy to the limit of evil.

He created a thread call
'' A Mason about to expose ALL the secrets ''
Smart title, to bait Conspiracy theoristes....

In reality, he wanted to brainwash CTs that the Cult of freemasonry
is a fraternal club only and as no secrets, and so, to derail all will, to investgate the evil Cult witch followers, are use to
help establish th New World Order.

To succeed....after saying all those lies, he use a spactacular strategy...he reveil he have cancer and have less then a month to live...

all this to manipulate CT's will against masonry by creating a emotional state to breakdown motivation to investigate and reveil Freemasonry's Dark sides....

Of course the situation is pure propaganda but for many this Machiavalian evil strategy suceeded to slow them down against freemasonry.

For many of us it's easy to decode it and realise the HOAX...his story is just illogical...but all Masons at ATS did so much to had to the emotional manipulation strategy that many felt for it....

Of course only the sreename died, the real man behind is well and alive and laughing out, proud of his ''HOAX ''

That was 2 month ago, and this thread is still in the secret society forum because freemason Moderators, even if this thread was suppose to be transfered in the belowtopsecret section, it's still in the secret society forum, and mason moderators lock it up to avoid more negative posts, many were erase and hided and to prove you the power freemasons have in ATS, they transfer it at the top of the section for everybody to see it,

this Propaganda HOAX' thread is only one of many proves that ATS is corrupted and controled by Freemasonry to avoid YOU to really.... Deny Ignorance...!

Eric Dubay said...

Great comments guys, thanks so much for the insights.

Anonymous said...

In threads about freemasonry, ATS is definatly not a free speech conspiracy site.

Freemasons in ATS, gang up and are imposing to everyone,what THEY want and choose to be said about of freemasonry and do what ever it takes, to hide all conspiracies and freemasonry' dark sides..!

They smartly..lie and use propaganda to derail investigations and mislead conspiracy theorists, to avoid the truth about the cult of freemasonry to be exposed..!

Anonymous said...

Freemasons in ATS, team up as disinformant agents, backing each others to to have a stronger propaganda influence on debates.

To really succeed to expose the Truth about Freemasonry, Conspiracy Theorists MUST also teamup and help each others in debates by backing up, those who dare to reveil the truth about Freemasonry, or at least had Bluestars to inspire with courage those on the frontline who dare to fight for Justice...

If Conspiracy Theorists would really.... get together as a team , '' WE '' would succeed to cleanup Corrupted conspiracy sites like ATS...

Anonymous said...

Those 2 other threads about ATS
by Eric Dubay, are also very interesting.


Anonymous said...

ATS's members are getting more and more awared of freemasonry controlling this site by corupted moderators and freemasons wolfpacks.

Members are talking about it in threads, in many posts...maybe if we all get involved, we can make changes and expose ATS's corruptions and stop freemasonry's propaganda used by freemasonry's disinformant freemason agents, who now control many conspiracy sites like ATS...

Many Conspiracy sites, had become pro-freemasonry propaganda sites without any chance of denying ignorance possibilities, it's time to stop that and give back to conspiracy theorists...real conspiracy sites...

Eric Dubay said...

I agree, Anonymous. Keep up the great work!

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Anonymous said...

Those last Posts seems to be a strategy of revenge from ATS Freemasons. hmmm...!

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Mike said...

ATS is a Masonic propaganda site being run by masonic gangsters, the masonic members on ATS secret societies forum are not individual posters but are part of ATS staff. They can also track your IP address, which can only be seen by the ATS staff members.

There you have it, a conspiracy website falsely portraying itself as anti-masonic to attract conspiracy theorists, and places masons as mods and fake members(who are part of the staff) in it, to mislead, lie and spread masonic propaganda.

ATS is full of masonic dis-info agents.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, surprised this topic isn't more active. I haven't been banned from ATS, but have thought for quite some time now about some odd happenings there, and I agree with what you say about certain subjects being taboo. The visibility of the stars from space is one I feel I have the proof for, for them not being visible, and have collected much evidence for, based on some in-depth research of NASA images and papers. I'm going to reconsider visiting the site at all, but there are very few, like 2, including ATS, where this is being discussed at all. I have been banned from Cosmoquest for bring up the subject though, they are surely Gatekeeper sites to promote only mainstream models of Astronomy and planetary science, etc. Alternative alternative media, yes, good web site name perhaps.