Sunday, October 31, 2010

Raw For Life

Thanks to Petchara for finding this awesome documentary called "Raw For Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Life" (click to download) featuring the likes of David Wolfe, Bruce Lipton, Morgan Spurlock, Woody Harrelson, Tony Robbins, Michael Beckwith, Mike Adams, Gary Null, Angela Stokes, Matt Monarch and more. We're still going strong with the raw food lifestyle and highly recommend it to everyone. Remember, cooking food destroys 95% of the enzymes and nutrients while releasing carcinogenic free-radicals. When you stop cooking your food, and start eating a diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts, you will come alive! Your taste-buds will start to change and you will crave only nutritious raw vegetarian food, not processed, cooked, or junk food. Your energy and strength will increase, your memory and concentration will improve, you'll need less sleep, you'll beautify your appearance, you'll balance into your appropriate weight, you'll increase your aura (strangers have literally stopped me in the street just to tell me I have a powerful aura!) you'll regenerate diseased cells inside and out, you'll live longer, you'll find it easier to love/forgive unconditionally, and feel all around happier and more positive effortlessly. We are daily experiencing these benefits for ourselves and wish to share this secret of health and vitality with everyone. If you want to heal the world, start by healing yourself with the diet God/nature intended for us. The benefits are many, instantly noticeable, and extend out from you to everyone in your life. For more info on raw food living, click here and get started today!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the vids :D
I love raw food and love you baby

from Petchara
^+^ jooof

Noor al Haqiqa said...

My daughters have both embraced the raw food lifestyle. Neither had a weight problem but somehow they still ended out just a tad leaner but still very curvy. They live extremely full active lives. For example, the one is finishing her Masters, holding down 4 jobs, plays soccer on 2 adult teams, has a social life (not too much but enough), and participates fully in our family life. She took five or six months to ease into the raw foods. Very very self controlled. Each month she dropped something else until she was doing it properly when summer began. She somehow became even more glowing and her sister jumped on to the bandwagon. They live together and it works well. Big Sis had done all the research and they love it.

Both say the same thing. Because they feel they have so little control over many parts of their lives, this absolute control over what goes into their bodies is necessary. Time spent preparing food, and it is considerable, is like a meditation and a time to let go from the stress of the day.

Both glow with radiance. As for the aura and so on, university has killed (I hope temporarily) their spiritual side in favour of science and mathematics. Sighs.....

Since we live on the West Coast where it is easy to also live on almost all local food, we are pretty darn lucky in terms of quality and all year fresh foods.

Me? At my age, with no molars to speak of, I don't know how I could manage. Or even if it is safe although part of me wishes it would be a treatment for... old age.

Good article. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother and mother are preparing salads and then put them on the blender so that they don't have problems when it comes to chewing since both have lost most of their teeth.
So, there you have an option if you really feel like trying the raw food lifestyle.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments! Good advice anonymous. Give it a go. You don't have to be all or nothing about it either. Just start adding more raw fruits and vegetables into your meals and feel the difference! Peace.