Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alex Jones is an Inside Job

Let me begin by saying I've been a long-time, big-time Alex Jones supporter and defender. I owe a lot to Alex for waking me up to various conspiracies, I enjoy listening to his show, and I find certain aspects of his personality admirable. However, increasingly I have been finding evidence that Alex Jones, like many other "truth" movement heroes, is not really what he seems.

Let's start with this video. This excellent clip splices together Alex Jones' own description of Cointel Pro disinformation with clips of him doing those very things: provocateuring, distorting or omitting facts, causing division within a movement, and deflecting attention.

Here is the full video from that above clip: Alex charges into a calm, peaceful gun-rights demonstration with his bullhorn screaming over the top of everyone else with his routine about not being a slave. He then proceeds to tell the demonstration organizer that she "has a hard-on for him."

Next up is Jack Blood, another Texas radio host, formerly an insider within the AJ camp, who used to even be an occasional fill-in guest-host at Infowars, exposing Alex Jones as being a fraud and a shill. Blood gives the inside scoop about how AJ attacks other true patriots, how AJ's wife screamed at him for not parroting the "official infowars position" while hosting, and how Alex doesn't even sign his own autographed videos. Parts 1, 2, and 3 are below, here are parts 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

"It seems that the reason AJ has been so hard on Glenn Beck is to cover the fact that he is also working to destroy people in the liberty movement. By attacking Beck he attempts to hide the fact that he too has an agenda ... The fact that Jones came out attempting to deep six Debra Medina’s political campaign using the 9/11 issue was the last straw for Jack Blood. In the broadcast, Blood revealed that Jones would call him late at night trying to figure out ways to destroy other individuals in the truth and freedom movement that were critical of him. Blood also revealed that Jones is an incredibly unstable individual who can’t hold his liquor and would often try to start fights with other people after he’s had a few drinks. He also revealed that many of the autographed copies of his film Terrorstorm that Jones sold as part of a promotion were not autographed by him, but instead were autographed by members of his staff. Blood and some of the callers that call into his show make other intriguing revelations of the various tactics Jones has used to divide people and to get them fighting amongst themselves so that he in the end would benefit" (Click here to read article).

If you've listened to Alex for a while then you've no doubt heard his version of "the parking lot incident" in which 4 guys with knives supposedly jumped him and he managed to escape uncut. Here's the other, more believable side of that story:

These next clips feature William Cooper (who was run off the road and gunned down/murdered by government agents in 2001) talking about Alex Jones' dishonest radio tactics, Alex taking a fake call from one of his employees, the history behind Alex's GCNetwork, and more.

Here is Craig Oxley on his radio show detailing how Alex Jones gate-keeps the Jesuit/Vatican issue, and how his long rants and screaming immediately turns off normal people unaware of the conspiracy. He also mentions how Alex has been on FOX, BBC, Russia Today, C-Span, CBC, CNN, MTV, and in Hollywood movies like A Scanner Darkly, but yet he's supposedly this "anti-establishment" hero? You've gotta ask yourself why people like John Todd, Bill Cooper, and Rik Clay were murdered and their work suppressed, but Alex Jones, David Icke, Jesse Ventura and all these other "conspiracy heroes" are alive and well, plastered all over both the mainstream and alternative medias.

Has anyone heard Alex's "reaction" to 9/11 on his live 9/11/01 broadcast?? Listen to the next clip. Does anyone find this to be sincere, or is it clear to everyone else that this is horrible acting? This is the same guy that "predicted" the events of 9/11 with incredible accuracy - exactly what would happen and who would be blamed 2 months prior. Perhaps it's more likely that Alex knew about 9/11 from inside sources, "predicted" it on his show to gain public credibility, and then this ridiculous contrived reaction for his radio show was the best he could muster up.

During Alex Jones' most epic rant ever, he clearly says, in what appears to be a Freudian slip, "Do you know what it's like to go to sleep every night knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers and you bastards are probably gonna end up killing me one day?" Alex is supposedly a self-made man - Infowars, his films, his radio show, his film appearances, are all independent successes. So why does he go to sleep every night knowing he works for a bunch of psychotic killers?

These next videos expose "truth" movement heroes including Alex Jones, David Icke, Zechariah Sitchin, Leo Zagami and others. For more excellent videos from this user, check out his channel DisInfoWars (Yes, that's me talking about Rik Clay).

Many people have tried to infiltrate Bohemian Grove and none of them were successful, some disappeared altogether. But AJ, after being a syndicated radio show host exposing the elite for 7 years, somehow was able to "infiltrate" Bohemian Grove simply by using a fake name and stating he was in the "hillbilly" clubhouse? Don't you think the Bohemian Club members would need to show an official form of ID? - A card, some documents, a badge, something more than just your word of honor that, "oh yeah, I'm in the hillbilly clubhouse." Then after AJ "sneaks" in and makes his documentary, he claims they only do "mock" sacrifice rituals there, when it is widely known that the Bohemians practice real child sacrifice, ritual sex magick, and blood drinking. So he "exposes" this big club to gain credibility in the conspiracy community, then gate-keeps by repeating the line that Bohemians just do "mock" sacrifices and have gay sex.

1. Alex will never talk about the Moon Landing Hoax. He had Buzz Aldrin and Harrison Schmitt on his show, praised them endlessly, called them heroes, then eventually, just to appease the "moon landing hoax theorists" he asked about the lack of stars and flag waving on the moon, which was sarcastically dismissed, then quickly moved on. Is that really the best he can do!? I contacted Alex Jones after that show about having me, Joe Rogan, or anyone else on to debate the other side of the moon hoax issue. His producer Rob Dew emailed me back saying he'd run the idea by Alex. That was the last I've ever heard from anyone at Infowars.

2. Alex will never talk about UFOs. If you mention UFOs, Alex says anything about UFOs is "unprovable" and he only sticks to things he can "prove" on the show (personally, I don't find UFOs any less provable than most issues he talks about. Why the prejudice?).

3. Alex will never talk about Hologram Planes or the evidence of directed energy weapons used on 9/11. If you mention September Clues or say anything about the planes on 9/11 possibly being holograms, you are instantly labeled as Cointel disinfo.

So what do UFOs, Holograms, and the Moon Landing Hoax all have in common? They are all part of the Anti-Christ's end-times deception! If you look into the work of the murdered Rik Clay, Project Bluebeam, and the fake rapture, plus the outrageous increase in Alien movies being pumped out by Hollywood the past 30 years, you may begin to put together a bigger picture - something like this:

As shown in the TV series "V," the world is being prepared for an event, likely in 2012, that will involve UFOs over major cities and all over TV. There will be Project Bluebeam holograms in the sky and projected sounds inside people's heads. A Messiah will present himself, likely a giant "nordic" blond claiming to be an alien, Jesus, or something similar. He will have a plan to achieve world peace, bringing the world together under a world government and financial system. This very scenario was laid out quite plainly 2000 years ago in the chapter of Revelations in the Bible. I see most of these controlled "conspiracy heroes" are positioning themselves as leaders so they can manipulate their followers during this great deception.

Check out some of these other great videos looking into the possibility that Alex Jones is controlled opposition and leave comments, what do you all think about AJ?


Anonymous said...

That's usin' your noodle mon, we will never truly know, yet those are some key points you have right there.
Best we keep all of this at the entertainment level and focus on our own personal perspectives...

Have you checked out Lenon Honor's latest?

Good thought provoking stuff...


Lisa Ursu said...

"I find certain aspects of his personality admirable."
Yep, me too, yet there is something about him that makes me feel "scratchy" inside. I've never been able to get through any of his rants, and his Bohemiam Grove "infiltration" well, I say SET UP! Just a hunch.
Thanks for this post.

Goatboy said...

Good stuff, dude. I have been enjoying your writings for a while now. Your posts have helped me broaden my mind.
In relation to this post I have always felt a little shakey with Alex Jones and all other figures at his level.
At the end of the day take what you can from what information is there for you. I feel that this point is not stressed enough: Everything that you hear, do not take at face value, whether it be from a person that has a platform in this community or not. Research what you learn meticulously or you will never be totally at peace with what information you have to potentially turn into positive outcomes and result in confusion. Taking one thing as truth without knowing the full story behind it is just as ignorant as ignoring these treacherous going ons.
Open your minds and don't let your reptile brain interfere with your own insight and potential learning and take total disregard for people who tell you that "you CAN'T!"
Love everyone and take care of one another. Peace.

Unknown said...

Told you so - the entire, "Truth" Movement, once anything becomes a, "Movmement" or, "Revolution" must be watched with utmost suspicion...they cannot be trusted, because no MOVMENT rises out of THIN AIR, then, suddenly, out of nowhere, gathers a whole crowd of blind sheep only to lead them to the slaughter...Alex Jones, and many others in the Conpsiracy Movement are setting up the Second Matrix...the only thing we need to do is to NOT JOIN sides - only to watch, wait, observe, and DO NOT REACT!

Waiting and observing gives you more freedom than just bullshitting yoruself with a random SIDE...why do they call it SIDES? May be cause the SERPENT controls the Eye-Dentities of BOTH SIDES...

Now, I say, Eric, is time to move to the next paradigm: Ask Mr. Leonoard Horowitz about his whole LoveH2O project and see how he answers it, and make sure to ask him about his involvement with the Knights of Malta.

Let these false, "truth seekers" know that we are watching, and that we are waiting, and that we know who they are, and what they are up to...

Show these bastards that they are BEATEN!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the great comments guys. Help me re-post this article on forums, your own blogs, or wherever you can. Let's make it known that there is something amiss in the conspiracy community. Before I'd never wanted to get into this kind of "in-fighting" because the point was to get people studying these conspiracies, and people like David Icke and Alex Jones seemed to me to be doing much more good than harm. Now that the world has really started waking up, exposing these controlled conspiracy heroes is becoming more important. Thanks again, and keep the comments coming. Peace.

Unknown said...

Eric - that lady totally has a hard on for Alex.

You are losing it man - you seem jealous or something.

Why don't you come back to the States and help us?

There is a lot of crazy stuff getting ready to happen and it is pretty funny to see you trying to dis-credit people who have done infinitely more than you will have the guts to do.

Maybe a reformed satanist can help you complete your transition to whatever you are becoming.

As for the dude who wants to sit out and wait to pick a side - you are weak and are part of the problem, not the solution.

Get in the fight and get in the infowar.

Oh, and come back to the good ole USA and man up.


Unknown said...

ATLIEN - "jealousy" as an argument is not only faulty logic, it also puts you in a very polarized state of being...

The information here presnted is not to show how jealous any of those people are...

Besides, I DID NOT say, "pick a side," I said, "DON'T PICK A SIDE - just watch, wait, and observe" Big difference!

Hence, based on my reseearch, it looks like Texe Marr, Leo Zagami, Alex Jones, David Icke, Leonard Horowitz, Above Top Secret, Ron Paul, Jeff Rense, Project Camelot, and many ex-illuminati, who suddenly decided to become Christian, or whatever - are all being foooled by the illuminati, or, are simply dupes, or infiltration-agents.

The searching for conspiracies is an inner journey, an odyssey into our collective and individual psychosis, lunacy, madness, and ignorance.

Visit to find out how deep the lunacy and psychosis goes...


" are weak and are part of the problem, not the solution.

The solution is to NOT solve the problem in the first place, it is all illuory, and creating a false ditchotomy between good and evil - there is not such thing as good or evil. Only what is perceived to be good or evil, according to one's PERSPECTIVE. Neither the anti-christ not the christ is the problem nor the solution.

Trying to pick a side in this debate is like trying to choose between rape and date-rape. Not worth our time.

Thanks and regard

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that people are beginning to catch on to him. It just seems odd that someone like him could expose so much and is still alive, but when Bill Cooper hit the nail on the head, he's been eliminated. I'm also beginning to wonder about David Icke, and lately, even Ron Paul. I think the movement has been infiltrated and true information is being distorted (unfortunately).

Right now, I think Mike Rivera ( and Michael Ruppert ( and just a few others are the real deal. But it's beginning to look like the more people are beginning to wake up, the more we are running the risk of being betrayed. The elite always play both sides in everything, so why wouldn't they do it during this 'wake up movement'?

Unknown said...

what about Mark Dice? he seems genuine

Eric Dubay said...

Not sure yet about Mark Dice. What do other people think? I've been looking into Jesse Ventura lately and I'd say he's most likely working for "them" as well. Check this out:

Jesuit Coadjutor CIA Asset Jesse Ventura

Unknown said...

well, id still rather listen to AJ, and more importantly, his guests, then Faux news, or softball on msnbc, ect

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

I was stumbling through the internet today when I landed on your site (, specifically the page where you post several videos and much text regarding Alex Jones. Up until today I had never considered Alex to be less than he said he was, and I have been a consumer of AJ products for about 4 years now. It’s been an eye opening experience, not because someone I thought was impervious might not be, but because I allowed myself to place my faith into a brand (the AJ brand) and let that brand guide me through my ‘investigations’ and use the AJ brand a measuring stick.

I have frequently found interesting stuff on the net and wondered what AJ would have to say about it – most recently is the Secret of Oz. It’s the documentary based on the Wizard of Oz (look it up if you need to). What struck me about that was that gold is not the staple currency that should be used to fall back on. A currency minted by the government and not the bank makes more sense, and even if it is not backed by gold it will still work. AJ pimps out gold all the time, and GCN is owned by the Midas owner, so that adds up nicely for them. I used to ask myself why buying gold was a good idea when it keeps going up in price. All markets go up and down, therefore gold will come down at some point, and the tail-end buyers will be left holding the bag. Kiyosaki 101.

As I went through all of the anti-AJ material I asked myself why is someone who is so successful against the NWO a part of the NWO? I thought people were bashing him because he is obtuse, overbearing and loud. I thought he was just a dude trying to make money, but still passionate about the cause. Eventually it dawned on me that his purpose could be the very things he warns people about, and because he is the one warning, he appears to be the real deal. Specifically, the distraction of the MSM that has our kids mummified-alive, that we should be aware of and not partake in so we can awaken. Well, perhaps AJ serves that role to the Awakened...? Like a filter. The controlling elite know people will wake up, and they know there will be people who Want to wake up, so why not insert someone to feed those people with approved content, and who could serve as a gate-keeper of the really informative, damning content...?

This idea sucks, but it must be considered. While I was watching the Secret of Oz I noticed that the truest patriots were assassinated, however AJ has not been. AJ will point out (and has repeatedly) that killing him would exalt him, his operation, his ideas and his films. Perhaps removing AJ would be removing their patriot-control-system. Also, Bill Cooper was killed (intentionally or not) and it didn’t do a great deal to exalt him. I do agree though, that killing a patriot is a stamp of approval to the patriot community. By that I mean AJ is right, it would prove he was a threat.

So, after following AJ for years I have come to the realization that I, as a conscious, sovereign human being, must consider that AJ is a distraction. There is a great deal of material he does not, and will not cover, that others will cover. AJ woke me up, taught me to ask questions and think for myself, and pointed me in the direction of tools and resources. I have now placed AJ into the category of uncertain-source. Which is basically the entire internet.

There’s no one left to trust anymore. Everything you believe, everything you know, can be proven wrong just as easily as it is proven right. The internet is a global cluster-f_ck of information overload that we may not recover from.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I was REALLY enjoying this until you got to the "end of times" bit, because youre bsing about him not following christian agenda! Hes done a damn good job of convincing his minions that the end times are coming, so go read some forums and come back when you figure out what s REALLY going on.

I will check back to monitor your progress.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is promotin Russell Means. Here is my take on it. More evidence to support your analysis.

Anonymous said...

We are better off to govern ourselves according to the other tree in the garden: The Tree of Life. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, will only betray us.

Anonymous said...

No one is credible anymore...
How do i know this blog isnt a CIA conspiracy to convolute information to a point where i feel overwhelmed and apathetic?

Everyone is conspiring against everyone all the time anyway, so why even care?

Eric Dubay said...

Why even care? Seems like you don't need my website to make you apathetic. You think Alex is the real deal and I'm CIA? You've got it backwards, but I'll take it as a compliment that you think my site/books are influential enough to be a controlled CIA operation. Peace

Unknown said...

Alex Jones is a total fraud. He infiltrated the Truth Movement in order to divide, distract, destroy it. He is a paid actor, like Osama, Obama, and the rest...

Unknown said...

Even after over 11 years will not admit that Israel was benind 911 and even though he exposes a lot of js he always refers to them as Nazis. Israel did 911 all the proof in the World. Juba the Mossad Sniper shot 400 Marines in Iraq

LorieK said...

Here's Jones' latest antic. Good cop/ bad cop theater with Piers Morgan on CNN. THAT alone should give people a clue.

Anonymous said...

Alex,Alex , how long did you think you could fool us . I will give you credit for opening up my mind . But unlike your other followers , I ,eventually was so open minded that i saw passed you to a bigger picture and in doing so i began to ask you why?. But that question you can never answer ,can you. everything is always fine in the world until you ask "why"

cddragon99 said...

Alex Jones is a gate keeper, keeps you wondering . Example they may or may not be doing sacrifices at the Bohemian Grove. To a 40 foot Owl. He is there to keep you guessing. Have you checked out the similarities between Bill Hicks the comedian who died in 1997? And Alex Jones. They have the same teeth.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey CDDragon99, you're right about Bohemian Grove, there's no way he "sneaked" in the way he says he did, he was obviously invited just like everyone else there. Notice how he always says "mock" human sacrifice to the 40 ft. owl anytime he talks about it. He never says they do human sacrifices, just burn "effigies" at "mock" rituals. And the links to Bill Hicks are absolutely worth looking into:

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks!?

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks! Proof Hicks Faked His Death

Anonymous said...

The first video of Alex Jones disturbing the rally with his bull horn is where the young girl asked him why he was interrupting their rally and if he wanted to speak to say so and this sex pervert told the young girl that she had the "hots " for him.
Alex Jones is an agent provocateur for the New World Order.