Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stars Selling Souls to the Devil with Contracts Signed in Blood

Have you noticed the number of Hollywood and music industry stars claiming to have sold their souls to the devil? Above is just a small sampling of the various accounts on YouTube of celebrities talking about this. Just by listening to lyrics, following symbolism and numerology, and noticing the use of masonic handshakes and hand-signs, it's quite evident that most music/movie stars are knowledgeable members/pawns of exclusive occult societies. It would not surprise me if the majority of these celebrities did, as Melyssa Ford suggested in the first video, sell their souls to the devil with contracts signed in blood.


Chris B. said...

wow, now I want to go to a record company and see the "temples". I had heard a lot about Micheal Jackson and how his music makes you move because he was corybante, which is why he became white, with long flowing hair, and has that high shrill voice.

Here is more info on that: there are four parts and it makes way too much sense as to why he does the things he does/did including his dancing he was a masonic devil worpshiper.

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

Thanks for this Eric, and thanks for finding a video about Tupac selling his soul. I posted on proboards today, check it out when you have time. discusses occult symbolism, monarch programing, and freemasonry's influence in the entaertainment industry more than any other website i have ever seen. i reccomend that website but only for that purpose.

I also reccomend this link

it's from "foreverand2day" that was his youtube account name but i think it got deleted. i think his real name is Khalil.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Michaal Jackson had a jerri curl in his hair, then he switched to a wig. The change in his hair has nothing to do with devil worship.

Anyway, I want to thank the owner of this site for putting this information together. I had noticed so many references to satanism in song lyrics & videos of today's biggest artists, and is is truly disturbing. They are pushing this fascination with satanism on kids. They even sing these songs on the Nickelodeon & Disney channels. But if parents or Christians protest, we are labeled paranoid & backwards.

Have you noticed how the mainstream media is starting to publish articles claiming that sexual abuse of children has been exaggerated, pedophiles need their rights protected also, how ignorant Christian cults are whipping folks into a frenzy over 'satanic panic'?

I just wish more people would wake up. These artists, corporations & business leaders are intentionally, blatantly using satanic hand signs, satanic visual symbols and some are even saying on video that they sold their souls to the devil, and when Christians document this we are told we are victims of a 'satanic panic'. That's pretty outrageous that they would deny something so blatant AND tell us we are imagining & exaggerating all this.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about this for a long time, then my brother told me, and at first you don't want to believe any of it, because this is the music u grow up listening to, or the movies or tv shows u watch when you are young. As a child of the 80's u spend your time listenign to madonna or whoever is genericly poplular at the time, and after watching a vid via youtube called exposing the hip hop industry, I realize how it is true, disturbing, saddening, and how i have no respect for any celebrity who does this. If they don't go to hell, which they will when they die, they will go down in the fiery pit with satan...good luck with that! I'll be in heaven

Anonymous said...

You can find the quote to an example contract in which the person signs in their own blood in Manly Hall's, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

You can find the PDF format of this book online anywhere.

When you DL it, then search for the word, "Lucifuge".

And prepare to be shocked.

This is real.

Unknown said...

this honestly makes a lot of sense their had to be some kind of occult because fame and power seemed to come so easy to them

Unknown said...

agreed i knew money fame and power came with a price

Unknown said...

I'm a long term u2 fan, seen about a dozenlive shows including their 2011 Glastonbury set. I know believe they have been "gotten to", my guess is in between the Joshua tree and Achtung baby albums. Not sure how feel about it if it's true.