Sunday, May 1, 2011

Battle Royale Wedding Pre-Crime

Political activist Charles Veitch was arrested at his home on April 28th and charged with the outrageous pre-crime of "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance" at the Royal Wedding the next day (he was planning to bullhorn humorous and ironic messages into the crowds). He was held behind bars for 24 hours while the ruling bloodlines of Earth and their media lapdogs celebrated Kate and William's incestuous union (both being descendants of Sir Thomas Leighton, 12th cousins).

Unlike the corporate-owned, government-controlled, think-tank approved lame-stream news media, Deek Jackson of the FKN News took time out from the pomp(ous)/ceremony to cover Charlie Veitch's political imprisonment, and when he was released, Russia Today's great new news show Adam Vs. The Man interviewed him:

Charlie's friend and cohort in creating The Love Police/Everything is Okay, spiritualentertainer Danny Shine was luckily not arrested for pre-crime and did manage to bullhorn some humor and thought-provoking irony into the crowds: