Friday, March 29, 2013

The College Conspiracy

This is a good documentary about the myths of college education in America. With tuition rising through the roof, quality of education plummeting, banks giving student loans to anybody, millions of jobs being lost every year, with inflation here and hyper-inflation coming, getting yourself in massive debt right out of high-school for a mediocre indoctrination experience is becoming less and less beneficial for more and more people. The College Conspiracy does a good job explaining the myths and facts of post-secondary education in the USA.


Anonymous said...

The Powers definitely like young meat.

I went to a U.C. university (Davis), felt the professors weren't spending any real time to teach, inspire, but having their own enterprise of selling their books to students. And after a couple of semesters, the book was revised so the old one was not usable nor resaleable. Not that you would get a lot for it--being the bookstore took them back at 50% of what you paid.

My calc teacher's math text had NUMEROUS mistakes, it wasnt even funny. Really, the mistakes confused me when I was trying to figure out the problem (because she left out many steps) made more confusing by the incorrect answer!

The only thing I got out of college was socializing, and I did learn how to play Spades and Hearts card games.

I started working out of High School during summer and holiday breaks, started looking thru the newspaper for jobs, saw what kind of jobs had the most demand, got into that job, liked it (desktop publishing/word processing/admin), and THEN got into a city college to get a certificate. Then purchased a computer, printer, modem, and worked all aspects of computer publishing until I had my business and hired at one point 8 people to help me.

I like to do things "backwards".
In my technical writing class, I had my teachers "edit" my job's work--thank you very much ;)

NOT ONCE, did I ever intern. I like to be paid for my time.

Anonymous said...

I don't play that B.S. degree game.

Eric Rothman said...

There are actually many things I don't like about our educational system, and how colleges and universities work, and granted there are some interesting and valid points in this documentary, but any truth it has is completely smeared with sweeping generalizations and ad hominem ramblings. This "documentary" is grossly over-sensationalized. You might also want to check some of the "facts" presented in this video, because many of them are false.

Eric Dubay said...

By not giving any examples, your comment is simply an ad hominem as well. Which "facts" do you claim to be false?

Chris said...

The education system is completely screwed all over the world, I'm glad I didn't play into it.

It's simply for someone elses profit.

Anonymous said...

The fact that it is some "requirement" is really a joke. I used to want to go to college really bad some years back when I was younger. I wanted to be a musician, and it was always 'go to college, you'll learn everything about how to be the best musician in the world'.

Then one day it just hit me point blank in the face, the best musicians in the world didn't go to college. Miles Davis dropped out, and was very critical of the music college he went to. Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the greatest guitar players ever could not read a single note of music! He always claimed that everything he listened to taught him how to play. I wanted to be a guitar player when I grew up and I learned that from him more than I did anyone else. Just play, you don't need tabs, you don't need lessons.

I feel the same thing can be interpreted with anything. They tell you to go to college to learn more, but what if you don't need it? How many geniuses out there never stepped foot in college yet mastered their craft? Abraham Lincoln made it to president and he only had 5 weeks in school. George Washington? LOL he absolutely had no schooling at all. Some of our founding fathers had little to no educational schooling what so ever.

I don't regret not going to college even when I had the chance. People try to make you feel guilty about it. "Oh you could have learned so much more" not to mention these people didn't go to college themselves.

I am a musician and a music historian, and I can tell you what I know I didn't learn in school or college. I never had the first lesson on guitar.

The internet is your friend, as we see, and you can use it to an advantage and learn your way through a number of things. Unlike the idiot box, when you change the channel, you can actually learn something that is unbiased and will help you for better sake. I think that is why the global elite want to shut the internet down and regulate it so dearly, they know it's a threat to their brainwashing machine called the television.

Eric Dubay said...

The internet is your friend, as we see, and you can use it to an advantage and learn your way through a number of things. Unlike the idiot box, when you change the channel, you can actually learn something that is unbiased and will help you for better sake.

Exactly. I learned more in University from the free internet and the free library than I did in all the outrageously expensive classes. I never continued onto a graduate program because I was clearly learning more in my own research on the internet than I was in my boring, expensive classes.

Also, let me highly recommend to everyone else Gary's recent article "What I Learned in School" ;-)

What I Learned in School - The Nightmare Years

What I Learned in School - The Outcome

Anonymous said...

After watching this documentary, it only reaffirmed what I, a soon to be graduating senior from high school (with several prestigious indoctrination station scholarship offers btw ;)already knew from personal initiative and research. I can 100% testify that one can learn more from 4 hrs on the net searching for truth than in 4 yrs of high school or college. University is a gigantic scam, waste of $$,$$$ and time! After graduating i am putting my creative juices to work to begin my journey out of the matrix. Eric, keep up the fantastic website and, Inshallah, we will all find our truths and happiness! Peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Eric! I'm glad you found those posts interesting, it puts a smile on my face to know my favorite blogger read my stuff and enjoyed it!

Greg said...

yeah.. edfucation is a joke mouth feeding you corporate elitist propaganda. i.e. global warming CO2 myth, overpopulation etc... it really is sick. I almost cam to fist blows calling out a professor about the lies. He straight up said to solve the overpopulation problem was to make people infertile and sterilize us so the birthrate goes down.

I'm home schooling my kids when I have them