Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trust & Non-Compliance

Max Igan puts many subjects into simple perspective in this week's episode of Surviving the Matrix. Our governments and politicians were put there by us the people, we pay their salaries and fund their machinery; they are our employees and trustees, but they are in breach of trust and acting against our best interests. If we all stand in our power OVER our employee/trustee judges, police, and other government authority figures instead of cowering behind bar-oath bound lawyers, then we can and will ensure our freedoms from their unlawful "legal"/statute system. Please have a listen to Max and check out The Freeman Movement for more empowering information.


Anonymous said...

Thre is so much simple wisdom in Max's words. I truely believe if enough people listen to him, change themselves for the better and apply their inner good to the outside, the diabolic system which has been enslaving the human race since the 1st man was born, will collapse within a generation.

Eric Dubay said...

Like Morpheus says, they never unplug someone past a certain age because they can't accept that their whole life has been a lie. Many of the older generation will never wake up, but as the younger generation grows up, if we do our part to educate ourselves and the youth in our lives, it can surely collapse within a generation.

Anonymous said...

Re: old generation - I agree completely. There are still a lot of old people in the former USSR who still think Stalin was the best leader they ever had even though he got millions killed oth before and after the WWII. But I belive, no matter the age, going agaist one's personal interests for the sake of others' in particular and justice in general, is going to be the thoughest hurdle to overcome in his/her inner fight for good and against evil.